Source says Kuester is the Pistons new Head Coach

by | Jul 7, 2009 | 100 comments

Via Chris Mannix,

“The Detroit Pistons have agreed to terms with Cavaliers assistant coach John Kuester to be their new head coach, a source with knowledge of the negotiations told”


  1. Fartyboy

    I’m gonna take my shirt off.

  2. pistonsfan32

    who is this guy? is he offensive or defensive minded?

    WOW should have gone with bill

  3. Detroitallaround

    Hes offensive. The only good news is that he Knows Rip, Tay, and DUMNars. And he was assisant to Larry Brown when he was with the Pistons.

  4. Detroitallaround

    I’m going to give Kuester a shot. We’ll see how the summer league and preseason will go. We will also see during the preseason if Dumars made the right choice with Ben Gordon and CHalie V. If he did great. If not; its time to get rid of Dumars.

  5. J Dre


  6. pistonsfan32

    PERFECT.. more offense thats just what we need!! I thought defense wins championships. WTF!!
    Who cares if he was assistant to LB, that doesn’t mean anything. I am so annoyed right now

  7. J Dre

    Dumn? You probably meant “dumb.” Fitting, huh?

  8. Fartyboy

    I’m having a party.

  9. Jeff

    I’m not knocking Kuester, I’ll give him a chance. However, he is an offensive minded coach from Cleveland. When I think of Cleveland, I don’t exactly think of stellar offensive basketball. It’s kind of like hiring the Detroit Lions defensive coordinator to be your head coach. Ugh

  10. Matthew

    It’s not defense or offense that wins champs, it’s teamwork. Give the guy a chance, he knows what he is doing. Offensive or defensive minded, he can do it.

  11. Mike

    lmao. We fire a coach because he doesn’t have enough experience, and replace him with a guy who has even less experience!?!?!? What a joke. The Pistons are turning in to an absolute joke.

  12. Santiago

    All of you are a bunch of whining kids, pompous assholes. Just accept the fact we are rebuilding and Joe is doing the best he can ungrateful sons of bitches you all are

  13. Shawn

    actually he has way more experience then curry, but still, that’s not saying much haha

  14. DD3

    Terrible. Just absolutely Terrible!

  15. Shawn

    I’m with you, people need to chill out. I think Joe has actually done a very nice job of rebuilding this offseason.

  16. Normal 2

    Tell me abou it..we might have to be on suicide watch until the season starts..until we get a couple wins in a row that is..We haven’t even lost our first game yet, my goodness..haha

  17. harrison

    The only possible reason to not get Laimbeer was because he had never coached in the nba, but this makes no sense. I don’t really know anything about Kuester so I could be wrong, but I think Laimbeer would have been a great coach.

  18. Marcell

    Joe said it himself, why waste money on a top of the line coach right now when we are rebuidling this team. Same goes for tickets I would think

  19. pistons 4 life

    What a joke. I know this guy has been an assistant coach forever, but he still has never had a head coaching job. Seems like a horrible move to me. Ever stop and think that he’s been a assistant forever for a reason. He’s been passed over for head coaching jobs for like 20 years. I hated Curry, but why fire him, pay him $5 mil, and then hire another guy with no head coaching experience.

    Should have given Laimbeer a shot if he wanted it. Who knows, maybe Joe offered it and he said no. I find that hard to believe though.

    Bottom line, if you’re going to take a chance on someone why not take a chance on someone who most people from Detroit love and will stand behind. Plus he wouldn’t have taken any sh%t from anyone. Unlike Curry who just rolled over and died at the first sign of conflict.

    I’m very annoyed right now. What the h*ll is Joe doing?

  20. david

    You guys give lambieer way too much credit.He dominated in the WNBA not the NBA.Second off you all think hes gonna be something great cause he played for the pistons and coached are WNBA team the shock. I know Kuestar has never been an NBA head coach but he is definitly more experinced than Lambieer. So let Lambieer go be an assistant coach for a couple of years, so if this doesn’t work out then we can try Lambieer

  21. kris

    come on people..take some chillpills..let this guy do his thing..he dsnt have a track record of him being the coach..but he did this..

