Joe Says No to Maxiell for Glen Davis

by | Jul 22, 2009 | 96 comments

Via Yahoo Sports.

“Boston did offer Davis and guards J.R. Giddens and Gabe Pruit to the Pistons for forward Jason Maxiell and a first-round pick, but was quickly turned down.”

Now this doesn’t say what year that 1st rounder would come from but maybe that was and issue as well as the signing of Wilcox to fill Detroit’s need in the front court.

I know I don’t have to ask, but how many of you would have like to see this one go down?


  1. detroitbball

    You dont trade big baby for the baby eater.. Im with Joe, HELL NO!

  2. Chris

    man you know Joe D’s got something up his sleeve

  3. RVN

    we dont need big baby!!

  4. Cbat

    Well i just figured that Joe knows were in a rebuilding phase and theres a chance that the first round pick could be a lottery pick. The man knows what he’s doing

  5. Mark


  6. Deee-troit fan

    totally agreed

  7. Melodeath1221

    Well…you all are Pretty dumb. Big Baby is MUCH more talented than Jason. In Kg’s Absence Davis put up about 18 ppg and 8 rebs. While i use to love Jmax, i cant deny the fact he had an abysmal season last year. I know you all are going to say hed be better with more mins cause curry was inconsitent with him. Tho thats false Jason didnt even play like Jason last year. How many dunks did he even have last year like 7? He became very much an Isolation player trying to post him self at 16 feet, taking 180, fading hooks. If there wernt biggers goals in mind right now, not to mention that Cv31 and Wilcox got the Pf Locked any remaing time at the 4 will be in blowouts for jerabko or Daye.

    My Guess is that JoeD didnt want to make that trade cause he wants to package Max and either Tay or Rip for a good Center. When you really think about it were one good Center away from being a contender again.

  8. Blam

    no way in fucking hell i would trade maxiell for anybody ever.

  9. ChuckV31

    melodeath1221 is exactly right..big baby is much more skilled than jason and he proved that last year..i also think joe is looking to package something and jason is the perfect trade bait in my opinion..but i dont like the fact that we would be giving boston our first round pick..because we could potentially be a lottery pick next year if our current roster stays the same..but im hoping we can package something for a true post center and we could be eyeing a run in the playoffs..lets just hope joe finds what we are all looking for..

  10. yo

    Cause you’re a fucking moron like most uptight detroit fans, Maxiell has been a nobody for few years already.

  11. Robbie

    No to Big Baby, The State Of Michigan is one of the broke states we can’t afford to buy him some tissues ever time Big Baby CRYS.

  12. Wade


  13. kris

    id say no to..big baby sucks..i mean maxiel hasnt really showed anything but he hasnt gotten much PT to say he aint that good…but as much of the time i have seen maxiel dunk on people n work on his jumpers…id take maxiel over big baby..

  14. mobius909

    +1 on the Hell Nall tip. maxx is perfect here. he’d probably get even less playing time in boston.

  15. Freezz

    I hate Big Baby!!!

  16. mkim5446

    terrible trade. maxiell has a lot of upside and offering a first rounder for tubby and two rookie busts? no.

  17. Matt Selke

    Ehh, at least you said “most.” But still please refrain from singling out a group with an insult. Any fan base can be called uptight and whatever. There is no need for it. But I do appreciate you saying most and not all though. It’s a step in the right direction =P.

  18. jb

    joe d is a dummy

  19. jb

    please change site to noneed4sheed

  20. Mike

    I wouldn’t do it just for the simple fact that I cannot stand Big Baby. He pouts and if it wasn’t for the veterans on Boston, I think he would have imploded several times. Danny Ainge is a terrible GM….he is damn lucky that they won a championship before Garnett broke down because outside of that offseason, he has been abysmal. I wonder how many championships they could have won if they kept big Al, drafted Jeff Green, and spent all that free agent coin on guards and swingmen in the future.

  21. ali bazzi

    the first round pick is too muc
    h to ask for!!

  22. WILL frm Tn

    Boston sold their future for wat? 1 championship? haha if they woulda kept big al, gerald green, jeff green, along with rondo and then traded paul pierce for a younger star or center… do u honestly think they wouldnt have been a force? they would have been a eastern version of tha portland trailblazers!!! now they feel stupid and tryna kick all these dumb ass trades 2 detroit tryna make up 4 it, well theres is no hope 4 boston, they sold future (potential) stars for players 1 step out of their prime, gotta face it danny ainge fucked up!

