Arron Afflalo Traded

by | Jul 13, 2009 | 123 comments

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Arron Afflalo traded along with Walter Sharpe to Denver for a future 2nd rounder, clearing $1.8 million in cap space. Via Adrian Wojnowski of YahooSports

Good luck Arron, give Chauncey our best.

As the cleaning of house keeps rolling something tells me a big deal is on the horizon.

Most of you, including myself, aren’t very happy with the prospect of Glen “Big Baby” Davis donning a Pistons uni, but the chances of it just went up.  We wait again…. in what has turned out to be one of the craziest offseasons I can remember.


  1. Shawn

    danngggg this sucksss

    i was a big fan of Arrons, but i knew this was coming

    I just hope your right that this was for a big trade because if we just traded him to sign big baby i’m gonna be pissed

  2. RVN

    yea a big deal for big baby.. =(

  3. Ryan

    I don’t care for those guys. I am just hoping that they sign a really good center not Glen davis…

  4. Scott

    Mixed feelings here. I love what Afflalo brought in terms of defense and energy and just the person he is, but what was he going to be able to do for us? I don’t think there was much of a future here for him now that Gordon is locked for a while. Good luck to him. I agree, a big deal has to be coming soon.

  5. Scott

    Mixed feelings here. I love what Afflalo brought in terms of defense and energy and just the person he is, but what was he going to be able to do for us? I don’t think there was much of a future here for him now that Gordon is locked for a while. Good luck to him. I agree, a big deal has to be coming soon.

  6. Pistonsbaby01

    There goes another Pistons shirt/jersey down the drain.

    All I have left now (out of at least 10) is a Prince jersey.

  7. Anthony A

    there had better be something more up Joe’s sleeve then just space for big baby. Whatever happened to david lee? Why not a 3 team trade for him, with rip being the piece we rid ourselves of?

  8. AZ

    terrible, afflalo is key to the championship.
    hopefully not big baby…

  9. C-Quense

    Yeah fat baby in the D… We got a freak show going on here.
    Right now we’ve got how many players on the roster? 6?

  10. Alex K

    You have GOT to be kidding me!!!

  11. Amber

    I get all of the Celtics confused. Who was the bastard who tried to start something with Maxy? Was that fat baby or Kendrick? They’re all the same to me; I despise them equally. Also, didn’t fat baby do something to my Dice? I hope Max kicks his ass.

  12. Ryan

    Denver sure got a nice replacement for Dahntay Jones. I hav to think Billups had a tad to do with Afflalo going to Denver.

  13. Robbie

    You pepole need to chill. I dont like the trade either but Joe knows what he is doing. That is why none of us are GM’s in the NBA. So just chill.

  14. Joe

    I can’t believe all you are hating on big baby, I live in Boston so I see them play a lot. I hate the Celtics but I have respect for two players on the squad, Rondo and Big baby.

    If anybody watched the Celtics in the regular season or playoffs, especially after KG started sitting, baby has been tearing it up. His offense is >>> KG. He can score on pick and pops a la KG and Dice, it definitely seems he hits more often than KG. For a guy that big he can move, he knows how to use his body to get shots off. He probably needs to work on his D but I would love for him as a big man.

    I like Afflalo but his three point shooting wasn’t up to par, that’s holding him back cause that’s basically the only way he’s gonna get his in the half court. Aggressive on the fast break but spotty everywhere else offensively. Not gonna miss him with the three guards we already have.

  15. Sable

    Actually, of all the Celtics, Glen Davis is probably the best as far as attitude. KG and Perkins had issues with Maxey. I would always watch Glen Davis and Maxey playing against each other because it was like watching two bulls clash, but they were always very calm with each other. The one issue which came up was when he hit that game winning shot, got excited, and nearly ran over a kid.

  16. Amber

    His offense is good….but he needs to work on his D. How exactly does that fit into Detroit? A Detroit team that can actually win something needs to be based on defense.

