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by | Jul 14, 2009 | 95 comments

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Plenty of things have been swirling when it comes to Detroit’s offseason, but this comes from Yahoo Sport’s Adrian Wojnarowski, who’s been on point and breaking stories left and right.

“Detroit is still exploring ways to make a deal for Utah Jazz forward Carlos Boozer(notes), but the most likely scenario centers around the free-agent signing of Drew Gooden, or distantly, Boston’s Glen “Big Baby” Davis.”

Take into account that I got word from our Pistons insider Matt Dery of 97.1 the Ticket that Joe isn’t looking to pick up Boozer and he was right about the Afflalo move, so I trust what he’s got to say.


  1. Jesse

    what do you mean he isnt looking to oick up dumars?

  2. Mark

    He isn’t looking to pick up Dumars? Or Boozer?

  3. skidp3

    “…Joe isn’t looking to pick up !Dumars!…” That’s an error right? Who’s it supposed to be!? Gotta know.

  4. Mark

    If we traded Afflalo to try and land Gooden; I’m going to be sick. I thought for sure it would be to open cap-space for a big trade. I don’t mean to complain, but I refuse to watch Stuckey/Hamilton/Gordon fight over minutes and who closes in the fourth.

  5. Jesse

    WHO IS IT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  6. Mark

    It’s Boozer, she fixed it.

  7. Natalie Sitto

    LOL…yes Boozer sorry guys. Error fixed.

    And as an FYI….

    I have grown ridiculously tired of people commenting every time I post something Sheed related…as if I forgot about the Pistons.

    I have been nothing but loyal to my team and my readers so if you are unhappy with the don’t have to come here. I haven’t changed one bit since I started this almost 5 years ago and I don’t plan on doing things different no matter what anyone has to say.

    I respect your comments and I would hope you can respect what I’m doing.

  8. Jesse

    i have no problem on the website and i will always love it

    off topic: natalie are you chaldean????

  9. Amber

    I don’t like any of these.

    More like:
    Terrence Williams
    James Johnson
    Tyson Chandler

    Yes, beautiful, I know. I’ll take over Joe D’s job.

  10. Mark

    If we really plan on keeping Rip, why didn’t we just trade Afflalo for any young big-man.

  11. pistonsfan32

    personally i like the sheed updates natalie. we will always love him. i don’t think you should change the name of the site. it’s classic. keep up the good work!!

  12. Shawn

    I’m really hoping its for a trade too, I don’t see anything wrong with Tyson Chandler’s ankles, so hopefully Joe will go after him before he signs one of the Sh**ty free agents left.

  13. pistonsfan32

    i like chandler too or david lee. NOT the schmucks joe is rumored to be looking at. ARGHHH

  14. Patrick


  15. Natalie Sitto

    Couldn’t get one for AA unless someone or something else was involved. I still think Rip is on the Block…like it or not.

  16. Richie

    Go get ’em, Nat.

  17. Mark

    In my opinion Rip has to go. I said it earlier in the offseason that we can’t successfully rebuild without moving him. I feel differently about Tayshaun because he is slightly younger, and he doesn’t have much of an ego. I appreciate what Rip has done here; I’m just ready to move on.

  18. bball4224

    Gooden and Big Baby

    I would much rather have Big Ben than either of them.

  19. juneyboy

    Big Ben may not have what he used to have physically, but his knowledge of how to play defense can be invaluable to a young team that’s geared for offense. I don’t know if Joe Smith has resigned back with the Cavs, but I never could figure out why Chicago traded him a few years ago. He made 1.2 million last year. He may want to come aboard for close to the same price.

  20. bball4224

    Also this source is wack! How are we supposed to get Gooden and Davis? all our money on Davis alone would most likely be matched.

  21. Amer ican Prince

    Hey I love what your doing, even though its gone i like that you are in a way paying homage to the guy this site is named after. I think doing that shows class that a lot of people dont understand because they have a with us or against us mentality. But I love what your doing and how your handling the situation.

    Great job

  22. Amer ican Prince

  23. Mark

    I don’t think the author meant both. The focus is on Drew Gooden; and while they still prefer Big Baby, our offer would be matched by Boston. That is why he said, “and distantly, Boston’s Glen Davis”.

  24. Pistonszone

    I totally agree with what Natalie said about the error she made. Humans are Humans and we make mistakes. She doesn’t even have to do this blog, it only helps you get news faster and easier. She’s using her spare time to do all this for you as Pistons fans, and small little mistakes won’t hurt.

  25. Amer ican Prince

    the cartoons of players is starting to look like a big antismoking sign haha

  26. bball4224

    ok perhaps. Either way tho Big Ben (i don’t get how) and a veteran minimum somehow doesn’t effect our remaining cap space. So I see it as a “small loss/ginormous gain” kinda deal

  27. franky

    ok joe, lets see what would be ur next move. the pistons now is a week team without any ID. The best thing u did that u fired Curry.we lost Sheed, Dice, Billup to get what?….

