Pistons Stay Perfect with Win against The Hawks

by | Oct 11, 2009 | 41 comments

Ben Gordon led Detroit with 22 points in the Pistons 100-91 victory over the Atlanta Hawks which included this ridiculous three point buzzer beater to end the third quarter.


Rodney Stuckey also had his own buzzer beating jumper to take a 49-46 lead at the half finishing the game with 20 points. Knock it down and send him flying.


Rip Hamilton dropped 15 in another foul laden game thanks to the replacement referees.   The teams combined to commit 57 fouls, leading to 59 free throws.

Those Pistons fans who where out at the game were treated to a little Chucky Atkins in Sunday nights win. Atkins, who played seven minutes scored three points for Detroit.


  1. AL

    Its only the preseason and the guys are looking so much better than last year. great to see Ben Gordon have a good game. That buzzer beater was sick. Thank god he’s on our team. The Bulls are gonna miss BG.

  2. The Fluidics

    If getting Gordon and Charlie does nothing else, it makes Chicago and Milwaukee a little bit worse, which is what you want in your own division.

  3. rbadiola

    stuckey only has one assist… considering its just a preseason game, but hopefully he dishes out more during the season

  4. dale debevitts

    stuckey needs to go end of story

  5. The Fluidics

    Stuckey played quite a bit of shooting guard tonight, which is probably a better fit for him anyways. Don’t be so quick to throw him under the bus.

  6. Brother Curlin

    I really hope Joe keeps this unit together.

  7. {J'Quez Powell} Official

    are you crazy? you said rodney stuckey has to go. rodney stuckey is a great NBA player.

  8. sam i am

    stuckey put up 20 points tonight and ur saying he needs to go?? wtf r u guys talkin bout.

    how bout we let tay go? he had ZERO points and like 2 assists

  9. Melodeath1221

    Tay played like 22 mins, almost half the game. So your wrong.

    I dont think tay needs to go but he cirtainly didnt do much this game. Tho i only for see Tay having an 8 ppg this season. Hes buried in the Offence now, which is good now he can focus on helping us with out the ball.

  10. Amer ican Prince

    i mean that would be more of a big deal if cleveland wasn’t going to win the central. I mean Chicago and Milwaukee weren’t really gonna be any better with or without them anyway.

  11. Amer ican Prince

    i haven’t really seen much without tv games, but tay doesn’t seem to of added anything to his game from last year. Still cant dribble with right hand, still jump shots, and still hoping plays get run for him to score.

    But one thing that does bother me is I don’t think one big on the team has had a double digit scoring game since i believe Wilcox had one the first game. When you add CV to the mix, this is starting to worry me a little.

  12. KleenGee

    It will be an even bigger worry when they allow the other teams’ bigs to double-double. I wish Joe hired Laimbeer as an assistant. Kwame could’ve used his help.

    Another idea is that they all deserve some time and never get enough minutes to score in double digits.

    I’m not worried about CV; he put up a bunch of 10+ point games in fiba ball over the summer.

  13. Dave 3PO

    I don’t see a need to worry about patterns that may or may not exist 3 games into PREseason. Kuestler is experimenting here with a new look team, with head coaching, these players are feeling out how to read each other.
    And while the front court is a question mark, the fact that its 4 men deep without CV is a GOOD thing. OK, there’s no dominant post player, but among the 5 key front court players (Big Ben, Maxiel, Wilcox, Kwame, and CV) there’s a lot of opportunity for Kuestler to mix and match and balance towards offense (CV + Wilcox) and Defense (Wallace + Kwame).
    who cares if there’s a SINGLE player putting up double doubles and 10+ pt games? Tonight the 4 put up 16pt/21 rebounds combined. And it was their worst outing of the three games. Throw in CV and we’re looking at a combined contribution of 25 – 30pts/ 20-30 rebounds a game. that’s not bad. Not bad at all.

  14. Mike from the ATL

    3-0. Stop complaining (some of you) and enjoy it. The team is going to play hard, be much better to watch and win about 47 games for the 6th seed. They’ll get Orlando and win that series only to lose to Boston in 7 games. They’ll somehow land Bosh in 2010 and the rest is history. Go Pistons!

  15. Tycoon

    how can this guys worry when the team is unbeatable? we tend to focus much on the downside, even talking about Tay and Stuckey leaving. the team is going to get better especially the front court when season starts.