  17. Amber


    You may have a point. Joe has done a lot for Detroit. The 04 Pistons are definitely and probably always will be my favorite team. Now, he has Maxy and Rip. Great.

    However…..his mistakes have been incredible.
    Worst draft – Darko
    Worst trade – AI for Chauncey
    Worst coaches – Flip/John (both offensive minded, when the winning Detroit is based on defense).

    I will stop critiquing Joe when he can go back to understanding what Detroit basketball is and what it takes to win, which includes: teamwork, hard work, defense, a defensive minded coach that is reasonable, and leadership from the PG.

  18. Mike

    Afflalo actually had the best 3 point shooting percentage on the team so not for sure what you mean by his 3 point shooting holding him back. Sure he still needs to work on creating his own shot but he was only in his 2nd year. Sure with the 3 guards we have now he may have been expendible but that then means we are paying one of our guards 10 mil/year to come off the bench.

    If Rip gets traded then Deron Washington takes Afflalo’s spot and if you think Afflalo cannot shoot the 3 wait til you see Deron’s shot and you will quickly wish we had Afflalo back.

  19. sdfgr

    Out of Pistons 12 players, they are only keeping 6 of them, 2 of which are starters…PLUS they are looking to trade of Rip for some front court player.

    WTF Pistons. 5/12 returning for sure?

  20. Ross

    Afflalo’s work ethic and defensive intensity will definitely be missed in Detroit. It just kind of sucks that Ben Gordon is now brought in, which could basically turn out the same way as the AI experiment did last year, and now he takes Arron’s spot on the Pistons bench….and now because of that, Afflalo is now traded. Why didn’t Joe D. just sign another big man like David Lee to begin with so that the Pistons wouldn’t have this problem with too many guards? To me, Joe’s ethics seem questionable at times, but I’ll guess we’ll all see how his whole scheme will turn out.

  21. Sable

    Sign David Lee with what? He’s a restricted free agent and if you sign him to a typically reasonable Dumars deal, Donnie Walsh will match with glee.

  22. Joe

    Yeah I didn’t do any research on Afflalo’s true offensive numbers, my reasoning was based off of anecdotal evidence. And apparently I was wrong about his 3 pter.

    Either way, big baby >>> afflalo.

  23. The Fan

    Afflalo had his moments I will agree and while he was one of the players that always came on to the court and played with heart last year. Are you guys really upset with this. After last season. They could get rid of everyone and it wouldn’t bother me. Might as well just start over.

  24. Detroitallaround

    Since they got rid of Affalo, now we dont have to worry to much about losing rip.

  25. Detroitallaround

    We have 6 players right now. But Joe is going to sign all the draft picks so that means 9. So he has to get atleast 3 more. Expect more signings and trades.

  26. Detroitallaround

    My mistake we have 7 players right now. Not including Will Bynum because I dont know if Pistons have signed him or not. If they did than it will be 8. Than we have 3 draft picks. But, that still leaves us short. So, Joe has to sign more players or trade no matter what.

  27. Westa

    cv31 just tweeted that another big move is to made by detroit

  28. Detroitallaround

    Help Cv31 win the contest he is catching up to chrisbosh. You could win two tickets. Spread the word.

  29. Detroitallaround

    Only 89 followers away to tie chrisbosh

  30. Detroitallaround

    Hey Natalie why dont you take out those crosses and put the new Pistons on the list

  31. Detroitallaround

    Down to 68 followers.

  32. Detroitallaround

    Cv31 catching up

  33. DD3

    She can’t put people on the list yet. We have no idea what the roster will be. So far Joe has made a lot of changes on the fly. Some of the guys we have (rookies & vets included) may be gone by next week in a huge trade. This is a crazy off season like Nat said, so we are all just playing wait & see.

  34. aaron

    i think he has a better understanding of what detroit basketball is seeing that he has played and basically runs the organization.. duhh man. think about it. if he’s there everyday he must see things we dont

  35. altan

    Detroit creates space, moves Afflalo and Sharpe to Denver: — another big move is about to be made!

    by CV31 ,,


  36. ilovethisgame

    K. Brown


    What can you really expect from this team. The OKl Thunder would destroy this team. You think last year was bad, this team is much worse. There is less debt, how are Hamilton and Gordon going to coexist. A.I. could at least play PG decently, but Ben Gordon, this guy’s shot selection is atrocious.

