Q&A with Will Bynum

by | Jul 23, 2009 | 54 comments

Did you ever want to know a little bit more about one of your favorite players? Well I was lucky enough to get to know a little more about one of mine.

Will Bynum was nice enough to answer some questions for Pistons fans to give us a little insight on who he is when he’s not Thrilling us at The Palace.

N4S: Greatest Basketball Moment?
WB: I would have to say the buzzer beater shot against Oklahoma state in the final four to advance to the championship.

[flashvideo file=videos/flash_videos/bynum_oaklahoma.flv /]

N4S:Favorite NBA player past or present?
WB: Tim Hardaway/ Earl Monroe both had a flair and style that I loved in their game but I could go on and on with the list of players…..

N4S:Favorite NBA Team Growing up?
WB: Pistons because of Isaiah and Joe, they were tough minded small guards that dominated the game and that’s what I always dreamed of doing.

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Photo/Getty Images

N4S: Thing you are proudest of?
WB: My daughter Laila and my family.

N4S: Something you wish you could do but can’t (for most of us it’s dunk but you have that covered)?
WB: I’ve never felt like there’s nothing I couldn’t do …that’s weird but it’s true. I feel like I can accomplish anything. I am driven by people telling what I can’t do

N4S: Coke or Pepsi?
WB: Water

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N4S: Favorite Food?
WB: Baked Chicken and Macaroni

N4S: Favorite Color?
WB: Green…lol

N4S: Favorite article of Clothing?
WB: Polo collared shirts.

Will Bynum Polo Model
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Photo/Ralph Lauren

N4S: Favorite TV Show or Shows?
WB: Martin, Dave Chappelle, The First 48 and The Wire.

N4S:Favorite Movie?
WB: I am an avid movie watcher so I have a lot but If I narrow it down 8 mile,Training Day and Harlem Nights.

Will Bynum as EMINEM in 8 Mile
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Photo/Universal Studios

N4S: Something you do to unwind?
WB: Watch movies/ play with Laila.

N4S:Favorite Car?
WB: I don’t have a fave, but anything that can get me from point A to point B from my house to the gym.

N4S: One thing you wish you could change about yourself?
WB: Why would I want to do that. I am a firm believer in making the best out of your God given abilities

N4S: If you could meet anyone in the world dead or alive who would it be?
WB: Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, I’d love to talk with them now in the aftermath of their sacrifices.I’d love to see what their next steps would be in today’s world. Also, Pistol Pete Maravich because I’ve watched his film and he is someone to whom I can really relate to. He had a great basketball mind.

N4S: Favorite place?
WB: Chicago

N4S: In Detroit, we think you can Dunk over YAO….can you?
WB: I would definitely try…lol

Will Bynum Dunks of Yao Ming
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Photo/Getty Images

N4S: Thing that surprised you most about The Pistons?
WB: The organizations family atmosphere.

N4S: Thing that surprised you most about living in Michigan?
WB: Being from Chicago the weather shouldn’t have surprised me but after going to college for 4 years and living in Israel for 2 years I forgot about the winter hawk.

N4S: What (CD) is currently playing in your Car?
WB: Tupac (Old Skool)

Will Bynum is Tupac
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N4S: Will the Thrill or Bynumite (I think I know the answer to this one)?
WB: Will The Thrill

I just want to thank Will again for taking the time to answer some questions that he normally wouldn’t get asked in the locker room. He was not only a good sport, he wanted to make sure that Pistons fans know how much he appreciates the love he gets from all of you and that your cheers and comments serve as motivation.

If it’s possible to root for “The Thrill” more than I already do, I will after getting to know him a bit more this Summer. In addition to doing this for Need4Sheed he sent me one of the nicest email’s I have gotten in my years of doing Need4Sheed. Will is truly one of the good guys on and off the court.

Next step….I’m trying to convince him to come join all of us on Twitter so we can get to know him even more. Come on Will, you know you want to. If you need some help, I’m sure your new teammate @CV31 will give you a hand.


  1. Detroit Born

    Great and Fun interview Natalie, thank you for doing this for us.

    And Will, if you read this…You are a gem, I’m rooting for you even more now! Dunking over Yao!! I love it!

    Go get em Will!

  2. Wade

    Will the Thrill is amazing, my favorite piston now since sheed is gone. His style is great and his heart cant be beat.

  3. zkranc

    great interview I hope Bynum gets consistent minutes these year…

  4. Shari

    What a treat. Thanx 4 that & thanx 2 Will 2.

