Austin Daye, DaJuan Summers and Jonas Jerebko get the Need4Sheed Treatment

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Austin Daye and DaJuan Summers, who are both tearing it up in Summer League play are now Tooned.

Austin Daye
Austin Daye Cartoon

DaJuan SummersDaujuan Summers Cartoon

Jonas JerebkoJonas Jerebko Cartoon

44 Responses to "Austin Daye, DaJuan Summers and Jonas Jerebko get the Need4Sheed Treatment"
  1. Avatar ali bazzi says:

    the dajaun is right on!! but u can lighten austins stache alittle

  2. LOL…it’s pretty light as it is! I make it any lighter it might be invisible.

  3. Avatar jim calhoon says:

    ow man dajaun summers is on fire

  4. Avatar Jonny7344 says:

    Wheres Jonas Jerebko? Gotta have the only white player made up.

  5. He’s in the works…I only have so much slack off time during the day!

  6. Avatar Jonny7344 says:


  7. Avatar Wade says:

    HAHAHA NICE job nat. Looks sweet

  8. Avatar buukiboy says:


  9. Avatar Pistonszone says:

    Like the new toons! Dajuan Summers even has your toon as his twitter picture.

  10. Avatar RVN says:

    lmaoo its perfect!

  11. Avatar J Dre says:

    Aw, come on…he’s not that muscular.

  12. Avatar Fartyboy says:

    I can’t believe they let me use the internet in prison. This rules!

  13. Avatar AZ says:

    haha jerebko, good toons

  14. Avatar pistons4ever says:

    lol, 3 different ways of spelling summers 1st name in just one post: DauJuan, Daujan & DaJuan 😀

  15. Avatar bball4224 says:

    lol wow

  16. Avatar mghastin says:

    Nice job on jerebko, although i think his hair needs to be a little lighter.

  17. Avatar Richie says:

    I think Jonas’ hair looks awesome!

  18. Avatar bball4224 says:

    when are you going to replace the crossed out people w/ the current people we do have?

  19. Avatar Jesse says:

    probobly after the offseason

  20. Avatar bball4224 says:

    tahts what i figured, lol all the x outs are depressing tho lol

  21. Avatar SadPanda says:

    Right on Natalie! As fans we need to move on and embrace our new Pistons. I love what Daye and Summers have shown us in Vegas and Jerebko looks like a good project player. One more move for a center to pair with Kwame and we should have a solid young team, ready to compete now.

  22. Avatar SadPanda says:

    Lol, don’t make fun of Daye’s mustache people. All men go through a phase where their facial hair can’t match their ambitions.

  23. Avatar SadPanda says:

    Get out soon man. (pours cheap booze down the gutter)

  24. Avatar Vanalope says:

    hehe, I dig um! 🙂

  25. Avatar Leif_32 RIP FAN 4 LIFE says:

    Hey nat, when are you going to get rid of walter herrmann, arron A, A.I Rasheed, Curry, and Mydyess off of that toon list? i would regret to see some of them off of there.. but dont you think its time to move on and add the other guys on it?

  26. Avatar Leif_32 RIP FAN 4 LIFE says:

    oh and amir

  27. Avatar Ryan says:

    Probably when we actually have a set 09-10 roster…

    Right now the Pistons don’t know what the final roster’s going to look like come November.

    Can’t add what you don’t know is going to be there.

  28. Avatar Amer ican Prince says:

    natalie you’re the man…..well so to speak.

    Great job

  29. Avatar Leif_32 RIP FAN 4 LIFE says:

    yeah nat, all of us here fans supporting the D love you! keep up the good work!

  30. Avatar bc says:

    oooo weee can’t wait to see a Deron Washington’s toon

  31. Avatar ryan ricafort says:

    Nat, since we are rooting on the side for Dice to get his Ice, could you please take out the cross and put a cowboy hat on him or something.=)

  32. Avatar Wade says:

    cowboy hat on dyess please natalie and leprachon clothing on sheed =}

  33. Avatar tim says:

    pistons just signed wilcox

  34. Avatar SadPanda says:

    Wilcox is a solid addition. We needed another big body besides Max and Kwame.

  35. Avatar ryan ricafort says:

    hard hat and pick axe for chauncey and AA

  36. Avatar ryan ricafort says:

    deal said two year deal. then after that Joe D is pursuing Gooden

  37. Avatar Drew says:

    I like those 3 caricatures, but I still think you need to adjust Ben Gordon’s: his is too smiley; unfortunately, Gordon doesn’t show too much personality at all.

  38. Avatar Sharif says:

    I am happy about this, if he can keep his cool and play ball, this could be a big pick up for us.

    If my math is correct, we can still sign Ben to a minimum deal. He would get paid 1.3 million, but only the .3 counts against the cap. God I love the CBA!!!

  39. Avatar KRONIKjose says:

    Ya Natalie the Toons look great. Do you draw them yourself? If you do you’re pretty good at what you do.

    I do think that they can sign Big Ben, it’s just a matter of if they want to. It should be noted that the Wilcox signing may be a precursor to a Maxi trade since they are the same kind of player(only Maxi plays better D IMO).

  40. Avatar Chris says:

    DaJuan Summers was a steal!

  41. Avatar Ted says:

    Natalie, I was wondering when you are going to update the toon list on the left side. Several other posters were asking that too. Time to pull the departed guys (including Curry) out and put all the new guys, with contracts, over there. Would you, please?

    I’m getting kind of tired of seeing Iverson over there, even with the ban symbol.

    Oh yeah, is Coach Kuester’s toon going to do the slide in from the side thing like Curry’s?

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