Manditory Big Shot

by | May 11, 2009 | 54 comments

I know it’s been slow as far as Pistons news goes but you MUST head on over to ESPN and read the great piece Tom Friend wrote on Chauncey Billups. A must for any Pistons fan.

Disposable Superstar

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Thanks to Max, Jeff, Michael, El Patron Himself, Stephen and all the others who made sure I didn’t miss this one. And all of you….pass it on. Go Chauncey!


  1. Tom Walch

    I just read this article and the first place I went was Need4Sheed to suggest you link to it…but you beat me to it. Great article, absolutely great. I sure as hell hope Joe puts in some work this summer because not having Chauncey here to teach Stuckey, calm Hamilton, motivate Tay, relax ‘Sheed, etc, etc has been awful. This year wasn’t as bad as the Teal Years, but depending on what Joe does this summer, we could be moving that direction. Sorry to be a downer, but I miss the playoffs. Watching Clevland makes me sick.

  2. cole

    this is a great piece… but it does make joe and rest of the organization seem really backhanded when they traded him…

  3. Mannie32

    Great article. Feel happy for Chaunce, and I still have faith in Rip and hope he’s still part of our future going forward. I’m ready to say goodbye to Dyess and Sheed (they have been great for us over the years btw), but would love to see Rip and Tay continue to be apart of our future.

  4. ihateai

    Reading this article makes me think, again, what Joe Dumars was thinking. I hope I am just missing the “big picture”, but Chauncey was the glue that held our team together. I didn’t think it would be as bad as it turned out to be, and I didn’t realize just how much Billups meant to the Pistons.

    I’ve lost some faith in Joe Dumars. Also… Michael Curry? Comon… first we get rid of a great coach in Rick Carlisle… then bring in Larry Brown, who wins a championship and then goes to game 7 the next year. He gets canned, bring in a good coach in Flip Saunders. Three eastern conference finals later, he is gone. Guess what, if you can consistently bring your team to the eastern conference finals every year, YOU ARE A GOOD COACH.

    Anyway… sorry to rant, haven’t posted in a while. Miss Chauncey.

  5. pistonsfan

    I read the article earlier as well. It was beautifully written. Im still sad that Chauncey got traded and the effect it had on our team but Im happy it’s wrorking out in Denver and I hope he leads his team to a championship. It sucks how Joe handled everything; they couldn’t even tell him goodbye.

  6. El Patron Himself (Accept no Imitations!)

    Yes, I was one of the first to Tweet N4S to post up the article… gotta love Twitter :)…

    BUT I digress…

    I really enjoyed the article, very nice piece on a very nice man in Chauncey Billups. It’s nice to see a man who’s done everything the right way get his due eventually. I guess Leo Durocher was DEAD WRONG and nice guys don’t always finish last…

    And in a crazy sense of karma… I just got this crazy gut feeling that Smooth is going back to the finals with the Nuggets… I don’t know what it is, but I can feel that could happen… Plus, that would be an all-time first, right? A player who went to SEVEN consecutive conference finals, even if it’s with two different teams, that has to be some sort of record, right?

    It was a very nice story and a great tribute to Mr. Big Shot, the REAL #1 in the red, white, and blue!

  7. Jonny

    if sheed and iverson get traded this offseason i guarentee another banner at the palace. Iverson only plays good when hes got a east jersey on.

  8. C-Quense

    That is truelly a great article. I guess, I will never unterstand why the Pistons traded Chauncey away. This trade killed everything.
    Maybe I’m flying to Denver for the WCF and chanting for Chauncey in my true blue collar jersey. Hopefully he can start another run for the championship and gets the MVP trophy again.
    I’m really really missing the right way of basketball…

  9. Nathan

    …A truly great article. Chauncey will always be a piston to me.

    While i know this is a business, i still think that its wrong how it went down with them not telling RIP(just my opinion).

    My biggest fear though is that no one will come here this year or next. Players talk, and you have to believe that RIP and maybe even Chauncey have put out a word or two about unfairly things were handled in the organization. I hope i’m wrong but i just dont know if we can land ANY big names… only time will tell though.

