Exclusive – Michael Curry’s Pink Slip

by | Jun 30, 2009 | 70 comments

If you didn’t know already, Michael Curry was fired today and Need4Sheed got an exclusive look at his Pink Slip.

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I know, I know….I’m horrible.


  1. jayhurst

    TWO WORDS for Joe.D AVERY JOHNSON nuff said……

  2. Amber

    I think I’d rather Detroit get anyone except Avery Johnson.

  3. theotherwasillmatic

    give Bill Laimbeer his chance

  4. Alwayzreal

    I love it!!!!!!!

  5. Kblair

    any chance of gettin bill laimbeer? or is he done with coaching?

  6. B

    wow, thats kind of harsh. I realize most people didn’t like curry but some of you are just being a-holes. I actually feel bad for curry if he ever were to visit this site

  7. The Fluidics

    The 2008-2009 season was kind of harsh. I’ll be called an A-hole if that’s the price for getting rid of dead weight Curry. And if Curry can’t handle some ribbing on the internets, he shouldn’t be in the public eye.

  8. B

    just saying seems a little disrespectful and immature to me

  9. Natalie Sitto

    It is, but if you know me and follow the site you know it’s all in good fun. I actually felt Curry got a raw deal from the beginning.

  10. The Fluidics

    I felt the team got a raw deal, because Curry was never qualified or prepared to be an NBA head coach. That is a very exclusive job that he didn’t deserve, and Joe is about 6 months late on the firing.

  11. Mike

    Lol, I laughed, it is just a joke, some people are completely overreacting and need to grow up.

  12. cptdeath

    i will quit watching forever unless they get lambier. spend the sallery cap on restoring the deffensive trademark style with lambier as an expeert. he could beat phil jackson. I said before i’ll quit watching unless they fire clipboard curry. without lambier we let our legacy slip away for another decade at least. i would have to blame dummars for this unforgivable mistake in missing this oppertunity. let the shock go and now what are we going to win. maybee we could hire katie smith as our new head coach. he traded chauncey we went from 8-0 to 0-8 instantly. #%^& him.

  13. cptdeath

    ow and avery johnson is dumb and a looser. and chris bosh is soft.

  14. cptdeath

    whenever anybody put a cammera on curry during a game he looks at his clip board, then his watch then looks back and forth to see if were still looking. during time outs the team would surround rip hamilton while curry sat at the end of the bench looking back and forth. the team doctor and assistant coaches explained all the plays in the huddle while curry pretended to listen not really interested.

  15. Amer ican Prince

    i swear natalie you cease to surprise me. This post made my eyes go wide. I was like Natalie is a gangsta, she tells it like it is. (FYI that could be a cool post, seeing you in gangsta gear or something)

    But anyway yeah i know you are kidding natalie, you are great.

    And i agree with fluidics.

    It was so hard to be interested in the Pistons of late because this wasn’t even a rebuilding team, it was a team rebuilding to rebuild. Everything was about capspace.now it’ll be fun to see what happens next

  16. Amer ican Prince

    also i just read the chris mcclosky article. Does understand why firing Curry would help keep Dyess? I know Curry had some beef with Rip and other players. I never heard really anything about a beef with Dyess. But if there was I am on Dyess’s side everytime

  17. Rashid Umar

    Damn Natalie! LOL

  18. Amer ican Prince

    some good news carlos boozer is staying in utah
    I would prefer Paul Milsap or Mehmet Okur anyway.

    Does anyone think with Yao getting hurt maybe it’s the Houston trainers? I know he’s out next season and possibly beyond, but I do keep wondering what would his career be like with someone like Arnie Kander. Just a thought.

    Sorry for so many posts, I can get a little obsessive when I’m excited about something

    I agree with your #2 Pistons Fan

    And I would like to see Laimbeer in an assistant coaching spot first, no need for another first year NBA coach at this point

  19. Terrie Godde

    YEAH!!!!!!!!! I was worried about Joe Ds mind this past year!!!! The best news I’ve had in a long time!!!!!

  20. Ryan

    Joe’s #1 target for free agency should be Bill Laimbeer! 😀

  21. Lori

    Yay!!! I knew Joe would come through. I can’t wait to see who we’re going to get! I agree with American Prince, no more first year coaches, please.