  5. Amer ican Prince

    Fun times thank you for posting, was an awesome read. Will definitely has a lot of personality and charisma. Look forward to seeing and hearing more from him.

  6. Patrick

    Nice, thanks for sharing!

  7. KJ

    Now Natalie, what can you do about getting Will a starting position?

    We know you have pull…

  8. obiewan

    good interview but i hope we can get tinsley he’s a better pg than bynum

  9. The Fan

    WILL is going to have a great season this year. I can feel it.

  10. DEL

    what a photos!!!

  11. Wade

    Obiewan go back to your star wars stuff and quit talkin about tinsley being better then the thriller.

  12. I hope will gets a lot of minutes

    ***Who else thinks will wont get many minutes because of deron washington, stuck,bg, and rip..TRADE STUCKY!!!! I remember when some games he wouldnt even shoot the ball except maybe 3 times (i know he had 40 and 38 points in two diff. games, but still)…we need a C and a STARTING pg..will is a backup.The pg we need is a leader like billups stuck is quiet. I do NOT think he will be different next season he’s looking like a BUST! I would grade his potential a C-***

  13. Detroit Born

    I’m sure we will see a lot of Will this season

  14. Matt

    I got to meet will at a pizza joint across the street from the palace after a game. He is one of the nicest, most humble guy you could meet. Really a great class act. I also met stuckey and kwame there!

  15. Shawn

    One of my favorite PGs in the game, plus he wears my favorite number.

  16. RIP CITY

    How can you call a player who drops 40 in one game with conference player of the week in his sophmore year, taken 15th a bust?
    Oh yeah. Trade him because he’s quiet…
    You would have said the same thing about Chauncey when he was this age.

  17. Richie

    Natalie, the pictures are awesome. Thanks, Will!

  18. Anan

    lebron article on espn intresting read it

  19. william

    will the trill is the man.

  20. detroitbball

    Although, I think Will is great and very entertaining to watch. But I dont think hes going to be on the team for the long haul :(

  21. Malcom

    Great fun loved all the pictures. Will does seem like a good guy, got to root for the good ones.


  22. Jayme

    Is it me or were some of the answers a bit sarcastic? kind of hard to tell considering i wasn’t there. but great interview reguardless

  23. shed.girl

    Okay, I LOVE “Bynumite”! Get Blaha using it when the season starts.

  24. cee

    i hope he get consistent minute this year too because he already showed what he can do.

  25. cee

    if they let him at it he will have a awesome year.

  26. Ryan

    Who cares about LeBron? Honestly?

    This is a Pistons site.

  27. Ryan

    Nice job on the Q&A!

  28. Josh

    Really nice interview. Will has a lot of heart, seems like a cool cat. Can’t wait to see him doing his thing next season.

  29. Fartyboy

    There’s gonna be another trade for sure, but maybe not until just before the deadline and at least one of our rookies are outta here.


    “It took the landscape-changing Rasheed Wallace trade to vault them to contender status. And it still might take a move or a collection of moves that yields similar impact to transform the Pistons of today into an honest-to-goodness contender.”

    “The three rookie draft choices – Austin Daye, DaJuan Summers and Jonas Jerebko – all gave the Pistons valid reasons in Las Vegas to believe they will move into SOMEONE’S rotation sooner rather than later”

    “In bringing so many new faces together in a matter of weeks, it’s possible all the pieces won’t fit quite as envisioned. That’s OK, too. Having so many players with proven ability or high promise, all of them young, arms Dumars with extreme trade weaponry and flexibility.”

    Langlois always drops hints about what’s going to happen, like Deron Washington getting a contract(eventually), Afflalo & Amir getting traded, and us signing Ben and Charlie.

    Also, I’m a doctor and what I say goes!!!

  30. Fartyboy

    Also, he sure talks about us signing Ben Wallace a lot too.

  31. Amber

    Wonderful answers!! Take note, new Pistons. Will continues to make me love him more!

  32. Mark

    got em!

  33. HIME1

    I still think the Pistons are gonna kick but this season,I am not gonna sleep on this team. the new players are talented and they see to have something that was missing last season. the want to win and play . I cant wait for the season to begin..

  34. ryan ricafort

    i don’t know, but to me rip’s coming off the bench. why? because our second unit backcourt would be short if bynum went in together with bg.

    or maybe stuckey could come off the bench.

  35. gergerh

    this site is shit, it doesn’t talk about any starters.

