Chris Wilcox agrees to a 2 Year Deal with The Detroit Pistons

by | Jul 18, 2009 | 184 comments


“The Detroit Pistons have agreed to a two-year deal with free agent Chris Wilcox, a source told The deal is for $6 million over the next two years according to sources.”

Exclusive Photoshopped Need4Sheed Photo Chris Wilcox in his Pistons Jersey

Chris Wilcox Pistons Jersey
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The skinny on Chris Wilcox
Born: 03-Sep-1982 (27 years old by seasons start)
Height: 6-10 / 2,08
Weight: 235 lbs. / 106,6 kg.
Position: Center
College: Maryland
Years Pro: 7

Chris Wilcox Career Stats
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  1. Bib

    Still young… Bad Sonics team or not, he at least put up solid rebounding & scoring numbers with them. But his blocks and steals still need to improve a bit…

  2. jim calhoon

    2 years of championship winnings

  3. SadPanda

    So our bench now looks like…

    Bynum (AKA MFWB)

    We basically have a bunch of raw young guys who will work their butts off whenever they get the chance. The Zoo Crew is reborn!

  4. Damien W.

    Lol, Wow. The new exhibit for the Zoo Crew? I love it.

  5. pistons fan

    I really wish they would have got drew gooden hes a better shooter but chris is a pure center,cv31 could play center though.

  6. grantiscool

    id rather die than have gooden. im happy baout this.

  7. Shawn

    He’s probably the best of the people that we had the ability to sign, but i am a little concerned, since his only good years were with the Clippers

  8. Shawn

    Your forgetting Jerebko at the 4/5

  9. jake

    wilcox wont start?

  10. pistons fan

    i think your being a little over dramatic gooden would have been great but i can live with chris because hes a center

  11. Shawn

    i just noticed he plays almost the exact same as J-Max, except he’s a tiny bit taller

  12. pistons fan

    the starting lineup should be will bynum richard hamilton tayshaun prince cv31 chris wilcox

  13. SadPanda

    I’m assuming Jerebko goes to the D-League, but it would be great if he’s ready to play now.

  14. Rip32


  15. Tyler

    I still think this leaves us in need of a Rip purge. I love him, but he doesn’t fit where we are going now. Rip for Camby or Kaman?

  16. Shawn

    from what i heard everywhere, the pistons think he’s the second most ready behind summers

  17. Dave

    Rip for Camby and Kaman.

  18. Tyler

    Max is barely 6’7, Wilcox is (from what I understand) a legit 6’10…more than a tiny bit…

  19. Sheed = Grinch

    We still need a starting true-point guard. Trade for Chris Paul!!!

  20. SadPanda

    That’s good to hear. I was assuming Jerebko would be a project who would spend the season in Fort Wayne. If he can play now then he was a steal.

  21. Brother Curlin

    Now sign Ben!!

  22. Wade

    nice stuff natalie love your info

  23. Sleepy Crayfish

    Thank Gawd. I was afraid we were getting Gooden for a second there. Wilcox is, indeed, raw. But in a good way. I always picked him up whenever I did a fantasy draft in NBA 2K… Solid signing. Good price.

  24. pistonfan


  25. Amer ican Prince

    hey very cool i think this is the best big man on the market right now in terms of grity dirty work banger big guy, i like him as an enforcer, although i think we should of picked this guy up like 2 years ago when some people on here were begging for it, and i still want at least one guy on the team capable of leadership and i dont see that from any players. All I see are soldiers and yes i’m including rip and tayshaun in that statement, disagree all you want with it but its what i believe. But just to get back to my original point, good pickup i think he’ll do well here.

  26. Sleepy Crayfish

    I’m thinking Kwame will probably start the season in the starting lineup, but Wilcox definitely has the potential to push him out of it.

  27. Ryan

    Oh of course. I think most centers have that potential.

  28. Sleepy Crayfish

    Haha. Yeah. Maybe that’s not saying much…

  29. jonny

    I expect Stuckey to become that leader this year.