    He was in charge of Cleveland’s offense, which ranked among the league’s top 10 in field goal percentage (sixth), 3-point field goal percentage (second) and fewest turnovers per game (sixth).

    stop whining..atleast our rebuilding is stil exciting in terms of we fight every game..not like the bobcats, grizzlies, etc etc..rebuilding forever.

  22. KleenGee

    I’m trusting Joe.

  23. KleenGee

    I’m glad it’s not Avery Johnson. Come on, he was just fired from a coaching job, and now he expects people to wipe his but with silk, 4 year contracts.

    Besides, johnson’s voice is a little weird, kinda like a scholarly Kermit the Frog.

  24. Mike

    No he doesn’t. He has never been a head coach. Not for even one game.

  25. Bonesy


  26. Bonesy

    i’m intrigued that you decided to follow up… “The only possible reason to not get Laimbeer was because he had never coached in the nba, but this makes no sense.”

    with… “I don’t really know anything about Kuester.”

    nice. haha

  27. Bonesy

    yes! i am with you!

  28. Bonesy

    Kuester is actually very-well respected in D-town.

  29. The Fluidics

    Chuck Daly was an assistant coach forever when the Pistons hired him…

  30. AZ

    As long as Will Bynum gets more minutes than Stuckey, I’ll be happy

  31. kris

    yup all ya chill out…let the dude run his game..every coach is an assistant at first somehow…its stil up to him if he does good or not…mike dunleavys been coachin for ages…would u rather have that dude?

  32. kris

    He was in charge of Cleveland’s offense, which ranked among the league’s top 10 in field goal percentage (sixth), 3-point field goal percentage (second) and fewest turnovers per game (sixth).

  33. Amer ican Prince

    but he has been an assistant coach for many years, unlike Curry who was only an assistant for one year before he was hired

  34. Amer ican Prince

    i do agree with that

  35. Amer ican Prince

    i agree I didn’t agree with the FA signings but since we did do that i think this coach is better fitted till we get a real team together.

  36. Amer ican Prince

    All in all I think it’s the right coach for what we have. I would love to see Lambier and maybe another experienced person as assistant coaches as well

  37. Amer ican Prince

    and with this new coach Sheed and Chauncey gone Joe Dumars better let McDyess go. I swear if Joe signs him and costs Dyess his last shot at a ring i am going to be mad

  38. kris

    college totally different..remember pitino? i mean it could go either way…anyways only coach i ever respected was larry brown..knowing phil jackson , pat reily all had superstars…and of course chuck daily..

    look at rivers, who says hes a good coach cus they won? he wasnt doin nothing when he ddnt have garnett or just chil out n wait…

  39. Austin K

    This guy looks like the dark sith in star wars

  40. Marcell

    The Pistons on Tuesday passed on hiring Avery Johnson as their next head coach. Instead, Pistons president Joe Dumars is likely to hire an experienced, high-profile assistant coach just like he did in 2001 when he gave Rick Carlisle his first head coaching job. Where we are as a team right now is where we were at the start of Rick Carlisle’s era here,” Dumars said. “We are in the same sort of transition mode. A $4 million to $5 million coach is not what we need right
    now.” Do you see whate Joe D. is saying here? Buy those season tickets Today! Wait until 2012
    when we can compete again? I can’t beleive he said that.

  41. Amber

    Yeah….except he always disagreed with Larry – the one man to make Detroit win.

  42. Amber

    It’s defense AND teamwork.

  43. Amber

    I agree……

  44. Amber

    Lol, don’t worry I’m confident we can win 2 games!!!!!!!

