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by | Sep 1, 2009 | 39 comments

As you know I pass my offseason days by watching old Pistons videos whether they be epic playoff battles, championship glory or simple videos.  Today I was reminded of painful memories as a Pistons fan, something I care not get into on this beautiful day in Michigan.  Then I came across this video in my vault and if brought out joy and pain.

Despite the fact that this video was put together pretty recently, it seems like lifetime ago.

[flashvideo file=videos/flash_videos/2008_simplicity.flv /]

Video courtesy of The Detroit Pistons and myTV20 Detroit

I would like to get your take on the matter…does it put a smile on your face or cause you pain over what was, and maybe what could have been if things didn’t go the way they did last season?


  1. Ryan

    Ah yes, I remember this video!

    It does seem like a lifetime ago.

    I enjoy the video and it brings a smile to my face, but there’s also some pain to it.

    Chauncey was such a great team player, and the chemistry of the team became a mess once he left. Also, what the Pistons got in return was a downgrade from Billups.

    So there’s pain in that regard, remembering the team chemistry they had, and then realizing most of it went away with the team’s roster being shaken up.

  2. Darshan

    I miss this team.. maybe one day, Joe D will bring Chauncey, Sheed, and Dyess back for a reunion of the best Eastern Conference Powerhouse of this decade… I cry whenever i remember the good things Mr. Big Shot did for this team. he went from a nobody, to a somebody…

  3. nick

    A BIG FAT SMILE along with some goosebumps! Who would cringe?!? This was one of the best 6 year runs ever!! As we learned last season…its a privilege to go deep in the playoffs – 5 ECF’s in a row, 2 finals, i’ll take it every year!

  4. Damien Washington

    The biggest smile I done had in a while being a fan of the Pistons. The music was fitting, the highlights were gorgeous and had me nearly cheering all over again.

    Can’t want till we have another highlight reel similar to this one.

  5. Damien Washington

    Oh! I forgot to ask. Nat, just by listening to the lyrics, I’m assuming it’s called ‘Simplicity’ but, who is it by?

  6. john burns

    what a great video classic indeed i hope my grand children love it as much as me and my boy`s do.. i love ya sheed and i will miss you in the “D”
    john burns 1962 c.o. 1980

  7. brendan

    great editing. kind of brings a tear to my eye.

  8. Drew

    Brings a smile. I’m glad we still have three of the players heavily featured in that video.

  9. JoeDip

    I’m a wait and see kind of guy. I will give the new look a fair shot before I pine again for the glory days. If we had kept the roster the way it was, well, that’s a different story! =P

  10. amol

    I wish we had got that ring for Dice…

  11. Mark

    Some much potential yet no follow through. It hurts wish we could have rewarded Dice.

  12. BRS197

    It definitely makes me smile. I will always miss Chauncey and McDyess. I’m ready for the season to begin, and I hope McDyess wins his ring this year.

  13. Matt Selke

    The Pistons are again a rising team without the big 3-4 year rebuild transition. It will become exciting again.

  14. Junior

    Excellent video…The only sad reminder was the fact we dont have Dyess. That video made me realize how much I’m going to miss him. Has a pistons player ever made a stamp like he did in such a short period of time w/o winning a championship? I doubt it.

  15. mannie32

    although i don’t like langlois, i have to admit he had a nice article on the role charlie v will have in replacing sheed… and luckily he didnt try to convince us that charlie v is at the same place defensively or ever will be

  16. tim

    what song is this?

  17. Dominic

    Awesome, awesome video. The 4 core of Chauncey Hamilton Prince and Sheed was one of the best squads ever assembled and I feel humbled as a fan that I was able to enjoy their performances for so long but it’s time to move on. We coulda kept that core until they all retired but I guarantee we wouldn’t have gotten farher than the semifinals this year. The young teams in the East have finally caught up to the dominate Pistons, and the game has changed greatly since that run in ’04. It’s time to retool and bring on the second wave of Piston dominance.

