Dwyane Wade DAYEzed and Confused

by | Oct 6, 2009 | 54 comments

I was lucky enough to see this one coming last night at the Palace during the Pistons 87-83 win over the Heat.  The Princeesque  block by Austin Daye on Dwyane Wade.  This one gave instant rep to Austin at the Palace especially after they replayed it on the big screen multiple times.


Thanks to Need4Sheed reader Jay for the Video.

Due to time restrictions, I am unable to post a full recap of the game so I would like to hear your thoughts in the comments.  One word from me, impressed.

Two little tidbits from the game that you may not have heard on the broadcast.

  • A put Chucky chant started in the late fourth quarter
  • And when Jonas Jerebko and Jamaal Magloire got into their little scrum…the crowd started chanting DEEEEETROIT BASKETBALLLL.  See, we always keep that “Bad Boys” mentality.

FYI to Austin Daye Fans

“Pistons rookie Austin Daye will be at Meijer in Allen Park (3536 Fairlane Blvd.) on Tues., Oct. 6, from 4:30-6:00 p.m., along with the Pistons Hoop Truck, where you can get a voucher for a free ticket to an upcoming preseason game at The Palace.” Via Pistons.com

Your thoughts in the comments.


  1. Ryan

    Daye looked really good; I wasn’t able to catch all of the game on TV, but I saw two blocks from him (the one on Wade!) and was very impressed.

    Even though I didn’t get to see what happened, I’m glad Jerebko defended himself. It shows that he’s not going to take someone messing with him, even if he’s a rookie.

  2. Dan Pantalleresco

    My bullets
    * Big Ben Tips Off
    * Big Ben gets the first two with a Dunk and a Dance.
    * Austin Daye looked poised and had the from behind block on D. Wade.
    * Jonas looked like a little girl in the scrap.
    * Ben Gorden still to impress.
    * Stuckey better watch his back on the starting position. I’ve said it since last year that Will is more of a true point and better for the start although he is an energy guy and fits in with the second string.
    * No VC

  3. Darth_Icarus

    My favorite part of that was not the block, but the entire Heat bench getting up and jumping around for the forthcoming Wade dunk only to look like fools when Daye basically told them – SIT DOWN CHUMPS!!!

  4. gMac

    “””I’ve said it since last year that Will is more of a true point and better for the start although he is an energy guy and fits in with the second string.”””
    What makes you think Will is more of a point guard??? Lets just hope the ball hogging Will does not upset Gorden when they both come off the bench.

  5. Sleepy Crayfish

    Free Bynum’s all I can say. He’s got star potential. Not impressed at all with Stuck, who looked confused or a step late on almost every play, dunk notwithstanding. Daye’s got a nice stroke, but he needs to bulk up something terrible, and I mean like “all-Burger-King diet” terrible. Rip looked rusty. BG was awesome, and played well with Bynum (who doesn’t?). Wilcox made some nice plays, and Ben Wallace looked happy to be back in Detroit, although I’d implore him to cut that little pharaoh goatee thing off…

  6. Jamie

    Sleepy Crayfish: BG was awesome? He had 6 turnovers, and was only 2 of 9 from the field. Also, he looked confused at times on defense. Don’t get me wrong…. I’m a BG fan and I think he’ll be a great addition, but after last nights game, I think you need to set the kool aid down for a little while….

  7. Nic Iagulli

    Watching the tip dunk by Ben Wallace, seeing his emotion, and hearing the bells only 80 seconds into the game sent me into tears… dvr replay at least 30 times and counting

  8. Eddie

    Bynum is ball hogging in preseason because hes not guaranteed anything. He has to show his hunger to play. He is the only point guard we have. He gets guys there shot where they want them, just like Chauncey and hes not afraid to take the game into his own hands. I hope we trade Stuckey while we can still get a few bucks for him. Why don’t we give him to Milwaukee for a draft pick or two.

    But for the most part I was happy even with the expected mistakes for the first pre season game.

  9. yes sir

    BIG BEN!!!!!!!!!!

    kwame looked good 2.