  45. David

    something what a man shouldn’t have, lol

  46. Blam

    at least we gonna pick second in the draft next year. lets just hope they wont take any “darko” again

  47. Amber

    I’m all for saving money….but Joe’s cheap ass is the reason Detroit blows. It all started with him not wanting to pay more for Larry, then Ben…the complete collapse of the Pistons. Now, John over Avery…..Avery would have been better for this interesting team he has put together. Maybe D can win another ship is about 20 years, that’s about how long it takes huh?

  48. Amber

    What? That Joe went crazy and got fast-offense happy? Maybe Bill kept the defense in Detroit. 🙁

  49. Ronsti

    I am also concerned about this guy since i do not know much about him. I think we all need to give him a chance and see what he can do. I will still buy the league pass so i can watch them here in florida.

  50. TJ

    Cleveland Fans are LOSING THEIR MINDS over this. They think they’ve lost their real head coach. Think about this: we just took away the “real” head coach from 66 win team. There’s no way we can be disappointed in that, as we’ve helped ourselves (he’s an upgrade over Curry) and hurt a divisional rival.

    Also, why is everyone freaking out about him being offensive-minded? Did you forget the fact that we were near dead last offensively last year? I think that’s the bigger issue here.

  51. Sleepy Crayfish

    Quit crying. Number one, Joe doesn’t have control over the amount of money he can commit to players and coaches; that is dictated by the cap and by the OWNERS of the team. Secondly, if Joe had dropped $60 million on Ben Wallace in ’06, you and all the other complainers would just be sitting here whining about how much he overpays players!

  52. Leif_32 RIP FAN 4 LIFE

    Yes good defense is really important.. But what good is it with the WORST offense? thats why we signed C.V and B.G because im sure that we can play half way decent defense.. and now we will have a huge increase in offense..

  53. Vanalope

    Well I’ll certainly be curiously watching the start of next season. We shall see what happens.

    I don’t have any strong positive or negative feelings about these changes, which actually makes me happy as I was strongly upset by the changes that happened last year. Thus negative to neutral is a positive move in my book. 😉

  54. Josh

    I think the Pistons should use there 3 to 5 million to acquire Drew Gooden. I think Drew could play the 5 and he’s a scrappy defender that can play the 5 and he’s still young.

  55. Rip32

    He’s the one who actually coach in Cavs instead of Brown.

  56. Melodeath1221


  57. Melodeath1221

    I agree with that, id rather train up a young one. than disappoint dyess

  58. Melodeath1221

    Nice one!

  59. Melodeath1221

    Experience, even tho hes never been a Head Coach, hes been an assistant for some of the top teams in the league for over 10 years

    Much more experienced than MC

  60. Melodeath1221

    Agreed. Not to mention that The rules in the Nba are now being enforced much more to favor the offensive player. You can no longer remain dependent on a lock down offence.

    If the 2004 play offs, were officiated as they are today i guarantee the pistons dont win

  61. Melodeath1221

    ….THE 5?!? Im not saying Drew Gooden is a bad player. Hes mediocre, tho hes like an undersized Pf. how hes suppose to play the five?

  62. Melodeath1221

    The rules in the Nba are now being enforced much more to favor the offensive player. You can no longer remain dependent on a lock down offence.
    If the 2004 play offs, were officiated as they are today i guarantee the pistons dont win

  63. Chris

    guys just look at it this way…
    we could still have Michael Curyy
    uhhh just saying that scares the hell outta me

  64. Melodeath1221

    Larry was interviewing with the fuckin New york Knicks while we were in the Finals against the Spurs.

    If that isnt reason enough, to get rid of a coach. Joe couldnt have brought Larry back if he wanted too, cause Bill Davidson took offence to that and commanded joe not to.

    Get your facts straight newb.

  65. Melodeath1221

    i can see that, i thought he looked like popovich of the spurs a lil bit, Before the beard.

