Help Charlie Villaneuva Save The Children….I mean beat Chris Bosh

by | Jul 10, 2009 | 57 comments

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Our newest Pistons and Twitterholic Charlie Villanueva has a little running bet going with Chris Bosh.  First to 50 thousand Twitter Followers wins. The loser has to be in the others next YouTube video, as ANY character the winner wants!

Go help our newest Piston Following Him @CV31… You can tell him Need4Sheed sent you and we Rep the D for Charlie V!

The Official Video from Charlie V


Count as of 11:00 A.M. Friday July 10th

Charlie V – 43,690

Chris Bosh – 42,132

Count as of 1:50 PM Friday July 10th

Charlie V – 43,737

Chris Bosh – 42,234

Count as of 7:17 PM EST Friday July 10th

Charlie V – 44,133

Chris Bosh – 43,098

Count as of 10:00 AM EST Saturday July 11th

Charlie V – 44,480

Chris Bosh – 44,214

Count as of 11:30 AM EST Sunday July 12th

Charlie V – 45,004

Chris Bosh – 45,230


UPDATE: Sadly Chris Bosh won the contest….



    If only there was a way I could add him more than one time… 🙁

  2. CG5

    Nat, Has Charlie visited your site yet?

  3. Pistonfan

    Nat can you post the press conferences of gordon and villanueva

  4. VJ

    What a load of nonsense…

  5. gMac

    Natalie, is it me or you actually had a very very light shades outlining his eyebrow??
    If you look at the cartoon long enough, you can see the eyebrows.

  6. Mike

    I love the Vill cartoon, it cracks me up. I mean, it is very well done, it just looks so funny, probably because the lack of eyebrows.

  7. Detroitallaround

    He guys follow me on Twitter. MUforDETBBALL

  8. Detroitallaround

    CV now has 43,917

  9. Bonesy

    Hope CV is feelin’ the Pistons love early on with his Twitter bet, haha!

  10. Amber

    Charlie still needs to work on winning me over.

    So we have 2 pg, 3 sg, 4 sf, 2 pf, and 1 center (Mr. Kwame Brown). Who exactly is our back up center?? Jason Maxiell, I suppose? Probably Austin Daye.

  11. Blam

    they should of brought marcin gortat but nobody was listening and now mavericks will win the championship

  12. Adam

    Oh we’re playing this game? Nat YOU are the twitterholic. Guess I could always unfollow Bosh to help the cause. PS-if you want to follow a fellow fan and detroit immigrant hit me up at AdamBlakeRoth people!

  13. Natalie Sitto

    Wow you’re good gMac. I did put subtle shading on there to bring out the definition in his face…SCORE

    Still don’t know if I’m sold on the toon, may give it another go.

  14. kyg

    CV should have Bosh wear a pistons uniform on utube when he wins

  15. Ryan

    Come on everyone follow him! Chris Bosh is right on him now.. They are within 200 votes and CV is going to lose.. Just come on!

  16. Jay

    Lets Go, CV31!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Dominic

    I stopped following Bosh 😀 you guys should do the same until CV wins!

  18. Jusitn

    They are extremely close Right now.

    CV- 44,638
    CB- 44,413

    Chris Bosh is even reaching out to some of our media for help for him. Shameless…lol.

  19. Dave

    Bosh is closing the gap
    CV – 44836
    CB – 44750

  20. Scott

    Natalie are you going to do another screen saver of the players, once the roster is announced???

  21. junior

    backup center is going to be jerebko, he has been playing the 5 in summer league and doing a very good jb at it, he is 6’10” tall enough. o did anyone hear the rumor about us sending aaron afflalo to denver for…..NOTHING in return? is joe d trying to make the nuggets a championship team or the pistons? we need to keep AA he is young athletic a very good defender and he is really starting to develop a3 point range. dam

  22. junior

    afflalo is going to be crossed off next. heard we are sending him to denver for nothing in return, so we can offer 3.5 mill to glen davis, bad move. dont do it joe d

  23. junior

    did cv31 win?

  24. Dominic

    What? Well first we won’t offer 3.5 to Davis, Boston would match that in a heartbeat, second we’ll have about 5.5 mil (a bit more than the MLE), when we pull the move off. And how si this a bad move? I love Afflalo but Big Baby did more this season and we are stacked at the SG position, especially with Deron Washington. This move would be great for us, especially since Glen Davis is so young.

  25. Ryan

    Nobody won yet.

  26. vanessa

    it’s until one of them reaches 50,000 followers.

  27. Malcom

    By the way just wanted to say I love how other sites blatantly copy off of need4sheed a pistons site with red “no” slashes through a cartoon. I wont mention the site but PLEASE be original.

    I have noticed it before but it’s over the top at this point. Just had to say it because I have been a fan of nat’s originality for a long time.

    As for Tay for Boozer..I would have done it in a second.

    Oh and I signed up for Twitter just to help Charlie V …keep going with this Nat.

