No Shooting Allowed at The Pistons Practice Facility

by | Jul 28, 2009 | 59 comments


I don’t know if you remember Sheed taking us on a tour of The Pistons newly renovated practice facility last season, here is the video just in case you missed it.

[flashvideo file=videos/flash_videos/touring_with_sheed.flv /]

One thing Rasheed failed to mention before the tour started was that you needed to leave your guns at the door.

The Detroit Pistons Practice Facility
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Lucky I left my glock at home that day or else I wouldn’t have been able to get inside the building. As I passed the sign the first thing I thought in my head was….was this here before Allen Iverson was?
The Detroit Pistons Practice Facility Firearms Sign
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If you click on the picture to enlarge it….you can see the fine print at the bottom of the sign. Do they really need to have the sign…probably.  My guess is things got heated one day after a friendly game of H-O-R-S-E.


  1. obiwan

    sheed sucks take um off the site…he fears kg thats why he signed with boston this guy mailed it in in the playoffs…

  2. altan

    obiwan maybe you werent around in 2004 ,

    KG would be nothing if he never made it to boston , whats minnessotta now , corey brewer ? umm u wouldnt have Al Jefferson since the celts traded for KG , so stfu , id like you to play sheed one on one .

  3. KJ

    I still get a kick out of people telling Nat what to do with HER website.

  4. Patrick

    yah does not matter what the site name is, I will still come to get info and good opinions

  5. nate

    sheed called stuck curtis because he looks like 50 cent. thought everyone knew that?

  6. Ryan

    LOL, maybe a scuffle occurred between Stackhouse and Laettner one day?

  7. Sleepy Crayfish

    Wack. Take your punk ass elsewhere.

  8. Hlmk

    Even though I’m not the biggest pistons fan, I’d think itd be great to see Big Ben wearing the pistons uniform again, but if he does come back, he also needs to bring back the FRO!

  9. obiwan

    thats what i dont like about fans who arent fans…u guys rip on every owner from holland to dombronski to ford but give joe d the ley way like he’s something special what has this guy done since 2004 except mess up what could have been a dynasty…this guy cant hold on to any of his players..(ie) okur,james,wallace and now sheed…i mean sheed blows for not coming back but dumars sucks for not trying to keep him…this guy turned down a prince for boozer deal..and a big baby for maxy deal just plain stupid..the starting lineup could have been big baby,boozer,charlie v,rip or ben and stuck at the point…but know the guy wants to hold on to a small foward how cant guard anybody (cough cough) tayshaun and a guy who’s been cryin every since his boyfriend left town…in my opinion joe d needs to go..hes scared to take chance and get the big time players that he needs….i mean if charlie v and benny g was that good then why didnt their teams offer them a contract think about fan weather fans….

  10. juneyboy

    My goodness. Though I too am puzzled by the fascination with a player who no longer is here, if anyone doesn’t like what’s on this site why click on it? Natalie has every right to put whatever she pleases on HER site. However, I understand people who felt Sheed mailed it in the last few years. I felt he did as well but I think I know why. He understood that the league has it’s darling players and teams and Detroit didn’t fit either category. It irked him. Why play all out if almost every call and situation is going to go against you? You play hard but rarely get the benefit of a call.

    Yet some things seemed unforgivable; leaving Horry wide open on the elbow in ’05, the meltdown in Cleveland with almost 8 minutes left in the game, very low scoring in a couple of crucial games against Boston. Last season Sheed seemed disinterested because of the trajectory of the team. I don’t blame him. So it works both ways. You understood his concerns, but disagreed at how he displayed those concerns.

    I’m interested in the now, not yesterday. However, I admit going to youtube every now and again to watch what we once were. Chauncey will still be my favorite player of this generation. I wonder. If this website were called, let’s say, “Chauncey’s Corner”; a place dedicated to him and what he did as a Pistons even though he’s been long gone; would I log on? Probably. We like who we like; and we defend them no matter how they played.

    It’s like being in an intimate relationship where I refuse to see the wrong my partner is doing. I see the good but ignore the bad that is steadily eroding the relationship. Soon I have no choice but to end it and say goodbye because the bad is smothering any and all the good we had. But now that they are gone, once again the memories of the good times we had are overshadowing the memories of the bad. It’s hard letting go; very hard.

