No Need4Sheed in Green – Rasheed is Boston Bound

by | Jul 5, 2009 | 131 comments

I’ll start off this post by telling you that Rasheed Wallace has agreed to play for the Boston Celtics.  According the Boston Herald the contract is for 2 years at the midlevel exemption of $5.8 million.

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Nothing shocking, it was only a matter of time before one of the teams that were wooing him got what they wanted, but to most of us here in Detroit, having Sheed in a Celtics uniform is not easy.

“The Enemy” to some.

“Traitor” to others.

Some will even give you the obligatory “You can launch your three’s and not play in the paint for another team, thanks for mailing in the last season Sheed.”

But to most Pistons fans we are thankful to him for putting our team over the top in 2004, allowing us a Championship we wont’ soon forget.

Rasheed Wallace is not a Detroit Piston anymore, and to be honest…..I’m surprised he made it this far.

After each season when the dominant Pistons got ousted from the Playoffs everyone called for his head. But how do you give up on a player that can dominate a game the way he can?

The man can be SHEEDtastic at the drop of a hat.

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He can make the impossible seem possible.

He’s a Joker!

He’s very tricky..

But he also comes with hair pulling frustration.

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I cant count the number of times I sat in my seat at the Palace hoping no one was paying attention to me as I was talking to Sheed from my seat while he was busy arguing on the floor. “Don’t do it Sheed, your going to get another Tech and get tossed, that will be 16 and I don’t think Joe D will be able to get that rescinded. We need you, you’ll be suspended. STOP!!!!”

I may not have lost sleep, but it eats at you when you have so much invested in a team.

That I won’t miss.

I will miss his Sheedisms, his dominance and the fact he made the team fun to watch in more ways than one.

The dancing was a sight in itself too.

He may work well with Boston playing a smaller roll since he NEVER wanted to be “the guy” when he clearly had the talent to be put into the category of one of the best Power Forwards in the game. He’s even got a special relationship with Kevin Garnett going in.

One thing that’s funny to me is all the Boston love for a guy that was the enemy of all enemy’s to Celtic fans.

As for Celtics and their fans…. I come in peace here, but I have been pushed over the edge way too many times by Celtics fans, I do however respect and enjoy some of the many Celtics blogs out there, so when Loy’s Place shot me an email asking me to answer a few questions for them I was just fine…until they ended the email with this…

Thanks!  And welcome to the Celtics family!!!

On to the next part of this post.

I will never ever, ever never be a Celtics fan and I take offense to the mere thought of being a part of that family, because I am not.

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I will (until I stop breathing) bleed the red, white and Piston blue, that is one thing you can put your money on.

I will NOT change this website nor my allegiance to the Detroit Pistons.

As you can see from the new addendum to the banner on the site, I rep the “D” regardless of Sheed.

If you followed this site from it’s inception I have stated that fact on more than one occasion. I have be asked the question hundreds of times….”What will you do when Sheed is gone?”

I will do this, nothing changes.

“Will you change the name?”….as of right now, no.

You see, this site was never supposed to be.  I started it as a lazy way to share my cartoon screensaver to my friends across the country. You see even when you leave the “D” you still represent it.  So as a way share my wallpapers, screensavers and videos (pre YouTube days) this website became more than I ever envisioned it to be.

Now….I’m Need4Sheed.

Funny, but I can’t change it. It may be a name to all of you, but it’s almost part of my identity at this point. When you get introduced as Natalie of Need4Sheed instead of your last name things change.

You see, it never really was about Rasheed. Sure there is plenty of Sheed here, he brings a lot to any team, but it is and always will be about the love of the Detroit Pistons.

So Sheed is gone, we all knew it was going to happen at some point. I wish him luck, but I can’t say I will be rooting Boston, but I will be rooting for him.

This is Need4Sheed where we represent the Detroit Pistons..thank you for your time Mr. Wallace and thank you for allowing me to hold this in my hands.

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Onwards and upwards….DEEETROIT BASKETBALL.


  1. jessi

    I for one am very sad to see sheed leave, however I will always be thankful for what he did as a piston and what he gave to the fans. If it was not for sheed the pistons would not have won in 04. Sheed brought something to this team no other play did, he mad the game fun and he backed his team mates. Sheed leaving the pistons makes me sad but not mad. I really feel he needed to move on there is nothing left for him to do in Detroit. The team and the way the play have changed for sheed and he should get to try to go for another run. I am not a boston fan but I am glad to not see him in a cavs uniform. It would have been good to see him and ben play together again but I just could not picture sheed playing with James. After we lost billups last yr I knew that this year was going to be diferent and I am not going to lie it is going to be hard to go to the palace and see a new team but I am happy for all the good years that sheed, billups, rip, tay and ben gave us and will not forget them ever. It is a hard day for a piston fan to see sheed leave and the intos will not be the same with out sheed dancing and getting the crowd into the game but I do know when sheed comes back to the palace I will be there giving him a warm greeting. Wow I knew this was going to happen this year but now that it is in ik I can’t beleive it.

  2. not suprised

    not at all.sheed brought a lot to the Pistons but not he’s a Celtic. simple, he will win a champ and i think it will be awesome. plus my allegiance to this team waned after the mind bogglingly dumb chauncey trade. of all the players rip hamilton is my fav and the second he’s not a piston i dont care…i do love tay too and that goes ditoo for him

  3. VJ

    great post, nat. you have put into words my expression completely.

