RUMOR: Sheed and The Cavs Talk

by | Jun 5, 2009 | 44 comments

I’m starting off by saying this is stricktly rumor. It’s coming from J. Gamble, the same guy that said Sheed would Retire if he didn’t get 8 million a year. Until his “sources” are confirmed, take this for what it is.

“My sources say that Rasheed Wallace and the Cavs are beginning talks on a two-year deal worth about $10 million per for the services of the former Piston. The move and negotiations were inspired by Dwight Howard’s dominant performance over Cleveland’s big men in the Eastern Conference Finals.  And Wallace will be brought in for that very purpose, to neutralize Dwight Howard next season and help the Cavs get over the hump.” Via Slam Online


  1. Jop

    It would be a shame, but personally watching the series Cavs-Magic I was thinking exactly the same.
    Imho Sheed would be a perfect fit for that team in order to add power and defense at the post.
    Last year Sheed dominated Howard both sides of the floor.
    It only a matter of the attitude that Sheed will bring on the floor

  2. Drew

    Good riddance. I think Sheed would be good for them, because Howard isn’t THAT unstoppable. As soon as Ra goes, we need to focus on signing Boozer or trading for Amare.

  3. ryan

    So how would the Cavs possibly sign him to that kind of deal? They are waaaayyy over the cap

  4. Mark

    Yeah, so we can have Kwame as our starting center.
    If thats the case we will be just as bad next season as we were this season.

  5. duffman04

    If this is true thats a shame, I would hope Sheed wouldn’t turn his back on us

  6. Fariduddin


  7. Steve

    How the hell would they do this. Assuming all player options are taken, theyd already be significantly over the cap

  8. nypistonsfan

    Don’t believe the hype…After perusing several Cavs fan sites, it seems that the general consensus over there is that they aren’t getting anything soon, they are over salary cap and there’s nothing to free up.

  9. Richie

    I doubt it. They could use a big with Sheed’s talents, but A. they’re over the cap B. I don’t see ‘Sheed beign able to play on a team of floppers and guys who take charges first, block shots second.

  10. Terrie Godde

    NOOOOOO, Please!!!! I’m irritated with him, but not Cleveland!!!!!!!

  11. KRONIKjose

    Well, one things for sure…he won’t be here next year. So since that’s the case I really don’t care where he goes with the effort he has been displaying lately. However, I think any contending team would take a serious look at him because he can play solid defense against any big man straight up. I know Cleveland would be over the cap but they could still ofer him the MLE, which definitely is not $10 million. A lot of people have said they thought he would go to san antonio, but I do think he will try and stay in the east.

  12. Shawn

    sheed, please don’t go there, cause if you do im sorry to say it, but i will have to root against you next year. I HATE the cavs

  13. Sharif Nasr

    I love Sheed, no matter the headaches he has caused me over the past few years. But I understand this is a business and he will probably be done as a Pistons. I will say “Thank you for your years of hard work and bringing us a championship. But now I will hope you lose when you play us.”

    I read an interesting article about a possible (just pure thought, no truth so far)sign and trade with the Cavs:

    Basically, we trade Sheed for Ben Wallace and a draft pick. Personally, I don’t do it. You don’t make anyone in the Central stronger and make yourself weaker, even if this would give us a chance to see Ben retire as a Piston.

  14. LiamJones

    Yeh, I was going to say the only way I see this happening is a sign and trade. But I would have a hard time seeing the Pistons, or any team for that matter, trading within their division. Especially for a player of that caliber. That would simply be baffling to me…

  15. LiamJones

    Upon further inspection, that might not be a bad trade. Let’s face it, unless something drastic happens we’re not going to be a contender next year and there simply isn’t top-notch talent for the taking in free agency this year. Like the article in Sharif Nasr’s post said, if we really are shooting for 2010, it doesn’t hurt cap, Wallace gets to retire a Piston, and he can instill his attitude into our young talent (which they could definitely use.)

    Plus, how many quality year (er, should I say minutes) could ‘Sheed actually give to the Cavs? Not many. And getting a player and a draft pick or two, a first rounder at that, wouldn’t be a bad trade at all for the old man.

  16. KRONIKjose

    you will not see the pistons do any dealings within their division. period. especially not the damn cavaliers. there are plenty of good big men to be had in free agency and the cavs are over the cap. the most they can offer ANYBODY is the MLE. Sheed won’t take that, he’s too proud, so why would we help them to get a good player? Just because Sheed played bad for us the last couple of seasons doesn’t mean he won’t go there and play better (look at chauncey). The cavs are looking for help, and i don’t want to give it to them, even if it does mean turning down a LATE first round pick in a weak draft.

  17. pistons 4 life

    I could care less where Sheed goes, even if it’s back with the Pistons. But personally I think he’d be a great fit in a Spurs Uni.

    I’m with everyone else here. There’s no way the Cavs could afford this.

  18. chauncyfillups

    well well well I say keep rasheed for another year for as cheap as you can get him and the rest of the tired nucleus pickup shaq for a year wich gives you the same cap space after the season is over because boozer is just not going to cut it not at all and atleast that way they have a big and some pieces that could still maybe contend and just wait untill 2010 and shop till they drop because bosh is ok but he is not going to be the answer either

  19. Jason

    lol chauncyfillups has a point here.