    Seeing Chauncey in powder blue pained me to no end, but when we played Denver I rooted for Detroit all the way. I love Chauncey but not enough for him to beat the Pistons. Sheed is gone. Now playing with an eastern conference rival. Though I wish him well because he has a job, I hope we smother Boston and triple team Sheed every time he touches the ball. If he plays anything like he did 5 years ago a lot of teams will be in trouble, including us.

    Again, I’m for what’s happening now. And that’s what is so good about this site, it’s so informative. I thoroughly enjoyed the piece on Bynun, who I said should be called “Will The Thrill” some time ago, I bet he’s heard that name a million times before. Sure I would like this site to be called something like “Ship4Rip” or “MakeWay4Tay” (ugh), But doggone it! This is Natalie’s site! If anyone, including myself, doesn’t like what Natalie is putting down, then take your ball and move on to the many other sites dedicated to the Pistons.

  11. bball4224

    you should just never comment on ever again… NEVER

  12. bball4224

    I don’t get why A.I.’s the target here. Sheed was w/ the “Jail”blazers so you easily could have attacked him… w/e

  13. das

    i’m a huge fan and not a dumars apologist and i basically disagree with everything you just said obiwan. prince for boozer and big baby (and the garbage we’d have to take with him) for maxi aren’t that great of trades. we’d end up with ZERO defense. I think in the cases of CV and Gordon both teams weren’t looking to buy.

    and it’s “fair weather fans”

  14. Bonesy

    KG would still be something… only on a losing team. Homeboy still had mad skills and undeniable heart when he was in Minnesota

  15. Bonesy

    i couldn’t agree more……

  16. Bonesy

    that practice facility is going to be full of the future this season! hell yeah!

  17. william

    yeah he was like 6 years ago and won a championship for us, dumbass.

  18. Fartyboy

    Allen Iverson attacked me.

  19. skearn41

    this has got to be one of my favorite posts ever.

  20. Chad

    A brief weigh in..

    AI is the butt of every Pistons joke.. I’m a lifetime Pistons fan but I’m looking forward to seeing AI scorch us this season.

    As for the name of the site.. it’s none of our business but if it were mine I’d change it.. kind of like a Lakers site called – if anything changing the site’s name is an opportunity to establish more brand recognition, not lose old brand recognition.

  21. bball4224

    but she said she doesn’t know how long the sign has been there. Idiot.

  22. witness2what

    I didn’t think the A.I. joke was funny. Just breeds more into a sterotype natalie. Be care with stuff like that, it would turn away some of your fan base. On a lighter note, I love the site. I think your an awesome person. The cartoons are great. And…the pistons should have a great season with all the youth…plus I think sheed will be back.

  23. jonny

    rips leather hoodie…. lol

  24. bball4224

    ummmm i hope ur kiddin about the end there…

  25. bball4224

    agreed and agreed

  26. TJ

    People are waaaaaaaaaaay overreacting to Natalie’s joke. Jesus Christ, people.

    Also, this needs to stay Need4Sheed. I see no reason to change the name just because Rasheed is gone. We still have a blog called Detroit Bad Boys and it’s been a while since Laimbeer suited up.

  27. Austin K

    Wow my friends and I always say that Rodney Stuckey looks just like 50 cent. Sheed called him Curtis because its Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. gARANTEE

  28. Dominic

    Cheap shot at one of the best scorers in the game. Sure he didn’t work out for us, but we are unfamiliar to players not fitting in here, ask the Indiana Pacers how many bad character guys there are (or used to be) on their team. No need to bring up a past which he has clearly moved on from. Leave the guy alone, he wasn’t a good fit, he’s not on the team anymore, case closed.

  29. Lori

    C’mon, you guys. Why do you AI lovers get so defensive all the time? It’s just a joke! AI was a great player in his prime, there will probably never be another one like him. We all know that. Lighten up!

  30. Natalie Sitto

    It’s not like I didn’t know that some people would take offense to the JOKE but quite honestly that’s just me. I have been “this way” since I started the site and I’m not going to change my ways now.

    I would be lying if I told you that I what popped into my head when I first saw the sign. I swear to all of you I asked myself “was this here before AI”.

