The Pistons vs. The Bucks

by | Oct 7, 2009 | 22 comments

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The Pistons would like to keep the pre-season perfect as they take on The Bucks tonight at The Palace of Auburn Hills.  Tip off is at 7:30, but unfortunately this one won’t be broadcast on television.  If you want to catch the game you will have to tune into 97.1 The Ticket where of course Matt Dery will be on the pre and post game to take your calls and Ticket Texts (text 97136 from your mobile phone). To Listen online go to


Charlie Villanueva is not expecting to play tonight against his old squad while he nurses his sore hammy.

Too bad Pistons fans can’t see what Carlos Delfino does against his former team.

Follow the game online or on the radio at 97.1 and leave your thoughts in the comments.


  1. junior

    hey nat can u set up a click here to go right to the game so i can listen to it? im having problems loading the 97.1 home page.

  2. Natalie Sitto

    Junior…I put a link up to where you can listen live didn’t realize it’s blocked on 971 online. Didn’t think it was an issue since the game wasn’t televised.

  3. junior

    ty nat u are always there for us

  4. junior

    hey nat did jerebko get suspended for this game? or has he just not went in yet?

  5. Yasir Saleem

    the game isnt on nba? all i see is denver@utah

  6. junior

    ya me 2, everyone is slacking off right now because it is the pre-season, yahoo sports gamechannel is f ed up espn dont even have theres going and is not caught up to date. man i hope they get this stuff fixed and soon. im fiending for some basketball, n i got to work when everything is on so the computer is all i got. dam

  7. KG

    I wish this game would have been televised! 24 pts for Gordon 21 for Stuckey and 23 for Bynum DAMN! AND… Delfino got ejected for a flagrant 2 foul come on and we didnt even get to see it!!! Not Fair!

  8. pistonsfan101

    What happened btw Daye and my boi Delfino? 🙁

    I read they both got flagrant 2 fouls!

  9. Sleepy Crayfish

    Haha. Once again Bynum drops more points and more assists than Stuckey in fewer minutes… But what else is new?

  10. Dave 3PO

    Yeah. Everyone always focuses on Bynum’s pt total, not his efficiency, point differential, defense, etc. He scores more points than Stuckey because he’s coming off the bench, playing against opposing team’s bench players, with other Piston’s benchers. I’m a Bynum fan with the next guy, but comparing the two guard’s point totals as if Bynum should start is flawed…

  11. AL

    hey, dave, that is not always the case. Will also plays against starters. Ben Gordon comes off the bench and he is damn good ( better than a lot of starters and by the way, would be starting on many teams) would you say he is only good because he plays against the bench? don’t think so!! not because you are coming off the bench, it means you’ll be playing against the oppositions bench, usually some starters are still on the court. How do you think bynum did this the KG?

  12. Drew

    I always hated it when the Pistons were good and fans were talking about players we should trade for, bringing up that a player was scoring 18 points a game for the Bucks or something–expecting that player to come on our team and score 18 instantly every game. Hahaha. That is like saying, “Hey, Ramon Sessions scores 18 points a game and Stuckey only scores 15, so let’s trade for Sessions.”

  13. Amer ican Prince

    i second that statement

  14. Seabass

    What you should look at is the fact that the Pistons were -10 when Bynum was playing and +15 with Stuckey and +21 with Gordon. That is the most important stat

  15. Sleepy Crayfish

    I knew someone would bring that stupid sh*t up. Who’s calculating this +/- garbage anyway? Why is it just universally accepted? Bynum drops 6 dimes compared to Stuckey’s 1 and you’re telling me Stuckey was the one getting his team involved? No, it’s because Stuck was playing alongside the starters whereas Bynum was playing with Daye, Summers and others.

  16. Josh

    I really wish we could stop comparing the two and just appreciate the fact that our team looks good this year. They’re playing well 2gether. Thats what counts. Bynum isn’t complaining about coming off the bench so why are we? Lets just enjoy the season, we;re off to a great start!

  17. The Fluidics

    Against the buck’s first or second line?
    +/- is an interesting stat, because it gives a more complete picture of the player, it includes offense and defense both.

  18. junior

    delfino was mad at daye cause he got blocked by him earlier in the game they went for a rebound delfino pushed daye in the chest daye threw his arms up and walked away to shoot the tech free throws only to be told by the refs that he was ejected also. wtf? not fair

  19. junior

    u know what why are you guys even bringing this up? we are playing good will and ben are not complaining y should we? be happy we dont have the i want to start no i wanna start thing we had last year. just watch the game who cares who had what, we are winning ok? man you guys are worse than the media always trying to stir something up.

  20. junior

    ha ya. i just said that then i scroll down and u already said it. lol. point is just be happy for what we got. not when they play

  21. junior

    imeant who, not what

  22. josh

    Real Talk my friend


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