  23. DD3

    That would have been a waste of a trade. Big Baby has his ups & downs but we are building a more up tempo team. We’ve gotten younger & faster. While Davis is a much better player than Max, the key part of the trade was the 1st round pick. Detroit will at least finish 8th next year which means we are not going to fall into the lottery. Unless Joe is planning to pack it in again. Plus next season’s draft doesn’t look to be any stronger than this years draft so holding onto that pick doesn’t really help us either. I can honestly say I have no faith in any of Joe’s decisions this Summer having gone with the 4th & 5th options in the draft, FA signing & coach. Every move made implys he is packing it in for another season. So Big Baby or not, we aren’t gonna make much noise next year.

  24. Shawn


  25. MaxiellEatsLittleOnes

    Doesn’t Maxiell eat those things we call Big babys?

  26. klop

    so goood hahahha

  27. Dave

    Simple logic.

    Glen Davis’ nickname is “Big Baby”.

    Jason Maxiell eats babies.

    Therefore, Maxiell > Davis.

  28. Chris

    yeah thats true i never thought about that good point Cbat

  29. Chris

    hahaha nice

  30. Chris

    that goes for you too…shut up Nat said she isnt changing the name,its dumbasses like you who are gonna make her quit the site

  31. #1 Stuckey fan

    I hate Big Baby, but he has proved more than Max has… Although I do like to believe that Joe D might package him with RIP for another star… which then in turn could lead us to become contenders again. As much as people don’t want to think this (cuz they don’t know that much…) the Pistons sure look better, younger, and a hell of a lot more athletic then last year. They will be better just don’t be suprised if they don’t get it right off the bat, I say give ’em 25 games to get it goin

  32. #1 Stuckey fan

    BTW Nat, are you waiting until the season starts to put up the new cartoons on the side and take the old ones off? I’d like to see em on there!

  33. michael

    Chris Wilcox is a center, not power forward,

  34. Colton Keck

    Great trade rejection if we actually use max in our rotation , curry fucked him last year , maybe he didnt get his swag back because he couldnt even get started up , with spot minutes. Like playing amir more than j max , that was smart

  35. BB

    Ha, I agree its not like she loses her brand awareness like she was worried about. Its basically the same thing and makes more sense

  36. Mikey


  37. Mikey

    u right. we don’t need big baby, we need a real man!!

  38. pistons 4 life

    I agree with all of this, but I still think part of Jmax’s bad year last year was do to coaching. He wasn’t the only one wasting time with iso plays. Remember Rip trying it every other play. Plus remember those times he was having an awesome game and then Curry would yank him for no apparent reason.

    If he could be packaged with someone else to get a good Center though I would do it in a heartbeat. What we’ve seen from Max is pretty much what you can expect from him for the rest of his career I think. That’s just my opinion.

  39. Thor

    Why dont all of ya’ll sit back and watch JoeD!
    Do JoeD!

    Wz the deal Nat. I’m glad ur feel alot better these days. Stay sweet babygirl!
    THOR has spoken!

  40. Fariduddin

    HELL NO! I would have been pissed. Max is perfect for the Pistons.

  41. Ross

    What would be the purpose to trade the player with the best energy and intensity on the team for a big sissy? Also, when Big Baby pushed that one kid in Boston, I just was not cool with that. He’s a douche.

    Detroit needs passion, athleticism, and toughness. That’s what this new, young team is going to be based on. Not softness. Big Baby would only slow the tempo down. Good rejection in my mind. Also, you can really get a really, really good player out of the first round. Lottery or not.

  42. Ryan

    Calling everyone “pretty dumb” isn’t going to get anyone to agree with you.

    Your grammar and spelling is horrendous.

  43. Ryan

    Insults! Nice job contributing something positive to the site.

  44. Ryan

    No. It’s not changing.

    See your keyboard? Unplug it. Good there, now go to the road. See that car coming? Chuck it at it!

  45. mouss

    i wouldnt want a guy on our team who pushes little kids and besides maxiell has some good potential

  46. Marcell

    Good for Joe. I think he did right

  47. tim

    I concur

  48. jayme

    great job joe … glen davis got where he is now with extended minutes. and thats what maxie is gonna get this year.

  49. tim

    I concur, Sheedness

  50. tim


  51. tim


  52. tim


  53. tim


  54. tim


  55. tim

    Ah HA! Economy joke!