  4. A Pistons fan

    Natalie just change the name of the website, you are too worried about your “identity.” It would be very simple if you get a redirect link when someone types in need4sheed….
    I have no need 4 sheed anymore. He was the reason why we lost in 2005… its your website…but thats just my 2c

  5. kris

    thanks sheed for bring back a ring and trophy to detroit after 13 long years…good luck in boston..u will be missed…for the good things u did for us..and some for the bad things, altho bad..but it made me smile in some way thinking, sheed is sheed…ur an animal and i mean that in a good way…i know the last 2 years, maybe 3 years u ddnt seem happy with being a piston…do i blame u, i cant say i do but i cant say i dont…comes with the territory…and like i said sheed is go enjoy ur 2 years in boston…but for now and forever


  6. Shawn

    I love sheed, he reminded me of one of my favorite big men of all time: Dennis Rodman. But I completely understand that we had to part our separate ways, its really gonna be better for both sides.

    But I’m definitely glad that you’ll be keeping the site’s name, cause it really is a symbol of the pistons

  7. Natalie Sitto

    I know how to redirect a link…I have no need4sheed as a Pistons fan…but what does the word Google have to do with a web search?

    It’s a name, the content is still the same. If it stops you from coning here I understand but for right now I’m not changing it.

  8. Andy

    Sheed is a greatvplayer but not what the pistons need. As in a 6’11 big man who loves to sit way outside the paint. I remember one of his better games I was able to see (I’m from Boston but not a celtics fan, born in Detroit). He played in the paint for once an had a great game. That’s where he should be but his mind is on the three ball. See you at a game sheed shooting the three. GO DETROIT!

  9. El Patron Himself (Accept no Imitations!)

    I have plenty of things to thank Need4Sheed for, in particular 3:

    1. Giving me a highlight as a sports fan when I christened Maxiell’s block as THE BIG DENIAL
    2. Making me even more notorious after that collaboration whose result was LeBRON JAMES’iPOD LIST… which made me (with Nat’s blessing) a charter member of the N4S Hall of Fame!!!!

    3. It gave me a chance to meet an amazing Pistons fan and an even more amazing person in Natalie Sitto. So, thanks Rasheed Wallace for not only giving me another reason to rejoice as a DIEHARD PISTONS FAN but also for giving me a GREAT FRIEND!!!

    Having said that,

    I couldn’t care less about the site’s name. I think Natalie has proven time and again that she’s a PISTONS FAN first and a Sheed follower second. Heck, she’s become the unofficial official voice of Pistons fans around the world. The site has always been about highlighting the PISTONS and, again, its loyal unconditional fans. This is the only place on the internet (outside of my personal outlets) where I make public posts because of the people that post here.

    The name is IRRELEVANT AT THIS POINT. Sheed is as much a part of Piston history as, say, Chauncey Billups. That can’t be changed. He’s moved on to what for him are greener pastures (no pun intended) and that’s that. Those of us who bleed Piston red, white, and blue, we’ll keep the site alive and running. For me, this site IS what Pistons fans are all about… and we should remember this and never, EVER question Natalie’s allegiances!!!!

  10. Richie

    Players are short term, teams are long term.

  11. SwiftyCG

    Sheed maybe tries like 10% of the time. Thats what I hated about him.

  12. Natalie Sitto

    And this is why I cherish this website. Pistons fans are truly a Family. I’m choked up.

  13. Richie

    Agreed. Nat’s been consistant about that for a long time, and it irks me that people try to tell HER what to do with HER site.

  14. Richie

    Their games were very different, but they were equally misunderstood.

  15. Sleepy Crayfish

    Nothing wrong with keeping the name, and even the picture. As you’ve said on numerous occassions, there will ALWAYS be a Need for Sheed. He made his mark on the Pistons franchise, and will always be remembered as an integral part of this era. Players come and go, but memories last forever. D’awww… that was sappy.

  16. Mike

    Very very well written. This is why I, and many people come to this site on a daily basis for the past few years. Through the good and the bad. Now, I love Rasheed. I will follow him to Boston. While I am still a Pistons fan at heart, I will root for Boston to win the title as long as Sheed is there and Detroit is not contending.

  17. dandresden

    im kinda sad to see sheed go, but its a relief as well, your article totally summed it up especially the part about his techs, i think every pistons fan is familiar with that lil ritual. so long sheed, hope the celtics tank though next year.

  18. Ken

    I wouldn’t be mad if he went to Orlando, but the fact he went to Boston makes me mad!!!

  19. mannie32

    sheed will always be one of my fave power forwards of all time.. i lose no respect for him, though i’m disappointed he chose the celtics, who i hate, over the spurs, who i respect
    but it was time for him to leave detroit, and i don’t say that in any bad way… i liked him here, the entire time… but he should be on a contendor, not an up and coming team… i welcome gordon and charlie v

    as for the website name, obviously it’s your choice… but i think an eventual change in the name to a more detroit-neutral name (like detroitbadboys did)is needed

  20. Natalie Sitto

    “D’awww… that was sappy.”

    But so True…

  21. Natalie Sitto

    Thanks Mike..and you’re right. I wouldn’t mind to see him win another Ship and I will be watching but just wont root for Boston. Sheed I will.

  22. mannie32

    man i’m really going to miss the dancing circle thing though, damn!

    only thing i won’t miss was the constant nervousness of when sheed was going to be suspended a game b/c of too many techs… rip is the only plahyer left that gets a lot of techs, but with him im not worried about him getting 16

  23. Richie

    Points 1 and 2 are more bragging than thanking.

  24. Colton Keck

    It;s a shame that where going to see sheed get his second ring and not retire red white and blue . Fuck Joe D , And fuck all you ungrateful fans for forgetting all that sheed did for us instead of what he didnt do!