  28. franky

    ok, joe, lets see what would be ur next move. the pistons now a team witout any ID.

  29. Fariduddin

    Nat! keep it moving and do what you do! Let the Haters hate :)… you do a great job! this and news website are a constant for me…

  30. franky

    Big Ben is a history now

  31. bball4224

    Ok franky, you’re an idiot too!

  32. junior

    toe not ankles, get it right.

  33. Sleepy Crayfish

    I don’t like Big Baby, but I feel like I could grow to like him. Drew Gooden on the other hand… just blargh… Damn those “restricted” free agent rules!

  34. ricardo

    If it has to be between Big Baby and Gooden then let it be Baby.

    Wojo’s been ON POINT with his calls so far this offseason. It’s glad to hear this the Pistons and Utah are still looking for the right deal.

  35. Ross

    The free agent choices aren’t very good. But I would take almost anyone over Kwame Brown. Drew Gooden was near the top of the league in rebounding a couple of seasons ago when he played for the Cavs. And rebounding….that’s what the Pistons desperately need.

  36. nelson

    i honestly don’t see everyone’s problem with Kwame Brown. He is relatively cheap, the only pure center we have and had fairly solid production in the amount of minutes he got…

    i don’t want big baby, Ben Wallace OR Drew Gooden. I think Chandler would be good, his salary not so much…

  37. ryan

    Bosh won the 50k challenge on twitter

  38. Scott

    I don’t think people necessarily have a problem with Brown. The problem comes when you consider that that he is now our starter, with nobody else really there to back him up. He was fairly solid I think in the minutes he got, but unless we are playing 3-4 guards all game, he is going to be getting a lot more PT, which doesn’t really excite people.

  39. bball4224

    Ben Wallace can rebound too. look at his stats per 36 mins or w/e and they arn’t that bad

  40. epicwes

    you know i have read alot of comments about why joe d traded billups and what a bad job he is doing as gm. but what you guys dont realize is joe had to do what he did for the future.the team needed to get younger and he had to trade billups while he still had value and as far as sheed he had become a cancer in the locker room so the the decision to let him walk this summer was made last summer.and dice wants a chance at a ring so im happy for him .and as for trading for a good center thats under 30 that a team would part with for rip,good luck finding a team willing to make that deal ,maybe the hornets

  41. Dominic

    Actually it’s toe AND ankles. His feet just can’t support that frame, which gives me pause.

  42. Schmee

    if the pistons do good this coming season, are u all gonna start saying “omg joe is a genius! i knew he was making all the right decisions!” ? cuz i can see that happening

  43. pistonsfan101

    Why don’t we get Ben back for a small amount of money and sign Chris Wilcox.. that guy is not bad at all..

  44. Fartyboy

    I remember when basketball was a sport of precision and timing.

    I just want to thank everyone for taking the time to read this comment. It took a lot of guts.

  45. yzermansteve

    crazy talk, all crazy talk! the name should stay on the site…..its classic! rip needs to get moved before we talk about him like we are Ben. Boozer wont get it done for us(although he is proly the best option) and will cost to much in the long run. joe D is a genius and will get it right again….for sure! tay-tay has so much upside and leadership it aint even a question of wether to keep him or not(but stay tuned). we have no shot at any of the big names in next years fantasy free-agent period. we always trade all of our draft picks…or lose them to free agency(okur). and finnaly, bill laimbeer was our best option at the coaching position, not because “the new guy” sucks, but because he would sell lots of tickets. we MIGHT make the playoffs this year, but no ice unless you happen to be dice! i love detroit but this year my moto hasnt changed a bit, ice for dice!!

  46. t

    Thank you so much for what you have said juneyboy, Ben still has the heart of a champion and lets not write him off lets see him play when he is healthy, than i think you will see more of the wallace you are used to.

  47. Blam

    I agree with those guys like epicwes. Dumars did a good job most of the time. I mean Billups, Sheed and Ben are grandfathers. We would never win with them again. I love them but its sport. The only thing I will never ever forget Dumars is drafting that piece of shit Darko. Out of all the people they had to pick a white guy.

  48. butterscotch

    Ben,Chris,Kwame and Jason that is serious muscle. I like it.

  49. bball4224

    a white guy? well ur a complete moron. A) he’s foreign not WHITE. B) I know plenty of white guys that could out ball you anyday.

    if you wanna make this racial, we’ll make it racial

  50. bball4224

    dyess not dice but w/e

  51. Chuck313

    CAN SOMEBODY SAY BUTT BUTT BUTT KISSERRRRRRR!!!!!!! You were the teachers pet to weren’t you?!?!?!? Don’t lie yes you were come on admit it….. it will feel so good if you do…. come on come onnn

  52. Chuck313

    KWAME BROWN 2010 MVP! MVP! MVP! you heard it here first!