    I seriously do not see this team making the playoffs, let’s see if Joe Dumars proves me wrong.

  37. The Fluidics

    Afflalo Creed, Showtime at the Afflalo, in Denver, best of luck ya.
    Are the Pistons going to have enough players to have a team? WTF

  38. mobius909

    we just turned into phoenix. should have gotten d’antoni to coach… no defense. tay is our only great defender now. hope charlie v is a good defender cause he doesn’t have much back-up.

  39. Richie

    I hate too see a defensive work horse like Aaron and an fan favorite like Walter both leave at the same time. However, I’ll be okay with it as long as it helps us keep Rip and get a big man other than Glen Davis. In the end, the situation is much better for AA, as he’ll thrive in Denver with Chauncey. What do you guys think about sending trading Tasyshaun to denver next year in exchange for a bag of microwave popcorn?

  40. Amer ican Prince

    So we trade the only guard on the team that does not need the ball in his hands to be effective?

  41. Sebastian

    Bynum is on the team. That’s Stuck, Rip, Tay, CV, Kwame, BG, Max, Will, Daye, Summers, Jerebko, Washington. That adds up to twelve on my calculator.

  42. Sebastian

    Like I noted earlier: Stuck, Rip, Tay, CV, Kwame, BG, Max, Will, Daye, Summers, Jerebko, Washington. That adds up to twelve.

  43. Bonesy

    I’ll be sad to see Arron go. I was a big fan. He had heart, hustle, and a willingness to learn. That will keep him around the NBA for a good chunk of years. His shot is decent. It is not great, and it is also not conistent. He can put up 20+ on a good night if, IF, you need him to. He knows his role and is a good player off the bench.

    While I am sad to see him go I don’t think this hurts our team too much. Let’s just hope it is not just to sign Big Baby. He is also a solid bench player, but it does not improve our team at all. Another undersized (length… definitely not width, haha) big guy is not our answer. Let’s hope Joe has a trade in the works.

  44. Bonesy

    Meanwhile… the Nuggets are slowly becoming a secondary favorite of mine. First Chauncey and now they have one of my other favorite (former) Pistons.
    Plus, their current game reminds me of our ’04 team a bit (just a with a little more running involved, haha.)

  45. Edna

    We want Big Baby…think about it, he can be at total Piston. He has ‘tude. We need someone to throw elbows at Sheed…

  46. Edna

    From the Freep: “President Joe Dumars, who confirmed the trade Monday, would not divulge any names on his new wish list. But here are some of the free-agent big men still available: Drew Gooden, Joe Smith, Chris Wilcox, Jason Collins, Jarron Collins, Rasho Nesterovic, Juwan Howard and Chris Mihm.”

    Does anybody really want any of these guys? Maybe Nesto, or Joe Smith…but NOT Gooden and NOT Wilcox!

  47. pistons 4 life

    I don’t understand why everyone is so upset about this. I know Aaron worked hard and he was a great guy but changes have to be made. Joe is attempting to rebuild this team right before our eyes and none of us can even pretend like we know what could or will happen.

    After last season was over I had no favorites anymore. I didn’t care who stayed or went. I’m actually excited about next season. I might hate it 10 games in if they suck, but no part of me wanted to watch any more of the garbage that this team displayed over the last half of the season last year.

    And for the record, I want no part of Glen Davis. Like they need another PF type player. They need a center who’s actually a center and who’s name isn’t Kwame Brown. But I’m trusting that Joe sees the big hole in the center position so I’m not that worried about it.

  48. Edna


  49. Blam


  50. J Dre

    I loved Big Baby at LSU, and I hope that if we do sign him (I really hope Joe D has a better option than just that, though), that his intensity on the floor will be way less annoying than it was when he was in Boston.