  10. Amer ican Prince

    I wanted to post the link in the previous post but didn’t want to put it in the thread about Chuck Daly. That was about him.

    But I agree with what everyone is saying it was an amazing article I couldn’t even finish it in one sitting, but I kept wanting to read on.

    ihateai the reason for the trade wasn’t because he thought AI would make the team better than with Chauncey. It was for cap space to try and build another championship team (though to be honest I don’t think that’s going to happen as long as Stuckey’s running the point.)And Joe I guess didn’t feel this team could win it all again

    I really got a good feeling for Chauncey. And it sucks that Stuckey won’t have a mentor to teach him the game like Chauncey had Sam Mitchell and Terrell Brandon. With only Michael Curry and them teaching Stuckey? His development is going to be so muchslower than it would have had Chauncey or even Lindsey Hunter were here.

    Some stuff in the article bugged me when I heard about it but the article was great. Good luck to Chauncey

    Is everyone else cheering for Denver now?

  11. Vanalope

    to American Prince:

    For these Playoffs….yup.

  12. brs197

    This is one of the best articles I have ever read. It did leave me feeling sick, though. I have always loved Joe Dumars, but the way he handled this trade is completely unprofessional. If he treated Chauncey that way, who is going to want to come here?

    I am also fed up with how the Pistons keep defending this trade. It was wrong – admit it. Quit treating the fans like idiots.

    Anyway, I also agree that Stuckey is not going to turn out as good without Chauncey teaching him. I too am rooting for Denver and will always be a Chauncey Billups fan.

  13. Natalie Sitto

    Funny that about an hour after I read this yesterday I was driving and someone called me to let me know about the article in case I missed it. While I was talking to my friend about how good it was, how we missed Chauncey and that we hope the whole Cap Space and Rebuilding doesn’t take as long as we think it’s going to who pulls up right next to me?

    Joe Dumars!

    It took everything I had not to try to pull him over to talk to him about this very article, but running the GM of the Pistons, who also happens to be my favorite NBA player, off the road to get his attention isn’t the best thing to do to get your point across.

    And like all of you….I’m pulling for Mr. Big Shot!

  14. SHAq

    ITS OFFICIAL!!!!!!
    JOE KEEPS MESSING UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Anne

    I believe the lack of leadership is what cause the Pisons fall this season. If Rip still stays with the Pistons next season, can he take the full of responsibility of being the true leader for both on the floor and locker room? What are you guys’ opinions about that?

  16. i am a pistons fan


  17. Nate

    Awesome article. Watching Chauncey play in these playoffs has been amazing. He’s dominating Jason Kidd and leading a team that just last year had terrible defense, awful tempers and failed in the clutch. Chauncey did a 360 with that team. Go Denver.

  18. juneyboy

    Well isn’t that special? The longer it’s been since Chauncey was traded, the more everyone is realizing just how much of a leader and an irreplaceable player he is. Like a fine wine he keeps getting better as time goes by in that Denver powder blue. They treated CB wrong by not informing him of the trade. The more i think about how the trade went down, the more ticked off i become. I hope the Nuggets have a date with Destiny in the Finals and that Larry O’Brien Trophy. You don’t mistreat someone of Chauncey’s leadership qualities, skill and character without any repercussions.

  19. elainfan

    You mean to tell me that Joe was right down the hall and couldnt even call Chauncey down to say goodbye? The leader of the team had to learn about the trade from Dyess? And we are still to believe that Joe is a classy guy and the pistons are a great organization? BULL!!!!!!!!!!!! And… he let Iverson wear his number! It’s offical. I have no more respect for Joe Dumars and his decisions. What a coward! And not once have I ever heard that Chauncey has said a single bad thing about Joe, even after the way he was treated. We lost a true class act!

  20. DD3

    This is hands down the greatest article I have ever read. Very inspirational & telling. from the players & coaches reactions to how his family influenced him. Made me think about being a better parent to my sons. Very very great article. I’m over here choked up. I don’t like living in the past, but damn. This article is so telling of how far we sank this year with our our “head”. I will always be a Pistons fan, but Billups is my favorite player & I’ll always follow him no matter where he ends up.

