Doug Collins says no to the Pistons

by | Jul 2, 2009 | 55 comments

Doug Collins told late Wednesday night that he talked to Pistons president  Joe Dumars and thanked him for the consideration, but would remain an analyst for TNT.

That leaves Avery Johnson as the front runner.

“I had a great talk with Joe (Dumars) and I appreciate being considered for the job, but I’ve decided to take my name out of the running,” said Collins late Wednesday night. “I am honored to have been given the opportunity. I have great affection for the Davidson family (owner Karen and late husband William), great affection for the whole organization and for the fans in Detroit.

“At this time, however, I feel it’s best that I not pursue the job.” Via The Detroit News

Avery the new coach?

Thanks to team Need4Sheed member Joshua Polaczyk for the Video find.

A little laugh goes a long way.


  1. C-Quense

    Bad news for Detroit. Doug is a very good coach when he’s coaching young players.
    I hate this offseason so far.

  2. qhaz

    I think the FA signings scared him away….CV a starting PF? I won’t buy into that…

  3. gMac

    Ben Gordon needs no coach. Put him in the game, he will hog the ball. That’s our offense. He’s just a more skilled version of Will Bynum.

    Thank God Doug is out of the conversation. Why don’t we think about Jeff Van Gundy?

  4. Natalie Sitto

    Surprised I haven’t heard Van Gundy or Sam Mitchel’s name.

  5. The Fan

    I can’t believe we were actually considering bring Collin’s in. He’s overrated. However, a vast improvement over our last, he wouldn’t have been a good fit.

    Is Avery and Kuenster the only coaches out there worth considering?

  6. pistonpost

    From last year:

    “It was a very difficult decision to forego coaching for the next five years, but I enjoyed myself so much last year working with Mike (Breen) and Mark (Jackson), that I decided to make this long-term commitment to broadcasting with ESPN,” said Jeff Van Gundy.

    …thank GOD.

  7. Sleepy Crayfish

    This “ballhog” label doesn’t make any sense to me. Who exactly was Gordon supposed to be deferring to in Chicago? Luol Deng’s been mediocre (and injured) since the last Detroit-Chicago series, Joakim Noah and Tyrus Thomas have very limited offensive games, and Derrick Rose handled the ball arguably just as much if not more than Gordon last season. Sure I’ve seen Ben take some boneheaded shots from time to time, but I’ve also seen Chauncey base entire quarters around trying to get fouled on jumpers. The “ballhog” label simply doesn’t fly. You’re nitpicking. Besides, it’d be nice to see someone actually DO SOMETHING with the ball besides standing around at the top of the arc dribbling for 15 seconds like Stuckey and Prince.

  8. Natalie Sitto

    I know everyone wants Laimbeer but we did the rookie coach thing, had it been last year I may have been cool with it.

    Sam Mitchel is decent.

  9. Lori

    What are the pros and cons of Avery Johnson?

  10. qhaz

    Too bad we ruined it for Dave Cowens. He should have been the coach last year and we wouldn’t be here….

    He had a great relationship with Sheed too…

  11. dueschon mandick

    i think the pistons should make lamar odom their head coach, he’s a great coach. I think he wouldnt might coaching the pistons neither.

  12. Amer ican Prince

    Like Allen Iverson?

  13. gMac

    We have people standing around ONLY because we had MC who can’t coach!!!

  14. Robert

    Agreed that Cowens may have been a decent coach, but I think it’s time to quit basing hiring decisions on who gets along with who and who can keep the bad apples in check. Curry was supposed to have had the respect of the players, most noticeably ‘Sheed, but we see how that worked out.

  15. Amber

    Things just keep getting worse for Detroit.

  16. VJ

    HEY!! Flip Saunders hasn’t been hired yet, has he?

  17. Joshua

    Flip Saunders got hired to Washington.

  18. zkranc

    he’s with the Wizards now

  19. #1 Stuckey fan

    his commentating sucks too! lol

  20. #1 Stuckey fan

    i’m not sold on the whole Avery johnson bit, he failed in Dallas as the players really didn’t like him. He’s a tough headed coach, but most of the management there felt he went way to ooverboard with the way he was… Sam Mitchell would be good, I agree

  21. Marcell

    Minus Sheed, I think Flip could have done a fairly good job with this new group. Does anyone think Doug was just trying to make headlines and not really interested in the job in the first place?

