No Thanks Boston – Rondo and Allen for Rip, Tayshaun and Stuckey

by | Jun 23, 2009 | 23 comments

An almost laughable deal was said to be offered to Detroit from Boston that would have sent Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen for Richard Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince and Rodney Stuckey.

From Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports:

“The Boston Celtics appear willing to make major roster changes to balance a chance for a championship run and future financial flexibility.

The Celtics offered Ray Allen(notes) and Rajon Rondo(notes) to the Detroit Pistons for a package that included Richard Hamilton(notes), Tayshaun Prince(notes) and Rodney Stuckey(notes), league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Boston general manager Danny Ainge and Detroit’s Joe Dumars never spoke, but rather the Celtics had a lower-level executive make the pitch to a Pistons official over the past weekend, league sources said. Detroit immediately rejected the idea, and it never advanced to the two top executives speaking about particulars.”

This one makes absolutely no sense for Detroit, why would the Pistons trade away their best three players (and bargaining chips) for an again Allen (with an expiring contract) and Rajon Rondo. I can almost hear Dumars laughing now.

Update: PistonsNation points us toward Kelly Dwyer’s post over at Yahoo that maybe Dumars should reconsider.


  1. Detroitfan095

    the pistons really need to let tayshaun go. he is horrible now a days. back in the day, he was great. but now he cant gaurd nobody and he cant make a shot.

  2. Craig

    I’d do it. The cap room that Ray’s salary will provide would be nuts. A backcourt of Rondo and Gordon, with Earl Clark, Boozer, and McDyess sounds pretty fancy if you ask me…

  3. Freshprince91

    Perhaps the DUMBEST TRADE OFFER IN NBA HISTORY!! LOL. if i were joe i would lookin in my phone contacts and delete Ainge’s number. who does Ainge think Joe is?? Kevin Mchale LMAO!!!

  4. Drew

    Thats a ridiculous trade offer…why would we give away our whole core for an aiging Allen and rajon rondo, thats the dumbest idea ever you people are talking dumb..rodney stuckey is clearly the future of the team! believe it!

  5. Natalie Sitto

    I still don’t do it, I have no problem with letting two of the three go but to package really everything Detroit has for Allen and Rondo would be silly in my opinion. Sheed is gone, no Dyess, what would we be left with? Add a draft pick and I may change my mind.

    I still think it will take a hell of a lot for Dumars to move Stuckey.

  6. brgulker

    This deal is laughable, BUT…

    If we can get Rondo, we should get him. We’ve got the flexibility to extend his deal, and he’s going to be an All-Star, soon.

    Actually, I kind of like a backcourt with Stuck and Rondo, if we can get a pure shooter to play backup SG…

  7. starbury

    As a celtics fan I would like this trade to happen. Stuckey is a young player who with good development from the celtics vetrans could become a true point guard. Rip is younger than Ray and puts up just as many ppg. Stuckey, Rip, PP34, KG , and Perk as a starting five. With Starbury, Eddie House, Tay, BBD, and Powe off the bench. That second line up could probably beat half the teams in the league. The pistons might as well do it because they dont have a chance if they keep the same team.

  8. Matt

    IF they trade KG instead of Rondo, I would trade.

  9. Dave

    What do you guys think about this deal?

    We trade Rip and Tay for Bosh, sign Gordon and Hedo as their replacements.

    Starting 5:

    Not enough D? OK. Let’s sign Ariza for less money, and we’ll have room for Boozer too.

    Sheed off bench.

    And all this without dumping Sheed’s contract. And if we do decide to dump Sheed, we can get Barnes, Kaman, or Alston.

  10. Sue

    when pigs fly- that’s when that will happen

  11. Matt Selke

    Rip for Rondo and a future first rounder. Move Stuckey to the 2. I’d like that even though I still think Stuckey can be a great point guard.

  12. Adi

    Detroit has to change something
    they suck without billups

  13. HIME1

    Iam just gonna stay positive ,and hope it come out good, for the team. last season was not easy to watch , but i did.. GO PISTONS!

  14. Fariduddin

    Crazy! can’t be true… i dont see the logic and how it benefits the Pistons…i cant go

  15. Shawn

    sounds awesome, but there’s no way that Toronto would take on that much salary, it would be like 6 million. they might do it if they threw in Kris Humphries though, but that would give us less cap space to sign all those players.

  16. LiamJones

    It is a good trade. I love this, “This is a direction you have to head toward. You’re rebuilding. Deal with it. Deal, aware of it.”

    It is true. I hate to say it, but it is definitely true. Stuckey isn’t going to be a guy to build a franchise around, we open up EVEN MORE cape space for 2010, AND we get an awesome point guard (with a ton of heart) who is on the rise in Rondo. Plus, Ray Allen may be old, but we need a deep threat.

    It is a trade for the future. Yeah, the Celtics will take the advantage of it for the next two (maybe, I stress MAYBE) three years, but we could set up another 6-straight ECF team with what we get in this trade.

    I fear trying to rebuild “on-the-fly” around our aging veterans will get us where the Phoenix Suns have gotten themselves…. lottery land.

  17. Silvio

    Because Pistons would get best player in the deal, Rajon Rondo. But still Celtics would get more, Dumars did well passing on this one.

  18. LetsblameIverson

    Rondo and Allen are both way better than Rip, Stuckey, and Tay so I really don’t see why it’s such a bad deal? an aging Allen??? ummmm what about the fact that Detroit would be getting rid of an aging Tay and Rip? and getting a proven and better PG? I know everyone here believes Stuckey will do this and that but Rondo has been doing it now for the last year or two. you can keep riding Stuckey’s nuts all you want but there’s no guarantee that he’ll be an allstar and Rondo has already been playing like one. We sucked ass at three pointers last year and Allen is one of the best 3point shooters in history so I can understand people not liking the deal or whatever but sorry Nat I still think it’s stupid to call it a “laughable deal” like if Tay or Rip have been proving anything this yr… once again u can ride their nuts and say they tried during hard times and Tay was out of his position for a while and blah blah blah but bottom line is they didn’t perform well and Rondo and Allen are both great players. Plus who are the Pistons fans gona blame for sucking, without Iverson next year there’s no one to blame? This way if Pistons have another crappy year you Pistons fans can keep blaming the new players for you sucking because Tay, Rip, Sheed and the rest of these slackers could never be blamed. I think you Pistons fans treasure these players alot more than they’re worth to be calling this a “laughable deal” you must think you are trading 3 MJ’s or something. Psssh Please Nat you crying about trading the 3 best players well I’m sorry to say that the 3 best players on a team with a losing record aren’t going to get you Lebron and Kobe I know you guys think Tay, Rip, and Stuckey are “too good” for real allstars like Allen and Rondo (which they’re obviously not) but you might have to realize that just cause you guys see them that way and you see them as having more talent right now than they really do, there’s no way I can imagine anyone giving something better for those 3 underachievers (for this year atleast)Just think about it two Allstars (and better players) for 3 guys that simply didn’t perform (and actually got a losing record) besides that point that they all pretty much quit as soon as their buddy Billups left. Well Billups is a way smarter person he left and he kept trying hard he didn’t bitch and cry in the locker rooms about hating his new teamates like the Pistons did with Iverson. I just think you guys are expecting to get too much for these 3 players they’re not as great as you think they are

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