    Thanks again for sharing Nat

  21. JMG

    Thank you Mr. Big Shot, for what you did for the Pistons and the city of Detroit. You are missed.

  22. chicagoPISTONSfan

    whoa…my eyes are definitely wet from crying now! I misssss him!

    my favorite part was the part about his grandma wanting him to play the right way…I guess it was fate that Larry Brown was the guy who got him to the ‘ship.

    this article scared me though…I feel like we’re going to have to completely start over now…tayshaun and rip are always going to hold that against the pistons organization 🙁

  23. Richie

    That article was a touching tear-jerker. I’m so happy for Chauncey to be doing as well as he is, and I’m rooting for a Denver championship. Thanks for the post, Nat.
    Is it true that ‘Sheed was signed to an extension?

  24. pistonsfan32

    none of the pistons want to play for this team anymore, especially rip. how many times did they mention rip in that article? and the part where ben wallace says “i told you that’s how they are,” i guess he is still pissed at joe for not offering him a better contract. i hate joe d now. i will forever hold it against him for tearing apart the best starting 5 in the league.

  25. Chad

    Good think we disenfranchised AI after the FO knew all along that Rip would want to be traded after the Billups deal.

  26. James

    I read the article and feel the need to defend Joe D a bit here. Could you look a great man like Chauncey Billups straight in the eye having just traded him? I think Joe D got a bit emotional as well and didn’t know how to tell Billups, “Thanks for everything you’ve done Chaunce, but Stuckey’s cheaper, and I really want to fix the mistake of drafting Darko by using Iverson’s salary to make a play at Bosh.”

    People look at the emotion shown by Billups, Rip, and Tay and say what a bad guy Joe D is, but remember this is a business, eventually you need to move on or you’ll get left behind like Phoenix is experiencing.

    Great trade Joe D, painful, but great! I just hope we’re back in title contention next season or soon after.

  27. SHAq

    yes sheed is exension!

  28. Sheed's Balls Don't Lie

    I wish Chauncey the best, but you have to wonder why Mr. Big Shot has turned into MR. BIG MOUTH. Do you think Rip wants everyone to hear that he was sobbing? One minute during the parade Chauncey is saying, “Carmelo Who?” and the next he’s saying the Pistons would have won three rings with him. One minute we hear that Joe let him go to Denver because it was his home and the next minute that he was treated dirty….I wish Chauncey the best, but you have to wonder if his perspective is a little biased..Why would Dyess go back to an organization that treated someone like this if he knew it?

  29. DD3

    There is nothing online or in the news anywhere that Sheed was offered an extension. none of the sports sites not even So where are you guys getting this info. There is no way Joe would offer an extension now, it’s way too early for that. Unless Sheed agreed for the vet minimum. That’s all he is worth now. Not even the MLE (which we don’t even know what it is yet). That is a waste of money to sign a 35 year old on the serious downside of his career when we are trying to go younger & more athletic. Maybe if Joe was working a sign & trade, but even then, why would Sheed agree to anything right now. Stop planting rumors people!

  30. Sue

    it was a beautiful very amazing story about Billups…but as i read it it also made me so mad…

    “on Nov. 2, Dumars and the coaches are staying right down the hall from him, but no one invites him down for a goodbye chat. Then, on the morning of Nov. 3, before the shootaround, it becomes official: Chauncey to Denver.”
    the above part of this story just so pissed me off…Its not like CB was nothing to the pistons…IMO they owed him more then that…

  31. Ali bazzi

    me too. when they never told him goodbye and when they never looked near him made me tear up. they treated him like he was shit and yes i said it shit to the pistons. chauncey meant everything and brought a ship in 04. that shows joe has no class. joe dumars must do something BIG this offseason.

  32. Ali bazzi

    this is to post 26 to JAMES,
    JOE DUMARS should of told him “Chauncey, thanks for everything you brought to the organization and the championship in 2004. Thanks for being a gentleman and handling the starting PG spot very well. But after 6 straight ecfs, i believe we need a change and fast. So good luck in Denver and we wish you the best.”

