Amir Johnson Traded to The Spurs then off to The Bucks

by | Jun 23, 2009 | 45 comments

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The Amir Johnson experiment is over in Detroit.  Joe Dumars made a with his one time right hand man John Hammond that sent Johnson for the newly acquired Fabricio Oberto, of The Bucks.

“The Pistons have traded power forward Amir Johnson to Milwaukee for center Fabricio Oberto, who was acquired by the Bucks from the Spurs earlier today, according to a person familiar with the trade negotiations.

Oberto averaged 2.6 points and 2.6 rebounds in 54 games for San Antonio last season, although it appears he will never suit up for the Pistons. Yahoo! Sports reports that the Pistons are expected to buy out the remaining year on Oberto’s deal.

Thus, it appears the Pistons can add the $3.6 million Johnson was scheduled to make next year to the roughly $20 million of salary-cap room they already had to spend when they can start negotiating with free agents July 1.” Via The Detroit Free Press

A Sherrod Blakley has a little different take then the Free Press. Detroit will waive Oberto…

“The Pistons are putting the finishing touches on a three-way trade involving San Antonio and Milwaukee that will send Johnson, a former second-round pick by Detroit, to San Antonio and then on to Milwaukee.

The key principles in the trade are Bucks guard/forward Richard Jefferson, who will be sent to San Antonio in exchange for Bruce Bowen and Kurt Thomas.

Meanwhile, the Pistons will send Johnson and cash to San Antonio in exchange for Fabricio Oberto who is expected to be waived by Detroit.

By waiving Oberto, that gives Detroit a little more salary cap flexibility this summer to go out and sign a pair of impact players.” Via MLive

Good Luck to Amir, let’s hope the potiential we know he has can flourish for a different team.  We will all remember him for his first two NBA points


And personally I will always remember him for this.

Thanks to all of you quick on the Email, text massage and the special phone call to make sure we got the news quickly. Too bad I was enjoying my dinner when it all broke…Thank goodness for Twitterberry. If you’re not following me on Twitter…you should be.

I’m sure we will be talking about this more, plus what happens leading up to Thursday’s Draft…which I will be live blogging at the Pistons Draft Party.  Stay Tuned!


  1. Richie

    Wow, I really hope the kid does well. He had a great attitude while he was here and just didn’t get a chance to blossom wether it was coaching or foul trouble. The extra money won’t hurt sense we weren’t playing him anyway.

  2. theotherwasillmatic

    yeah like u said good luck Amir can’t wait to see what he’s like after he has Tim Duncan in his ear for awhile

  3. Mike

    I really liked Amir. Oh well, let the rebuilding officially begin.

  4. Natalie Sitto

    Let’s hope he’s Amirzing! Good Luck Amir!

  5. Fartyboy

    I think we should keep Oberto and make him wear a dress!

  6. Will

    Crap deal, to save like 1 million dollars.
    Sucks, Now Joe D will give Milsap an insane contract.
    Milsap isnt any better than Amir.
    Playing time and Deron Williams just makes him look better.

  7. pistons 4 life

    He’s actually ending up with the Bucks, unless I read the article wrong.

  8. pistons 4 life

    Amir never got a fair shot in Detroit anyway. I think he’ll be a good player off the bench for a team that will actually give him minutes. Good luck Amir, I’ll always remember your first NBA points with that awesome windmill dunk!!

  9. altan


    i liked that dude

  10. Amer ican Prince

    man i’m gonna miss amir he was awesome. This sucks, Amir was a great personality and could of been good. but i think this might be better for him in San Antonio with an actual coach and he gets to play with Tim Duncan, so he should do well. Good luck Amir you are a piston no matter what team you suit up for.

    The money thing makes me think either we are trying to sign sheed and/or dyess back and still be able to go after some free agents.

    Or he’s going after carlos boozer or something, which i would personally hate. Paul Milsap is intriging though

  11. Fartyboy

    Wow….wow. Really? Wow….wow. Just…wow.

  12. Fartyboy

    Wait….okay….wow. So you think Amir’s gonna play with Duncan and you think we did it to re-sign Rasheed? Wow.

