Ben Gordon and The Pistons Strike a Deal

by | Jul 1, 2009 | 74 comments

And I’m not happy about it….
Via Adrian Wojnarowski the man who seems to know all at

“The Detroit Pistons have reached agreement with free-agent guard Ben Gordon(notes) on a five-year contract worth around $55 million, a source with knowledge of the talks told Yahoo! Sports Wednesday evening.

The Pistons are continuing to negotiate with forward Charlie Villanueva(notes).

July 8 is the first day free agents can sign contracts.

Gordon and Villanueva, who played together for a year at UConn, traveled to Detroit on Wednesday morning to meet with Detroit president Joe Dumars.”

Over 11 million dollars a year for Gordon….say it ain’t so Joe.

And, if you follow me on Twitter you know…I’m not cartooning Ben Gordon until I find out his contract is under 11 mill. NO TOON FOR YOU!!!!

UPDATE from Dave Dial at MLive

“A 5-year $55 million dollar contract is what Ben Gordon was reported to be looking for, and the starting salary for that deal would by just under $9.5 million. The Pistons have been reported to have $20 million in cap space, so will still have around $10.5 million to spend on other free agents. If Charlie Villanueva agree to a contract starting at around the $7 million dollar range, Dumars will have a little cap space left over to initiate a salary cap trade or to sign a lower level free agent.”


  1. qhaz

    Please don’t sign Charlie V – he is just like Daye….get Millsap or a starting C (unless Kwame is your 5). I don’t see RIP staying if BG is in town…

  2. pistonpost

    Joe Dumars has lost all credibility.

  3. samer

    man u guys need to just chill, in my opinion ya i think hes a little over paid but he is going to be GREAT here in detroit, now if joe signs CV and trades rip for a big man i will be a very happy man

  4. Metah

    oh my goodness. ben gordon is going to develop so nicely defensively. hes gona be the next shane batier.

  5. Amer ican Prince

    pistonpost i’m with you, joe dumars just can’t make a good decision in my eyes anymore

  6. qhaz

    Why would you want CharlieV?

  7. Amer ican Prince

    any excitement i had with the removal of AI and Curry just went out the window with this signing

  8. The Fan


  9. C-Quense

    This is ridiculous. 11 Mio for that guy? So Dumars wants to trade Rip… Villanueva is going to be the next “star” for the Pistons? With that kind of group, you should be lucky if you’re reaching the 8th spot in the East. Thank You for nothing.

  10. Dan

    so do we even have any $ left to sign CV too?

  11. pistons4life


  12. Robert

    Why wouldn’t you? He’s a poor man’s Sheed minus the attitude and with a post game. He’s only 25, the guy could help s out!

  13. pistons4life


  14. The Fan

    You don’t pay 11 million a year for five years for someone to come off the bench.

    Rip is going to be traded.

  15. yo

    Fire that fucking stupid ass Dumars immediately!

  16. Robert

    Hopefully Dumars had a deal in place to move Rip before this news got out, because this announcement (if true) will kill any trade value Rip might of had.

    And please, don’t anyone kid yourselves that Gordon will be coming off the bench for that kind of money. No way in hell he and Rip are both on this team!!

  17. altan


  18. pistonsfan101

    Where is Rip going now?

    Jazz said that they are looking to trade Boozer now.. which is pretty messed up.. We could have a trade here people.. which I WOULD HATE!

  19. Amer ican Prince

    remember when this whiney little baby was crying when Ben Wallace went to chicago about he should be paid more cause he’s a better player? This is bullcrap. And the thing about the championship was they had no glaring weakness, no player could be particularly taken advantage of. Ben Gordon always gets abused by Rip Chauncey and so many others. God seriously why did Joe Dumars give me hope then take it away?

