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by | Jun 1, 2009 | 32 comments

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Around the Way…..The what a glorious weekend edition.

  • To start off my weekend I ran into Steve Yzerman at Starbucks, and can you believe the place was packed and nobody but myself realized it was him? Besides my stalking charge it made for a beginning of a great few days, especially after two Wings wins!
  • Thank you Dwight for not only being a joy to watch, but taking down those awful Cavaliers.  Seeing the Magic stun the World and send the Cavs fishing was just the medicine that this Piston fan needed.
  • LeBron….a spoiled sport taking after those Bad Boys . I noticed him bolt off court right after the buzzer sounded and thought the same thing. “It’s hard for me to congratulate somebody after you just lose to them,” James said. (Hat Tip Matt Watson)
  • Pistons are the front runners for Carlos Boozer? “Apparently, rising free agent-of-choice Carlos Boozer is telling confidants he’s either going to Detroit or New Jersey — only way the capsized Nets pull that off is by doing a sign-and-trade. Word has it Jersey will have but three assistants next season and all must take pay cuts.” The New York Post (it is coming from Peter Vecesy so take it as strictly RUMOR)
  • If the Pistons actually pick up Boozer, can Arnie keep him in uniform all season long?
  • Sorry Chauncey.
  • Ben Wallace to Retire?
  • Walter Herrmann might return to Spain?
  • Great Pre-Draft roundup from Dave Dial over at MLive.


  1. Fariduddin

    i wouldn’t mind seeing Ben Wallace come back to the Pistons to close out his career. He could come off the bench and be that voice in the locker room.

    great news about Boozer… i wouldn’t mind at all.. the guy can post and shot the jump shot.. he can spread the floor.. and teh guy has some heart…

    and we have a good trainer and med staff… it will be interesting to see how potential trades play out….

  2. Vanalope

    Will definitely be pulling for the Magic in the finals. Though I’m a Piston’s girl I have liked and respected them, they’ve been up and coming for the last few years and it’s good to see them progressively doing better. They deserve this.

  3. Marcell

    I think I was the only person at the last Orlando game wearing a Pistons Jersey. People kept starring and finally somebody got the nerve to ask me why. I said I came all the way down from Michigan just to see superman take out LJ and his crew. I said I wanted revenge. You’d be surprised at how many of their fans were thankful they didn’t play Detroit this year

  4. mobius909

    It’s a bad idea to go after Boozer. I still feel like we need to get/draft a center, first and foremost. Dump sheed and AI, then get the remaining cash for a real PF, possibly Bosh.

  5. pistons 4 life

    Hopefully Joe is smarter than picking up Boozer. The guy has talent, but he’s never healthy and he’s been on bad terms with his last 2 teams. Why would we want a guy like that?

    If he’s a part of this team next season I just got a little less excited about next year.

  6. LiamJones

    I also wouldn’t be too thrilled about seeing Boozer in a Pistons uni. I am sure he’d do some good things on the court, but something about him just rubs me the wrong way. On the other hand, we could use the help!

    Am I the only person who thinks LeBron quickly leaving wasn’t classless? I hate the Cavs, but you have to respect LeBron. He’s taken a few years off his career playing the way he has this season, and he’s done it for a team that won’t give him enough respect to put a decent (stress DECENT)team around him. Dude just completely has his heart ripped out, and people are bashing him for leaving immediately and not answering BS questions from the media?

  7. Richie

    Nat has blogs for other teams listed on the blogroll. What’s your point? You may wnat to try looking at a site before you bash it, jackass.

  8. mobius909

    liam, true, lebron has gone through some really deep doo-doo and got his heart ripped out in the process. they actually pay him ungodly amounts of money to be able to cope with that stress though. knameen? plus, how many times did karl malone and stockton have to shake hands with the team that took them out every year? it’s good sportsmanship and he’s acting like a whiny 4 year old. go shake hands and let someone drop some knowledge on ya. you ain’t been around for that long, kid… take your licks like a grown ass man. how many years did jordan have to kick rocks before he went all the way??? I’m willing to wager it was more than two trips to the ECF. He ain’t there yet, but pouting like a little girl won’t get you there either. I think it showed really low maturity on his part.