  25. Natalie Sitto

    Don’t worry I have plenty names Banked…Nothing has quite clicked with me though. Kind of like a good pair of shoes…gotta break em in.

  26. Richie

    Rasheed has always been too good for his own good. His talent has always contradicted his personality which has cast him as the villian. His knowledge of the game has been higher than that of most ref’s for many years and that has gotten him in trouble. He has too much love for the game the way it used to be, before cheap fowl calls and floppers roamed the earth. Good luck in Boston, Rasheed- I’ll miss the talent and the personality, but not the temper.

  27. TDP


  28. TDP

    What was DBB before DBB?

  29. thedukecapone

    I wish he wouldve went to the bobcats instead of the celtics. I dont think they are going to win a championship (the team is just too old) with the lakers getting ron artest and I really hope they dont. Call me selfish but id rather have him win only one championship here in detroit rather than having him win one with us and one with the celtics.

  30. Natalie Sitto

    Nothing…it was always DBB. I think Mannie is just trying to say that the site should have a more Detroit based name like DBB.

  31. A Pistons fan

    I am by no means “trying to tell her what to do.” Its a suggestion, I’ve been a big fan of this site for a while now, I visit it literally everyday… Thats why I stated its her sit she can do what she wants. Most owners of anything are open to suggestions, its obviously her choice. I’m just giving my perspective. This is a great site, but in MY OPINION it would be nice to see the name change because I have been to please with Sheed after we won the championship..

  32. Shane from STL

    Coming from a city without an NBA team, I adopted the Detroit Pistons a hanful of years ago because I fell in love with their hard-hat style of play and awesome defensive game. It was actually Ben Wallace that personified Pistons basketball and made me a Pistons fan. When the Pistons brough in Sheed, I thought of his past antics but knew we were getting a real talent.

    After the championship, Rasheed Wallace developed into one of those larger than life sports figures to me. From his antics on the court to his quotes off the court, all capped off by his performance on the court (like clutch three pointers that make you forget about all the techs), the man was an absolute pleasure to watch.

    Being from St. Louis, I only get to watch about 15 Pistons games each year, but this blog provided an awesome way for me to keep up with the Pistons and Rasheed who will always be one of my favorite athletes of all time. I’ll always be a Pistons fan first and foremost, but Rasheed will always be one of my favorite athletes.

    Natalie, I’m glad you’re keeping the blog and I look forward to continuing to get all of my Pistons news right here.

    Maybe, just maybe, there will be a Need4CharlieV site around the corner after the next Pistons championship. 😉

  33. mannie32

    Cool. I hear ya. I’ll still be hitting up this site on the regular regardless. Just hope I don’t see too many Celtics fans raiding the site thinking it’s more of a sheed site than a pistons one.

  34. mannie32

    ungrateful fans… did u just say those words after saying fuck Joe D??? haha the irony

  35. mobius909

    this oughtta be interesting…

    um, wheres our center? C’MON JOE!!!!!!

  36. mobius909

    oh, and as always… GREAT WORK NAT!

  37. Jacob Pillis

    Great and very well put article. I too am sad to see Sheed go but wish him the best. Just as Natalie said I will most definitely root for Sheed, but NOT for the Celtics. Eventually in this day and age of sports, players leave teams often for a variety of reasons. Personally I think both Sheed and the organization felt it was time to move on and I think it was good for both parties. This organization is clearly trying to become younger and build up some talent and I think both Rip and Tay will soon (1-2 years if not less) join Sheed as former Pistons. This doesn’t mean we as fans should be upset with the players or the organization as sometimes it simply comes down to business and/or inevitably trying to get younger.

    As for you posters calling for changing the name of the site PLEASE RELAX. This is a fantastic website and there is no reason to be sour about it being named after a player who helped The Pistons win a ‘ship. Natalie has worked her ass off on this blog for quite a few years simply out of her love of The Pistons and it is HER DECISION regarding the name. I’ve been an almost daily visitor to this site for the last 3 years and on more than one occasion Natalie has stated her extremely logical reasons for keeping the name. No matter when or where the NBA progresses to in the future, and no matter what color uni Mr. Wallace wears there will always be a Need4sheed in this league and always a need for the great writing posted on this site. So long Rasheed, it was certainly fun while it lasted, and as for The Pistons I’m excited for a new era of DEETROIT BASKETBALL Go Pistons.

  38. Ryan

    Nicely written, Natalie!

    Sheed was a huge part of this team, from the time we acquired him in ’04 to help us win the championship to the time of his departure. His antics were great (except for the T’s) and I love his personality. He brought a lot of swagger to this team and we’ll miss him for all the good he’s done.

    Hopefully this post will have the questions stop about changing the site name. And I can’t believe anyone would ever think you would become a fan of the Celtics! That’s pure insanity there!

    I love the “Need4Sheed” blog, keep up the great work. A lot of the insider info seems to come together here, which is a huge plus. I love to read about the Pistons, and I love this site. Without the site, too, and its contests, I wouldn’t have been able to be within touching distance of George Blaha!

    Thank you Natalie, for all you do!

  39. gMac

    It’s amazing how we hear all these teams pushing to get Sheed. YET, no one is aggressively trying to get Dyess!

    Any team who needs sheed could definitely use a little Dyess and probably will be better off with him.

    I rather see Dyess get signed with a good team and get his ring.

  40. dude

    Let’s face it: Sheed in Boston is far better than him being in Cleveland…

  41. Ben

    I’ve come to this site during this whole past season, I never once had the thought this was a sheed site you could always feel the love for the PISTONS.