  13. Patrick

    I wish we could trade away Curry.

  14. Fartyboy

    Read the new True Blue Pistons blog.

  15. Fariduddin

    Amir wasn’t utilized and given sufficient playing time so this seems to be a good move financially… i agree with the theory that the Pistons are looking to sign 2 free agents. maybe i’m a dreamer but it wud be great to see Tay, Rip, Sheed and Dyce back next year.

  16. junior

    no hes going to spurs,lol

  17. junior

    ya i remember that it was sweet! good luck amir

  18. junior


  19. junior

    definetly dyess maybe tay but not rip or sheed

  20. junior

    sorry your right going to bucks, dam that suks he would of done real good playing with duncan

  21. rey

    i beleive to you patrick

  22. Clinton


  23. mobius909

    if anything, oberto is better than brown. however, i’m looking at history and thinking we already tried to get san antonio’s garbage centers in one nazr mohammad. we remember how that worked. DRAFT A CENTER ALREADY!!!

  24. disappointed

    Good luck Amir!!! It is sad to see him go. His hustle and energy on the floor was like no one else’s. Thank you!!!

    As for Detroit I have a sick feeling that all of players that got me hooked on basketball will no longer be playing for Detroit by the time the season starts. 🙁

  25. downtown

    Good look Amir.

    None of us will ever forget your first NBA bucket.

  26. The Fluidics

    Didn’t get a fair shot? As I recall, Amir was in the starting lineup as this season began. If he couldn’t get minutes, it’s because his basketball iq wasn’t enough to keep him out of early foul trouble.
    Yes the guy was a beast with the blocks, but he didn’t grow (figuratively and literally) enough to be effective in this league, and wasn’t worth the contract he was being paid.
    So I’ll wish Amir good luck, and hope he gets on a weight program so that he can play down low without getting pushed around by EVERYONE.

  27. Paul

    Are you out of your mind? Did Amir hit 18 double-doubles in a row?

  28. Paul

    Welcome to the real world son.

  29. Paul

    How was Amir not utilized? He was in the STARTING lineup!
    He gets traded and all everyone talks about are his first 2 points…he must have been real good.

  30. wick

    joe dumars need to go, he is an a**hole

  31. theotherwasillmatic

    i completely missed that damn lol well that sucks for Amir
    let the death of his career begin with bucks

  32. Matt Selke

    Apparently we are going after B.J. Mullens.

  33. Matt Selke

    You are ignorant.

  34. Chris

    No he’s going to the Bucks buddy.

  35. Chris

    The death?
    He’s probably gonna get more playing time in Milawaukee, & I see him setting some career highs this season.

  36. Chris

    Yeah man like Paul said, Milsap is way better & Dumars isn’t going to give him a huge contract because from what I’ve heard were expected to sign two people now.

  37. Chris

    Haha Sheed’s gone buddy, this off season is Reconstruction, it seems like Joe-D wants to revamp the whole roster.

  38. Chris

    Actually Rip has a better chance of coming back then Dyess, They’ve been saying its almost a sure thing Dyess won’t be back next season, but I see everyone gone next year.

  39. Chris

    No man we need a new Point Guard, when Big Ben left everyone thought we were done, we had 2 more ECF appearances, but when Billups was traded for Iverson no one worried, everyone thought this would work out and everyone saw us as serious contenders, it turns out this season we were 20 wins under last years mark.

  40. Chris

    He’s an asshole for trying to bring another banner in Detroit?
    You guys might not see it but I do, He’s doing this to help our chances, when he traded Billups he knew the risk he was taking.

  41. Jack

    hey natalie did amir ever email you bout the picture??

  42. Tycoon

    how about trading Curry and some cash to a large softdrink?

  43. Tycoon

    Amir is gonna bounce back and score 30+ pts everytime he plays the Pistons. 🙂
    Seriously, I think he’s career will shine with Bucks.

  44. The Fluidics

    Cavs trade sasha and Ben Wallace for Shaq. Doesn’t leave much room for Sheed there.


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