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by | May 26, 2009 | 25 comments

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  • Go Chauncey.
  • Caveman…I was just talking about the Pistons trying to get Kaman out of LA. I wouldn’t mind a bit.
  • This is one thing the Pistons organization would never do. They embrace us… (Hat Tip to D. Wieme)
  • Pistons scouts busy agenda.
  • 24 years later, Joe D could face the decision Jack McCloskey made on him.
  • You know I am on a mission (and not this mission) to find the 80/90 ‘s Pistons rap song that mentions Laimbeer, Mahorn, Isiah ect, so while I was looking I found this Gem.. A group of 3 brothers and a female cousin repping the Pistons after the 2004 Championship.


  • Another giveaway coming so stay tuned.




  2. 48209

    okay, now thats by far one of the worst songs and i dances i have seen and heard. :)

  3. Natalie Sitto

    I don’t mind if Denver does it either..Don’t get me started on the Cavs.

  4. DD3

    In no way what so ever do I think Kaman is a good pick up! He is owed too much money & will not be a difference maker in getting us over the hump. It’s been 2 years since he’s had his 1 good campaign. We need to get young, athletic & hungry in 1 swoop. Moves I’d make.

    Stuckey stays in as our combo starting guard.
    Trade Tayshaun & Amir to Toronto for Bosh
    Trade Rip & Kwame to Hou for Tmac (true he is injure prone, but Arnie can heal anyone!)
    Use our Free Agent money on Trevor Ariza
    Then the 15th pick on BJ Mullens or another big man.
    Or Sign Dyess to a 1 year Vet minimum.

    & Young Big man

    Looks great to me, but probably unrealistic. But with that starting 5 & an 8 man rotation including Bynum, Maxiel & Sharpe will be good enough to get us back on track. Maybe not the finals, but definitely on track.

  5. Kevin

    I think the rap might be from the “Pure Pistons” video for their second title. I can’t find it anywhere, but it was called “Do It Detroit.”

    Jump ball, tip to Isiah,
    Superstar, under par, all-around player.
    Fake the pass, give it the dance, finger roll
    Count it for two – how does he do it? Only God knows…

    And so on.

  6. Colton Keck

    I love how all people can do is talk crap on rasheed saying how bad we need to trade him but we want to get kaman , ” Im not targeting you nat, i dont know if ive heard the rasheed stuff from you ” But other people who think kaman will do any thing , rasheed makes kaman look like d-league material. and t – mac ,sorry but no thanks i wouldn’t mind seeing the pistons making it to the second round of the playoffs , if we wanted to trade wins for highlight reals we could have just kept iverson

  7. Natalie Sitto

    T-Mac…not even Arnie can get him thought a full season. Yes I would love some young big men but Kaman is solid.

  8. Natalie Sitto

    Kevin…if that’s it I love You! Im off to look for it.

  9. DD3

    We need a legit closer. Tmac is hurt because he has to do way too much in Houston. Remember Mcdyess was hurt more than Tmac & he came to Detroit & was one of our healthiest players for 3 years. Tmac along side Bosh & a confident Stuckey can work IF Tmac stays healthy. Tracy is still a top 5 guard in the league. He’s still hard to defend. Ask Kobe & Lebron if they think Tmac is done. But AI is not the player he was, he’s too small & a defensive liability. Sheed is done. He got his ring & retired the day after he got it. He has no hunger anymore. the regular season means nothing to him. We need players so hungry they will fight to Win. Tmac has NEVER made it out of the 2nd round. You think he’s not hungry? Name any other SG in the league better than Tmac that we can get right now? Tmac hurt is still better than Rip & Tay’s numbers combined. Plus it would only be a year long experiment since he is a FA next season, so is Bosh. So if it doesn’t work out, his money is off the books & we can go after someone else. I think it’s at least worth the gamble. Much more than trying to sign Ben Gordon, Kaman & Boozer. That is not a good Detroit team at all!.

  10. Natalie Sitto

    I will say you make some good points but I’m not on the T-Mac bandwagon. I put him in the AI selfishness category until he proves me wrong and he doesn’t have much time left to. As for Boozer and Gordon…I pass.

  11. TJ Lynch

    Tracy McGrady is done. He’s been in the league, what, 13 years now? If he went four years in college he’d be 35 years old, and the fact of the matter is that his body has taken the same toll as most 34-35 year olds in the league.

    We have several issues that need to be addressed, and quite frankly I don’t see it being physically possible to address all of them. So what do you do? You address the biggest needs first and work on the other ones over the next year or two. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither are championship contenders. I mean, just look at our starting lineup for the 2004 championship squad team:

    Ben Wallace (2000)
    Rasheed Wallace (2004)
    Tayshaun Prince (2002)
    Richard Hamilton (2002)
    Chauncey Billups (2002)

    I don’t see us putting together that championship team in one offseason, but I would like to get off to a nice start. Kaman, when healthy, is a top 10, maybe top 5 center in the league (seriously, how many C’s can average 15-10-2?). Gordon, at this point, is 4 years younger, has less mileage and injury history, and was a key part of why Chicago was in that series (his play in the first 4 games was great but his hamstring injury started to hamper him), and Boozer is a mixed bag. Tremendous offense (true low post player), great rebounder, terrible defender. He’s not a two way player, but then again neither was Wallace.

