Gordon and Villanueva – Meeting with Joe Dumars

by | Jul 1, 2009 | 72 comments

Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva are either on their way to the Palace or already there as I type.


  1. Sarah

    now if we could just trade Prince and sign David Lee than I think the Pistons could have a chance next year.


    Yes trade prince your f**kin dunb he was the most productive player for the pistons last year

  3. Mark

    lol, prince wasnt the most productive.

    we should try to sign ariza, then trade prince.

  4. Mark

    “Chris McCosky / The Detroit News
    Auburn Hills — Chicago Bulls guard Ben Gordon and Milwaukee Bucks forward Charlie Villanueva will be at the Pistons’ practice facility Wednesday, meeting with president Joe Dumars and maybe take a tour of the area and do a little home shopping.

    That’s how serious the courtship is between the two free agents and the Pistons.

    There is a chance a verbal commitment could be reached soon.”


  5. Rip32

    I don’t like any of them, they really dont play D.

  6. mannie32

    not a fan of Charlie V… but at least he’ll come on the cheap (maybe 7 mill?), and hopefully develop into a better player

    as for gordon, i actually like him a lot… always did… BUT i like rip more… rip has the better size and versatility (can play some minutes at the 3)… if they dont trade rip we’ll have a backcourt jam like we did last year, if we do trade him i think our backcourt got younger but worse

  7. Alex K

    Can someone explain why IN THE WORLD ARE WE GOING AFTER GORDON?!!! We have Rip, Stuck, Afflalo, Bynum… and a gaping hole at PF/C. WTF!!!

  8. The Fan

    We are going after Gordon either because we are idiots. Or Detroit plans on trading any of its 4 other guards.

  9. Fariduddin

    great pick ups. Gordon and Charlie would help this team. Both play with heart, but need work on D! hopefully we get a coach that is an X and O guy and implements a solid Defensive scheme…. Great Pick ups! you guys are crazy if you think other-wise

  10. Amber

    Joe wants to build a team on sgs. He believes any player can play well out of position, so might as well have all sgs. I’m surprised in the draft he didn’t get 4 sgs, like he normally does! But he kept with tradition, 4 forwards instead. Variety, Joe, variety!!!!

  11. Amber

    Great pick ups? But need to work on D? How does that go together? Remember the days when Detroit was based on defense…….The 2 Wallaces. Now…the two Tayshauns. Sad

  12. J Dre

    What’s that “two Tayshauns” comment supposed to mean? Prince has excellent perimeter D and is lanky enough to fight down low. I’d LOVE to have two Tayshauns.
    Imagine having two players chasing down Reggie Miller rather than just one. Flawless.

  13. Mark

    Yeah plays D but cant seem to find his shot when we need it

  14. CONE (Mexico)

    I think both players are great, and here in Detroit they have space to grow up as players. But i also think we REALLY NEED a GOOD center or pf/c.

    Cleveland have Shaq now, Orlando have Dwight, Boston have KG, what do we have? KWAME? gimme a break!!

  15. aaron

    just think if we traded rip (my fav player) for a legitimate backup at the 3 or 5.. and a starting lineup of say
    chris anderson?

    i was hoping on saying boozer but thats not gonna happen. new and young team that can play under a great coach.. doug collins (the teacher!)

  16. Fariduddin

    Anber — playing D and having a coach with a Defensive scheme is needed. Both of these pick ups are solid players and can contribute. Gordon and Charlie are go to scorers… and can put up huge numbers. playing D is a collective efforts and Mike Curry didn’t have an intelligent Defensive scheme or Offensive for that matter. If we have a coach that can implement Defensive and playing it collectively then everything will fall into place. Note: the NBA has changed and collective Defensive is more important than indvidual Defensive…

  17. The Fluidics

    I like Rip more too now, but Rip is on the back 9 of his career, while Gordon is young and will only be getting better, and Rip will never be as good as he was.

  18. Amber

    Austin Daye = Tayshaun Prince

  19. pistonsfan101

    Phil Mcrackin? Whos that?

  20. J Dre

    Yes, I understand that, but I don’t know why that’s such a bad thing.

  21. Amber

    Reggie doesn’t play.
    LeBitch plays.

    Austin plays at PF too.
    Knowing how Detroit works lately, Tay and Austin will be playing at the same time, or at least that is my fear. Small ball with height… I miss the size Detroit had. I certainly miss the defense.