  56. robballa

    I would trust Joe with my LIFE. He has made a few mistakes here and there but overall he turned this franchise around rapidly. he is a genius! if maxiell got anywhere near the role/minutes that big baby got i guarantee max would surpass him in most categories. in the little time that max gets he usually dominates. once he gets a little better in the post/1 on 1 and he becomes a better rebounder,he will absolutely be unstoppable, especially with the huge tankly body he has.

  57. tim

    Yeah Cbat.

  58. tim

    “tankly body”, indeed.

  59. Damien W. (JMax54)

    Wow, I’m with Detroitbball on this one; I’m with Joe, HELL NO!

    And as another comment made; You don’t trade the Baby Eater for a Big Baby. That’s funny.

  60. Vanalope

    my sentiment over this is, don’t you dare touch our Baby Eater. Many times Maxiell has come off the bench and re-enrgized the floor with his intensity. I love that.

    btw who let the Troll bus stop here? Geeez.

  61. Chad

    Nobody puts Big Baby in a Pistons uniform.

  62. Adam

    who likes this trade richard hamilton, kwame brown or jason maxiell, and a 2nd round pick for tyson chandler?,

    face it hamilton is getting old, and we have his replacement in ben gordon, detroit has lots of power forwards but no center so maxiell wont really be missed, tell me what you think

  63. Adam

    he can play both actually

  64. william

    Good, I wouldnt trade Maxiel for big baby, and they want a pick. Boston must think we are dumb. also trying 2 trade rondo and allen for a player in stucky who could be just as good or better than rondo and tay and rip, both of whom are better than allen.

    saying all that, the piston do still need 2 trade maxiel, and maybe rip or tayshuan. But get value for maxiel because he is good.
    I feel they should go get big ben and play him and kwame at ceter,
    charlie V and wilcox pf.
    tay and the rook’s at sf,
    rip, and baby ben at shooting g,
    stuck and bynum at point guard…and some tay.

    with that line-up and with big ben better than last year(becuase he was good 2 years ago, but was injuried basically all last year) They could be back 2 future….whatever that means.

  65. Adam

    what if we put aistin daye at center like the hawks put al horford, i know he is thin but he has really proven himself in the summer league, we should at least try it

  66. Bonesy

    I think Max is about maxed out on his talents. He isn’t going to get much better than he is now. He’s an excellent energy guy off the bench, but I don’t see much more out of him.

    With that being said, no way in hell do I make this trade. AND a first-round pick? C’mon…

  67. Detroitallaround

    Good one

  68. Detroitallaround

    Not even for lebron

  69. Richie

    Ummm, did you watch the Pistons last year? 7 dunks all year? 180 fading hooks? Even if you’re exaggerating times 4 on both of those statements they are ludacris. You’ve let the frusteration of the first losing season you can remember coax you into a dismal attitude about a player who plays hard every minute he’s on the floor. There’s no way I’d trade Maxi for Glen Davis straight up.

  70. Richie

    Good call, though it really does hurt me to see McDyess crossed out. 🙁

  71. Jay

    jason maxiell can be overated, but underated too, where are the true piston fans at??? Show jason maxiell some respect, he’s 6’7, and is a beast. I would never trade jason maxiell, and did anyone see when jason blocked tyson chandler on a alley-oop attempt? jason maxiell is truly amazing.

  72. TJ

    I think that the bigger issue here isn’t Max for Davis, but Max AND A PICK for Davis. And that’s just unjustifiable, heading into one of the most talented and deepest drafts in recent memory. Especially if that ends up being a lottery pick. You really want to trade Greg Monroe or Pat Patterson for Glen Davis?

  73. Jay Von

    Is Danny Ainge on some kind of drugs? He may have gotten a crazy deal from Minnesota for Garnett, but I’m sure no one else deals that way.

  74. #1 Stuckey fan

    I’d have to say no to that, he is way too thin to even play PF let alone C… He has a ways to go with strength. He will get pushed around a lot in the post. Jerebko might be able to play some Center though as he did in the Summer League. Summers will play PF or SF depending on the situation, when Day gets stronger he will play Pf as well as SF, but as of right now he will play SF.

  75. #1 Stuckey fan

    Hey did anyone see the leaked video of LBJ getting dunked on? It’s on youtube if you wanna see it or Nice to see that ass get dunked on by a college kid…

  76. Daniel Pantalleresco

    If we could have kept Max and had Davis on the team it would have made sense but to loose another big for Davis would have created yet another hole. Wilcox adds depth. Davis takes away. Don’t get me wrong, Davis is far better but it just skinnies us up too much on an already skinny roaster. It also puts more guys on the roster and diverts from the plan with our rooks. I admire Joe for watching his weight on this one and not just running up to the cake and choking it down.