  53. Dominic

    There’s no denying it man, african americans have excelled in the NBA and there’s nothing to indicate a change. Sure there are white superstars (Steve Nash), but for every 1 white superstar there are 10 black superstars. Their dominance over the sport isn’t going to change for a long tim.e

  54. Dominic

    And Rip Hamilton for Rookie of the Year!!!

  55. the pony

    You are cool

  56. McDeisel

    It is going to be such a sad season next year…. are the pistons the new lions???????

  57. Natalie Sitto

    Chuck, it’s comments like yours that really have no place here. We talk about basketball, it’s not the 5th grade.

  58. brs197

    I think it’s a no-brainer to add Ben for the Veteran’s Minimum. I certainly don’t expect him to get a lot of playing time. I just think it would be great to have his veteran leadership in the locker room. No one seems to be willing to take the role he had when he left. It would also be nice to have someone who can play some defense. This move is not going to eat into any cap space. Do it Joe!!!

  59. mobius909

    just a thought, why don’t we sign and trade Iverson to the clippers and get one of their 9 big men. they got a whole slew of talented chaps over there.

  60. bball4224

    but not drafting a guy because he is white is idiot. That is clearly what he was going at.

  61. bball4224

    shut up u should just not talk because i bet you we have a better record than last year. There are multiple teams worse than us, we are nowhere near the Lions. You sir are an idiot too!

  62. Blam

    Yes I want to make it racial. You gonna pretend there is no difference? We are different. White players can only be excellent on the PG position (in the NBA), on any other they are too slow. And I’m white and from country thats pretty close to Serbia and its a fact. The only white and TALL guy who was a star on his team in the last 20 yrs is Dirk. All others were avrg at best. Check all those white players drafted recently. For example Bargnani and Bogut no1 draft picks. And check how many black players from those draft years Toronto and Bucks didnt take that were 10 times better.

  63. bball4224

    there are a ton of black “flops” too. I’m pretty sure Larry Bird, Kevin McHale were both white, tall, and within last 20 yrs. You are so ignorant I doubt you even know those two people.

  64. Blam

    Omg ok 16 yrs then. I knew u gonna try to squeeze in Larry Bird over here. Im talkin about modern NBA.

  65. Blam

    Oh I forgot. And dumbasses from Minnesota traded Mayo for Love. hahahahahah. just wow. they will never learn.

  66. irman

    maybe om being a bit optimistic….but does anyone have a feeling joe is keeping a BIG secret undercover and something big is gonna happen with this team????

  67. Bonesy

    word. people forget Joe did this exact same thing putting the ’04 team together.

    …and they whined about it then too.

  68. Bonesy

    hahaha! but really, any other team in the NBA would have selected Darko with the #2 pick that year as well. it was an educated guess (just like all draft picks are.)

    besides, we obviously were able to afford making that pick… it’s not like we went on to win the world championship that year. oh, wait….

  69. Ross

    idk the Draft class that Bargnani was in was incredibly weak. Are you saying that Randy Foye is ten times better?

  70. Ross

    I don’t think that Iverson wants anything more to do with the Pistons. And there’s not a chance he’ll sign for less than 3.2 million with the Pistons, when he can just sign for just under 6 million straight up with the Clippers. He’s already been offered that, so why would he take less?

  71. Bonesy

    Arvydas Sabonis — dominant NBA center with the Blazers.

    Mehmet Okur — not completely dominant, but definitely one of the top centers in the NBA today.

    Chris Mullin — outstanding SF (probably the best in the league) for th better part of the ’90’s.

    Troy Murphy — don’t know who he is? Look up his stat sheet from last year.

    David Lee — double/double machine!

    Vlade Divac — another dominant center from the Arvydas Sabonis period. Not to mention one of the best passing big men ever to play the game.

    Chris Kaman — when at 100%, easily one of the best true centers in the NBA.

    Jack Sikma — 7 all-star appearances, one of the bset players on the ONLY Sonic championship team.

    Jeff Hornacek — Deadly from deep.

    Dan Majerle — possibly one of the best deep shooters, and also possibly one of the top five greatest clutch players ever to play in the NBA.

    Rex Chapman, Brad Miller, Scott Skiles (still holds the NBA record for assists in one game), Detlef Schrempf, Brent Barry (white men CAN jump — won the 1996 slam dunk contest)

    should I keep going or….

  72. AdamBaser

    I think Joe has a huge secret he’s keeping. A lot of small moves lately..,could mean something big is going to happen.