  22. Alwayzreal

    Man please….. int this economy especially in Michigan, who gets fired but yet is still owed 5million for the next two years……The guy was never qualified for the job and he knew that…. Just sucks that it took a wasted season and a hurtful one I might add for him to get canned…..good riddance and thnk goodness

  23. Alwayzreal

    He was doomed right after the Billups trade went down…the guy was a bum as player so it was only right that he was gonna be a bum coach.. He has a hell of a mouthpiece behind the cameras that is..He basically talked himself into that Head coaching job…

  24. andrew

    joe d is mediocre at best, you deserve to symphty now because you’re the one who hired the guy, this coach shuffle is retarded and needs to stop, you WILL never find a coach who earns respect of every single player on the roaster, should have sticked with flip or LB

  25. big B

    haahhahahaahahha ohh my god this is the best day of my life ,, im happy the bald headed ugly punk is outa this team , joe d , u better pick up a good coach not a cheap ass coach that will cost us the championship , good luck this year my detroit pistons , #1 fan big B 🙂

  26. Chungi

    The cartoon heads on the left now smile brighter than ever

  27. Blam

    Why they dont even consider Laimbeer ? ;( He cant be that bad !

  28. mannie32

    love this site, but i’d say this post is a little tasteless

  29. Clinton

    BUH BUH BUH BUH BYEEE CURRY… That was my curry impersonation with the stutters

  30. Fariduddin

    good move and i wish Mike Curry the best. i’ve expressed several times that the offensive was suspect and players didn’t seem to respect his B-Ball IQ. Avery or Doug might be a good look. im feelin Doug! High IQ of the game….

  31. Chris

    theres rumors we might get him or Doug Collins, damn this is gonna be a good season!

  32. Mike

    I would laugh if Allen Iverson was named head coach.

  33. Nate

    Had to be done, plain and simple. If Curry would of shown some promise, then he probably would of been given another year. The fact was though, the team got progressively worse and he lost respect from the players.

    I’m from San Antonio, and the big rumor going around here is that Sheed was in San Antonio last week.

  34. Nate

    Maybe because Bill already has a job lined up.

  35. deep

    dream come true :}

  36. Richie

    He wants to coach in the NBA. I’d love to have him or Avery.

  37. Richie

    Agreed. He’s going to get 5 million dollars to do nothing next season. I don’t feel bad for him at all.

  38. Richie

    I don’t see anything wrong with the Pink Slip, Nat. It was a rough season for multiple reasons, and Curry wasn’t the right fit. Too much on his plate to start with. I think he’d do better with a young team and a couple of NBA seasons under his belt.

  39. Richie

    I agree that Laimbeer is a great opportunity but the rest of what you said is a joke. Avery Johnson was the ’05-’05 coach of the year. He has posted a coaching reccord of 194-70, which means his teams won about 74% of their games. How does that make him a loser. Calling Chris Bosh soft is laughable too.

  40. Richie

    That’s about 30% true.

  41. Richie

    Bill Laimbeer was a champion player and champion head WNBA coach for years. He’s ready to be a head coach in the NBA.

    Yao’s trainers aren’t as good as Arnie, but it’s not their fualt that he breaks bones in his feet. You’re not dealing with pulled muscles or bruised ribs; you’re tealing with a guy who plays soft and gets major injuries, probably due to his large, frail structure.

  42. Richie

    How about we hire Rasheed Wallace as head coach? Huh, huh? Anybody? :p

  43. JanScholl

    OOOH Can I send one like that to a couple of people? I made a lot of people smile today when I told them the good news.

  44. Amer ican Prince

    not that i want him to be a coach but just for the sake of debate no one has really mentioned sam mitchell from toronto.

    haha richie, well sheed already said when he retires he’s not coming back to basketball, but we all know he could probably do something as a coach

  45. melvin

    it was a good decission from joe d. firing up curry.
    i’m so excited that curry was fired. im happy for that development. hehehehe

  46. KleenGee

    nice pink slip Natalie. thumbs up on the fun

    Joe, please do not hire Doug Collins. smart guy, but I hear he is a “high maintaince” guy
    Avery doesn’t want the job. he’s got a cush job on espn.