  30. pistonsfan32

    via mlive…

    “The Pistons are likely to add at least one more free agent big man to the roster. Signing Wilcox basically wiped out the remainder of Detroit’s salary cap space. For them to add another player, Detroit will have to sign them to the veteran’s minimum, which is $1.3 million.

    Former Piston Ben Wallace, who recently reached a $10 million buyout with the Phoenix Suns, is among the most likely players Detroit will add to its roster. Other possibilities include Rasha Nesterovic and Drew Gooden.”

    … Hopefully Big Ben (fingers crossed)

  31. SadPanda

    I was just wondering about that. We should not sign any of those guys and give the minutes to our young bigs IMO. Maybe we could bring in Ben as a player/assistant coach to mentor the young ‘uns.

  32. pistonsfan32

    i think so too. i know big ben is older, but he can revive himself here in detroit… which is the only place he ever belonged. he can still make a difference

    i don’t like gooden of rasha.. and besides tay and rip would be happy with ben here anyways

  33. Patrick

    Love Chris Wilcox … I’m pretty sure he mowed the ‘rows though.

  34. pistonsallday

    stuckey…bynum rip…gordon
    tay p…dsummers/daye
    charlie v… maxiell/jerebko

  35. Jesse

    maybe if we sign big ben he can be the leader??

  36. Jesse

    i think we are going to sign big ben and sign a 3rd PG maybe anthony carter?

  37. bball4224

    i was just thinkin today… we need a new name for our bench… lol

  38. Shawn

    ohhh ok, but they still play the same way

  39. Shawn

    personally I’m hoping that Kwame will be starting over chris, cause he showed some really nice defense last year

    but its never a bad thing to have two big men fighting for the starting job

  40. Drew

    Not bad, I kinda wanted Gooden tho. Both are journeymen. Maybe we can still add Gooden or Big Ben, and then I’m pretty happy with our team. Hold onto Rip!

  41. bball4224


  42. samer

    joe D. i’ve always trusted in ur moves and have been behind ur moves all along, but c’mon wilcox that’s a pathetic move

  43. Leif_32 RIP FAN 4 LIFE

    Nat.. thank you so much.. if it wasnt for you i wouldnt know anything about what the pistons are up to..

  44. bball4224

    then you haven’t always trusted his moves…

  45. bball4224 then todays piston news. This site is on there but others too

  46. Cone (Mexico)


  47. bball4224

    I’m so psyched for this season! I had been gettin bored w/ the Pistons for last few years due to the same roster every year (for the most part). I was glad when we got A.I. because it actually was a change, but sweet Georgia Brown, everythings changed now (for the most part lol).

  48. Joe

    Maaaaybe. I’m not sure Daye will really see the court this year. I know he’s playing well in the summer league, but he needs to hit the weight room before he can really contribute in the NBA. And I’m not sold on Wilcox as a hustle guy, from what I’ve seen he’s a very poor defender, which could point towards a lack of effort.

  49. Matt Selke

    I see Wilcox as a replacement for Kwame for bench center. Kwame and Maxiell 4 Tyson. We’d still have Summers, Daye, and Jerebko as 3 or 4s. Tyson of course would be the starting C. Starters: Stuckey-Rip-Tay-CV-Tyson…. Bench: Bynum, BG, Daye, Summers, Jerebko, Wilcox, and Washington. Then may be sign Ben Wallace for the Veterans minimum.

  50. Chris

    lol i would love that but u know that wont happen

  51. Chris

    wow ur jokin right?

  52. Chris

    he just signed with cleveland

  53. Chris

    hey Nat u gotta make a Wilcox toon now

  54. junior

    brown will start


    I think this is gonna be a good season 2 watch. Dont be disappointed if we don’t start off good from the get go. It might take some time but we’ll get back up there. In Dumars we trust. Need one more piece 2 this puzzle. Lets wait and see.

  56. Melodeath1221

    He can play now, tho idk if theres Pt for him. I wouldnt put him down for Any mins and the 5, the 4 is his best shot at Mins.