  10. Chungi

    Notice Daye’s arm extension O.O

  11. obiwan

    what is jamie talking about i mean u expect b geezy to go one hundred during pre season…. come on my dude or gal cause lets face it jamie is a girls/guy name…n e ways i think the d looked preety good.. help side off pics looked good as well until the fourth when mr.lucas started to catch fire…..um this team is deep and their bigs looked good especially mr.brown… i think if this team can connect we might be lookin at long road in the playoffs

  12. Amer ican Prince

    because we traded Chauncey Billups for him. No way they are going to give up on him this soon, even though I dont really believe he will ever be the kind of player to lead us to a championship.

  13. Amer ican Prince

    tay needs to learn from Daye, I want to see Tayshaun do those again, its been a long time

  14. Amer ican Prince

    Overall happy with our bigs, makes me think CV needs to come off the bench because we have enough scorers. I wonder if Ben Gorden Will Bynum Richard Hamilton and Rodney Stuckey will all be here by the end of the year. I agree with natalie i was impressed and more importantly entertained. too bad most of the rest of the preseasongames wont be televised

  15. Clark

    I was at the game and it was amazing to get the Deeetroit Basketball chant going after the fight.

    I thought that Stuck, BG, and Rip all played their best when Bynum was at the point. He seems to be much more adept than Stucky at running the offense. Another one of my favorite lineups was BG, Rip, Tay, Big Ben, and Kwame with Tay bringing the ball up… I think that lineup has some potential because BG is much less of a defensive liability guarding PGs.

    The only other thing I thought was that Austin Daye is getting a lot of credit for his offense and his block on D-Wade which is well deserved, but other than that block his defense was pretty awful. If he can learn a little man on man D from Tay he will go places.

  16. Eric

    Bynum is a back-up. Although a good back-up, he’ll never have the basketball IQ to run a team at point guard. He may look better than Stuckey at times, but that’s because he has a “Shoot First” perspective. He put up a lot of points last year, but the team suffered because he didn’t spread the ball around. Like I said, he’s a back-up, Stuckey is the smart leader we need in a point guard. Besides that, I’m really impressed with Daye and the other rookies, I think they’re going to be great role players this year and be a great factor for the Pistons future. All in all, everyone looked solid. I can’t see and Eastern Conference championship, but we’ll definitely do better than the Curry led team last year. Worst coach ever.

  17. Diogenes

    Jamaal Magloire is a punk bitch.

  18. Fariduddin

    good start but we all must realize that this is pre-season ball and Ben G, Rip and Tay aren’t going full speed. however, i was impressed with Ben Wallace and the rookies effort and also K. Brown. i have conveyed this on numerous occasions.. maybe i’m too optimistic but i really see this team surprising a lot of critics and fans come playoff time. we have mad fire power and our bench has great talent. Will Bynum is a shot 1st player and at the same time he can get other involved.. Stuckey belongs in the starting line-up and i am still a believer in his talents. lets face it… Stuck has crazy size, speed and strength at the PG spot.. Will Bynum is a great asset to have coming off the bench.. he is like a Mike James with more of a scoring touch. i personally can’t wait to see things come together.. the problems the Pistons have are problems that many teams would relish… again… D is something that this team will have to take seriously!

  19. Ryan
  20. dennis j

    LOL thought I was the only one to enjoy what you just described

  21. The Fluidics

    I wouldn’t sit that close to Pierce without a vest…

  22. Lexstarbuck

    Man, I don’t know what some of you guys see. Yeah, Stuckey may have the size and strength, but he doesn’t get anybody involved. I guarantee you at the end of the season Will Bynum will have better assist numbers than Stuckey. I like Stuck he is a fluent enough passer to be a point. He has to pick the ball up everytime they go into a play to pass the ball. If he sees the slightest opening to the lane he goes for it with multiple defenders converging and no passing lanes. So what does he do jack up shots. Will is the better point at this point.

  23. Lexstarbuck

    He isn’t a fluent enough passer to be a point. I’m correcting my statement.

  24. pistons 4 life

    If this team builds some good chemistry they’ll be pretty good I think. Not great, but at least they’ll be fun to watch again.