  42. N1ck

    A big thanks to Sheed for all the good times and hoping he’ll be sorry even as soon as the next season. 😉 And big thanks to Natalie for making this page a resort for all the Pistons fans out there. Greetings from Croatia. And I can’t wait till the start of the new season. We’ll be great.

  43. jkuesta!

    luv you Nat!…sheed or no sheed, i’ll die red/white/blue with ya. Go Deeeeeeeetroit! it’s not a ‘need4sheed’…but a ‘need4theD”!

  44. Ismi Persson

    I Luv Sheed…And I Luv U Nat…
    This is Time for A Change..Time to MOve On….

  45. Lance

    Sheed going to Boston isn’t nearly one of the bigger moves that was made so far in this offseason. The good and the bad, we all loved and hated Sheed. The fact is that the core of the Pistons couldn’t run with the hunters in the East year after year. We all have the same thoughts; “they could have beat San Antonio, Miami, Cleveland, Boston, etc.” But they didn’t. Piece by piece the 04′ team was dismantled. My first thoughts were..where did the bench go? Okur? Corliss? Really? You didn’t keep those guys! They shouldn’t have let Larry Brown go, despite the drama. Ben Wallace was sluggish and getting old just like Rasheed (Chauncey in a couple years). Wherever Sheed went didn’t surprise me, I think we became immune to it whenever Ben Wallace went to a rival. We all support our Pistons wherever they go..I even still loved Isaiah when the Knicks drama was going on. I think I’ve become more of a Denver fan now that Chauncey is over there and this Pistons team is STILL looking for an identity.

    Joe D better have a good plan this time. I feel like I’ve been duped over the years when we started signing more aging stars at the end of their careers. While that formula worked with our core players, it’s unfortunate that only one player (McDyess) has worked out and we’ve done nothing to return the favor. From Chris Webber, to former 1st picks Kwame (I know, not a star and still with the team) & Iverson..are the Pistons finally starting to take the right steps going for younger blue collar players now? Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva hardly seem like pieces to a championship picture. Especially since the marquee players are going to championship contending teams. I hope Joe D gets it right this time. I spend a lot of money on my VIP courtside season tickets and I really don’t want them to go to waste in a 1st round sweep again.

    By the way, you shouldn’t change your site name. If you do, what do you think about Need4JoeD? He’s not going anywhere..atleast not unless he makes a worse move than the Iverson-Chauncey deal.

  46. Amer ican Prince

    Amazingly worded and the perfect sentiment. Love this site just the way it is. And love you for giving this site to us. Thanks to Sheed love you man, you and Dyess were my favorite Pistons, hate to see you go, and I just hope we left as lasting an impression on you as you did on us. And I know you’re going to be a Celtic but if at all possible can you not enjoy it? Please? for me? and all your loyal Sheed fans?

  47. Diogenes

    Don’t change the name. Sheed was a Piston – a champion. What if this site came out in 89 (I know – an anachronism) and was called Need4Worm (Censor your comments in response please)? Rodman was no Bad Boy? He was a Bad Boy. Sheed is a a very good basketball player but he is a really neat individual, a good man. You will never hear that he was a toxin in the locker room the way you hear of Zach Randolf. You will never see him try to pad his stats like Ricky Davis (that was his name right?). Long live Need4Sheed!

  48. KleenGee

    Great post about Sheed Nat.

    I would wish Sheed “good luck,” but the green team is the enemy.

    Now, let’s get back to business. Mr. Dumars: please trade for a veteran center!

  49. Travis

    Anywhere but boston…i hate the celts. Orlando, even spurs would have be fine, but boston?
    Hey if we get laimbeer as our coach, change the name of the site to “THE” Or no, this is a good one: “” ……maybe not.

  50. The Real

    good shit natalie, thats a nice pic of you and the larry obrien, but i think villanueva will more than fill in… 🙂

  51. Fariduddin

    well said Nat! hate that he is gone and i wish him the best. Sheed is a talented player.. and watching him and Kevin is just good basketball! i still can’t stand Paul P. and the Celtics!

  52. Fartyboy

    Natalie is hot! I knew it! I win a prize!

  53. Janet

    I will miss Sheed…. it was a great run with him here.

    I still will cheer for Detroit no matter who wears the Piston colors.

  54. Walter

    Heh, this is the first place I even thought of coming when I heard about the trade. Not ESPN where I heard it first. I popped in before their douchey writer was permitted into my noggin. Glad you’re gonna stay true!

  55. Mark

    I have a Detroit Basketball warm up jersey with the number 36 and the name “Sheed” on the back, and I will continue to wear it because, like Natalie once said, Sheed is not a player but a state of mind for the Pistons fans. Thanks for all the great times and for 2004, Mr. Wallace. Oh, and yes I too will continue to hate the Celtics.

  56. Detroitfan095

    im gunnabe really mad if at the palace. the fans boo sheed when they announce his name. booing ben wallet is fine cuz he left but rasheed was never offered anything from us so he shouldnt get booed. he was my favorite piston and im gunna miss him now.

  57. Robert

    Amen to that.

  58. Pistons4ever

    Up here in Canada, I’m a die hard Pistons fan, and really Sheed left his mark on the team for the last half a dozen years, you could tell he was the glue connecting all the players. I feel sad and bad that he had to move on, anytime I will see him on the court, I’ll start looking for Rip , Prince and the rest of the lineup. On the positive side, at least, he didn’t sign with the Cavs. Pistons4ever

  59. NYPistonsfan

    I will definitely miss Sheed on the D, he’s been the backbone of this team since he got here! Many Piston fans have been calling to ‘blow it up’ for several years now, I think that has now been accomplished. I think rebuilding is gonna be tougher than most think, besides a ‘decent’ Head Coach, we still need at least 1 more piece to the puzzle…As far as Rasheed goes, I hope that the Celtic signing is only a rumor…Of all teams, not them! They’ve been our arch enemy since the ‘3 amigo’ inception. Boston only wants him short term (1 yr deal/complementary role), win a ‘Ship’ and throw him away. I was hoping he would go to Orlando. At least there he would start, he could share his ‘knowledge’ while developing the younger players, maybe even move into a coaching role in the near future…Anyplace, just not Boston!

