Joe Dumars Video – Pistons 2009 Draft Party

by | Jun 26, 2009 | 36 comments

Joe Dumars speaks to Pistons fans and media immediately after Dumars selected Austin Daye as the Pistons #15 pick in the draft.  He talks about Austin, and the state of the team.

Best line….

“Yes, he’s skinnier than Tayshaun, so we definitely have to put some weight on him.”

Please note….the “no more drama” quote.  Sounds liked Dumars had enough of the current and not so current Pistons players and their “issues.”  Take it however you like but Joe sounds like he’s cleaning house.


Think Iverson sent him over the edge?

Sorry for the quality of the video, it’s hard to take a 9 minute video with a small camera. I can’t hold steady that long people.

Thanks go out to the entire Pistons Organization (DW) who let me Live Blog the Event.


  1. Junior

    Thank you for this..I’m with you, glad we didnt pick mullens. Wanted Clark, but what are you going to do.

  2. James

    I think the draft has improved our chances of keeping both Prince and Hamilton 🙂

  3. joe

    the Pistons officialy became a lottery pick team next fives years

  4. The Fluidics

    Rip and Sheed provided WAY more drama tha AI. Wonder if Rip is on speaking terms with Curry yet? Pistons need a house cleaning, starting at coach, and leaving no one behing except for Tay and Will. Everyone else is fair game.

  5. Robert

    Well, at least we didn’t draft a guy with narcolepsy this year!!!

    Another horrible draft, IMO, with maybe the exception of the guy from Georgetown. Agreed with Joe above that this team has lottery potential if we don’t score a couple good free agents.

  6. Jason Axel

    How in the world in the 2nd round do you pass on DeJuan Blair?? First round, I could understand, but by the 2nd round, he is a STEAL and they pass on him.

    I have faith in Joe D, but these were some questionable picks. I think it is time to revamp anything and everything about this team.

  7. Ryan

    I love the drama of drafts…I heard a bunch of sports starts are playing in some poker tournament this fall. I would love to go see that!

  8. Richie

    I like our picks.

  9. Richie

    You could make a case for Rasheed being more of a drama factor, but I don’t understand how Rip has been.

  10. asdfjkl;

    i like our picks also. Daye has been argued as one of the best shooters behind stephen curry and maybe behind mcclinton from miami. He could be a rashard lewis type player if he gains some weight. Some call him the 6’11’ curry. but summers may be able to play right away, if he doesn’t work out maybe daye can pull through and do something for us.

  11. junior

    its still early you gotta have faith in the bid D we will pull something amare im mean amazing off.

  12. Chad

    Joe D put iverson over the edge, not the other way around.

    Horrible, horrible draft picks.

    Fire Curry.

    Lions > Pistons? – i sense a disturbance in the force.

  13. David

    remember his first game off the bench? heatpacks, threadmill?

  14. Diogenes

    Ben Wallace will be bought out by Phoenix – where does he go? We should pick him up I think and let Arnie Kander give him a tune up. He should retire a Piston – one of the greats of all time. Can I get a witness? Can I get a amen?

  15. The Fluidics

    I could see Ben coming back. It wouldn’t be the same, but I could see it.

  16. LiamJones

    I like how people are already jumping off the bandwagon. It is SO early in the summer, plus, the way our team was last season, we were already lottery.

    You gotta give Curry a pass, cuz that group of guys never listened to coaches (with the exception of Larry Brown). Chauncey was the only one who respected the coaching staff, and held everything together. Yeah, he made some questionable coaching moves, but as soon as Chauncey left that locker room, I don’t care who was in charge, they didn’t stand a chance last season. Half our team, though GREAT ballers, all had big egos as well.

    I’m curious to see how a new set of guys ready to prove themselves (much like Big Shot, Sheed, Ben, RIP, and Tay had to do) will respond to Curry.

    I think it is an exciting time AGAIN to be a Pistons fan.

  17. LiamJones

    I have to agree with Jason Axel, though. How do we pass on Blair in the second round? How does ANYBODY pass on Blair in the second round?!

  18. Drob

    it’s so early in the summer….and shaq gets traded to the cavs…the team that murderd us…….yah we need to move fast….either that or joe is the slowest most strategic chest player ever.

  19. Richie

    It was a stationary bike, not a treadmill. I don’t consider it “drama” when a player accepts his role to come of the bench and does whatever he can to make that adjustment and be prepared to play.

  20. Richie

    That’s very humorous, but not likely. Iverson was a terrible choice. If he would have been an effective player for us that would have been a bonus.

  21. Richie

    I’d love to have Ben back had he left under any other circumstances. However, he stabbed the franchise and its fans in the back so he could get paid. I wouldn’t mind having him back, but it’s too little too late, and he’s been worthless since he left. Is Steve Kerr on crack? He gave up Shaq for two players that did nothing on the Cavs, then buys out one of them?

  22. pistons 4 life

    Iverson put himself over the edge. “I’ll do whatever it takes to win”, “I just want to do whats best for the team”. Do you remember hearing those words come out of his mouth? I do, and he didn’t do either one of them.

  23. pistons 4 life

    Phoenix is just trying to shed salary at this point. Amare is supposedly on the trading block too maybe going to Golden State.

  24. pistons 4 life

    If the Pistons and all these other teams passed on him maybe they know something that we don’t. Just a thought.

  25. pistons 4 life

    I know everybody keeps talking about free agents, but I’m really hoping that Joe orchestrates a trade that gets us a quality big man. I don’t think that just signing Carlos Boozer (for way more than he’s worth) is going to make them a whole lot better.

  26. chad

    You wouldn’t either if the worst coach in the league played you 7 minutes.

  27. Richie

    He was played 7 minutes once, and it was when he was supposed be coming back from an injury. The team welcomed him, Rip came off the bench for him, they tried playing small ball for him and in the end he wasn’t happy because he was on a team that’s not about putting one person in the limelight. He said all the right things and did the exact opposite.

  28. Richie

    What kind of trade do you have in mind If so, what do you think we should do with all the cap space?

  29. LiamJones

    It is looking less and less likely that we sign Carlos Boozer. However, I keep hearing that it is getting more and more likely that we sign Ben Gordon. Get ready for a Rip Hamilton (and Tayshaun Prince? Three lenghty, shooting, small/power forwards in the draft? hmmm…) departure from Motown.

  30. LiamJones

    Good point. He always showed up in big games though, AND he flat out embarrassed Hasheem Thabeet when Pitt played UConn. Something like 23 and 22 for Blair compaired to Thabeet’s 5 and 4 while fouling out?

    I think the Spurs got a steal. However, you don’t know what you’ve gotten in the draft until you’ve gotten it. So we’ll see.

  31. Keith

    How about Hedo in Detroit?

  32. Richie

    I’v been pleading for that for about a month. With out cap space we could easily sign him and Chris Kamen and be competitive right away.

  33. Jason

    I remember talking about this on my forum.

    Great website, I look forward to reading it some more.


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