  9. Richie

    I too was happy to see The Magic win. I also don’t see anything wrong with an emotional Lebron rushing off the floor. It’s understandable. Being a good sport and shaking the hands of the team who just dismantled you is going beyond what’s required, which makes it commendable. I don’t think that not doing it makes you less of a person or player.

    Boozer: He’s considered a hindrence by most Utah fans, but I don’t think he’s been used properly. My solution would be to offer him to a one year contract. I hate stats, because they don’t take any consideration for the coach, team and system that you’re playing under, but Boozer averaged 20 and 13 last year. He also was better than Rasheed in points, boards, assists, steals and FG%.
    It won’t happen, but I think that an awesome plan would be to sign Rasheed and Boozer to one year contracts using the Chauncey cap-space. We’re basically waiting for the big 2010 summer, and that move would make the team competitive now. Sheed and everyone else can stretch the D while Boozer who’s NOT afraid of post play can do damage down low. Defensively they’re both high basketball IQ guys who don’t miss many assignments. It would spice things up and give us a chance to develop the backcourt with big help up front.

  10. TJ

    Boozer at the right price is a quality pick-up. The issue with health is relatively minimal, because the previous 2 seasons before the 2008-2009 campaign, he only missed 7 games. I mean, if we can keep McDyess from missing major time and he had major knee surgery, I’m sure we can keep Boozer in the lineup for 70+ games.

    I do agree that our biggest need is a center, but high quality centers are at a premium. It’s why you have to look at guys like Kaman, Bogut, and Okafor (all potentially on the trading block). Personally, I think an Okafor/Boozer frontcourt would be a great combination of rebounding (from both), low post scoring (from Boozer) and defensive presence (from Okafor). However, I think people who are honestly complaining about Boozer are acting a bit spoiled here. Guys like Bosh, Amar’e, Wade, and LeBron aren’t coming here in 2010. Detroit’s just not a big free agent destination. Every great player to come through here either came via trade (Rasheed, Aguirre, Big Ben), draft (Grant Hill, Isiah Thomas), or signed where their value was low (Chauncey Billups). It’s an unfortunate situation, but if we wait until 2010 to make our moves, we’re going to end up very disappointed.

    There’s not a huge age difference between Bosh and Boozer. Less than 2 and a half years, and Boozer’s price (thanks to a weak economy and lack of teams with capspace) will be $5-6 million less. Both provide legit 20-10 threats, with Boozer being a stronger rebounder and better scorer while Bosh is more committed to playing defense.
    If we add Boozer, our pick and roll with Stuckey and Boozer could become one of the best in the league.

  11. LiamJones

    HA! If both of the guys would sign 1 year contracts that would be a great idea (even though I hate one year “projects” like that.)

  12. #1 Stuckey fan

    screw that (ben wallace coming to the pistons). He’s arrogant now and def. not the player he’s getting paid to be. He hates our mgmt I mean that is what he told Billups basically, that we do business bad here in Detroit. Ben is washed up and wants cleveland to give him a buyout! really a buyout for a player who does nothing basically…? And really he is gonna walk from 14 million? that’s unheard of… He needs a slap in the face back to reality…

  13. #1 Stuckey fan

    no good centers in this draft other than thabeet, plus Bosh isn’t free agent until next yr. We would have to essentially trade off some people on our team to get him (Tay and Amir rumored to be right now).

  14. #1 Stuckey fan

    If we just get him eh it’s ok but if we can pull off Gordon, Boozer and Bosh (via trade) I think we all would be pretty excited.

  15. #1 Stuckey fan

    Boozer wants a long -term deal, so one yr would be outta the question on that…but i agree he is a lot better than sheed

  16. 48209

    richie where u live?!!!!?

  17. Normal2

    My whole thing is that if you shake the loser’s hand, then you should shake the winners had. All Detroit shook hands with LB in defeat. All Atlanta shook hand with LB in deteat. LB left the building and ran to the bus in defeat. He is the captian and the team leader and he left it up to waaayyyy lesser players like Mo Williams to handle the media and answer questions about why Labron wasn’t there. If you can be a good sport when you win, you should be a good sport if you lose. That’s all.

  18. HIME1


  19. LiamJones

    hey, if it were sideshow bob or boobie gibson who did this there wouldn’t even be a discussion… he spilled the next day anyhow.