  16. Tycoon

    Nice prediction Mike but I’d be hoping for better than that.

  17. Drew

    Yep, let’s just get rid of a guy who scored 20. Cut him!

  18. Drew

    Looks like this game was well-attended–unlike what the first two appeared.

  19. Ryan

    So I was standing in line at the palace box office to get tickets for the game. It was a huge line and it was 6:00. I was at least 50 people deep. And some guy in a suit comes up to me offering tickets, I declined thinking he was trying to sell them. Seconds later I realized this man was giving me free tickets. I dont know who this guy was… But the tickets were legit. All 3 of them. And all he said was hey, need tickets? Ok here you go,enjoy and god bless.

    There was a face value of 0.00 dollars on them.
    Does the palace do this for pre season games or something?

  20. Ryan

    Charlie V’s been out with injury. He hasn’t even played one single preseason game.

  21. obiwan

    hey ryan never mind

  22. tiff

    sure he is thats why he all ways looks lost and most times can’t finish. BAM! He had to have a good game Bynum was making him look bad! Expendable bad!

  23. crandal D

    tay, rip, and stuckey all need to go

  24. The Fluidics

    “almost half the game” is much less than what he normally plays, so yeah, hardly played.

  25. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    Did u see Bynamite shook his defender and then made a buzzer beater? Ha, that was cool)

    But I’m worried a bit, just a bit with a fact that we lost fg% and rebounds both in the first half. Their fouls helped us to stay in the game. But then we started to shoot much better and BG made several shots…but what if we won’t shoot so well vs premium teams like, for example, Boston + bad job on the boards…

  26. KleenGee

    Not bad at all.

    The cup is more than half full for the Pistons

  27. Jim

    Stuckey hasn’t been dishing but his numbers are very good. Very efficient.

  28. Armen

    did you all see that cross over by stuckey he put that guy to the ground hahahaha i miss amir anyone with me?

  29. AWatson

    Ah Hah!! Get ready everybody who threw the towel in on my Pistons, I told you that they were going to be the sleepers this year. Now talk all you want. I know it’s pre-season but look at what you see, you see the Pistons are going to be the team to beat watch and see. I’m a die-hard Piston Fan now let’s go to work. (LOL) (LMAO) all the way to the finals.

  30. Drew

    We’ve already handily beat two teams who are SUPPOSED to be better than us this year, according to critics. We definitely looked head and shoulders above the thin Heat squad, and we’ve done this all without our starting power forward.

  31. Pistonsbaby01

    They game away coupons at the open practice for yesterday and Oct. 22 that could be redeemed for free tickets in the upper level or $25 tickets in the lower level. That’s how I got my tickets to the game. I’m not sure about the lower level but if you were in the upper level you could sit wherever you wanted.

  32. RVN

    because they gave away free tickets at the Pistons Open Practice. 8 tickets max per person =)

  33. RVN

    even tho its just the preseason, i still think its worth something that we beat miami and atlanta =) i think our bench. will bynum and BG are gonna keep us ahead when the bench players come out during the regular season

  34. Amer ican Prince

    Loving the attitude AWatson, knowing you can win plays a big part in actually winning. Keep bringing that attitude and everyone else too, the fans and palace crowd can really help by just letting the players know we support them.

  35. junior

    u cant tell them that people only want to see the superstar that can put up the monster numbers, people arent smart enough to realize that it is the SUM OF ALL PARTS that matters not the individual stats that count. i totally agree with you i would much rather have 5 guys put up 25 points 30 rebounds TOGETHER than have to rely on one guy to get the double double. cause guess what if that one guy has a bad night you lose. if you have 5 guys and one or two have a bad night you still can win cause you got three others being productive.

  36. junior

    starting power forward? i just read a article that said to not be surprised if kwame and wallace aret he starters. they want to set the defensive tone with the starters then bring in the scorers.

  37. Lori

    First of all, we should be thankful that MC is history and that we have a good coach. Secondly, Big Ben is back, so we have a leader/player who can set a great example. Lastly, all those folks who bad mouthed Dumars last season should apologize for being so obnoxious!

  38. jake

    that would be Obiwan

  39. KleenGee

    I agree, which is one of the reasons why I’m so glad Dumars didn’t trade for Boozer. I hope he keeps it that way. Dumars is a genius!


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