  57. Drew

    Who’s Tyson? You talking about Chandler? Get over it. We’re not getting him, and I think we’re better off for not doing so.

  58. ryan ricafort

    LOL. Nat, I bet you haven’t had this much to toon in this site in about 5 years.

  59. junior

    joes keeping u busy this offseason nat. lol

  60. rasheed

    iam happy because wilcox is landed to detroit he is a good offensive and defensive player

  61. Ross

    Have you seen Dye play in the summer league? He’s been absolutely tearing it up…I like his chances a little better at that 4 spot…and i think that it’s going to be interesting to actually see Max get some minutes this year. He’s gonna take his game up a notch for sure.

  62. Ross

    You’d have to be the dumbest GM of all time to trade away CP3.

  63. Ross

    I hear a lot of people who are afraid of this signing because of the lack of production from Wilcox this past season…But, you have to figure in that it’s all the result of getting less minutes. On a per 48 minute basis, his numbers almost nearly reflect what he posted in Seattle, which were decent. The reasons for getting less minutes might be because OKC didn’t see Wilcox as their future, so they quickly cut his minutes and then shipped him to NYC. Mike D’Antoni simply will cut the minutes and not play any player that doesn’t fit his system….That doesn’t necessarily mean that they can’t play. So, I’m just saying that the small decrease in production from last year doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ll be seeing similar low numbers this year.

  64. C-Quense

    Wow… And another Player, who’s everything but a center. We’re playing with Kwame at starter and no backup. Joe is a genius.

  65. samer

    u know wat i mean

  66. Kobe

    Charlie Villanueve tweeted that the Pistons were going to make a big move. I don’t see signing Wilcox as a big move even though it makes a big impact. What the hell is Villanueva talking about???

  67. Kobe

    I really wonder what he was talking about!

  68. pistons 4 life

    What’s up with the all CAPS posting? That goes for everyone that does that. Is that how you “shout” when you’re typing or something?

  69. pistons 4 life

    I agree. Except I cringed when they got AI. At least he had a huge salary that came off the books. That guy is a cancer!! Why do you think there aren’t any good teams looking at him. Me might have to finish his career on the JV LA team. Ha Ha!!!

  70. pistons 4 life

    If anything he’ll be motivated to show what he can do. Especially with the fact that it took this long for a team to sign him. I like the signing.

  71. pistons 4 life

    Since when is a player that is listed as a Center not a center? That’s the position he plays dude.

  72. pistons 4 life

    I wouldn’t use a tweet from a guy who hasn’t played a game for Detroit yet as 0 accurate news.

  73. pistons 4 life

    Don’t know what happened there. That’s supposed to be 100 percent.

  74. Ronsti

    YES that is how I shout at LEAST!!!

  75. Raysheed

    I think this is a young, talented, hungry team and in two season or so we will have a good buding team. With boston and other teams ageing we well be in great position in the east, soon, add a few players or some will develope. Piston Caribbean #1 fan.

  76. Robert

    It would be more of a $$$ saver than being smart or not, but he’s the face of that franchise. He’s not going anywhere

  77. Robert

    It’s time for Joe to quit doing things to keep ____ happy. That’s why Curry was hired, because he was supposed to have had the respect of Rip and Sheed that Flip didn’t have. We see how that worked..

  78. Robert

    I can’t believe a couple of media outlets were reporting that Pistons fans shouldn’t be shocked if they see AI in a Detroit uniform next year, like we’ve been trying to trade him but can’t. Riiight. Where do these clowns get their information?

  79. Robert

    LOL, totally agree there P4L. So, will Joe or Kuester get in CV31’s grill if he’s Tweeting during games again like he did last season with the Bucks? :)

  80. MisterPig

    I really believe that Joey D has lost his mind. Everything that has happened in the off season has been a downgrade. What happened to HEDO and Boozer. All these big names just went down the shoot, when we signed our big prospects C-Villanueva and B-Gordon. Dont’ get me wrong decent players but stil downgrades from what we should have. We went to sign Avery Johnson but settled for this Kuester Guy.(his spellin doenst’ matter) Now Wilcox. Haha. I saw this and thought it was a Joke. What’s going on JOEY D. What’s GOING ON.