  60. hoopsdood32

    I will try to keep this short.
    I have been a die hard Pistons fan ever since Sheed came to Detroit. I am VERY sad to see him leave. It hurts even more since he’s going to the Celtics, which is a team I hate very much. I am glad he made a decision to move on in his career, but I personally would have MUCH rather see him retire.

    All good things must come to an end.

    Thank you, Sheed. I will miss you.

    Chauncey (my favourite player) and Sheed are both out. Im thinking McDyess will go soon. I really hope Prince and Rip finish their careers here.
    It gives me goosebumps seeing the Bad Boys II get separated. I lose sleep wondering about JD’s next moves.

  61. Chih

    Go Pistons!

  62. Tom

    Damn, it’s pity. Dirty 30 was my favourite.

  63. Jayborne

    I can’t really see anyone missing Sheed. He came here and did what we got him to do. He let the team down just as much as he propped it up. Maybe it’s my nature as the emotionally detached fan, but I don’t think I’ll ever spend time reminiscing about Sheed in a Pistons uni.

    Say what you want about me, but I’ve been a KG fan since 1999, so I’m rooting for the Celtics to win the championship this year.

  64. Vivee

    Love Sheed…i wish him the best until he plays against the pistons. Nothing lasts forever. Good luck to Sheed and his family. I like the direction that Joe is taking. We need new blood. You dont have to change the name. My best memory of Need4Sheed was the petition to stern. Need4Sheed is more about the pistons than just sheed. The name is great.

  65. Isaac

    Nat, a Celtics fan? yea right

    Screw Sheed by the way…he’s the enemy now

  66. perkisabeast

    When I was a kid I wanted to stab Bill Laimbeer with a kitchen knife. My father always said, “You’d love him if he were a Celtic.”

    We can finally see if that theory holds water. Take heart in the fact that the Det/Bos rivalry is on hold until your team builds itself back up. We’re the most badass team in the NBA.


    All you people on here might as well cheer for the Celtics. The Pistons are just a franchise full of failure. Rasheed comes over to the best franchise in the NBA. He is coming to a place of history, winning, and pride. He knows he can win in Boston, which is alot better than what he could do in Detroit. Who wants to be on a team that comes up short every year? You might as well change the colors on this site to green because SHEED IS IN GREEN. Just make this a celtics blog, that would be the easist thing to do. All you pistons fans try to act like your such loyal fans but I gurantee the Palace won’t sell out every game. Anyways thanks for making Sheed want to leave Detroit. I will thank you again the night we raise banner EIGHTTTTTTTEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Shane O

    He is well gonna be missed… Don’t change the site, if people don’t know by now about it they have got their head in the dirt. The site even shows up on Canadian Google searches. Keep up the good work…

    Shane O Montreal, Quebec

  69. Amer ican Prince

    look i know boston fans are bandwagoners who change teams when their team is losing, but sorry Detroit has loyalty. Okay sunshine? We wish Sheed luck, but sorry this will not be a celtics blog, but I do think its cool that you think that highly of Natalie to want her. She’s awesome.

  70. KleenGee

    who invited the celtics fans? Sorry folks, loving the Pistons is required here.

  71. KleenGee

    we all felt the same way about Bird, McHale,…

  72. Joshua Blue

    I grew up a sixer fan back in the early 80’s (the doctor). being an army brat, my default was always michigan teams (family is from there), so when the sixers tried to tarde dr j to utah, i started to follow the pistons, even though my favorite player was the erving. this was before the bad boys had actually become the bad boys, mind you.

    i had a lot of guys i liked as a kid. there has only been one player i loved as an adult – rasheed wallace

    now, growing up a sixer fan and a pistons fan, there was one team i hated more than anyone else in the nba: the boston celtics. hate them. hate them like i hate the yankees. hate them like i hate notre dame football. hate them like i hate claude lemieux.

    last year, me and my wife (celtics fan), moved to…boston. now, as a red sox fan (and not a bandwagon fan…been one since 85), this was awesome. but being around all these celtics fans…unbeasrable. especially after winning the championship.

    this for me is about as painful as letting claude lemieux have sex with my wife. it’s as painful as wtaching big opapi go to the yanks. it’s like watching kordell stewart throw the only meaninful pass in his life against michigan

    i cant find the heart to hate sheed. business is business. wish he could have gone anywhere but boston. i told my wife there was no way id be going to the Garden the next two years. if the celts were on the televsion, id be leaving the room. i never ever want to see sheed in green. unless someehow he wins Augusta

    this is just a plain old awful day from hell. i feel the need, the need for….kneecapping danny ainge

    F*** this day

  73. Edna

    Change the name of the site, please…

  74. Joshua Blue

    fuck you. this is the shit i deal with daily. hey, fucknuts: just like the red sox and the yankees here….what the hell have the celts done in the past 25 years? 1 championship. pistons? 3

    id slap you, but i dont want to make the effort. slap yourself

    (sorry if cursing is verbotten here.)

  75. KleenGee

    duh…Sheed was part of the team that came up short every year.
    So was Chauncey, and his team this year…came up short.
    Next year, Sheed’s team will again… come up short.