    There’s no point in getting salary cap if you have no idea what to do with it Joe D

  20. joe

    I want to know exactly what people here complaining wanted and expected him to do. What was he going to do, sign nobody? He has a plan here, guys. I fully expect Rip to be traded for a big man soon. He may already have a deal in place if he went ahead and pulled the trigger for Ben. Numbers wise, Ben is a better player than Rip, and he’s younger. The only advantage that Rip has is height.

  21. Natalie Sitto

    I think our beef is with the Money…or at least mine is. For 8 million I’m cool.

  22. The Fan

    Nobody trades bigs for guards

  23. rban

    If we trade Rip for a big we’d be paying less for Gordon then we would be for Rip. I have no problem if we trade Rip for a big.

  24. Dominic

    Gordon’s starting contract won’t be at 11mil. It’ll be closer to 9-10million and progressively increase.

  25. Dominic

    Turn off the damn caps lock dude.

  26. pistonsfan101

    Villanueva Comes To Terms With Detroit

    Charlie Villanueva has agreed to a five-year deal with the Pistons. His contract is worth at least $35 million.

  27. qhaz

    Nat, what are your thoughts on CV?

  28. qhaz

    Any link?

  29. C-Quense

    Haha…Now it’s offical. this is the worst day in Pistons Free Agent history. Dumars lost his mind.
    From a Contender to an absolute joke.

  30. qhaz

    Worst “Free Agent Spree” Ever!

  31. Leif_32 RIP FAN 4 LIFE

    I think this could work out. I would hate to see rip go because he is my favorite player.. but if he is traded then so be it.. It will more than likely land us a big man which we desperatley need.

  32. ryan ricafort

    I think Joe D has Isiah for his advisor

  33. Amer ican Prince

    haha natalie did you just become like the soup nazi of toons?

    NO TOONS FOR YOU. But I agree natalie

    and i agree with C Quense and qhaz

  34. Ajay

    The clippers need to move a big to make room for Blake, i would like to have any of the 3 bigs they have “Kamen, Camby, Randolph”

  35. Amer ican Prince

    what’s the point of getting a big man? they wont even touch the ball with ben gordon and will bynum and rodney stuckey.

    Now we have Charlie Villinouva who can’t do anything without the ball, and throw tayshaun in the mix? get ready for a lot of 1 on 5 basketball, we may even miss the playoffs.

  36. qhaz

    He’s thin as rail, he has no post game (Duncan, KG, Shaq – they got post game)….CV shoots 38% of his shots from the post….

    He doesn’t shoot well as advertised – 32% for career (Sheed is 34% just for reference)..

    Furthermore only 5% of his FG’s are dunks….Should I go on….

  37. C-Quense

    It’s 02:00 AM in germany right now. I don’t know how to sleep after such news…

  38. qhaz

    Same at my place in Warsaw, Poland….I’m gone :)

  39. qhaz

    Maybe Joe will get Zeke to be the coach :)

  40. Rip32

    Charlie V 5yrs for 35m
    from ESPN…….

  41. ryan ricafort

    Joe D could have even invited these guys before he made those deals

    marvin williams – ATL
    trevor ariza – LA
    lamar odom – LA
    jamario moon – MIA
    david lee – NY
    hedo turkoglu – ORL
    paul millsap – UTA

  42. Ultra

    Relax people. Most of you acted a fool when we got Ben Wallace saying he was too small for the 5 spot and that Sheed was going to be a cancer, yet we won the whole damn thing. Now if Ben and Charlie are the only two pieces, then we have a problem. But if a trade is in the works, this thing might work out…

  43. Tre

    Yeah Joe u made up for the bad trade with billups for Iverson in getting ben Gordon a dynamic scorer and only 25 years old a Great move

  44. Wade


  45. ThirdFalcon

    So you traded your best PG since the early 90’s for the ability to overpay Ben Gorden and tie up 20 million+ into the SG position for two players that aren’t all-star caliber

    Well done Joe, ^golf-clap^


  46. imran

    cv aint that bad…be avg 16 ppg last year and around 6ish rpg not to mention he shot 45 % from the field

  47. KleenGee

    I hope Joe has enough to sign Dyess and a seven footer.