  81. Joe

    I disagree 100%. Having the same roster every year was the best thing that ever happened to the Pistons.

  82. ryan

    We would not have been able to get both Hedo and Boozer. Boozer was asking for way to much. I like the 3 we got more than just getting Boozer. Ireally think this team will be okay. Maybe I’m more of a loyal fan than some of these complainers… i dont know, but I will support this team no matter what.

  83. ryan ricafort

    if you look at the sum of the parts our bigs will play this season, then,

    kwame + maxiell + wilcox > boozer

    Go Pistons!!!

  84. john

    i agree about trading max and kwame for tc. the only thing is they need one more small contract for salary match. then the hornets aren’t doing the salary dump they want. we could of traded those two for him before we signed wilcox however then we would have been under the cap enough to absorb the contract of tc.
    if we could have given maxiell away to say portland after the milsap fall through we could have just given them kwame and they would only be about a million over the tax line(buyout?).

  85. Ronsti

    I am with you man, I think this team will surprise many people.

  86. john

    I hate hearing all you people who want to trade Rip.
    I think things will be much better with him. He is a much better defender than BG. Gordon would be better for us coming off the bench. Having Rip gives us defensive flexibility. Most of the best perimeter scorers come from the 2 or 3 position.
    With Rip and Tay we can swap back and forth giving them different looks. We can switch on defense as well letting Tay take over on Kobe or something because rip is tall enough to defend most threes.
    Rip has covered Lebron before and did a good job of slowing him down when Tay was having trouble.
    I hear people say Ben could swap with stuck, but although stuck posseses the physical attributes to play defense . his defense hasn’t developed yet.
    When chauncy was here they had to put Rip on him to keep him in check. chauncy walked all over Stuckey.
    Does any want to see Ben gordon or Stuckey guarding kobe?

  87. Amber

    I do like Charlie and Chris better together than Charlie and Kwame.

  88. Amber

    Perfect. Maxy is amazing!

  89. Amber

    Rip cannot go anywhere. He’s the reason I became a Pistons fan, and Joe knows better than to trade him.

  90. Amber

    Yeah Benny would school these little kids.

  91. gMac

    It’s not about who’s better. We are not playing for anything. This is a business. We need to find either a star, or expiring contracts. Only way to do it is through trade. Rip and Tay are the only pieces other teams are interested in.

    Tay can’t stop kobe, lebron or wade. He’s only good enough to stop Turkolu or some over achiever. Ben and Sheed’s D had alot to do with why Tays success.

    When your goal is strictly set on the future, you have to look further ahead!

  92. ryan ricafort


  93. Drew

    Maybe not in terms of talent, but cancels Boozer out because of his injuries. I’m glad we didn’t get or try for Hedo; I can’t stand that weirdo, and his game is on the decline too.

  94. blueballs

    What is going on with Fabricio Oberto?

  95. pistonsfan32

    i totally agree

  96. @sekspeare

    Austin Daye’s official nickname is now “PAY DAYE”

  97. Chris

    dude his good years were with the sonics

  98. Matt Selke

    We signed Wilcox to replace Kwame as our center coming off the bench. The Hornets are interested in a Kwame and Maxiell trade for Tyson Chandler. Kwame has an expiring contract and Maxiell is just a beast that they want to help them out off their bench.

  99. @sekspeare

    We don’t have enough cap space to do that.

  100. Eddie

    I’m good with this, welcome to the D, Chris.

    As for Rip, I say trade him if he doesn’t want to be here. We might as well get something for him rather than let him walk for nothing. Only Joe knows if Rip wants to be here.

  101. Eddie

    Rip may sign an extension if we can land Ben for cheap and trade for Boozer. Joe is the hardest workin GM right now, so you can’t hate on him too much, plus he gave us the biggest present ever by firing Currys country ass.