  51. andrew

    omg people whats the problem here? Deron washington is more athletic and taller and is shaping to be a better SG than afflalo. who cares, this is shapin up to be a great team with an interesting season, guess what? we need a big but dont have enouhg money, someone has to go, with deron and other draft picks shining in the summer league sharpe and afflalo were easy pieces to move, obviously joe knows we need a big we’ll get one, maybe not the best one out there but something.

    kwame was really good when sheed was injured in march/april, hes not that bad of a player, i wouldnt have a probelm with him starting at C, he made tons of progress this past season.

  52. BigDinA2

    Great trade, Arron can be a great backup 2 guard in this league and wasn’t gonna get the minutes here and I’m excited to see what Deron Washington can do.

    I hope we get Big Baby out of this deal, he would be legitamate abnger down low and would look great in a Pistons uniform.

  53. samer

    i think this might of been to trade for tyson chandler think about it for a min. the hornets want to shed salary now we have 3.5 million cap space that means we dont have top send as much money as chandler’s salary and thats exactly what the hornets want. i think we should give them couple decent bench players. remember last season they only only got wilcox and crappy a s s players in return fr him last year.

  54. yo

    Put Detroit out of it’s misery with a nuclear bomb.

  55. Fartyboy

    Spiderman wouldn’t have made this trade with Wolfman’s d***!

  56. juneyboy

    There are reports that Boston will match any offers Davis receives that are under the mid-level exception. The Pistons only have 3.5 million of cap left.

  57. juneyboy

    Of the bigs left on the market I would love to see Joe Smith, Gooden and finally Wilcox (who has some character issues) considered in that order.

  58. Bonesy

    i completely agree with this entire comment.

  59. Bonesy

    you’ve got to be joking…

  60. juneyboy

    I would want to see Glen Davis with the Pistons for one reason only (plus he is a wide body); since Sheed is now playing for Boston, Davis should come to Detroit. That way we will see who got the better deal.

  61. Darshan

    Guys…. WTH is Joe D doing? Ya he’s getting a salary cap space, but what about the bond that the team had formed before? Glen Davis looks like the answer…. He’s big, can rebound, and he can play center. Its a great deal…. and, it could counter-act with the Ariza-Artest signings… (sheed-davis)

  62. juneyboy

    Yeah. Chauncey has got his Rip in Arron. Afflalo knows enough about Rip’s game to incorporate it into the game Chauncey plays.

  63. Fartyboy

    Lindsey Hunter re-signed with the Chicago Bulls. He was supposed to finish his career with us. I’m crying!!! I hate you, Canada!!! USA! USA!

  64. Wade

    hunter signs with the bulls. whats next chelios signs with the blackhawks?

  65. Dana


  66. juneyboy

    Natalie will the name of the site be changed in the near future? Maybe you already discussed it on this site and I missed it. Is it that the site is so recognizable you just don’t want to change the name? There must be other names out there to consider; such as, “Make Way4Daye” or “Tearin’ with Deron” or “Win4Ben”. Okay, they all suck but I was just wondering.

  67. ryan ricafort

    the name remains the same.

  68. samer

    lmaoo same with me

    im not buying any new jerseys not even ben gordon’s until the deadline next season lol

  69. Wade

    cant beat need4rasheeeeed =}

  70. KleenGee

    The FA market for centers doesn’t look too good. I hope they trade for a true center.

    Kwame’s defense was significantly better by the end of last year, but he still needs to be a bit more aggressive. (He played awesome in the win at LA last year.) I would like to see Laimbeer on the coaching staff guiding the Kwame and the bigs.

  71. Keith

    It is really hard to love a team you have given all your support when almost all of them are gone now. But dont get me wrong. Still Piston red white and blue are in my blood, its just difficult when its not the same heart that is pumping.

    I think Denver traded for Arron because they have trouble signing Danthay Jones so they bring Arron to have a defensive stopper on the court.