  20. KRONIKjose

    no he doesn’t. why the hell would we go after an over-the-hill shaq that would take up ALL OF OUR CAP SPACE just to try and wait til next year? EVERYONE is waiting until next year so why would we? so we can be in the bidding wars with everyone else? This year we are one of only a handful of teams that can spend money so FA’s will be seeking us. i wouldn’t be opposed to having sheed back at a severely discounted price, i just don’t want to pay him the $8 mil he wants. as for boozer or bosh being the “answer”, we don’t need them to be. we just need them to be a piece to the puzzle, whomever we get.

  21. pistons 4 life

    I love how everyone just assumes that everyone is going to leave their team in 2010. I say about u percent of these guys stay put. Maybe I’m wrong, but I wouldn’t build a franchise based who I might be able to get after “NEXT” season.

  22. pistons 4 life

    that u is supposed to be 75, don’t know what happened there

  23. KleenGee

    Sheed owns Howard. Sign him for another year Joe

  24. rey

    piston fans,, who ever superstar player,, who will play under.MC no way piston to be on top mark my words.

  25. Sue

    What is it w detroit..They always want the old guys
    We have old guys why are they looking at more old guys to pick up??? I like the old guys they have…

    Anything about Rip yet?

  26. Richie

    Hah, that suggestion is rediculous. It will never happen.

  27. Richie

    That’s absurd. Ben only worked in Detroit beause he was in a system that fit him perfectly. It was a perfectly balanced system which included a 5-years-younger Rasheed. Joe can do much better.

  28. Richie

    “u” isn’t a percent, but I agree with your point.

  29. Richie

    Rip signed an extension this year right before they stabbed him in the back and traded Chauncey.

  30. Tim

    You think Sheed goes to Washington to play for Flip?

  31. jzm

    Who would be in favor of either Sheed or Chauncey’s number being retired?

  32. CB

    Forget Sheed, Boozer, Amare.

    We need CHRIS BOSH!!!!!!!!

  33. #1 Stuckey fan

    I doubt it. Everyone seems to be forgetting that Gordon might still be on the board for us. Not to mention David Lee (whom the knicks might not be able to afford) will also be there. So add another piece with either Amare or Boozer and you got yourself a decent chance to make things happen.

  34. #1 Stuckey fan

    They would be assuming they sign back people and they don’t opt out, but who knows it’s all up in the air! Guess we will see after July 1.

  35. #1 Stuckey fan

    Oh well if he does go there, #1 good ridince and #2 Cavs can deal with his BS (techs, lack of effort, etc.), he’s over the hill I doubt he even does anything against Howard next season, as i think after this season Dwight will have refined his game even more so than this year

  36. #1 Stuckey fan

    I would NEVER take Ben Wallace back. He’s a joke and I don’t pressume that $14mill would be on Joe D’s “to-do” list. He’s way too overpaid as he should be making now what Max or Amir make. I’m glad to see Cleveland get ripped off on that trade ahahahaha suckers!

  37. #1 Stuckey fan

    Chauncey’s yes! Sheed’s…no not really. he has done a lot, but in the same token, I just can’t see it, he has caused a lot of controversy. Especially this season with his total lack of effort.

  38. #1 Stuckey fan

    Umm…Idk about you, but I don’t think I would turn down two other players who are capable of the same things Bosh is, especially Stoudamire. Boozer is capable of 21 and 11 easy and Amare 25-26 and 11 no prob. It will be exciting to see what Joe D can make happen in this offseason. Sheed can go tho for sure!

  39. gMac

    Did you really think next season is going to be any better?

  40. Tycoon

    Yes Sheed may be a good fit for Cavs or even Magic.

  41. b

    Lack of effort was due to injuries and a lack of effort from the front office. why is he going to risk hurting himself in the situation he was put in.(rhetorical enough that i am not even putting a ?)

  42. Jenny

    SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED! Boy I hope it doesnt go through because i’ll miss that lil fellow(;

    “We’re still trying to win that CHAMPIONSHIP, even though most people don’t think that we can. But we still believe that we can. For the last few (years), everyone said, ‘Oh, oh, Pistons, Pistons, Pistons,’” Wallace said in a mock plaintive tone. “But even then, honestly, for the last few they counted us out. They never said we won’t be there and this and that, but we’ve always been there. So now we definitely have to prove to it, that we will be there.”

    hopefully the pistons will be back next season!

  43. hi

    imagine turkoglu on the pistons next yea…and i imagine a championship….

    he fits in so well with pistons basketball

    imagine a 6-10 guy with point forward skills can shoot th three like ray allen, gets in the lane and passes insanely well…

    now imagine our team with him in there, along with rip and tay(we better keep tay)

    we got the ring already

  44. Jacqueline Pitts

    The Pistons, should keep Sheed, and get another big man, so that Sheed will come off the bench. Then we need a power forward,I’m not going too give up on the Detroit Pistons, what happen last season with Chauncey I CAN’T EVEN GO THERE EVER. The Piston’s just gave him away to Denver, enough said, let’s go forward.


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