  66. Zachary Mo

    First things first….
    There are a lot of doubters and haters of Joey D out there. Drive slow homies. Pump the brakes on the fire Joe Dumars talk. We are talking about a Joey D who has positioned us to make the Eastern conference finals 6 times out of the last 10 years. SIX times even though he was handed a shit team. Although he has made some not so great decisions in the past(including the present not signing of avery johnson) he has also made some great decisions. He got us a f##@@$% championship for christ’s sake. The East is tough these days, and he just signed two YOUNG players. I mean 24 and 26 Young. Well established YOUNG players, while everyone is picking up oldies to win a championship NOW. Ye have faith in the old Joey D, cause I think he still has a few tricks up his sleeve!

  67. Ilovethisgame

    Rick Carlisle, Larry Brown and Flip Saunders. These were the 3 coaches the Pistons had before Curry and now this Kuester dude. Collins turned the pistons down and so did Avery. Why are people mad, Detroit’s overconfidence is the reason why they are failing now.

    Joe Dumars is overrated, I love how people still try to defend him for picking Milicic in the draft of ’03. Larry Brown was the reason the Pistons won that year, an he’s the one who created the system that other coaches have failed to replicate. He doesn’t deserved to be fire, but he is not as big a part of the Pistons success that ppl make him out to be.

  68. SwiftyCG

    Does This Mean LeBrick James Is Coming To Us Next Year?

  69. Ronsti

    I wouldn’t want him if he chose to come here, I don’t ever want to be a witness to that arrogant ass.

  70. #1 Stuckey fan

    He won’t but good luck with that…

  71. #1 Stuckey fan

    As much as i don’t wanna see him go, I’d have to say the same things…

  72. #1 Stuckey fan

    I agree, he’s a leader, but at the same token had a terrible attitude the whole season after CB left… time to go along with your buddies

  73. #1 Stuckey fan

    yea and look at ben wallace now…where is he again, oh injury-prone and on PHX about to get bought out so he can retire…

  74. #1 Stuckey fan

    i agree the rules haev changed qutie a bit since then to compliment the ball handler/ slasher of the offense

  75. #1 Stuckey fan

    Mike Brown is garbage bro, they prolly did just lose the head coach ahahaha. Oh wait LeBron might be the head coach with Brown as his puppet!

  76. #1 Stuckey fan

    Really 6’10” 250lbs is undersized for a PF? Look at his actual size before you make the assumption that he is undersized…he could play center believe me. If McDyess or Sheed could play it so can Gooden. he might not be as good but he would be efficient enough (way more than Kwame).

  77. #1 Stuckey fan

    I would say people need to chill out on him for real. He has done some great things in Detroit over his tenure and I would be mad if we did fire him.

  78. #1 Stuckey fan

    Definately a No! With what money? lol

  79. #1 Stuckey fan

    Who got the team organized to be there in the first place? I doubt they just said hey lets all go to Detroit and win a championship…come on man, seriously. He was just as big of a part as Brown if not bigger for getting all the right pieces there… who cares about Milicic, would you rather have the Clippers GM for drafts (minus this one, cuz Griffin is a beast)? That’s my point no one would’ve picked Wade/Bosh back then over him. The kid had upside(as much as i don’t want to say that AT ALL), he turned out to be a bust. No one really saw Bosh or Wade being the players they turned out to be today. The only one you can argue is Melo, but at the same token Prince was moving on his way up, so that’s not a valid arguement either (cuz we all know Melo demanded a starting role).

  80. #1 Stuckey fan

    so random lol

  81. Mark

    I trust Joe Dumars and am going to see how this all pans out. But I will say one thing. I would have taken whatever kind of season the Pistons would have had just so I could see Laimbeer coach them. It may have been amazing or it may have been like a train wreck. But either way I would have had to watch.

  82. Matt

    Now that Mcdyess is not a option, I do agree with Josh the Pistons need to acquire Drew Gooden. He’s 6″10 250 and looks to me better penciled in as the center over Kwame.

  83. RIP CITY

    Preseason means nothing.