  102. zkranc

    Stuckey is a good defender, he guarded LeBron in the playoffs last year and did a good job, he’s only gonna get better

  103. pistonsbigestfan

    its nice to see that joe is busy by signing players…i hope wilcox will fit right in pistons team…but i think there is a big trade coming soon and i think rip hamilton will be the one who will be going i dont wont rip to see go…rip is my favorite player…but whatever it takes the pistons to go back on the top of the standings next season…

  104. Shawn

    ya i just noticed that when i saw the stats

  105. Fariduddin

    thats CRAZY! Camby or Kaman….

  106. Fariduddin

    That would be a classic move.. bring back BEN!

  107. Fariduddin

    Well said.. i agree totally. Ben Wallace could be that enforcer to make sure everyone is on the same page. the team is currently full of soldiers…

  108. Dominic

    At some point people have to ignore the sentimental value of players and look at what’s best for the team. If we can get a young center (let’s say Okafor) for Richard Hamilton, why would we turn it down just because he’s a fan favorite? I LOVE Rip as much as anyone here, but he’s 31, we need a center, we have a logjam at the SG position, and we’re trying to get younger. ANybody with half a brain would come to the conclusion you trade Rip for a center.

  109. Dominic


  110. Dominic

    Chris Wilox doesn’t block much, he’s not an enforcer. He’s not much of a defender either. His effort has been suspect. But look at the teams he’s been on, I don’t think he’s ever experienced a playoff game. Not sure about that though. Put him on a winning environment and I think he’ll flourish. Good signing Joe D

  111. Dominic

    When you say young bigs, don’t you mean young big? The only young gun left is Maxiell.

  112. Detroitallaround

    I think we dont have bynum anymore.

  113. Detroitallaround

    They are going to play all their draft picks.

  114. Detroitallaround

    Thats not going to happen

  115. Detroitallaround

    Nevermind they do have Bynum.

  116. Detroitallaround

    Iy should be Stuckey, Rip, Tay, Cv31, and Wilcox
    Than Bynum, Gordon, Dajaun, Austin, Kwamae.
    Than Jerebko and Maxiell.
    Than we still need a few more players.

  117. Rzon

    I like this signing. It came cheap for an efficient player. Pistons getting younger and more athletic. I think one more move will be done. We do need a legit PG and a quality big man. I’d hate to see Rip go, but he’s the biggest trade asset right now since signing Ben Gordon

  118. dd3ent

    I love the pick, but honestly, it seems like Joe is building a younger version of the team he built in 2003. Picking up a lot of talented guys that are all role players. He claimd hr wanted high impact guys to get better now. We’ve down graded at every position including coach after the 2008 season. So we’ll be the 7th 8th seed but we could have still competed over the next couple of years with Flip coaching & the roster the way it was. True we were old, but adding young players to that roster who could play would have been smarter. But this current roster is a lot like the 2004 champ squad watered down.
    Big Ben-Wilcox

    All 5 new players play like the guys they are basically replacing just not as well. So we will be on the bottom of the playoffs for a few years too come.

  119. Amber

    Anyone with half a brain would know that you trade someone else for a center, except for Rip. Rip is an amazing SG.

  120. Robbie

    No DUDE Kwame will not start Wilcox will he gives them the better chance to win

  121. Chris

    why wont it happen?
    its actually very likely to happen

  122. Chris

    Brown will start at first then we’ll see them fight for the job

  123. Chris

    well i think he could have done better but the knicks never played him

  124. aaron

    kwame-wilcox/big ben

    the ideal team right there..

  125. Chris

    no you trade rip for a GOOD center

  126. Chris


  127. Amber

    Wiki and his official website both say he’s a power forward. But what does that matter? Almost every player on our team plays out of position, and people wonder why we have problems.

  128. junior

    rip sign a extension? he just signed a 5 year deal last year. what u talkin about?