    I’m just bitter we got Austin and not James Johnson.

  22. Juancho

    If these signings go down we’ll need to trade a package w/ Rip (let Gordon try to earn his huge contract, and let AA get the minutes he deserves off the bench) for a defensive/rebounding center.
    Tyson Chandler, anyone?

  23. Ben

    I think that’s what Joe d is gonna try and do is go after Tyson with a package of rip

  24. Chuck

    I like it IF we then turn Rip into a good big man. We definitely get a lot younger (after a little math, our team next year would be 24.7 years as an average adding these two and nobody else, which would be enough for the 2nd youngest team this year only older than Golden State), which I suppose would give this team a long time to grow together and add pieces through the draft, trades, and free agency over time. The more I think about it, the more I like it.

  25. Amer ican Prince


  26. Amer ican Prince

    ben gordon has a bad attitude and too much of an ego for someone not really all that good

  27. Amer ican Prince

    dammit good news yesterday bad news today

    i hate ben gordon

  28. Amer ican Prince

    now you have ben gordon richard hamilton rodney stuckey will bynum arron afflalo as guards, joe shouldn’t even bother having bigs on the offensive end they won’t even touch the ball

  29. J Dre

    I’d like to see it. He could haul in all the 3’s that Air Gordon puts up, and I’ve always respected his defense.

  30. Colton Keck

    Hey justin buddy try watching every game before you shoot your mouth off , tay has been in decline since he got a ring .

  31. The Fan


  32. The Fan

    We should just go ahead and resign A.I. while we are on the guard kick.

  33. Shawn

    I think everybody need to chill out. Ben Gordon is one of the most gifted scorers in the league, and if we sign him that would mean we’re having one of the most gifted scorers in the league come off our BENCH! To have someone come off the bench who has the ability to score 20 points a game is something a lot of teams would LOVE. Now if we would just sign David Lee with the remaining cash i’d be psyched, but i think it will be villanueva which is pretty good too(But not anywhere near as good as David Lee).

  34. The Fan


  35. Richie

    David Lee’s great, but giving up Prince for him? Heeeeell no.

  36. Richie

    Hmm, well as a person who watched every minute of ever single game last year, no matter how painful, I can say tha Justin’s not far off. You can argue as to who you think was the most productive, but I don’t see how you can consider Tay out of the discussion. Rip did the best he could while losing his backcourt brother, getting injured twice, and being thrown around like trash since A.I. arrived, There was no steady power forward, Iverson was… well, enough said. Rasheed, you could say, didn’t play like it was a contract year. I agree that as starters go Tayshaun was certainly the most productive overall.

  37. Richie

    Yeah, I’m not particualrly excited about either of those two.

  38. Richie

    I don’t see why he’ll never be as good as he was. He put up rather solid numbers given his circumstances this year. He keeps himself in tremendous shape and I think that if he gets a coach who knows how to use him, and a real point guard, he can continue his impressive scoring average.

  39. Richie

    That makes sense. Tay has always been the one who steps up and plays agressively when other starters are hurt, missing games or going cold. He’s not perfect. I’m not sure what you expect from him. I really hope that Austin will become the next Tay.

  40. gMac

    Joe will lose all my respect points he gained for firing MC if he sign Ben Gordon.
    Ben Gordon is so selfish. We already have a selfish(not in a bad way) guard->Will. We already have a undersized SG ->Stuckey….

    Save the money for next year.

  41. Richie

    Chris Anderson is a lot of fun to watch and I love how he players, but he’s NOT a starting center! He needs to come off the bench where he can bring energy to a second unit and get crowds pumped. I don’t think Denver will let him go anyway.

  42. Richie

    Ben hasn’t officially signed anything yet. He can’t until the 8th. I’ll wait until then before reacting to anything, as it’s jsut speculation until then.

  43. Matt

    I would prefer to see us go after Paul Milsap over Charlie V. I think he’s a better player with more potential to grow and he actually plays defense.

  44. Melodeath1221

    Id give up tay for david Lee in a heart beat. Look at the stats David lee had a much more productive season.

  45. Melodeath1221

    How you bout remember the play offs when i could have put up his numbers.

  46. Melodeath1221

    Think about prices D, then think about how much D he played on Lebron this past Post season. Yeah He doesnt play D well either.

