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by | Oct 1, 2009 | 35 comments

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  • Bynumite impressed coach Kuester “I went after him specifically to say how much I was impressed with him,” Kuester said. “He changed the complexion of the game with his energy and scoring.” This season, Kuester sees a similar role for Bynum, a “spark plug” type of player off the bench who can change the flow of a game. “A person that’s not going to sit and let the offense come to him but he’ll attack offensively and defensively,” Kuester said.
  • Bynum looking to breakout in his contract year. I see good things to come from Will, who’s been such a pleasant surprise in the D.
  • Kwame Brown on Ben Wallace “Anybody that can play defense like that, I’m going with the mind-set that I can learn from him and take something from his game and add it to my game.”
  • More Allen Iverson Drama over at ESPN “They told me, straight up, ‘Allen we would never disrespect you or your career like that’ by making me come off the bench,” You know Allen, Pistons fans seem to recall a promise you made when you TOOK Chauncey’s spot and his number that you would do whatever it took to win a championship in Detroit.  If that’s skipping practice, bitching about playing time, and tanking your season when things didn’t go your way…..good luck to you in Memphis, you’re dead to us in Motown.
  • Laimbeer getting used to being an NBA Coach. “It’s a good feeling to see the guys respond to what I’m saying,” Laimbeer said. “This is something I’ve always wanted to do. A lot has changed since I played, but it’s still basketball, and it’s still about responsibilities.”
  • Dumars latest moves fall flat according to SI. Still talking about the cap space and 2010, did any of you think these moves would put us in Championship contention without another move made? Frankly I see it as a considerable upgrade to the mess last season.
  • Kuester starts camp in the D with D.
  • Daye, Summers and Jerebko fighting for playing time.
  • Does anyone else get the feeling Rip is not happy to still be wearing a Pistons uni?  Did you see his face in the Media Day photo’s? That’s not a happy camper. Plus I have update his toon with the new fauhawk.
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  1. brgulker

    I can’t wait to boo AI when he comes to the Palace. What a clown.

  2. tim

    Sports Illustrated can keep its opinions to itself. Last year may have been brutal, but the moves Dumars made allowed the Pistons to rebuild without having to become a lottery team.

  3. Corey

    Haha rip and the fauxhawk. i sure hope he’s happy this year….

  4. mannie32

    btw i didnt read anything into rip at training camp
    i think he’s happy

  5. Yasir Saleem

    Apparently, according to whoever ran that media day chat and keith langlois, rip was the happiest guy at media day away from the pictures. And to be fair, no one really looks happy in that picture.

  6. melvin

    nice pix, i love this new face of pistons!

  7. Diogenes

    I used to like AI when he was with Philly but no longer. Without Larry Brown and an Eastern Conference that truly sucked they never would have made the final round against the Lakers. A.I. – the NBA’s version of T.O.

  8. Chad

    Enough with the AI stuff.. If you blame that situation on AI then you’re fucking retarded. IMO.

    Rip doesn’t appear to be happy.. I wouldn’t be either if my sub were superior to me and getting paid more than me.

    Bynum and Stuckey should trade places.

  9. Eddie

    AI said he had nothing bad to say about the Pistons organization or Joe D. His beef was with Michael Curry. Michael Curry was the biggest problem with the team last year, and none of the players liked him. Don’t blame AI for anything, I’m not going to boo him cuz it wasn’t his fault. Collectively the whole team played like shit and Curry was a direct cause of that.

  10. Clark

    Man. I am a pistons fan through and through, and will support them whether they are winning or loosing; BUT, I really want them to win just to shut up dumb a$$es like that ESPN writer who are hating on Dumars. It’s not Dumars fault that the NBA favors offensive teams, and he is doing what he needs to to win. I really want these Detroit haters to have to put their feet in their mouths…

  11. RipJr32

    I can see where you’re coming from about Rip. He’s not the same person he used to be. However, I don’t think it’s that he’s not happy I think he knows that his time in Motown is running out because of the youngsters coming around now, and also because he knows that he is the leader of the team now.

  12. David

    It will be a long year

  13. Diogenes

    Your mom didn’t mind the fact that I’m “fucking retarded” and I didn’t mind the fact that she has no teeth – in fact I rather enjoyed it.

  14. pistonsfan32

    i think rip will be fine this year. he wants to stay a piston. besides now that big ben is on the team again… he should feel better, right?

  15. TJ

    Iverson was very much a part of the problem last season. Keep in mind, not the only problem but a significant problem nonetheless.

    As pointed out, Rip appeared to be the happiest Piston on Media Day. And he makes more per year than Gordon so I don’t think money is the issue.

    You’re just another bitter Iverson fan because he was exposed for the overrated chucker he is. He scores inefficiently and doesn’t do much else right.

  16. TJ

    Rip is fine. Keep in mind it was Rip’s idea to bring in Gordon to begin with. If he was really upset with the Gordon signing, why would he tell Dumars to go and get him?

  17. Richie

    I wouldn’t read much into the straight face picture- no body’s smiling in that picture. I wouldn’t expect him to keep the silly haircut eaither; remember the giant beard he rocked last year right before the season? I think he just likes having a goofy default picture. 😛

  18. Fariduddin

    yeah.. reading Rips comments and hearing his views about the upcoming season i would completely disagree with this view of Rip not being happy…. it seems that he is excited about the season and ready to get started…

  19. Mark

    For everybody’s information. This is a mohawk, not a fauxhawk. A fauxhawk is something some guys do by gathering their hair up in the middle, simulating a mohawk. There is no shaving of the hair involved. Kinda like getting a fake tattoo. Rip has got a real mohawk going there.

  20. Sebastian

    I concur.

  21. Amer ican Prince

    yeah rip never smiles. Remember the year we had 4 allstars? there was a online video about them and the guy basically begged the guys to smile. And no one would smile until after the picture. Not Rip Chauncey Rasheed or Ben

  22. Chad

    my mom’s dead.

  23. Chad

    “IMO,” google it.

  24. Lori

    Totally off topic, but Natalie, when will you change the team toons? I’d love to see the new lineup! Besides, I’m kind of sick of MC’s face, red stripe or not!

  25. Natalie Sitto

    A Need4sheed refresher is on the way…you may be surprised on day when you come for a visit.

    Stay tooned….

  26. Natalie Sitto

    I’m happy most of you feel I was looking a bit too much into some things Rip has said and the look on his face for that matter.

    A happy Rip means a great season, or at least that’s what I’m hoping for.

  27. AI fan

    that may explain the lack of teeth…

  28. mannie32

    AI is the reason y’all hate Curry, probably the reason he got fired and why rip hated him in the first place… sure curry didnt handle the situation properly…, but the “situation” we’re talking about is AI played like shit and was bringing down the team and Curry didn’t have the balls to sit him from the beginning

    lest we forget, the official tally by the end of the circus-like season with Iverson: They were 22-28 when A.I. started, 2-2 when he came off the bench and 15-11 when he’s away from the team.

    15-11 without iverson extrapolates to approximately 47 wins, which would be probably a 4 seed in the playoffs… and that’s a pistons team without chauncey, still being a 4th seed… only had they told AI from the beginning they only wanted his contract

  29. JoeDip

    holy crap has anyone seen how out of shape sheed looks on the homepage in the celtic’s training camp picture?

  30. tdust

    YES SIR!!!

  31. The FAN

    All I hope is that they play with Heart! Last year there were a “few” moments where they played with some and it felt good to watch them play. It mostly happened when the bench was in. I’m hoping they come out renewed.


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