    Laimbeer seems like a good fit. He’ll surprise people with a +.500% season

    what do people think about Patrick Ewing? he’s looking for a hc job. and it would be just what Kwame needs if he is our starting big guy. oh man, that doesn’t sound good. Kwame starting, ouch

    that means it’s up to you Mr. Dumars to go after the best big guy. Houston will be competing for one too.

    Okur is with Utah. What about Gortat? the german caveman from L.A.? trade for Tyson Chandler? or….
    Resign Sheed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Resign Sheed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Resign Sheed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Resign Sheed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Resign Sheed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. rey

    best technical coach

  48. rey

    before my comment , curry s coaching there s no piston basketball,,, now piston basketball are alive sign sheed back AI new coach it was great piston basketball

  49. KleenGee

    the refs are cringing at the thought

  50. A Pistons fan

    Why would you want to resign sheed? Rasheed is horrible now, and I’m not even trying to be a hater. I am just as big as of a fan of the Pistons as you guys are.

    Change the name of the site to… noneed4rasheed.com

  51. KleenGee

    I think wasn’t playing hard b/c of the drama with the coach. He played awesome against Howard, cause his heart was in showing the kid that he’s not superman when playing Detroit

  52. El Patron Himself (Accept no Imitations!)

    Lots of action today… Some thoughts:

    1. I wonder how Joe D told Chicken Curry, “You’re fired?” Did he go for the more subtle Trump tone (yer fired) or did he go all Vince McMahon on him (You are fiiiiiiirrrrrred!!!!!)?

    2. We’ve been begging for Big Bill to bring the Bad Boys back to the glory years… Fingers crossed on that one… I mean, he’s the perfect coach for the Pistons… who’ll give HIM attitude in the locker room? He’s paid his dues, he’s a champion as a player and coach… I can hear Mason calling it… and the head coach, an original Bad Boy… BIIIIIIIIIL LAIMBEER!!!!!


  53. Ryan

    Six straight Eastern Conference Finals is mediocre?

    Seeing things in players that others don’t is mediocre?

    Building a championship team is mediocre?

    Nope, still not coming clear on ANYTHING you’re spitting out.

    Oh and the fans don’t hire the NBA executives, either.

  54. Ryan


  55. Ryan

    Ever make a typo?

  56. rasheed

    i think avery johnson is fit to pistons next head coach..

  57. rasheed

    bring mehmet okur to pistons

  58. Amber

    Lol, he would be better than anything we have right now!!

  59. Amber

    Definitely Vince McMahon on him (You are fiiiiiiirrrrrred!!!!!)…. hahaha

    I want Bill so badly; he would bring back the team I fell in love with! Joe is making the decision though, so I won’t hold my breath.

  60. mobius909


  61. Blam

    bring GORTAT.

  62. largemouthdmb

    “lambier”… If you’re so adamant that he’s our next coach, I would figure you’d at least spell his name right. Idiot. Anyway, as much as he’s always been my favorite player, I still don’t think he’s ready for the job. I would love to see him in an assistant role for a couple years first. It is extremely hard to be a first-year head coach with a rebuilding team. I know he was successful with the Shock. Can he do it again?… all I’m saying is it’s unlikely.

  63. Amer ican Prince

    i swear we just better not of traded chauncey for ben gorden or charlie villinuava. Ok players but no way does it justify what we lost

  64. zoggy bill

    i’d like to see avery johnson as the coach, and give laimbeer his chance as an assistant

  65. pistonsfan101

    Gordon, Villanueva Moving Towards Deals With Detroit!!!!

    Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva flew to Detroit on Wednesday morning for a meeting with Pistons president Joe Dumars.

    Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports is reporting that the pair are “moving rapidly toward deals” with the club.

    Both Gordon and Villaneuva are unrestricted free agents, meaning that they are free to sign with any team they wish without Chicago and Milwaukee respectively having any say.

  66. Justin

    Laimbeer quit 2 weeks ago now Curry gets the axe. hmmm…. Laimbeer was a well respected player and I think the Pistons would flurish with him at the helm. He is exactly what they need. The Original BAD BOY!!!


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