    Can he reneg on the deal up until next Wed?

  48. ThirdFalcon

    And I almost forgot, both of those shooting guards have terrible contracts that you aren’t gonna get out from under for 4 years.

    And if you think your gonna get something good for the 30 year old Rip’s 13 million dollar a year money sink, your badly mistaken.

    Good thing Joe Dumars is a genius or you’d be screwed BWHWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH

  49. Michael

    If you guys think about it some of our past players werent really known for the things they are known for now. Rip and Chauncey werent really known for good defence until they go to Detroit. Maybe Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva will become better players with their stay here.

  50. James

    You mention Duncan, KG, Shaq etc. as having a post game. Yes they do, but the Pistons aren’t going to get any of those players. Great post players don’t come along very often, so I think Charlie V is a good fit.

  51. James is reporting that Ben Gordon has signed with the knowledge that he will come off of the bench for the Pistons. If this works, the Pistons will win the ‘ship.

  52. VDB

    I don’t understand why people are upset. Who was available that is better than CV and Gordon? The Jazz will trade boozer to retail Millsap, and Turk is 30 and plays the same position as Tay. If anyone thinks we could have saved the money for Wade or Bosh, they are smokin’ something. This was the best that was available.

  53. Sleepy Crayfish

    I hate Pistons fans. Neither of these guys has played a second in a Pistons uniform and we don’t even have a coach yet… and at least half of you guys are already bitching. We just picked up the two best free agents on the market. What’s there to be upset about? What exactly were you expecting Gordon to sign for? He’s consistently rejected lower offers; do you really think low-balling him a third time would even be worth the overture? We had cap space and we used it as wisely and aggressively as the circumstances allowed. Or would you rather we just sit on it and endure another long long season of mediocrity? Please don’t tell me you were eyeing Turkoglu… blargh…

  54. Dave

    Ben has been overpayed for a 6th man. If Detroit doesn’t make a trade involving Rip or possibly Prince then I see problems with this line up. You can’t have Gordon and Stuckey on the court at the same time, they both need the ball to be successful. Add Will Bynum, Charlie Villanueva, and Tayshaun in to the mix and Detroit will be playing isolation basketball for the entire upcoming season. Which is never a good look considering the Cavs couldn’t do it this year, and they had LeBron in the line-up.

  55. Thumbu

    Did everyone just not watch that Celtics-Bulls series? Gordon has what it takes: brass balls.

  56. Trevor


    and the LiL General, Coach Avery

    This would be the deepest and one of the youngest teams in the league! The money being spent on Gordon is about the same that was being spent on Sheed. Would you rather we spend 14 mil. on Boozer? How about 15mil for Bosh? Kobe just gave the hometown discount of 22 mil to the Fakers. 11 and 7 mil for the players we wanted in free agency is not bad at all. And for the nervous nellies, BG has averaged 21 for his career, is a 3-point shooter and has done it off the bench primarily. There is no way Joe promised him a starting spot; he knows he is coming off the bench for 30 minutes a game, this was about the money and getting some appreciation. Keep Rip in Detroit! He is no spring chicken, but he can still score and gives a size, speed, and leadership from the backcourt!

  57. pistonpost

    I have a feeling the Boston series was Gordon’s last push to raise his free agency stock…and apparently Dumars fell for it.

  58. Sleepy Crayfish

    Absolute nonsense. The idea that certain players only get up for contract years is the sort of off the cuff Skip Bayless-esque over-analysis that should be promptly banned from all media. Never in all my years of watching the NBA have I seen this occur with any player of Ben Gordon’s caliber. Sure, lower tier players will often “cash in” on a good playoff performance (like Ariza will likely do this off-season) before coming back to Earth, but gamers like Gordon (i.e. guys who average 20+) don’t just “slack off” once they get a nice big contract…

  59. TJ

    Best PG since the early 90’s? Are you ****ing retarded? Billups is good but not THAT good.