  77. Jeff

    Even though Davis is more effective than maxiell, CV, Kwame, Wilcox are going to get the minutes. Maxiell has potential but not in Detroit. I dont ever want Davis on the Pistons, ever. Just a matter of principle. Lets hope there is a trade in the works for a legit center, not named Tyson Chandler

  78. Robert

    My main thing for not making this trade is that we need at least one guy who can block or alter a shot in the paint. If we get rid of Maxiell, we have zero guys on the roster that can do that.

  79. MoeNas 21

    Everyone keeps talking about the Big Baby for Maxiel Trade which doesn’t make sense to me. It doesn’t really make us any better. And instead of trading Rip or Tay for Boozer,Like I’ ve been hearing from previous posts, wouldn’t it be cool to trade Maxiel and Kwame For Boozer. I don’t know if Utah & Joe D will consider it but I think it would give us another big who can post up, block and rebound and we wouldn’t have to lose our main 2 guys who’ve been the heart and soul of the Pistons for such a long time. I mean Utah looks like they want to give up Boozer for almost anybody after re -signing Millsap to an extension. What do you guys think?

  80. Rashit Flawless (Russia)

    Nope. Cuz C-Booz is like 12-billion contract, and Maxiell+Kwame aren’t near to that number.
    By the way, Utah won’t trade Booz, trust me. They overpayed to Okur (next year’s extention for 21000000$), Kirilenko, Price, Millsapp and others. They do not care ’bout luxury tax – they care about to get sum a+ players. And if there are no teams that can give them a+ players for boozer, trade won’t happen.
    I trust Joe D, but even more I luv RIP. I have to say that – the worst thing that happened with Pistons is not that we’ve lost Chaunsey, it’s an enormous contract of RIP. Joe D !MUST! get rid of it, because that slows down the team’s re-building and progress…Man, I HATE to say that…But that’s how it is

  81. william

    yea, agreed. Daye better not go weight training with Tayshuan. He should go workout with Will Bynum or Ben Wallace (if he comes back) Then we can talk about him moving 2 PF or maybe C.

    Daye stay away from Tay!

  82. william

    Sure it would be nice. But think…why would Utah do that? They are getting better offers from the heat and chicago. Boozer is a bad fit anyway. He’s a PF who plays like a PF. And we need a Ceter.

  83. jeeelshan

    ehh hopefully not. I think, and i think many would agree with me, that packaging him with tay/rip for an impact center (pls god tyson) would shoot us up into contender level. Personally, id rather see tay go, because having both rip and BG in the same backcourt is toughhh.

  84. jeeelshan

    uhh i think that would be suchh a giant mistakeeee. hamilton’s motor still runs great, hes the BEST at what he does.. the way he runs around on the floor, and he is straight up a midrange master. Tay is the one that needs to go, hes getting progressively worse and whiny.

    rather see:

    Tay/Kwame/2ndRndPick for Tyson

  85. jeeelshan

    i agree that that contract was dumbbbbb.

  86. jeeelshan

    i love rip too, but..

  87. Adam

    but if he is center he is like channing frye, what do you think of my trade above, rip and some other guys for chandler

  88. Adam

    but we really don’t have a replacement for him and we should try and use ben gordon much more but , i think trading rip is much better

  89. Bonesy

    I will never forget his amazing fast break block from behind on KG. Garnett’s face was PRICELESS afterwards! haha

  90. jeelshan

    i think the very reason joeD drafted austin daye is to have a young replacement for tay. maybe if daye turns out to be a solid nba player, tay will get dealt. my guess is in a year or two.

  91. Lucas

    I just read something on yahoo sports that i hope really isnt true… “The Jazz did talk to the Detroit Pistons about a Boozer-Prince swap, but were turned down”. Really? I would love a boozer for prince swap
    Starting 5- stuckey, gordon, hamilton, cv31, boozer
    2nd rotation- bynum, summers, daye, maxiell, brown

  92. jeelshan

    as much as i would like to see boozer here, we would be incredibly vulnerable at the 3 spot.

    I read somewhere that david lee is going to be dealt. please joe, get him

  93. Lucas

    David Lee can’t play center, we would have him and villanueva at the 4, that would be no use

  94. Adam

    who would you guys rather trade for tyson chandler or emeka okafor?

  95. Detroitallaround

    well… maybe lebron O:)



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