  129. KleenGee

    I’m curious to see how Kwame plays next year without having Sheed’s guidance.

    Do you remember that video with Sheed giving nicknames to everyone? Sheed called Kwame the robot or zombie or something like that, cause he played without heart at times. With Sheed gone, will Kwame catch himself when he’s playing without heart?

  130. Richie

    Did you have something better in mind?

  131. Richie

    Yeah, I was really getting sick of those 50+ wins and confrench finals apperances. It was time for a demolition and reconstruciton; that’s for sure.

  132. Richie

    Agreed. That would be a stupdid trade on New Orlean’s part. People love to propose trades here as if they’re automatically work in reality as long as the Salaries are comparable. There’s a difference between the NBA and your game of NBA live ’09.

  133. Ryan

    Very true Shawn, competition often makes them play the position better.

  134. Ryan

    They don’t have all the trade rumors and whatnot on the official site. This site is amazing!

  135. Ryan

    Do you guys have John Kuester’s phone number or something? Tell him I said hi.

  136. Ryan

    Most likely he’s a C/PF.

  137. Ryan

    I think they’d be fine with him tweeting during games.

    The tweet that made headlines last year motivated him and they beat Boston that game.

    And yeah, Charlie’s not Joe Dumars, so don’t bank on anything.

    I do think a trade is coming, though.

    And don’t forget, the season doesn’t start until November. There’s a lot of time left in the offseason!

  138. Ryan

    lol You made some kind of weird box.

  139. Leif_32 RIP FAN 4 LIFE

    I would love big ben to come back.. maybe he could return to his old self.. i cant believe all of the people that think the pistons wont be good.. think about it people! we have so much talent on this team!

  140. Ryan


  141. Ryan


    So many of these puns are going to pop up over the season.

  142. Ryan

    Right. I want a center for Rip. But only time will tell.

  143. Ryan


    Kwame Brown and Chris Wilcox are each 27.

    Jason Maxiell is 26.

  144. Ryan

    The Pistons have Will Bynum still, yes.

  145. Ryan

    Right on, bro.

  146. junior

    k brown WILL start

  147. junior

    joe is building for the future that is what happened to hedo and boozer, we are trying to get younger not pick up old people otherwise we wpuld of kept who we had. duh

  148. junior

    u forgot deron, thats 13 players full roster

  149. junior

    i think that sheed was looking in the mirror when he came up with the zombie

  150. Ryan

    You can have up to 15 (3 on the reserve)

    12 is required for an active team.

  151. Ross

    Kwame will start because he’s a better rebounder and can defend a lot of the better starting bigs in the league…..maybe they’ll alternate though, depending on who the opposition will be on a given day.

  152. @sekspeare

    Don’t worry people we still have WILL BYNUM.

  153. #1 Stuckey fan

    Summers too bro! I like our rookies thus far

  154. #1 Stuckey fan

    yes an aging roster is always good for any team…

  155. #1 Stuckey fan

    just a big guy would be sufficient, i’m so tired of people talking about the PG shit…

  156. #1 Stuckey fan

    Kind of agree with you on this man. Good ascpect and way of looking at the situation

  157. #1 Stuckey fan

    I like this pickup, Wilcox is a beast inside and will provide exactly what we needed which is another big body who is decent. As for people saying he can’t play center, the times are out for players who are targeted at 1 postion. There are all kinds of players that play multiple positions now in the league. Wilcox is 6’10 and a big body, he can def. play center, hell big ben did at 6’9 so why not? I would like to see how this all pans out over the course of at least 30 games, then we will see it unfold.

  158. AZ

    Wilcox is a BEAST

  159. Sebastian

    Difference is, we still have Rip and Tay. And, Chauncey has fizzled in the playoffs the last three or four years.

  160. #1 Stuckey fan

    other than LA I thought Chauncey was pretty good this year

  161. Joe

    I would be more encouraged if his career average was higher than 0.4 blocks per game.