    “Comin up short” reminds me of when the Bad Boys put the C’s in there place. That was the first of the “comin up short” years for the celtics (wasn’t that 2 decades of comin up short?)

    Who will replace pierce if he gets injured? NOT a deep position there on the C’s bench,

    What about at point? You have a shot-putting, point guard, who’s not a versatile scorer and playmaker like Stuckey. Besides, your GM doesn’t even have faith in your point guard; he want’s to trade him.

  76. KleenGee

    Maxiell would eat Perkins

  77. The Real

    lmao boston just signs all old scrubby players, the only player they have thats not weak or washed up is bill walker, best of luck to sheed but boston still isnt going anywhere this year!

  78. Big Al

    We all knew this day was coming, sooner than later, Natalie. Rasheed will have a legit shot at another title in Boston, which means he may play like the Sheed we loved here in the D, the 04-05 version. Beantown is a good fit.

    I both loved and loathed Sheed. He put the 04 Pistons over the top, they don’t have their 3rd title without him. Same for the run of ECF appearances. For that alone, Sheed will be remembered fondly.

    But the drama, the unnecessary techs, the floating at the 3 point line, the gut feeling he was somehow wasting his immense talent, leaving Horry wide open in the 05 Finals…well, Sheed had virtually burned off all the goodwill generated by the 04 title.

    So thanks for the ALL good memories, Sheed, but don’t let the door hit you in the ass. In other words, it was time for Rasheed Wallace to move on, for the sake of both Sheed, and the Detroit Pistons.

    As for the N4S, all I can say is I’m glad I used a retired coaches name as part of the title of my blog. Wayne Fontes will always be a Lion, for better and worse. The title will never become an issue. If it were me, at the very least, I’d contemplate a name change. This is a Pistons blog!

    But do what you feel is best, Nat.

  79. Jusitn

    We all knew this day would come. Sheed wouldn’t be a part of the Pistons forever. That being said what brought me to this website in the first place was the name. I was intrigued by Sheed. I didn’t know him too well. Although I knew of his antics. This blog had been about the Pistons primarily but Sheed secondary. I have learned more about Sheed behind the scenes from this blog then I would have otherwise. But Natalie after the initial visit to this site, to me the site became less about the subject and more about the writer/designer. Your cartoons and screen savers and photo edits (I don’t know what that’s called) have kept me here. Your sense of humor, the matter of fact way that you speak through each post shows me and everyone else that you are a true Pistons fan. Thank you for all of that.

    But to the people giving you a hard time about the name they need to take a step back. As crazy as this sounds it’s almost like you need a little time to grieve. NEED4SHEED has been a apart of your life. Like you said it’s no longer Natalie Sitto it’s Natalie from NEED4SHEED. It takes a little time to process that. You can’t just switch it at the drop of a hat. Not when you are so connected to it. But I will tell you Natalie whatever name you decide to use whether it’s NEED4SHEED2LEAVE or NONEED4SHEED or anything like that I will continue to come here and hang out with you and all the other Pistons fans.

  80. Bonesy

    haha! yes!

  81. another piston fan

    shut up please.

  82. DeeKay

    You said-“I will NOT chance this website nor my allegiance to the Detroit Pistons” — its supposed to be CHANGE, not “chance”

  83. Davi Alexander

    Natalie, I discovered this website a couple years ago and after that, was a daily basis.

    1 – email
    2 – nba
    3 –

    After a couple months, number 3 became number 2 and last year I was totally amazed with myself that number 3 became number 1. I check need4sheed before ANYTHING else in my life…

    The fact that the website is pro and amateur at the same time creates a big identity, the pictures, wallpapers and analysis are critic but always seeing our team first, which is something the world doesn´t do it so often, maybe because we are THAT BAD.

    Cheering for celtics? Never, cheering for Rasheed, always, the attitude is one the fewest in the league, a remainder of the eighties…

    Natalie, keep it up, we will always be here.
    TX Rasheed!!!! Detroit Pistons family, Gordon attack!!!

  84. DD3

    I definitely appreciate everything Sheed has done. But I am one of the few fans that saw the potential in Memo & when we signed Sheed, losing Memo was the beginning of the end. Joe made a lot of clever moves to get that ring in 04 but he also gave up so much. He basically made us old over night. Passing on Melo, letting Memo walk in favor of Sheed picking up Dyess well past his prime. True we were a great team for a lot of years, but we all had to watch as the other teams built around their young stars. Teams like Orl, Cle, Den, NO, Por. All went from irrelevant to contenders in a few short years. Now we’re on this youth movement. Joe is just trying to grab players & rebuild the team the way he did in 2001-2003. A bunch of cast offs with p[otential. But the problem is, you just can’t win that way anymore. We have NO team leader. No Big Ben leading with inspired play, no Sheed leading with his incredible passion & swagger, no Billups leading by example & calming everyone down. Rip & Tay will always be 2nd-4th fiddles. Stuckey is NOT A PG & the rest of the players are too young or not talented enough to lead a team. Sheed is just the sign of the end of an error. The ship has sunk & us along with it. I do not have faith in Joe D. So far every move he made last season, has come back to bite us in the ass & we’re paying for it. No coach, no stars, no ring for the foreseeable future. I am Detroit til I die, but I don’t think I can sit through a full season of Gordon & Charlie chucking up shots while Bynum Afflalo & Stuckey are forced to watch & let it happen. So long Sheed, enjoy 1 last shot at ring before it’s all said & done. Thanks for the memories!

  85. KleenGee

    I hope that the site becomes an archival site.

  86. boomann

    I came up with a few names. WinwithBen, NarleyforCharlie or LuckyforStuckey. You can use any of these free of charge.