  72. Jennifer

    “Joe knows what hes doing.” Are you sure about that?

  73. Chris

    yeah i think getting Big Baby would be a very good thing for us

  74. Chris

    draft was bad yes
    but everyone needs to stop saying this trade was a bad thing Joe D went out on a limb because making it to the ECFs wasnt enough, it was time for a change, he probably knew there would be some type of a downfall, i will agree even he probably didnt expect it to be a 20 win fall, but i dont think he ever planned on keeping AI, he did it for cap space, it was time to rebuild.

  75. Chris

    who cares if he had the best 3pt% on the team
    he hardly played & he rarely started so you kno he didnt take half as many shots as others so thats not really far to call him the best 3pt shooter on the team

  76. Chris

    lol probably not even for the whole season

  77. Chris

    Gordon isnt starting, & the offseason has just begun so expect more players, we can make the playoffs

  78. Chris


  79. Chris

    nsh i see where hes comin from but i hate to break it to u but hes goin to Dallas

  80. Chris

    i meant to say nah lol

  81. Chris

    yeah i would love to see Joe Smith in the D

  82. tim


    I heard they’re trying to send Rip (and draft picks) to Atlanta for Joe Johnson.

  83. Susan

    This trade is good for Denver; they replace Dahntay Jones with a younger version of himself, someone familiar with Chauncey’s game.

    Didn’t KG make Big Baby cry last season? The list of available front court players grows smaller by the day. If they can sign him, then they should do it. That is, if Joe absolutely can’t get David Lee.

  84. junior

    plus last years draft picks thats 2 more-11

  85. detroitstones808

    i agree but that what pro sports is. As Pistons fans we have been spoiled over the past years with the same core for the most part and in a year we loose Chauncey, Sheed, Amir, Dyess, Arron, and Walter. it is weird but we’re gonna get used to it.

  86. jay

    Since you’ve freed up extra cap space I have two words for you Joe D. David Lee He’s a double double machine and he looks like he has the Piston demeanor get him PLEASE!

  87. Bonesy

    the Magic matched their offer. pretty high-priced back-up if you ask me.

  88. ryan ricafort

    that would be confounding. if we are to get JJ then we shouldn’t have signed BG, and we shouldn’t have traded AA. coz JJ is an SG too… who need the ball in his hands… just like BG and RIP.

  89. Ross

    How would everyone feel about the Pistons trading for Chris Kamen, Marcus Camby, or Tyson Chandler? If healthy, they are all legitimate centers and that is something that Detroit is desperately lacking right now. Also, with this new trade, I think that could open the doors back up with talks about Boozer, who is a far better scorer than everyone mentioned above.

    If Detroit is to go through the route of getting another big via free agency, I would prefer the signing of either Chris Wilcox or Drew Gooden. Wilcox is a 7 foot center and Drew Gooded at 6’10” will be able to fill in at center, no problem. I like these two players more than Big Baby because the power forward spot is already full on the Pistons with Charlie V., Max, Dye, and Jerko. What they need now is someone who can play center.

  90. Ross

    Yeah Denver has just as many former Pistons on their team as Detroit has now.

  91. Ross

    If Detroit sends away a few of their bench players, there won’t be any bench players left. There’s only 8 players and 4 rookies looking to make the team next fall. That right there is an incredibly small roster. Just think of the fiasco that could happen if someone got hurt.

  92. Ross

    What he needs to do is just play solid D. That’s all that’s really asked of him. The scoring will be no problem with Rip, Tay, Stuck, Charlie V, and Ben Gordon in there.

    I can foresee Kwame grabbing near 10 rebounds a game if given around 35 minutes.

  93. Ross

    With the Team that the Nuggets have now, I think that Arron will be able to get a lot of minutes. Granted, Smith will take up the majority of minutes at the Shooting guard spot, Arron could also be the backup for Melo.

    So the Nuggets would be

    pg Chauncey, Carter
    sg Afflalo, Smith
    sf Melo
    pf K Mart, Balkman
    c Nene, Anderson

    Afflalo would easily be able to fill some minutes as Melo gets rest because of the lack of a backup small forward.

