Live Blogging The Detroit Pistons NBA Draft Party

by | Jun 25, 2009 | 21 comments

I will be Twittering and Live Blogging the NBA Draft on Need4Sheed from the Pistons Practice Facility tonight. Make sure you join me.

I’m bringing the camera with me, so I’m sure I can stir up a bit of trouble.  Depending on what’s going on, and who I see, I may even take requests.   If you are going to be there too, make sure you stop by and say hello.


  1. Fartyboy

    I’m having a chocolate fondue party in my pants!!!

  2. Steve

    haha see you yet again, itll feel like suite night all over agian!

  3. Amber

    Joe Dumars has lost his damn mind, picking Austin Daye (aka darker Tay) over James Johnson! What in the hell? How in the hell could he give up James Johnson?

    Austin should be traded to NJ for Terrence Williams. Austin belongs in NJ; Terrence belongs in Detroit with James Johnson (OR WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN). Moron!

  4. Kian

    hahah did u hear jvg? “tayshaun prince is the happiest man in the world tonight. daye makes him look like the hulk”
    so true.. i would have liked to see ty lawson or jrue holiday coming to detroit..

  5. ryan

    will blaire be available at 35? wow

  6. harrison

    blair will be available and then they won’t take him…

  7. Amber

    Since Joe would not get my Terrence Williams or James Johnson, here is our new starting 5:

    Kwame Brown – pg
    Rip Hamilton – sg
    Tayshaun Price – sf
    Austin Daye – pf
    Will Bynum – c


  8. ryan

    I dont know if you meant to do it or not? but You mixed up Bynum and brown.

  9. dirge

    #15- Austin Daye, 6’11” 200 lbs. small forward with great shooting touch and above-average shot-blocking. Needs bulk, to put it mildly, but is thought by most to have a great deal of upside.

    #35- DaJuan Summers, 6’8″ 240 lbs. combo forward with range, but likes to bang inside. Even if Daye needs time to mature, Summers can help immediately, and possibly challenge for backup minutes at the power forward spot, depending on free agency signings.

    #39- Jonas Jerebko, 6’8″ 231 lbs. combo forward. I don’t know enough about Jerebko to know why they made this pick… probably willingness to play overseas for some time. *Shrugs*

    #45- Chase Budinger, 6’7″ 217 lbs. shooting guard/small forward. Great range, great athleticism. I suspect the Pistons were surprised he dropped this far, like me. Questions about his toughness, I guess. Probably will challenge Afflalo for SG minutes if things go well for him, but also likely to be stashed overseas/traded.

    Overall, not bad. I like Daye (not ideal, but went for the homerun, I guess) and Summers (great fit/value at #35). #39 is going to sit overseas, I’m sure. #44 is probably just a lot of value for where he’s picked. I’m curious to what Dumas will say.

  10. Amber

    Lol 4 forwards for Detroit, 4 pg for Minnesota. We win this draft. Yessir.

  11. Wade

    Pistons drafted a ginger.. Ginger ballers=Brian Scalabine!

  12. Amber


    I meant to do it, lol. Instead of having the two Wallace brothers…now we have the two skinny Tayshaun’s. Go Detroit!!!!

  13. Sarah

    I just read that Chase Budinger was traded to the Rockets for future considerations. Anyone else hear this?

  14. Jeff Raji

    it just said on espn

  15. Amber

    I am thrilled we got rid of Chase!!!!!! I saw him on google images wearing a Celtics jersey….EWWWWWWW

  16. Amber

    Alright now we need to get rid of Austin for Terrence…and trade out the Sweden guy for James Johnson. Let’s do it!!!!!! Dajuan can stay!

  17. TDP

    Cap space, my friends. We’ve got some money to throw around and a few tradeable commodities. We a’ight!

  18. TDP

    He does give me that Scalabrine feeling.

  19. KleenGee

    I was really hoping for a true big guy… I guess Joe has a plan to sign a FA to replace Sheed (or is he planning on signing Sheed?)

  20. dirge

    Outside of Griffin (#1), Thabeet (#2) and Hill (#8), which big men would have improved the Pistons? Psycho T was taken at #13, and there is a great deal of debate if he’s worthy of a first round pick, let alone a lottery pick. Earl Clark went at #14 (darn Suns). In short, I can’t see the Pistons doing much better than Daye (for his potential) and Summers (for immediate backup at the small forward spot, maybe some minutes at PF depending on the roster).

    The Swedish guy will be left overseas for a bit, preserving salary cap. Budinger was traded for cash and a future 2nd rounder to Houston.

    Danny Green was pretty high on my list, as was a backup PG insurance policy for Bynum, especially if he bolts after this coming season), but Nick Calathes was really the only one available in the 2nd. *Shrugs*

    I think Daye has the potential to be a steal at #15, and Summers was a fantastic second round pick.

    Lets see what they do with the free agent situation.

  21. Fariduddin

    Daye… great pick and i can’t believe we got him at 15! Great pick.. this guy can shoot the ball…Plays D…. he needs to eat sum steak, but he will be fine. i think Gordon and Charlie are coming to the Pistons. a part of me thinks Joe D. will keep several players we think are getting traded.. but we might see moves in the middle of the season…. gonna be an interesting summer 🙂 i’m excited!



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