  73. #1 Stuckey fan

    couldn’t have said it any better

  74. #1 Stuckey fan

    And Wilcox = some serious character issues…

  75. #1 Stuckey fan

    wow, that really got outta hand there… I’m multi racial (african american and italian) so I take both sides ahahahahaha!

  76. #1 Stuckey fan

    I wouldn’t call signing BG and CV31 small, but maybe the trades and w/e to clear up some room would be the thing behind the scenes. i hope you guys are right, really i just see us getting Gooden and maybe B. Wallace. I don’t mind Gooden, I think he would be alright, right now i think we need to focus on getting big bodies (at best talent provided). It would be nice to see a trade I just don’t see it happening as much i as I really feel that the team should part ways with RIP. Anyways, Gooden will be decent, as before he got to the spurs he was pretty good with the bulls and cavs. He could easily give us 12pts 11rebs a game.

  77. bball4224


    John Stockton. enough said

  78. bball4224

    i’ll even keep it Pistons

    “black” flops

    Kwame flippin Brown
    Mateen Cleaves
    Rodney White

  79. bball4224

    Larry Bird played longer than that. See you don’t even know McHale

  80. Jake Wisotzkey

    I completely agree that we need a true big man and one that plays like it. The signings of BG and CV were no doubt crucial to this offseason, but by signing a versatile big man, we now have 3 big men (max, kwame, and CV) all of whom can score in the post but do not excell at it. i think if we are looking for more rebounds then ben is the way to go, but personally i think making a trade for boozer, chandler, kaman, or someone like that is necessary especially if we want to dump a contract and still think we have a shot a bosh or maybe dirk next year. signing gooden would be fine, but we aren’t at the top of the east with that move yet anyways. so i don’t understand. save the cap space, make a trade, or get ben for real cheap.

  81. Bonesy

    haha, and I didn’t even mention the BEST of them ALL!


  82. Rafeal

    Sign gooden and ben wallace for needed big man depth

    our bench will be stacked bynum jerebko daye summers maxiell washington ben wallace (maybe charlie is we sign gooden)

  83. ryan

    i would like to see glen davis in detroit, and to be honest i’d like to see if we can get both ben wallace and glen davis, no matter how you feel ben has played he is still better than kwame brown, with that being said i’d like to talk about our back court, believe it or not we have to potential to have the best back court rotation in the east, and another thing do not count out our draft picks cause those guys have mad skills, they need jsut a a tad bit of twiking with there defense, and i’m sure the john kuester can work that out pdq. MY FELLOW PISTONS FANS THE CLOUDS ARE NOT AS DARK AS YOU THINK!!! if John Kuester does his job, which i personaly believe he will, and if you can pick up a couple half good bigs we will be fine. just have faith and keep your eyes glued to espn and keep checking in with Natalie.

  84. Rafeal

    i forgot if we dont trade rip add gordon to that list

  85. epicwes

    have faith mcdeisel we will be fine,we are rebuilding and i for one like the parts we have . because the last couple of years the pistons have played like a team that didnt have any thing to play for, at times they looked bored. but the team joe has put together is young and has alot to prove. i think stuckey has massive potential and should be alot better this year.and if gordon plays the way he did during the playoff we should be fine.and i know alot of people dont want k brown being the starter but i will take 7 or 8 points and 8 or 9 rebound than a center who hangs out behind the 3 point line all game (sheed) .but the new lions ,i wouldn’t put that on any team lol

  86. epicwes

    hey, how do you guys feel about the play of the pistons draft picks during the summer league? i think daye and summers are going to be really good players i hope they get lots of playing time ,i think they can help right away

  87. bball4224

    yeah cause we’d start Gooden over Villanueva… what a waste of money that would be.

  88. bball4224

    i like Jerebko better, idk y but he seems more consistent and potentially a backup center

  89. junior

    chuck that was funny……. 2o years ago

  90. junior

    i agree with the k brown comment. what i dont understand is y every1 wants a all star c that can score in bunches. HELLO look at our roster THIS year, we dont need that now we needed that last year. we have cv31 gordon stuck bynum all of whom can score at will. all we need at c is some1 to do what u just said get 8 to 9 points and 8 to 9 rebounds a game solid is all we need not superstar. remember guys this is a team game

  91. junior

    agree with the rebounds maybe, but not the points, unless they r garbage points

  92. junior

    do not even mention dirk, i hate that waste of space

  93. junior

    ya jerebko is mad physical at center he is playing against all the centers and dominating, i see him as our backup c

  94. bball4224

    yeah i doubt the Pistons will do a big trade unless Rip has an attitude again. We are pretty much set w/ the roster but i still hope we sign Big Ben @ the vet minimum.

    That cap has to be for something though and it just doesn’t seem like we’d trade afflalo for Big Baby or Gooden. A David Lee sign and trade would be nice 🙂 lol


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