    I’m sure much worse has been said about him and if we can’t poke fun at everyone this place woudn’t be any fun.

    I can take a joke just like anyone else so…I have been called plenty of unkind things from people here and in the real world…I’m sure AI or all the other NBA stars that I may have a little fun with aren’t losing sleep.

    Thanks for everyone who supports what I do and I value everyone’s opinions as long as they are spoken respectfully.

    With that said…I’m nuts and I know it, and so do most of you.

    If we can’t have fun what’s the point.

    You can’t please everyone, I learned that loooooong ago.

  31. Melodeath1221

    Wow, you talk about being fans. But your statement seems SO TWISTED that its obvious your not a fan.

    Joe D cant hold on to his players? Well Do you really think Ben Wallace was really worth 15 mill per season. Its joe pass on that, but its obvious that Chicago, Cleveland, and Phenoix didnt think he was worth that either, after Chicago made that deal.

    James? Mike James? Tell me if hes such a good player Wtf does he play for, He played with the timber wolves for a season after us. Youd think such a godly player as Mike James would have been the 2nd MVP on that team. Tho he obviously wasn’t.

    Sheed was never going to come back. I loved sheed for the time he was here, but it was also his time to go. Time for a Change of Scenery.

    Okur is the one that you have a point for. Okur got away from us, We didnt have enough Cap space to retain him. We picked Sheed over Okur.

    Boozer and Villinueva are 2 power forwards So it wouldn’t make since to do that. If we had a Good Starting Center, To pair with Boozer. that would have made since.

    Glen Davis For Jmax, Your right in saying that Davis is MUCH better than Jmax. And most Pistons fans are blind to this cause they hate Davis. But Again Davis is a Power forward. We already have Plenty of them We need Centers.

    Why didnt the bucks Try to retain CVILL? Cause they didnt have enough money, belive it or not. but when your a bad team in a City As Popular as Milwalkie you dont get that much profit. If any at all. They Simply Could not afford CVILL. Also CVILL said hinted that he was really happy to be done with the Bucks.

    As for Gordon. It seems like the bulls never really appreciated him. Otherwise he would have gotten a big deal a long time ago. The bulls would rather give Chronicly injured guys like Loul Deng, an 80 mill contract. Or Kirk Heinrick a 10 mill per year contract. Idk why Gordon was Always their leading scorer and the fans seemed to really like him.

    I just saw that you mentioned Tay being a bad defender, and your completely right about that statement. Tay is a poor defender and an overall poor player. He is in credibly inconsistaint on the offensive end. Tho hes our only vet small forward. Had there be a trade for a Legit STARTING Center Joe would have jumped on it.

    Tho as i go on i see that while you made one good point, you revert back to being clinicly insane. By stating that CVILL should be our 3…just a ridiculous comment.

    Consiter your self owned Obiwan… go die in the first half hour of your series.

  32. Melodeath1221

    HA if Iverson goes off for 30 on us, you know that means, Will Bynum will go off for 60 on him. Its just the natural order of things Big things eat small things. Bynum > AI

  33. TJ

    You have nothing to apologize for Natalie and I’m glad you didn’t. Keep in mind that almost all public figures are fair game for satire. Iverson is no different. People make fun of Shaq, Kobe, LeBron, etc. People going “You shouldn’t make fun one of the best scorers in the game.” You know what? **** that, I’ll make fun of whoever I want regardless of status.

    Iverson tossed his wife out into the street (naked to boot) and went hunting for her two days later carrying an unregistered weapon. You wanna know why Natalie made the ****ing joke? Because Iverson has been twice busted for having an unregistered weapon. Yet you guys will throw her under the bus for making a joke. Meanwhile, your “hero” is tossing women into the street naked.

    Keep up the great work, Natalie, and tell those other pricks to **** off.