  33. Sue

    “Anne Says:
    May 12th, 2009 at 11:22 am
    I believe the lack of leadership is what cause the Pisons fall this season.”

    we needed someone to close the games…that was CB…I do think Rip could handle it..HE would have done better this year..xcept for AI causing troubles..

    i think Rip will be gone…sadly…not because they want him gone… because Rip wants to be gone…Plz stay Rip!!!! plz plz plz plz….

    I’m soooooo crossing my fingers I’m wrong…. In the CB story Rip said he wanted to be gone right then…

    Is AI going for sure?? I’m crossing my fingers on that one too…

  34. Ryan

    Sue, AI’s a free agent. He certainly won’t be signed again.

    That is one great article on Chauncey.

  35. Jeff Raji

    Breaking News:
    An unexpected deal is in principle. The Pistons reportedly sign Allen Iverson to a 1 year deal for a veterans minimum. The deal will have to be finalized on July 1 which is the beginning of the Free Agent Period. This will mean he will be coming off the bench. Detroit will still have lots of cap space to go after players like Chris Bosh, Carlos Boozer, and Ben Gordon.

  36. Vanalope

    Since this post is about Chauncey I think it’s appropriate to post this here.

    Tonight’s game between Denver and Dallas is a good one with LOTS of classic Chauncey moments. Several times I’ve wanted to reach through that TV give him a hug and say, “Go get um Chaunce!”

    In light of the things that were revealed in the linked Friend article I don’t think I’m alone in hoping Chauncey gets some vindication for how he was treated by management in this playoff series. It would be some classic karma.

    Yes I’m still a Piston’s fan but that doesn’t mean I can’t fume some over seeing a class guy like Chauncey treated the way he was.

  37. Chris

    Chauncey headed back to conference finals

  38. Rip32

    for the 7th straight times..

  39. Richie

    Yeah, remember when the Pistons were in the confrence finals 6 times in a row while the nuggets were a first round exit at best? How those teams possible which roles like that in one year? Ohhh yeah, Smoooooooooooooth.

  40. Jay Jay

    Did Ya’ll See Da Game!? Chauncey is a Natural Born Leader!! Hope Denver Is Where Amazing Happens This Year!!!

  41. C-Quense

    He is in the CF again! Maybe he should have been the MVP this season… Second best team in the west, first playoff series win since 199x,

  42. Mike

    That piece should have been written when Billups played for the Pistons.

  43. Nate

    7 straight years in the conference finals! Watching Chauncey last night was amazing. Whether or not you deem him as a “superstar,” the commentators sure have been treating him like one. “He’ll take over and score when he sense his team needs him to do so,” was said twice last night by PJ on the TNT broadcast. You only usually hear those comments give about Kobe and Lebron. Personally, I dont’ see him as a superstar, rather an elite leader in the NBA. But what he’s done to the Nuggets and how he’s played so far int he playoffs, wow. Dont’ get much better than that.

  44. Sheed's Balls Don't Lie

    Loved when George Karl let him leave early so the crowd could cheer….hope he knows most Pistons’ fans appreciated him here as well…Can’t believe he’s back for 7 straight and setting a record at that….I’m sure Sheed, Rip, and Tay are wondering if they all would have been joining him in that if he were still here….Also, AI has to wonder about how three teams are doing better without him…Go Nuggets!!!!

  45. Lori

    Darko, Schmarko! Trading Chauncey is the dumbest thing Joe has EVER done. When Sheed talked about the Pistons getting their swagger back, I thought-Good luck! He’s in Denver!

  46. Sue

    He is amazing!!!!!
    He’s a super star like they all should be..

    1 in the east…it would be so great if he got 1 in the west…
    GO chauncey!!!