    I’ll be glad to read about Bynum when he plays more than 20 seconds a game.

  36. gergerh


    All I EVER read on this site about any starters is how Rip and Tay both need to either leave or come off the bench, how stuckey is great, then not great, then great, then not great, and how we would HATE to see Big Ben or Chauncy back.


    On second thought, get Tay and Rip out of detroit. Gives me a good reason to root against the very city I grew up in.

  37. Ryan

    You really need to calm down. Seriously. Calm. Down.

    Will Bynum played EXCELLENTLY for the Detroit Pistons last season — where were you?!

    He is also going to be an integral part of the Pistons rotation this season.

    So please.

    Calm down.

    For the sake of your own health.

  38. Ryan

    Where have the Pistons fans gone?

    They’re right here.


    I’m a die hard Pistons fan.

    Have been since I was born.

    You were saying?

    Oh yes, that there are none.

    You were also saying that if someone says they’d hate to see a certain player come back, that makes them not be a Pistons fan.

    You were saying that, because people feel it’s for the best interest of the team that a player gets traded or doesn’t start, that they aren’t true Pistons fans.

    You were saying people who want to trade declining players, players who are going to be losing their value, players that can be traded for something of worth before they are worth nothing, aren’t true Pistons fans.

    You need to take a look in the mirror and do a self evaluation.

    Because the Pistons fans here ARE loyal and TRUE to the team. They want the team to be BETTER and are hoping that can be possible.

    You think because Joe Dumars trades a player he isn’t loyal? PLEAAASE!

    And if you say that, if Tayshaun and Rip get traded, you’ll root AGAINST Detroit, well, then. That makes YOU the most UNLOYAL fan I have ever seen — rooting against a team because they trade a player. You’re LOYAL if you ALWAYS ROOT for your TEAM.

  39. ryan ricafort

    Then root against Detroit, who gives a damn about what you feel anyway. FAKER!

    You will not be missed.

    Go Pistons!!!

  40. Dominic

    When we will we see Ben Gordon tooned?

  41. Amer ican Prince

    what source told those guys he would sign? Or is this simply a rumor right now?

  42. Amer ican Prince

    i believe he and charlie v were tooned together already. Search a couple posts back and you should see it. Natalie did a good job on it

  43. Matt Selke

    Point made!

  44. junior

    stfu he is not

  45. junior

    this site is shit? u got to b kidding me this is the best pistons site ever! if u dont like it bye dont come back

  46. juneyboy

    I knew I was on to something when I posted we should start calling Bynum Will “The Thrill” a few months ago when he was burning the nets up. Unfortunately, I know I can’t take the initial credit for the nickname because he’s probably been called that ever since he began wowing people as a young hoopster.

  47. juneyboy

    Remember Ryan, everyone that posts a comment isn’t a Pistons fan. There are people out there that hate Detroit with a passion. There is nothing at all wrong with constructive critism, we all do it. However, their crtiques are far and beyond what true Pistons fans would write.

    I’m astounded at the venom leveled against Rip and Tay on different forums. You would think they both conspired to engineer our defeat in the playoffs costing us at least 2 more championships the last 5 years (which by the way, I do believe we should have at least 2 more by now).

    They surmise that if not traded, these two would slow the new greyhounds down to a half-court crawl. There is no evidence to support this because they have yet to play a single game together with the “New Crew”! I for one can’t really name one reliable back-up that either one of these guys have had since 2004. Afflalo tried but he didn’t get much playing time. Delfino and Herrmann just wasn’t the right guys to back up Tay.

    Chauncey is my favorite player in the league. When he was traded I was extremely upset. How in the world could Joe D trade our leader away? I too was tempted not to root for the Pistons, but that was limited to whenever they played Denver. But when the jump ball went up for that first game, Pistons loyalty jumped all over me. Much as I wanted Chauncey to do well, I was rooting for Detroit all the way.

    Ryan, some people will not be satisfied no matter what Joe D does. If the Pistons were stocked with the entire Team USA roster they would still find a way to villify them. So for us true fans we say “we’re going all the way next year”! If not, so be it until the next season.

    These “New Crew” of Pistons should be given the chance to prove themselves before being shot down without cause. Go “New Crew”! Go Pistons!!

  48. juneyboy

    When I see it on pistons.com I’ll believe it. Until then, I’ll wait and watch. I’m good with Big Ben returning; it worked for Derek Fisher. Why not the Pistons?

  49. Ross

    agreed…what a douche

  50. Leebaan

    Case Closed!



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