  34. obiwan

    man u guys are really mad about somebody havin a different point of view…i mean its clear to see that real gm’s (not joe d) make moves to become contenders not pretenders….heres what a smart person would have done….i like the ben gordon move so i give him credit for that…but its two moves he coulda made that would have made us contenders…first off i would have resigned rasheed cause lets face it sheed is a better low post defender than charlie v…u sign sheed to 5 mil instead of charlies 8 mil (that he doesnt’t deserve) and now you still got some “bread” ( that’s money for all you lames)…now with the rest of money, u take a stab at a young sf prospect, mr.trevor ariza…he’s young athletic and a upcoming star…then u accept the boozer for tay trade and there’s your frontcourt sheed and boozer….then accept THE BIG BABY for maxy trade …lets face it maxy is undersized and overrated in the d…. i love the guy but big baby is better hands down….now you got your options, u can trade rip for a couple bench players or trade him for some draft picks and free up some cap and pick up a marquis daniels, jamarion moon,jerry stackhouse or a anthony parker to come off the oak…..u sign wilcox cause i liked that deal…and bring back ben for the vet minium…now your a contender…sheed,boozer,ariza,gordon and stuck…

  35. TJ

    Couldn’t resign Sheed. Waived his Bird Rights so we could obtain Gordon and Villanueva. Also, Sheed’s 35 and only has a couple years left in the league, whereas Villanueva’s 24 and can only get better.

    If you bring back Rasheed at $5 million and bring in Gordon (who’s starting salary would be around $10 million), you only have around $3 million to work with (assuming you don’t trade Afflalo). So you’re unlikely to land Ariza with only $3 million to spare.

    Tay for Boozer isn’t beneficial, as Boozer has stated that he would like to go to Miami and wants $14 million a year (something he doesn’t deserve). Also, he can’t play center (and neither can Sheed, really).

    Finally, the Max/Davis deal was contingent on us giving up our draft pick. While Davis may be an upgrade, it’s not enough to justify possible handing over a lottery level pick (depending on how good we are).

    It is physically impossible to have the offseason you proposed. Oh, and proof that you’re an idiot:

    Number of Championship level teams built by Joe Dumars: 1
    Number of Championship level teams built by obiwan: 0

    Suck it down, bitch.

  36. bball4224

    we’ll see

  37. bball4224

    “Bad boys” isn’t one person, it’s our whole team and our history. Sheed is one person, and he’s no longer on our team. And quite frankely he didn’t seem like he really cared the last couple years.

  38. bball4224

    umm us A.I. lovers are just as defensive as you _______ (fill in the blank) lovers would. And to Nat, i rly don’t care if you think that when you see the sign, but you don’t have to tell everyone. I think stuff that i shouldn’t about people all the time, but i don’t tell every1… idk w/e. I’ve been (and always will be) a Piston fan longer than an A.I. fan but…. nevermind i don’t even know where i’m going w/ this anymore… lol

  39. Ryan (Young R)

    If Iverson goes off for 30, that means he’ll have taken 65 shots.

  40. Ryan

    You see AI in the news all the time for things like that. His body guards seem to punch everything that moves. No stereotype there… AI’s the real deal when it comes to thuggin’.

    Rasheed Wallace is a Boston Celtic. Didn’t you get the memo?

  41. Ryan

    The site’s not changing. Stop trying, because your efforts are worthless.

    Natalie is known for her Need4Sheed site. And she does a damn good job on it.

  42. Ryan

    You’re right!

    And I always enjoy what you put on the site!

    So at least you can say I’m not one of those people that aren’t pleased from time to time! 😀

  43. Ryan

    Not to mention the 6 straight trips to the Eastern Conference Finals.

    So that’s 6 Championship level teams.


    (Just to add some leverage)

  44. #1 Stuckey fan

    Def. not the smartest kernel in the bag…

  45. #1 Stuckey fan

    Whoa good one buddy!

  46. #1 Stuckey fan

    I see several flaws in your “real GM” aspect of looking at the things Joe D has done this offseason.