  22. Ryan St. Onge

    I hope Avery Johnson becomes the coach. He coaches more like Larry Brown did, But the playoffs he wasn’t to good. But I just have a good feeling about this new pistons team.

  23. tdocs

    Ben Gordon’s 16.0 FG attempts per game comes in at 4 tenths of a shot per game more than our beloved Rip. Hard to see a ball hog in those numbers. Gordon’s .455 percentage is higher than Rip’s .447. So if you’re claiming this guy takes a lot of bad shots he must be one hell of a shooter to still knock them down at that clip.

    Please come up with a different irrational reason to hate any player the Pistons bring in, I know this board will come up with a few.

  24. juneyboy

    Very good pick up in Gordon and Villanueva. The team is laden with champions. Along with the NBA championshp Rip won, he, Villanueva and Gordon all won championsips at UConn. Even Stuckey won the state championship as a high-schooler in Washington. They all won these titles in 2004. Now they need to translate that same winning attitude and tenacious play as a unit to bring Detroit title no. 4.

  25. DFRAN

    hey hey hey gordan and villaneuva is a good pick up for the team sure they dont have a strong defense as they used too but their offensive game is gone way up and i think avery would be a good coach collins was noit cause he had problems with rip thats why rip got traded to us and i think avery shouyld be the perfect match

  26. Richie

    No way- Van Gundy’s commentating is awesome! He calls out the officials and other commentaters for the dumb things they religiously say and do.

  27. Richie

    I know it would be his first time coaching in the NBA, but given his playing and WNBA credentials, I don’t eaxctly consider him a rookie coach.

  28. Sebastian

    Was that all one sentence?

  29. Fariduddin

    same here.

  30. Richie

    I’d love to see Avery or Laimbeer.

  31. ben

    just imagine if joe would have accepted that trade for rondo and ray then the celtics would have prince rip and stuckey and if sheed does sign they would have 4 of our 5 starters on their team next year that would be some shit now wouldnt it

  32. juneyboy

    I would love to see Bill Laimbeer as the next Piston’s coach man. He’s a 2 times champion as a player and 3 times champion of a professional basketball team. However, if Joe is true to his word, in that he said that he wants an “experienced” head coach to lead the Pistons, then Avery or Van Gundy is the guy. Avery would be a good teacher for Stuckey while Laimbeer, as an assistant, could shore up the front line production.

    Now grant it, I feel a little apprehensive, but I still believe Laimbeer’s stint as an WNBA head coach should translate quite well in the NBA. I wouldn’t be mad at all if Laimbeer was tabbed as an assistant to Avery or whoever. That being said, Joe would take as much or more heat if the Pistons don’t improve if he hires another inexperienced head coach. Both Avery and Van Gundy have been there, they didn’t get the gold but they made it there to compete for it. Laimbeer not only got there, he took it, 3 times!!!

  33. DD3

    This is Great news! I think the team we have is good enough to get to the playoffs again & with Avery Johnson as head coach, he will get the best from our team. Laimbeer needs a season of NBA ball under his belt first. No doubt he’d make a great NBA coach someday but now is not the time to gamble on another rookie coach. Joe has steered the ship in a more positive direction. Laimbeer would be a great Assistant coach. Especially to work with our bigs. He was a tough guy, not very dominant but he had heart & a rugged chin. He can get Maxiel, CV, Kwame & who ever else we get at the PF/C position to play hard & play tough. Then next season, or even by trade deadline, we can dump Rip & get a young big man to go with our starting 5.

  34. samer

    every one would be a an improvment over curry

    even me

  35. RIP CITY

    What is this site going to be called next season?
    Or will it still hang on to the title, because then it would have to be a Celtics fan site.

  36. pistons4life

    sheed to the C’s. WOW, i wish him the best but please say it aint so

  37. Lawrence

    How about Avery Johnson as head coach and Bill Laimbeer can be his Assistant coach…don’t you think it would work…at least in the future, with the experience Laimbeer’s gonna have…he can be the Pistons future head coach…

  38. pistonsfan101

    Will Rasheed Wallace join forces with KG? The Celtics reportedly sent out the big three and more in courting the Pistons’ big man

  39. Amer ican Prince

    let me first say i am on board with hiring Avery Johnson that being said the only thing that concerns me is there is no Chauncey Billups buffer or ben wallace like there was with a hardhead like Larry Brown, with such a young team Avery might overpower the players. But like I said I am 100% on board with hiring him.