    There’s a reason why he was a bench player for teams like the Sonics, Thunder, and Knicks. It’s not like he was coming off the bench for Tim Duncan or Kevin Garnett – he was backing up guys like Robert Swift, Nick Collison and Eddy Curry. I hope he proves me wrong, but until he does I’m going to remain a skeptic.

  162. andrew

    wilcox has talent but we still need a trade for a better center trade prince,and by the way wilcox is a center/powerforward he plays both with out a trade we are died.

  163. andrew

    ithink one is joe knows we need a better center no matter what i say prince and a 2nd round pick or two for tyshaun chandler he is tall and has the defence that we need badly.

  164. speed_demon

    why the hell would u trade rip for a center. if we do that who is gonna play SG the no defense undersized ben gordon please rip has been there most consistent player. if dumars would have been thinking he wouldnt even have gotten gordon especially for that kind of money. he should have used that 55 mil and got a big man and a cheaper. two guard i like gordon but he is not that good for us to trade rip and anybody who says trade rip is silly

  165. steve

    You’re a FOOL if you think Curry was hired because rip and sheed wanted him. Or that Joe is trying to keep everyone happy instead of run the team the way he thinks it should be ran.

    Or is this how you try to justify Joe’s screwing up the team?

  166. bball4224

    It’s amazing how many people don’t even read their own comments on here.

  167. Edna

    Eh, I don’t know about Wilcox, he’s kind of sloppy…I would start Kwame. Still want Glen Davis, though.

  168. bball4224

    You seem to be only one who wants him. We already couldn’t afford Big Baby so how would we be able to now? Are some of you people seriously this ignorant?

  169. paul06901

    I dont understand signing Glen Davis, or even Chris Wilcox to an extent…with a healthy beast of Jason Maxiell ready to be unleashed FINALLY…?

  170. junior


  171. junior

    sorry about the all caps wasnt looking when i typed.

  172. elldove

    Signing Wilcox may have just been about setting up a trade
    Look for a early season trade:
    Rip + Wilcox for Amare + Barbosa
    The suns are clearly looking to trade Amare and Rip would be a huge upgrade for them over Barbosa. Amare would be great in the post with CVN and Barbosa would be solid coming off the bench behind Ben Gordon/Tay

  173. #1 Stuckey fan

    Not much else we could do at this point man, with only 3.2 million on the table you aren’t gonna get much and I’m pretty sure he was starting on Seattle. Eddy Curry was out last season for most of the year, he backed David Lee. I do believe he will be an energetic player off the bench or even starting, which will be nice, we need that. Everyones defense seems to liven up once they get to Detroit lol.

  174. #1 Stuckey fan

    Free agent signings cannot be traded until Dec…

  175. #1 Stuckey fan

    We def needed another big body. It made plenty of sense to me

  176. #1 Stuckey fan

    The Celts offered a trade recently for Maxiell and a future first round pick that we declined, although i have reason to believe that this guy just assumes out of free agency in which then I would have to agree with the whole ignorance thing…lol

  177. ilovethisgame

    So do the New York Knicks.

  178. Ryan

    The season starts in November.

    That’s “early season,” like they suggested.

  179. Adam

    this would be an awesome trade i love maxiell but we don’t have a defined center and tyson chandler is young and talented so i would agree to it

  180. JAYb

    firstly; HUGE WASTE! there are many more talented and productive front court free agents who possess much more skill and potential than wilcox. the first that comes to mind is young and explosive hakim warrick. plus throw al harrington and david lee into the mix and this free agent signing is a very disappointing move. i also gotta show my big dog eddy curry some love . . . look at his highlights; VERY underrated.

  181. JAYb

    plus; wilcox does not even seem appealing to trade for arguably the best 4 spot in the NBA. Amare’s versatility is threatning and all though i would love to bring him here to detroit ; phoenix could easily build around him. A more tempting trade would be (if we signed him instead of wilcox) PF David Lee & SG Richard Hamilton for Suns PF Amare Stoudamire SG Leandro Barbosa & 2010 1st Round Pick. Wilcox was a huge mistake….


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