  20. Normal 2

    Well, I’m a detroit fan to the fullest, and if Zeek can get ridiculed till this day for not shaking the hands of MJ and the Bulls. LB should be riduculed too. Even though most of the Pistons did it because of what MJ said about them being bad for the league. Superstars are held to a different standard then un-superstars. But to each his own. I’m not trying to change your oppinion or anything like that and I understand you not thinking it’s classless. But when your a role model Like LBJ is, your held to a different standard and that’s the NBA Life. That’s it.

  21. Vanalope

    Hey Nat, I’ll hold your shoes and earrings while you swing that ban stick. 😉

  22. The Fluidics

    I’ll be rooting for the Lakers, cuz as happy as I was to see the Lebrons lose to the Magic, I don’t any team but Detroit coming out of the East.

  23. Holden Geyer

    that is awesome

  24. Richie

    Of course, a 28 year old on the downside of his career is looking for a long term contract, because it’s his last chance to make some bank. Like I said, it’s a pipe dream, but if we offered him the same amount that Iverson was getting for his last year for one year, it might be temping enough. It would be like trading Iverson for Boozer, which would be a huge upgrade.

  25. Richie

    I live in Michigan, why do you care?

  26. #1 Stuckey fan

    Iverson made almost $20.84 million last yr, I don’t think we can even come close to that and that was Iverson’s salary from his upside in the league. Boozer will never ever be what Iverson was at his age. He will get a $10-12 million a yr deal, it’s not far from a dream believe me it’s closer than you seem to understand. It’s not far off that we get him and Ben Gordon. Also I heard through a source that Detroit might be trading their 15th pick and Amir Johnson to make more room to comfortably sign both those players. If Utah doesn’t give up Boozer they will lose Milsap (which can be cheaper for the Pistons, thus giving us more money to use on yet another player).

  27. Blam

    The guy that blocked Lebron 3 times playing 10 minutes a game is a C (yes, not a PF, we have 20 of those) and he will be a free agent this year.

  28. eric taylor

    people remember lebron is still a baby. Everyone expects him to act like a mature adult, but he’s still learning, and I think this is one of the lessons he has to learn, no matter how much it hurts, stay and shake hands when you lose no matter what. He won’t do it again. He has the body and skills of veteran so we expect him to act like it. He’s just a kid, give him a break.

    As for Boozer. What a terrible terrible pick. If you have any friends in Utah call them now and talk about BOOZER THE LOSER. This would be the most backwards looking disaster of a pick that could happen to detroit. Pray that Boozer ends up in Cleveland. He’ll be ok in Cleveland with Lebron to play with but Detroit needs someone with a winning ethic. Please Joe Dumar do the right thing and pass on Boozer, please please please.

  29. Richie

    I was referring to the unlikelyhood of signing him to a one year contract. I’m not comparing Boozer to iverson either, but I think that he would be FAR more helpful to us than Iverson was.

  30. Richie

    Eric, you’re right about Lebron, but Boozer would be a decent pick up if he could come with a short term contract. Next year is going to be another waiting year until the big 2010 free agencey anyway. Getting a big name with a short contract this year would be ideal, but I wouldn’t expect a name any bigger than Bozer until 2010.

  31. TJ

    If we don’t sign a quality big this offseason, we will suck for the next 3-4 years. Simple as that. No one is coming here in 2010 because there are more attractive markets. So we’ll strike out in 2010 and be left with nothing. So if we don’t pursue some sort of big man this offseason Dumars should be fired on the spot.

  32. eric taylor

    TJ I think you are totally off the mark there. The problem with the NBA in 2009 and 2010 is that everyone is broke. The recession has hit the teams extremely hard, and people who have even a little bit of money are in a great bargaining position. The superstar free agents that come up in the next two years will either have to take salaries that normally go to role players . . . or play for detroit. Joe Dumars has to be careful not to pull the trigger too soon. The absolute worst thing he can do is sign someone too soon, and ruin his leverage. Who else has money? Some of those teams out there are gonna go bankrupt next year! If Dumars signs a big because of pressure from fans he should be fired. If he holds out and waits, then he is a zen master, and Detroit will be left with all the goodies.


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