  60. TJ

    Well said, SC. Ben Gordon is one of the most professional and hardworking players in the league, and none of that will change this contract. Hell, the fact that he’ll be playing for a team that clearly wanted him will probably help to motivate him and push him further. But the guy was still participating in Bull related community events despite not being under contract with Chicago.

  61. zkranc

    I’m not that happy, but I agree we have to give these guys a chance, look at some positive stuff, just imagine…Rip and Ben both coming of screens for shots

  62. ThirdFalcon

    McDyess isn’t gonna resign with you, he wants a championship. Did you think he’s been playing for 500k cause he likes the pile of failure that is Detroit?

    Kwame is garbage

    Vilanueva is good Offensively but a ballhog that refuses to play defense (really if he won’t play D for Scott Sciles in a contract year, he won’t play defense for you).

    Prince is pretty good defensively but not really a star.

    Hamilton is good but reliant on his teamates to be effective, and is overpayed by about 6 million.

    Gordon is good offensively, but not as good as Billups, who you essentially him for, and he’s also overpayed by 6 million.

    Stuckey is overrated, and can’t save you

    So you Have a Garbage center. A 25 minute PF that will NEVER play defense, a decent backup big that is still a backup. a defensive small forward that can’t carry you offensively, 23 million worth of shooting guards that can’t play at the same time and can’t carry you offensively OR defensively, and a overrated point guard who can’t carry you either.

    And YAY! you spent yourself out of the 2010 free agent bananza, and you have no hope of contending till Hamilton’s contract runs out (in 4 years).

    Cangrats on your genius GM!

  63. Diogenes

    Wow – I am really surprised by the universally negative reaction to this news. Who else were we going to get folks? BG averaged 20 a game regular season and was a stud in the Boston series – did any of you watch that? Charlie V just came off a season of 16 and 8 playing with a bunch of scrubs in Milwaukee. Rip is going to be traded and good riddance – I hope Joe purges all of those guys from the fluke ship of 2004 – they walk with a strut and get mad T’s but they fold under pressure – and they are old. Atlanta Braves of the NBA. They can get rid of Prince too. Where has he been the last two years in the playoffs?

  64. Sleepy Crayfish

    Congrats on stating your opinions as facts!

  65. Trevor

    In the words of Sheed, you’re either with us or against us. I refuse to believe there are so many haters in Piston Nation, so you must be against us. I read the Chi-Town hateration saying we will be stuck at .500 for years and years to come, and the spew being spat reminded me of many of your words.

    All I have to say is, we’ll see who is right and who was true blue all along.

  66. Trevor

    so weak and so sad. Are you from Milwaukee or Chicago?

  67. ThirdFalcon

    YOUR best PG, not the best PG overall

  68. John

    y would joe D want to get rid of rip for a big? we have kwame, dyess, sheed, maxiell (who btw is far younger than charlie and boozer) and we just got daye in the draft, we have our team right there!!! Who else could we possibly need? we now have plenty a depth. i cant believe maxiell wouldnt be a starter now, he is like a shaq that can actually hustle down the court. then for the guards, we got stuckey, bynum, gordon, and rip, and tayshaun. so here’s the starting 5: Stuckey, rip, gordon, tayshaun, maxiell. We can play small!! we have the depth now we just got 2 use it!!

  69. thedukecapone

    now they are saying that ben gordon’ offer might be 60 million!!!!

  70. ThirdFalcon

    What did I say that you would take issue with? You traded one of the top three point guards, and the best one you’ve had since Isaiah, so you could give two non all-starts 90 million

  71. ThirdFalcon

    neither, but either would be better thsn Detroit right now

  72. John

    f off diogenes, that team in ’04 was supposed to be the face of our franchise for years to cum. the only problem was coaching, dont tell me that they fell under pressure. there was absolutely nothing wrong with last years team at the beginning, 4-0 and then chauncey, gone, that ended our era.


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