  87. Jusitn

    Ha I didn’t realize that I started out my comment with the same thing as you did. I didn’t mean to. I guess I should have read through all of the comments before I commented.

  88. Freshprince91

    Wow the championship team of 04 is finally broken up!! 🙁 so many great memories, and so many bad ones. The only one left is Tay because there are rumors going around that Rip might get traded for Boozer. Hey Natalie i saw u crossed everybody(Sheed,Amir,A.I.,and Curry) what about Walter Herrmaan?? anyways on a good note its time for a NEW AND YOUNG ERA OF DETROOOOOOOOOOOOOIIIIITTTTT BAAAAAAASSSSSKKKKEEETTTT BAAAAAAAAALLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. Jusitn

    For many years now they had the mix just right for the Pistons. They had the right coach, the right amount of veteran experience and veteran bumps on a log with a few young player added in. But last season will forever be known as the season that changed everything. Mr. D passing away just added to everything. The Pistons are reeling right now. Yeah they ship off Rip to Utah for a brittle Boozer. Yes they bring in a few young player hoping to re-energize the team. They are even bringing in a new coach. But what kind of team are they going to form? A strong defensive first mentality that we have been used to? If that’s the case how are CV and BG going to fit in with that? I just hope that when all is said and done that the trust that we have placed in Joe D through the years continues to produce dividends for us fans.

  90. Craig

    I wouldn’t change it – look at – the relationship between commenters and bloggers is about community and there’s a great one right here. Keep the name.

  91. Chris

    good and you shouldnt dont listen to this guy i love the name

  92. Chris

    fuck Joe D?
    hes tryin to help us bring another banner in Detroit by making these moves, how come you or no one else can realize this???
    and Joe D’s a Piston legend
    you should be banned from this site


    You pistons fans may be some of the most ridiculous fans in sports. Its one thing when they yankees fans talk smack because they have CHAMPIONSHIPS to back it up. Its another when a PIECE OF SHIT FRANCHISE like the pistons talk shit. I will reply to the guy who said we change teams when the celtics are losing? If I remember right we are the winningest franchise in the NBA. And also if I remember right when we were losing the Garden was still packed every night. The guy who mentioned the last 25 years is a joke. I dont even need to reply but all I need to say is 17.. figure it out from there. And BTW if you look at you girl natalie’s article she is a Celtics fan. She say’s she will NEVER, ever ever, NEVER be a Celtics fan. If your smart enough you will realize that means she always be a Celtics fan. So i suggest revising that. And what if pierce gets hurt? Every team in the NBA would be hurt if there best player got hurt. Thats like saying the Cavs would be bad without Lebron. Its obvious, you just have to hope to stay healthy. If we need to we can put Scal in there who started multiple games for KG last year and did a good job doing it.

  94. Dorian

    Hey Natalie, I’ve been a fan of the blog for about 2 years, and I love it! You perfectly summed up how Pistons fans should feel about Sheed. Thanx for the trophy, we wish him luck, and I’ll be rooting for him, too. But I will NEVER root for that team… EVER. All true Pistons fans have hated Boston since ’86, and we LOVED watching them struggle before the ‘big 3’. And just think, ‘Sheed is gonna look terrible in that UGLY GREEN… with a green sweatband? UHHHGGGG!

  95. Baptiste

    I’m so happy you don’t delete the blog ! I’ve been a fan for years and years !
    I’m French, and in France, it’s difficult to find a good website about DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETROIT Basketball ! And this blog is really perfect !

  96. brs197

    There’s no way you should change the name of the site. Keep up the reporting of all things Pistons but what’s wrong with posting a funny quote from Sheed or when he posts a double double or gets too many techs. Even though he has changed teams, I would still be interested in reading about him. I too will miss Sheed’s personality and will be rooting for him. My hatred of Boston will remain the same.

  97. Natalie Sitto

    All the love today is making me a little misty.


  98. colton keck

    haha yeah its all about joe , but mark did as much for us in the champion run , and every one makes lambier a hero when he was a bad boy thats it , sheed did twice the shit he did but since its a different era sheed being a bad boy makes him a bad teammate , doesnt make since .

  99. Ryan Collins

    Good point, Mannie. I don’t want Natalie to change the site name, but I also don’t want a bunch of obnoxious Celtics fans talking trash in the threads. hmm…

  100. Shaun

    haha agreed

  101. Trevor

    Think of all the names of Piston greats that have come and gone (even to different teams), but still have their place immortalized in red, white, and blue. If this site would have been dubbed “” in the early 90’s, I would hope it wouldn’t have been dropped to make room for a new era (unfortunately a decade of first-round exits). Names have their origins and that’s cool. 10 years from now, I will remember Sheed, Chauncey and Ben the same way I remember Zeke, Dennis, and the Microwave. The fact you have a name that is attributed to a player who was essential as that final piece of the puzzle to win a championship is perfect.

  102. The Fluidics

    I was at that Denver game, on the floor right behind the basket, and went BONKERS. That’ll be my lasting Sheed memory.

    Best of luck to you in Boston, I promise I won’t boo you when you come back to Detroit, but expect cheers either. I’m all Pistons.

  103. Vanalope

    Very well said Nat. 🙂

    Incidentally, I just started a new job today and turns out the guy sitting next to me is also I Pistons fan, one originally from Detroit. He was not aware however of the Sheed change, I told him which blog he should be reading for the latest in Pistons news. Guess what we talked about every time we had a break from training. 😉

  104. Natalie Sitto

    See…family follows you everywhere. Instant friends, I love it.