    After the first quarter I could already tell that Kuester will be a better coach than Curry was.

    No one has said anything about him yet, but I liked what Wilcox did when he was in the game. He’ll be a nice addition off the bench.

    I loved seeing ball movement and breaking down of the Heat defense. I think I saw more of it in this game than I did all last season.

    Needless to say, I’m excited about this season. They’re not winning a championship or anything but that doesn’t matter as long as they play the right way and are competitive.

  25. Will

    Bynum has penetrated better than Stuckey, shot a higher percentage and has higher assists per minute.
    I think he should get a chance to start.

    Also i think Kwame will have a great year!

  26. Amer ican Prince

    will does the same thing, but he’s older than stuck so he’s more adept at finishing. But Will doesn’t get anyone involved either

  27. gMac

    Thank You!!

  28. gMac

    You give anyone the ball 90% of the time they are gonna look good!
    That’s what will bynum is, he only passes the ball when he’s out of dribble or in the air with no where to go!

    How can you even call Will Bynum a point guard. He’s just like Iverson… And we think AI is a ball hogger….

  29. junior

    i said it before and i will say it agiain pistons will get 4th in the east!!

  30. junior

    who cares? really? sheed is gone pooof , in the past. worry about our team we have now. thank you

  31. junior

    do we still start big ben when cv31 comes back healthy? ideas?

  32. The Fluidics

    Nope, that spot is Charlie’s.
    Look at your second unit though:
    Bynum Gordon Daye Wallace Wilcox.

  33. Drew

    Vince Carter?

  34. Annie

    I am glad to see that the highlights and “good things said” covered pretty much everybody. Contributions going on all round.
    Lots of Kwame love coming from right here.

  35. Amber

    Anyone that messes with Detroit is

  36. Amber

    More like bubble
    Who would want to touch him?
    Or get his germs?

  37. mannie32

    ha… didnt notice that til you mentioned

  38. junior

    u mean cv?

  39. junior

    ya, but u forgot maxiell

  40. mannie32

    oh he probably did… i was confused with the VC too, but that makes sense

  41. junior

    thats better than most teams starters. lol

  42. KleenGee

    4th in the East is possible.

    My outlook for the season: the cups more than half full for the Pistons

  43. KleenGee

    Just curious, does anybody think Rip is going to be traded? Some media folks think that might happen. I sure hope they’re wrong.

  44. mannie32

    agreed on wilcox, i mentioned that last night in the forum and on last night’s preseason game post

    i also agree on the breaking down of the defenses from what i heard on the radio and i’ve seen on highlights
    that said it’s just preseason and it’s just miami (even though ppl think they’ll be better than us ha)… but still good to see nonetheless

  45. 00

    is their text on the back of the collar of the pistons jerseys now?

  46. g 2 da ner

    im excited for our pistons.. love that follow up by ben.. it shows that hes happy being back as a detroit piston. and the emotion he showed after that dunk.daye is the new tyshaun.

  47. steve

    Are you all like 12? i read everything.. you all sound dumb as shit. bench cv?.. wow

  48. Sleepy Crayfish

    Your “smart leader” Stuckey has been consistently outplayed by Bynum since the latter started getting decent minutes. Let’s not forget, Stuckey was supposedly a shoot-first PG/SG when we drafted him; the big difference is that Bynum actually makes his layups.

  49. Sleepy Crayfish

    Fools, all. Bynum is legit. Stuckey is a scrub.

  50. KleenGee

    Why you trying mock other Piston fans? Unless your not a Pistons fan, which means that you should probably post comments at your own team’s site.

  51. junior

    i never said to bench him u moron i asked an opinion of the other pistons fans as to what they would do. u read everything? good for you. u MUST be “like” 12 cause only a 12 yr old says “like”. the next time you try to put someone down for asking a question, NOT making a statement. check your reading and writing ability, and look in the mirror.

  52. pistons 4 life

    It just says Mr. D.

  53. pistons 4 life

    I could see it happening. I’m torn as to whether it would be a good thing or not. As of right now though Gordon, Stuckey, and Rip are all similar players so maybe they wouldn’t miss him. Just a thought.


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