  94. Ross

    yeah I feel bad with whoever bought AI jersey’s last year

  95. #1 Stuckey fan

    guaranteed that Lee’s offer would have to come at something near $7-9 million a yr, which we definately don’t have (we have estimated ($3.5 million)

  96. #1 Stuckey fan

    They could always use Sharpe… ahahahahahaha

  97. #1 Stuckey fan

    Ok #1 with the draft pick- Can’t blame him for looking and choosing Darko at the time, the kid had major upside for a 7-footer. No one really thought DWade and Bosh would be as good as they are and the only one you could argue for that would be melo, but Prince was on the rise at that time.
    #2 the trade- AI for Chauncey actually ended up being Chauncey for Ben Gordon and Charlie V which IMO is decent.
    #3 coaches- Flip was a decent decision as he got us close, just not over the hump. John is yet to be seen because THE SEASON HASN’T EVEN STARTED.

    And as far I see it you can get leadership from any position, not just the PG position…I think Joe D has an understanding of Detroit basketball as he does have 3 rings…

  98. #1 Stuckey fan

    I’ve heard only Washington will be picked up, Plaisted will have another year in Europe as he missed a whole yr due to injury.

  99. #1 Stuckey fan

    Well as far as BG and CV31 goes they can’t be traded til December or later (a la free agency deals) so they can placed up.

  100. Ross

    It’s probably better that Kwame doesn’t try to play offense, unless he gets the ball deep in the paint. For real, every time he gets the ball, I get nervous.

    I think that Joe D envisions him as the next Ben Wallace…and that’s why he’s putting so much trust in him right now.

  101. Marcell

    I wonder if Ben Wallace would be an option since the suns bought him out? I know he’s not a spring chicken any longer.

  102. gage

    aaron afflalo was amazing bruh

  103. Sebastian

    I like it.

  104. Sebastian

    Chris Wilcox is not 7ft.

  105. J Dre


  106. DeL

    GET BIG BEN!!!

  107. Ross

    o.k. 6’10”, but he is a legit backup center in my mind. You’re not really going to get much with just 3.2 million in cap space.

  108. ali bazzi

    I hate Ben Wallace with all my heart since he left for more money. But I could Forgive him if he signs like a 10 day contract and retires as a piston. What do you guys think?? Do you think its a good idea??

  109. Detroitallaround

    No. Why waste any money on him. Anyways Cv is 86 followers ahead of Chris bosh. I wonder if 3000 Cv followers can just make a new account and follow him again. But I dont know if that is against Twitter policy. Can someone Plz. tell me.

  110. Walter5

    Go and GEt our Big Ben back…

  111. Shleeper

    Great a bunch of arm chair GMs… I guess these are the same folks who didn’t want a well traveled, unproven point guard (Chauncey), a non-descript undersized center (Big Ben), a mercurial, unstable PF (Sheed), a wiry, questioned SF (Tay), and a relatively young SG (Rip) for Stackhouse more than half a decade ago. I wonder how these moves turned out for the organization??

  112. #1 Stuckey fan

    Actually they were talking about him starting in DEN… which would be even better for him

  113. Richie

    It’s not fair to criticize the hiring of Keusner when he hasn’t coached a single game yet. When asked what we could expect fro his coaching style the first thing John said was that any team looking to contend for a championship has to be able to defend.

  114. Richie

    Ummm Rip’s strength is playing off the ball.

  115. Richie

    If you think that Glen Davis is in any way better than Rasheed Wallace you’re either ignorant or crazy.

  116. Richie

    Big Baby won’t look good in any uniform.

  117. Richie

    Davis can’t play center and better than our draft picks can. He’s undersized at PF.

  118. Richie

    This is a Pistons blog…

  119. Richie

    Umm, Hunter was with the Bulls last year- did you guys miss that?

  120. Ross

    Therefor I’m also interested on how the former Pistons will fare on other teams…c’mon man.



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