  40. Amer ican Prince

    Natalie has stated that the site will remain the same because even if he’s gone, the Need 4 a productive sheed or sheedlike entity will always be needed and appreciated.

  41. Amer ican Prince

    that would be an awesome team up in my opinion

  42. Wade

    Well sheeds joining the Celtics… kind of sucks going to see him doing his signature step back three in our eyes and he will probably will be mopping the floor with the pistons….well thanks for the memories sheed. GUARANSHEEDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    also cant ever forget about sheeds half court shot against denver a few years back and when he went behind reggie miller when reggie was announcing and was making them faces! GOT TO LOVE SHEED! ALWAYS WILL PISTON OR NOT!!!!

  43. Tim

    Are you kidding me? anybody that suggests van gundy is flat out dumb… he is constantly ragging on the pistons… watch any game on espn and it’s clear why he is not even being considered.

  44. Gay

    This really sucks! Joe D. why don’t you sign Sheed and try building off of Rip,Sheed,and Tay instead of Stuckey. Stuckey is a ball hog and he is no where near a point guard. Will Bynum is a point guard but he is not used enough, or is he still on the team. I sure would like to see the roster of the Pistons so I’ll know who’s still here and who’s not. As far as the coaching position, I like Avery Johnson too, and it’s not about keeping Sheed in check, it’s about the league keeping the referees’ in check. Sheed can’t help it if they call bad calls on him and he voices his opinion without cussing and then get called for a techical foul. Then Sheed might cuss behind the call. How many name brand players step in Crawfords face for a while, explaining their opinion about a call and not get a tech called on them. I feel Crawford HATES Sheed and I also feel that he can’t wait for him to open his mouth to give him a tech. He’s not the only ref that does that, but he does it the most. Sheed can just grin on a bad call ( which happened), and got a technical foul called on him. They need to change the NBA Official Association and get and hire a different one. Last, why is everyone stuck on Laimbeer being the coach or assistant coach? Let him stay right where he is. The reason they are looking at Johnson or Collins is because they probably come cheap! Sam Mitchell will cost the Pistons an arm and a leg! But Mitchell, I wouldn’t mind having as coach and Avery Johnson as assistant coach.

  45. Amer ican Prince

    It doesn’t surprise me I remember the look in Sheed’s eyes when we played the Celtics, he had that look like man I wish I was on your guys squad. With KG who he spent time with during the Allstar weekend and Doc Rivers and the whole umbutu thing. It wouldn’t surprise me if he went there. Just take Dyess there with you and get the man a ring for goodness sake. I’ll do anything to see Dyess get a ring even if I have to buy him one myself. haha.

  46. pistonsfan32

    we wont know if ben gordon will work out in detroit. what we DO KNOW is that we have finally gotten some revenge on the bulls for taking away Big Ben 3 years ago! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  47. melvin

    bring it on aj
    haha detroit basketballllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  48. ryan ricafort

    avery and laimbeer would be a great tandem. a defensive minded head and assistant coach. the D is back in the D.

  49. Diogenes

    One word – Pat Summit. Ok that’s two words but let’s give the gig to the first female NBA coach. What sayest thou now brown cow?

  50. qhaz

    Lakers get Artest for less then we get Villanueva….
    Can it get any uglier?

  51. Marcell

    I think Bill Laimbeer is the real target. Bill didn’t leave his coaching job for nothing. I think the Pistions love to play that game and keep everyone wondering. Perhaps they are interested in selling Laimbeer Jerseys? I would be floored if they pick Avery. He’d most likely do a fairly good job here.

  52. Ilovethisgame

    I think Joe Dumars has been exposed really. All these years of winning, fans thought he was the mastermind behind Detroit’s success. However, it was coaching that was the center piece of the Pistons. I believe that had we kept Saunders, even with Iverson, the team would have finished 4th in the conference.
    Pistons fans don’t deserve this pain, but Joe Dumars and all those others who called for Saunders to be fired deserve it. Plus overall the team isn’t that good, has no identity and most importantly, the Iverson-curse is gonna stick for a long time.

  53. Marcell

    I think Mr. D wanted him gone. Something about being loyal and not moving his family to Michigan I read. I really believe Bill has his bags packed for Vegas next week. Can’t believe they’d give such late notice to Avery.

  54. egold



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