    Go Charlie!

  28. Amber

    Oh, really? I didn’t know that about Jonas. I thought he was a SF. I suppose Joe likes players playing out of position though.

    Yep, I heard that about Afflalo. It’s sad, but not as bad as losing Rip.

    Joe D. is trying to make everyone else a championship team, besides us. That’s why our players are officially scattered out everywhere.

  29. Amber

    It’s horrible because Glen Davis is disgusting and not Pistons material! NO Celtics are Pistons material! I despise all of them.

  30. gMac

    Ok, the video is just stupid.
    You don’t see Maxiell making bets with anyone for twitter followers. He’s probably in the gym practising his jump shot….

  31. Meng

    or learning how to spell

  32. Detroitallaround

    Why doesnt the Pistons site have this. They should it will be a sure win than.

  33. Detroitallaround

    What si Chris boshs name on Twitter. I want to keep track of who has more tweets.

  34. gergerh

    BTW, real news

    Rips looking to get traded

  35. thedukecapone

    Source? And even if he does want to get traded nobody is going to want his heavy contract

  36. junior

    u r right about the 5.5 iwas saying we were going to use afflalos 3.5 in addition to what we already have, sorry i worded it wrong

  37. junior

    man why you on a celtic web site? traitor. lol

  38. Dominic

    Wow, you guys are seriously misinformed. Sure we’re sending Aaron Afflalo to Denver and receiving nothing in return, but Denver has a trade exception that will send 3.5 million in cap to Detroit. This coupled with the 2mil left over from the original 19mil or so will allow us to sign a good 2nd tier free agent. I here interest is high for Glen “Big Baby” Davis. I wouldn’t say no to Zaza Pachulia either. Considering how stacked the 2 spot is and Glen Davis being a better player than Afflalo (at least stat-wise) this is an excellent trade if pulled off and nothing anybody should be dissapointed about.

  39. Dominic

    Aight no worries

  40. Dominic

    Really? And why, may I ask is Glen Davis not “Piston Material”? He’s a hustle player that’ll get garbage buckets and rebound, he won’t swat much away and does seem a bit outspoken but he’s still a great bench player. Look at the stats, 7 pts 4 rebs in just 21 mins of playing time, that’s a pretty good addition to a thin bench in my opinion.

  41. Dominic

    Wow, way to totally bring this out of context, it’s just a friendly competition between two players, it’s not like he’s constantly refreshing his twitter page searching for new followers, it only takes about 20 seconds to post a new tweet via phone, so leave him alone, it’s good that he connects with his fans.

  42. Ryan

    It’s his name: chrisbosh.

  43. Colton Keck

    because he’s a bitch , any man thats crys about what garnett Tells him is a bitch, remember garnett ran away from dyess all over the court haha.

  44. Colton Keck

    Pistons are done until we find a new gm ,you wouldnt trade tay sorry ass for boozer ? and drafted Daye , really

  45. Ryan

    Let’s see…

    Both men entered the league the same year (drafted in 2002).

    Tayshaun Prince has played 82 games for 6 years straight.

    Last year, Carlos Boozer played 37 games.

    Tayshaun has 102 more games for his career than Boozer (regular season). That’s a whole season plus 20.

    Tayshaun Prince does not get injured. He’s a tough, tough player, and is extremely durable on the court. Not to mention, he’s one of the best defenders in the league.

    Carlos Boozer is injury prone, and isn’t the greatest on the defensive end.

    That would be trading a great defensive player who plays 82 games a year for a guy who’s always injured and isn’t the greatest defender.

    Plus, that would leave a starting spot at small forward open. The Pistons would have to either put a shooting guard at that spot or give the starting job to a draft pick.

    Also, Austin Daye has been doing a fine job in the Summer League. DaJuan Summers looks like an incredible steal at this point.

    But keep knocking the GM. Without him, the Pistons would have 0 championships to their credit.

  46. ryan ricafort

    agreed. if you divide their salaries per game they actually played, boozer is disgustingly overpaid.

  47. Sleepy Crayfish

    The Shane Marcado? I’m liking CV more and more each day…

  48. Jay

    if it wasnt for tayshaun the pistons wouldnt even won the championship, because tayshaun blocked reggie miller, when we were only up by one point. if he would’ve made the lay up the game wouldve been over, and the pacers wouldve made it to the nba finals

  49. Amber

    I will be devastated. It is awful.

  50. Edna

    He should be practicing free throws, not “Tweeting.” Seriously, people…someone please talk to this guy.

  51. junior

    i know that but how do we get the numbers? i have no twitter account

  52. junior

    right you are. i still get goosebumps watching that block. my fav of all time

  53. junior

    who is winning the twwet?

  54. luay

    i think that we should really be getting player who will impact the team. because ben gordan will always let his immotions get the better of him, and i dont think that will help us. we alrwady had one iverson we dnt need another one. plus he is off and on. i think that drew gooden should be our target. he knows what to do as a dominent PF.


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