  84. #1 Stuckey fan

    Check out ESPN video LeBron got dunked on by some college kid and then has all the video evidence taken and destroyed!!! AHAHAHAHHA What a pompus ass! He can’t stand his image being ruined, what a little girl!

  85. Santiago

    I second that motion ……everybody shut up

  86. Santiago

    shut up

  87. junior

    when u think of cleveland u should know that they had the 4th best offense last year, up from 19th the year before. oh and when they were 19th, they didnt have kuester that year. they hire him they move up to 4th brown gets coach of the year because they are a better offensive team. hmmmm , i bet thats not a coincidence. give the man a shot, k?

  88. junior

    to be excact he has been a assistant for 20 years, i would call that a little more experience than the 1 yr curry had, lol

  89. junior

    u have heard of the va-gina right? its the mangina. retard

  90. junior

    i think u all are going to be really surprised how well kwame does this year, he will be good he just needs the minutes.

  91. junior

    my thought exactly

  92. whocarescommon

    thats so on point! I love it! We need more people like you in this world lmao!

  93. whocarescommon

    we’ll never be the same! The 2004 championship was obviously set up! Nothing like the old bad boys, when the players were actually playing for the love of the game not for glitz and glamour, or david sterns flaky ass. So hey suck a fat one SANTIAGO who the hell are you!

  94. #1 Stuckey fan

    Idk how long I’ve heard just wait til this year with Kwame…I think that line is getting a little old (since the ’01 season)… It really doesn’t matter becuz we are still thin up front, we need more able bodies to play PF and C…

  95. Ilovethisgame

    Yes, it is true Joe Dumars put together a team of average NBA players in 2003, Rick Carlisle made this team of mediocre players into a good team. Larry Brown came in and made them contenders with the addition of Rasheed Wallace. To blindly follow Dumars in signing Curry, trading Billups (which I actually thought was a good deal, but Curry had no idea what he was doing) and . I mean seriously, the Pistons have had 6 coaches in the last 10 years. Usually, only the worse of the worse teams have done such a thing. Granted it’s not his fault, Piston fans don’t want to take a look at their team and understand that they don’t have the talent to win a NBA Championship. Any team that has had Kwame Brown starting at Center, should never expect to win a championship.
    I mean look at this now, you have Gordon and Hamilton competing for minutes, Kwame is your only center. You have no 7 footer or any size, the back-up big is 6ft7 Maxiell, you’re about to lose the opportunity to sign Carlos Boozer and you lost your 2 best big men from last year.
    Now granted I will say that the Pistons do have a great defensive culture, but unfortunately, the talent they have right now regardless of how tough they are, still makes them below the top 5 in the eastern conference. IMO, the Pacers are even better, the Bobcats were even better than us last year, they just didn’t win enough games, and injuries killed their season.

    As far as the 2003 draft, Nick Collison was available, so was David West. Even Perkins was better than Milicic. And Milicic had no promise, I remember watching the draft in 2003, and even the Broadcasters were lost for words, he had averaged like 4 pts a game in which ever league he was playing. So that was a bad decision.
    The whole reason I bring up the 2003 draft, is that a GM is supposed to be able to think long term, yes the Pistons won the championship that year, but they wasted a #2 pic, who was never a bust, because he no exxpectations. These things come back to bite you, and they’re coming back now.
    All I’m saying is it’s gonna take a long time for the Pistons to return to greatness, and in order for that to do so, Joe Dumars needs to stop trying to be mysterious and gambling and make the logical decisions i.e. he should not have gotten rid on Saunders, unless he knew he could get another great coach, not some rookie.

  96. Ilovethisgame

    You do realize that Gooden is 6’9, and is a power forward. He is a much less athletic version of Vilauneva. Regardless he is a below average big man on the defensive end and if Maxiell could develop a respectable jumper, he would easily be a much better player than Gooden.
    Now that Boozer is almost gone, unless the Pistons get Gortart, the Pistons will get destroyed by bigger teams, and suffer even worse rebound deficits than last year.


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