    1. Would you really resign a player who’s on his last leg over a player who has major upside like Charlie V? Let’s be honest with ourselves people, SHEED IS PRETTY MUCH DONE…
    2. Really Trevor Ariza? He wants to be the “man” on the team now that he has established himself as a decent player (finally). He needs to be on a good team to be good (he def. wasn’t on NY). Plus the salary would not work, he’s overpaid now and i can’t see Joe D doin that…
    3. As I’ve stated a million times THE UTAH JAZZ WANT TO GET RID OF SALARY NOT TAKE IT BACK… Tay’s contract is pretty large at 11 mil and they would only get 1 mill difference between the two. So why would they trade Booz for him and not just keep Boozer for an extra million? Also, why would you chance Boozer (who is known for bolting on teams) when his contract is up after this year and NO we would not have open cap space.
    4. The Big Baby/ Maxiell Trade would not work, they also wanted a future first round pick with it, which is dumb unless the player is outstanding. It’s not justifiable that we make that trade and also have Davis leave possibly next year too if we can’t resign.
    5. Trade RIP for what? Draft picks and bench players like Stackhouse? Moon is with the Cavs, Daniels has reportedly committed with the Celts, Parker is also with the Cavs now….so i def. don’t see that working out…

    Although you seem to have good intentions, your plans just don’t work. Charlie V and BG along with Wilcox are great pickups and I can def. appreciate what Joe D has done thus far. He will look like a genius next season when the cap falls again and all these teams that have been saving there money for 2010 FA don’t really have what they expected and made dumb moves. Joe D got 2 very good players in CV and BG and a lot of teams will wish they had made those moves… I think we are 1 good player away from the top again if not championship contenders. Give it time we’ll be ok.


    This is a sad day when the best news we can publish on this website is about a sign outside of the practice facility.

  48. Richie

    Halarious post, nat- I love your sense of humor. I hope more people catch it.

  49. chuck

    I’m so happy sheed went to boston,now i can pull for the celtics. dumars screwed everything up,good luck Pistons you WILL need it. I GO WHERE RASHEED GOES, so long losers.

  50. nate

    k cya.

  51. Ryan

    Not a fan of the Pistons, but you only follow one player.

    Okay, no one cares.

    Peace out, picklenuts.

  52. bball4224

    quit getting so defensive, i’m not one of the people trying to change it, i was just disproving a point. It would still be the quality w/ a dif name…

  53. juneyboy

    That is true about the site called “Detroit Bad Boys.” However, the Bad Boys, though disliked, took winning to a new level; unlike any previous Pistons team had before. Then Joe D more or less recreated that whole atmosphere which led to a 3rd championship that included 6 ECF’s appearances. The Bad Boys had the respect of the entire city and state because they did what only two teams before them, Boston and LA, were able to do, win back-to-back championships.

    The later version in 2004 enhanced that reputation with stellar defense that helped usher in a more offensive way of play, thanks or no thanks to Stern. Though Isiah was clearly the leader, the “Bad Boys” tough-minded persona embodied the team as a whole. Had the name been “Bad Boy Mahorn” then people would be ‘but Mahorn’s been gone for 17 years or so.’ So what I’m saying is that a precedent of excellent hard-nosed basketball was set with the Bad Boys; and all Pistons teams from then on would and will always be inspired by what they accomplished in 89’and 90′.

    An example of this is there is a site called “The Classic Temptations Memorial Website.” When we see that name, “Classic Temptations,” we know it refers to the Temptations lineup from 1964-1968 which were Otis Williams, Melvin Franklin, Eddie Kendricks, Paul Williams and David Ruffin. No Temptations lineup since has accomplished the success in the way they did in those initial years. No group after or present can do so simply because the 60’s group were the first to set the standard. They helped put Motown on the world-wide music map.

    So that means that as dynamic as future lead singers Ollie Woodson (“Treat Her Like A Lady” – 1984) and Theo Peoples (“Stay” – 1998) were and their important contributions to the Temptations legacy, they cannot be compared to the huge and lasting impact the Classic Temptations lineup had upon the music world at large and the motor city. So likewise The Bad Boys will always have an everlasting affect on the city of Detroit.

  54. #1 Stuckey fan

    Bye make sure u say hi to rasheed when ur on ur knees with him…

  55. Ryan

    “Sheed” is an attitude and there will always be a “Need for Sheed.”

    TJ is correct and your point has been disproved.

    Plus you were trying to disprove a point for the site to stay the same.

    If you’re not for us, you’re against us.

    Good day.

  56. iloveJonas

    The Piston do blow… but have faith in your team… Detroit needs it

  57. Marlon Brightwell

    I happened to find your site on google while looking for bowling trick shots and tips. I found your site to be very informational, even though it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. Keep up the great work on the site and I’ll look forward to reading a lot more!



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