    Im sooo sick of the damage conrol with this $space crap blah blah…

    if joe had asked him if he’d take less money and retire here..or be traded…I wonder what he would have picked…

  47. Melissa

    Like all of you, parts of this article alarm and appall me. This article is bittersweet and extremely well-written. I cried and cried the day he was dealt. I’m more ticked than ever that the fans and season ticket holders were blind-sided. I bleed red, white, and blue and always will but Chauncey’s my man, RIP as well. From the day Chauncey was traded, I was appalled that the relief of a huge Rip extension was an underhanded ploy to keep him when they let Chauncey go. They knew Rip would never re-sign. And the nerve to make Rip come off the bench. I’m glad he became so vocal in the media this season about doing whatever he needed as long as we won, but we weren’t winning, so his agreement with Joe was null and void. Iverson belonged on the bench. How could Joe even do that? I’m getting off point of the article, but honestly, if this is true, which I believe it to be completely credible, I’m leary of the decisions Joe’s gonna make this season and waiting to commit to season tickets in order to make sure my well-earned money (in this economy) is being used to build a championship team. Will always be a Pistons fan and can still be Chauncey’s fan at the same time. Were you at the Palace when he first played here with Denver? It was extremely emotional…and I think Chauncey does know from our reaction to him that he is loved and missed greatly in the D. Second favorite team in the NBA is now the Nuggets. I’m impressed with them this season and so proud of Chauncey. I so badly want the championship for him this year! We KNOW he can do it. So let’s show our support! If the Pistons are out, then I’m all about Denver cuz of Chauncey and I couldn’t be more proud of that man. I always knew he was a class act and I miss him terribly. As for Iverson, once a favorite player of mine, I could care less where he is, where he goes, what he thinks, etc. I despise him for his behavior with the Pistons not to mention his lies the day he was introduced as a Piston…I also was deplored that Joe let him wear 1. I truly believe 1 will be retired one day with Chauncey’s name and in the meantime I think Joe knows the fans have bled enough…keep 1 unused. So much more to say, but I should stop cuz this could go on and on. Forwarding this excellent article to everyone I know. Praying Rip doesn’t ask for a trade. And most importantly….GO CHAUNCEY, GO DENVER!! Get that SHIP! Prove them wrong once again Chauncey and stomp all over Kobe and the “beloved” Lakers!!!

  48. #1 Stuckey fan

    I liked this article. It truly showed just how much he was loved throughout his career with different people playing different, but important, roles in it. Chauncey was a different breed and that was for certain, I really wished he could’ve retired here in his second home and one day be in the Pistons front office. The only thing I didn’t apppreciate in this article was the fact that they basically tore up Detroit. Like I realize we traded the guy, but damn lol. He basically made Hamilton look like a B—-. But whatever the case, loved the article dating back to the old celtics days. You know I used to say all the time (when we had Chauncey) that those other teams must feel really stupid for giving this guy up (he turned into my favorite player)and now we can say that same thing about ourselves…we were kinda dumb for giving that guy up…

  49. #1 Stuckey fan

    I totally agree with that statement

  50. #1 Stuckey fan

    Where did you get this info from? I doubt this would ever pan out… he wants out of detroit period, I don’t blame him. I can see us goin after those other three, but not AI too and there’s no way he would sign for a vets min.

  51. #1 Stuckey fan

    My point exactly, i liked the article, but they bashed on Det. wayyyy toooo much. I really didn’t believe that was necessary.

  52. #1 Stuckey fan

    Over and done now, time to start over. Get a good attitude back in this town again!

  53. #1 Stuckey fan

    Sorry I love Billups but #1 you have to look at it like this, Joe didn’t want things messed up in the lockeroom before he made the trade (even tho it ended that way anyways) #2 from the looks of this article I’d have to disagree with the whole Billups never made a comment thing, becuz as far as I can see this whole thing was kinda biased against Detroit, although I loved his story. Iverson would have took #3 had Stuckey not had it, but for league purposes they couldn’t switch numbers. He could only see himself in #1, it’s a shame he couldn’t fit, but we can only hope we can get something better in the long run

  54. BallDontLie

    Oh they still introduce Chauncey as “Buh-Buh-Buh-Billups” in Denver. But nobody does it better than Mr Mason.


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