  47. Melodeath1221

    Austin Daye > Tayshaun Prince. Daye has more skills than tay did when we drafted him not tomention that Tay had played all 4 seasons at Ky. So for Daye to have avg 14 ppg 6 rpg, and 2 bpg, for his team as only a Sophmore He has alot more up side than tay,
    and to play small forward he only needs to get up to around about 210

  48. Melodeath1221

    Do you remember the Phenoix game after we beat the lakers with Ai last november? Kwame did a nice job Guarding Shaq. While i dont want Kwame Starting I like him Comming off the bench hes a good big as the number 3 guy.

  49. Melodeath1221


  50. The Fluidics

    Yeah, but Gordon wil be improving in the next few years, while Rip wil almost certainly begin to deminish with age. I ‘d say Detroit should move him now if while he has value.

  51. Melodeath1221

    Dude i know, If Ben Gordon were to come off the bench, With WILL FRICKIN BYNUM that would be so tight.

  52. Matt

    Leon Powe is not going to be resigned by Boston. He brings a solid toughness off the bench and solid rebounding, something we sorely need to add. I think he could be an inexpensive addition with a contract with clauses similar to when McDyess first came to Detroit because of his recent knee surgery. Him and Milsap would be welcome additions in my eyes

  53. Andy

    We need to get Charlie V and either Lamar Odom or Ariza. Odom would be better since he could play the 3,4, or 5.

  54. Andy

    Pistons should look at getting powe since he won’t cost them a lot with his ACL injury last season.

  55. Natalie Sitto

    Not that I don’t think it might happen but You CANNOT sign until the 8th so their are holes in that source.

    Please…he’s not worth 10 million a year!

  56. Craig

    David Lee lead the league in double doubles last year. Needless to say, I’d take David Lee in a heartbeat over Tay.

  57. Dueschon Mandic

    I think the pistons should trade rip for wally sczerbiak, tayshaun for sasha vujacic, and kwame brown for dj mbenga. that would be a great move for the pistons

  58. DD3

    THIS IS IT! This is the big plan Joe D has cooked up. Genius plan joe. Forget going for 1 more run with a championship team, forget the no sacred cows comment only to trade away the heart & soul of the team, forget the fact that YOU hired lame as MC & said he had the intangibles to be a great motivator, forget 7 seasons of 50+ wins. Forget all of the hoopla around WHY you made that stupid ass trade last year. To get at least 2 impact superstar players & get back into contention this year.

    I am not against adding players like Charlie V or Ben G. But What is the point? Still not 1 leader on the team & oh now no coach. 2 20 + scorers on the same team that won’t be able to play on the court at the same time. Clev, Orl, Bos & everyone else is looking to contend this year & create cap space for enext years superstar free agents. With the 2 players we are about to sign, we are still barely a 5th seed team if that! Orl, Bos & Clev top 3 with Mia, Phi & Atl in the middle. Hell the moves we’re making may not even get us past Charlotte, NY or Ind. This is going to be another bad year unless we are using 1 of these FA’s as trade bait. None of it makes since & Joe D is starting to look like a liar who has no idea what he is doing!

  59. oliver

    so who would they get? there isnt very many players that can be pkgd together and detroit being able to afford them.

  60. The Fan

    Andy- That would make too much sense man… Not enough wizardry behind that.

  61. Richie

    Agreed. Does anyone know if Occur is staying in Utah?

  62. junior

    prince? please mcdyess was by far the best piston last year. and i dont think anyone will say otherwise

  63. junior

    in tays “defense” he was hurt during the playoffs. that is y he wasso poor at defense in the playoffs

  64. junior

    actually i would rather he does start, if you look at his numbers or watched the games that he did start we was way more effective when he started than when he came off the bench

  65. junior

    u really just asked that? lmao!

  66. junior

    YES that is who i been saying all along, we need chandler, and get mcdyess for 1 yr

  67. junior

    stuckey undersized sg? hes 6’5″ thats pretyy good if u ask me.

  68. junior


  69. junior

    r u crazy? y the hell would we want those wash up never will bes? u gotta b kiddin

  70. junior

    cool off man. joe d has GOT to have something else up his sleave. (i hope)

  71. Matt

    I wouldn’t typically want a Celtic (or spur or cav) but he just got let go by this team abruptly and sounds pretty pissed by it. Why not bring off teh bench a quality big man with extra motivation to stick it to one of the top teams in the East


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