    In Joe We Trust

  18. Dhrumil

    Here’s what i think. I know everyone is doubting the pistons even detroit fans. It’s really making me mad. I think the pistons will be the top 4 in the eastern conference. Here’s why. You have Stuckey, Rip, Tayshaun, CV, and Ben Wallace for your starters lets say. Now in terms of skill set, thats one of the most talented starting 5 in the NBA hands down. Then you bring Gordon off the bench who can be a starter almost anywhere. Hes a electrifying scorer who really brings it every night. You also have an energy guy in Jason Maxiell and a younger Tayshaun in Austin Day. And ofcourse we all know about Will Bynum and what hes capable of. After you put that together. It’s just a matter of Chemistry. If the chemistry is there this season. I really think the Pistons will be a powerhouse. So don’t give up on us yet. Please guys.

  19. mannie32

    Ben Wallace won’t likely be our starting centre. I’d say more likely Kwame, though Wilcox has a legitimate chance as well.
    As for being a 4th seed, I think they can do it. As you said, depends on the chemistry on the offensive and defensive end.

  20. Altan

    love this video , its been a while

  21. Altan

    why do we never see 1:09 on any highlights ?

  22. Drew

    After watching this, I hope Amir and Afflalo can develop to have prosperous NBA careers. We’ll see. Hope Afflalo starts in Denver.

  23. #1 Stuckey fan

    That was a great video and definitely a reminder of the glory days, but things change in the NBA and those days are gone now. We have to embrace our new team and stick with them win or lose. I think we are gonna suprise a lot of people this year. CV and BG will tear it up for us i think. Along with an improved Stuckey and of course RIP and Tay…watch out now!

  24. Ryan

    Bob Seger

  25. Dhrumil

    Personally, I think Kwame is the worst 7 footer in the NBA. I don’t think he should start. Wilcox is an underachiever, i think Ben should start, he has the experience and the defense is still there. He also has a bit of chemistry with Rip and Tay from when John Kuester was our assistant coach under Larry brown. I think he will start ben.

  26. banks

    yall should give the pistons more credit and joe d as well for puting together a allstar team and i see the pistons going all the way

  27. banks

    this is how i see the pistons lineup stucky at the 1 rip at 2 tay at3 cv at 4 and none others than the former piston 3time d player bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbben waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallace

  28. Richie

    Agreed. I wish more people would have had that attitude a couple years ago when they were whining about losing in the ECF.

  29. Diogenes

    Joe made a big mistake trading Billups. He should have traded Sheed. Billups is two years younger than Jason Kidd and Dallas just gave him a fat contract. Stuckey should have played the Microwave role for two or three years – not Ben Gordan. Joe blew it, that’s all. And then they let AI wear the number 1? And now they let Stuckey wear 3. Man I am really disenchanted with the way the Pistons are doing these guys. I’m losing faith in you Joe.

  30. Alwayzreal

    Wow!!!! It really is over….

  31. Sebastian

    Agreed. I don’t miss those guys as much when I think about the potential of young stars Stuckey, Gordon, and Villanueva as well as having Rip, Tay, Maxiell, and, dont forget, Ben Wallace on our roster. Its going to be a fun season, I think.

  32. Sebastian

    I concur.

  33. banks

    you crackheads need to shut up talking about my pistons before i hunt u down and do bad things to u ha ha ha ha ha

  34. DD3

    Definitely causes pain. A lot! I understand the biz & that all of Joe’s moves were based off of need & what was available. Orlando made it to the finals. ORL! The team that we dominated for the last 6 years & most of last season. Boston was hurt, cleveland was over rated. The Piston’s as they were, could have 1. We had 1 last shot with the team & joe blew it all up. Now after last seasons bone headed moves, a year after Hammond left (the man said to be the brains behind Joe’s moves that led us back to the top of the East)Joe is fully in the drivers seat. I am NOT happy about any of the moves he’s made the last 2 Summers. Watching this honestly makes me sick to my stomach!

  35. uyen

    I have not posted anything on here for a very long time. I couldn’t stand the thought of “the team” I love is gone. The video actually made me extremely sad and left this empty feeling in the pit of my stomach.

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