  105. Leif_32 RIP FAN 4 LIFE

    Poor sheed… to think that he has to wear the ugly green and white.. with that ugly midget thing as the team mascot.. (i know its a leprechaun) i just want to be harsh :p. Thank you sheed, for everything you have done for the pistons.. my lasting sheed memory will always be the 3/4 of the court buzzer beater to send it into overtime… I miss that night so much. Me and my dad were going crazy!

    Best of luck to you sheed.. (BUT NOT TO YOUR TEAM!!)

  106. WILL frm Tn

    AWW NATALIE! ive been faithful to this website for almost 4 yrs and i’ve never saw how u look before, ur so beautiful… love ya smile 😉

  107. junior

    sense? u mean

  108. Wade

    Well thanks for all the guaransheeds sheed. Your dancing will never be missed either will your three point shots or when you score you strut back down the court like your on top of the world.When he went behind reggie miller will always be a fan favorite along with the championship belts that I admire to this day.Or when he hit the big shot, to bring the Piston>Denver game to overtime, i was watching that and I will admit when he shot that I screamed like a girl when it bounced off the backboard and went in.These memories wont be forgoten and either will sheed.Now there really is a NEED 4 SHEED in mowtown.


  109. Wade

    OH BTW, lets get WILL THE THRILL BYNUM in the middle dancing pregame.I say he gets a headband like sheeds and start doing his thing in the middle@

  110. John

    Very well said natalie, i have lived in Michigan my entire life and have always been a fan of the pistons, then when sheed came along thats when i REALLY started to follow them. He was the heart of the franchise, he got us over the hill, i will miss his pre-game rituals, his excessive t’s, (which i know people didnt care for, but hey, it showed he cared for the game) and his clutch moments, and also his guarantees off the court. I will cheer for him in Boston, but not Boston itself. He could of went ne where else though, except Cleveland, Chicago, LAL, or San Antonio.

  111. KleenGee

    It’s a losing battle trying to preach about the Celtics here.

    Anyway, since your getting all technical about Natalie’s grammmar, I’ll get technical about basketball, which is the purpose of this blog. “Scal” started multiple games, because Garnett and his replacement, Powe were both injured.

    Correct, Boston did do well with one of their star players injured. I thought Houston did an amazing job with 2 of their franchise players injured. regardless, they both didn’t win.

    This leads to why the fans here love Detroit Basketball: it’s blue collar, team oriented, led by one of the classiest Pres. of Basketball Ops guys.

    Now go find your own green blog (and you might want to inspect their grammar)

  112. Richie

    Very nice sentiment.

  113. Detroitallaround

    I wouldn’t trade Rip. If he goes Tayshaun will be the only one left of the ’04 championship team. We need experience and youth all together. Boozer might be a good scorer, but he is bad in defense and gets hurt way too easily. This will be a horrible trade. What Detroit really needs is a trade for a very good center. Keep Rip, Ben, CV, Tay, and the first and second pick of the draft; get Dyess; and trade for a very good enter. Than we have a chance for a title. Becuase if we dont get a big and good center. Than we cant beat Cleveland with Shag, or Orlando with Dwight, or Boston with Garnett and Sheed.

  114. Detroitallaround

    I hope that hamstring injury he had during the playoffs has no effect on Ben Gordon as a Piston.

  115. Tim*

    Nat, I see no reason to change the name. Sheed is the one leaving, not you. I look forward to his antics in Boston. I think he’ll be rejuvinated with their high calibur team. It’ll just sting a bit that he’s not in a Piston’s uniform.

    On a completely non-technical note (pun not intended), I already miss the Bad Boys 2.0. It was a short lived era, but I had great times watching those guys.

  116. Adam C

    I love the site Natalie … have loved it for a while now! I feel the same way about Sheed as I do Ben Wallace, ill be rooting for them but not from my Pistons seat. Thanks for the services Roscoe and keep up the great work Natalie. Deeeetroit!!

  117. Bonesy

    Very nice post, Natalie. Sheed will definitely be missed, atleast for his amazing personality.

  118. Bonesy

    If we keep that lineup, what are we going to offer to get a good center in return?

    Good centers in the NBA are few and far between these days. You have to offer your best to get a good center in return.

  119. RIP CITY

    That is pretty selfish.

  120. Rwalsh

    Natalie has the ” NEED4THE-D”
    Either way This site is top notch and definately a keeper! Keep up the great work!!!

  121. timmy g

    sorry for bieng rude or anything but you’re an abslute stunner natalie!

  122. timmy g

    (stunner meaning beautiful)

  123. Natalie Sitto

    Well thank you…and I wouldn’t say stunning at all but thanks for making me smile.

    I’m not one to put my pic up here (other than the toon) but holding that trophy meant the world to me and I wanted to share it with my fellow Pistons fans.

  124. Rosef

    Im a C’s fan and Im not trying to “get up all in your blog” but well written article. We never hated sheed down here and we welcome him with open arms. I Got respect for prince and chauncy as well. Good luck with the season. As long as cleveland and Orlando implode this year we all good. ps your kinda fine girl.

  125. chelle

    Nat u r my girl! Dnt change a thing! I too bleed red white and piston blue. I luv Sheed and it gonna kill me to c him n green. Just like it killed me to c BIG BEN and Chauncey go. Best of luck to you Sheed. Gonna miss your swag!

  126. TC

    Laker fan that is a huge hoops fan and have checked out this site from time to time; well written Natalie – this site is a great example of a great fan site and I don’t doubt that your role as owner of this site has become a large part of your identity; Need4Sheed is a great name for a site and obviously you’re a Detroit fan. Anyway, I’ll still check out this site coz it’s fantastic. Best wishes!



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