    I suggest patience and not doing anything rash. Don’t look to fix everything right away.

  12. Ruy

    Chauncey is playing great right now.
    Just wish he had played like this in 2006 and 2007 (2008 he was hurt). The Pistons would definitely have won the ‘ships.

  13. Sleepy Crayfish

    Chris Kaman? Yuck.

  14. gMac

    Kaman is good, over the years he’s developed some nice post moves.
    Forget T-Mac, seriously, any one here want Artest on our team, he will be a cheap ‘star player’ to pick up. It would be a nice story line too.
    Did you all hear what he said in the post game interview about the ejection when he confronted Kobe. He’s a different man now. We nee some one like him.

    just my .02

  15. DD3

    Top 5 Center? KAMAN? You are killing me. He is top 20 maybe. Prybilla is a better Center than Kaman. He had 1 solid season & has done nothing major since. TMac just turned 30 a few days ago. He’s had back issues for a few seasons. When healthy he averages over 20 points a game. He is just asked to do way too much. Yao has missed a lot of games too. So does that make him DONE in the league or any worse than Kaman? No. But Tmac has missed the end of a lot of seasons & has been on a lot of bad teams. So I doubt he’s done. he has at least 3 or 4 good years left. Gordon is a good player, not great. he will have the same issues AI had. He is too short & not even as fast as fast as AI was.

    the difference in our championship team then was a strong coach & younger players hungry for a ring. We beat an old Lakers team. Malone, GP, Fox, Horry, even Shaq was about 32 at the time. Their average age on that team was 34 ours was 28. Also they were having team issues & weren’t healthy. When we made it to the finals in 2005 we were evenly matched with the Spurs. Average age for both teams at the time was 29-30. this year our average age was 32. The league is different now. It belongs to the draft classes that came in AFTER we won a ring. We drafted Darko over Melo, Wade, Bosh Josh Howard & a bunch of very talented players only to HOPE we can get one of them this year. It’s going to take a while to win, but the youth movement stuff doesn’t work in the NBA. Boston threw in the towel on the youth movement & went from losers to Champs literally over night. Mia took 2 seasons, but they also went from so so team to Champs over night. The last few championship teams have been an average of 30-32. You need a mixture of vets & young players & talent. Boozer, Gordon & Kaman with Stuckey & who ever else, is not a championship team. Not in my eyes. We have a LONG way to go, but if we can get strong players over night, Joe needs to pull the trigger or get out of dodge!

  16. DD3


  17. Jose

    I think Kaman would be a good addition. He is a legit 7 footer that plays with his back to the basket. I played basketball against him when he was in high school and he dominated us. In college he dominated again, and in the pros he is doing nothing but be a good player. He can easily average 15 and 10 a night as well as play solid D in the paint. He is only 27 and he is owed a modest $33 mil over the next 3 years. Hell, we payed more than that to an over-aged Sheed. I would love to see the Pistons try and make a deal with the Clippers to try and get this guy, or possibly even Camby. On a trade of Tayshaun and Maxi for Kaman and Thornton works out by the numbers, but it will be interesting to see what gets done this offseason.

  18. TJ

    Name 10 centers better than Kaman. You can’t. You’ve got your “Duh” list:

    And after that it’s pretty much a toss up or PFs that are forced to play C (like Okafor or Al Jefferson). Guys like Pryzbilla, Bogut, Bynum aren’t really better than Kaman. Kaman is one of only seven players the last 10 seasons to average 15+ points, 10+ rebounds, and 2+ blocks. Are you really saying that’s not worthy of being in the top 10? Give me a break.

    And sorry, but McGrady is done. How many years have we heard “When he’s healthy” and he just had microfracture knee surgery. You know who else had that? McDyess, and he certainly wasn’t the same McDyess he was back in his Nugget days (still a quality role player, but definitely not the 20-10 threat he once was). McGrady is never going to average 20 points a game again.

  19. LiamJones

    DD3… I don’t think you could be more right. Look at any of the teams that beat us between ’05 and ’08. Miami (drafted Wade, traded for a still primetime Shaq,) Cleveland (drafted LeBron, was given the pass by that Pistons team not showing up or even ATTEMPTING to stop Bron driving the lane (I will never get over this, we were SUCH better team and it never should have happened… their second best player was Gibson that year… cmon…), and finally Boston (GIVEN KG, and traded (er, signed?) Ray Allen).

    Each team that beat us (outside of the Spurs in ’05) were/are fly-by-night franchises. The C’s will be done in a year or two due to age. Look at what happened to the Heat… age. The Cavs are a special case because LeBron is just a special player.

    None of those teams were really built, they were all put together basically on circumstances of luck/ right place right time. (Cleveland gets #1 for Bron, C’s get KG at peak of his Minnesota hatred/Minnesota finally just ditching the hope to hold on, and Miami getting Shaq at the peak of the Kobe/Shaq dispute — he had to go somewhere, and that somewhere was Miami.)

    We either have to be a team of lucky circumstances, or wait a few years and build another team like 2004’s.

  20. MythYes

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