Sheed Says – 8 Million or Retirement?

by | May 5, 2009 | 33 comments

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A small snippet from Slam made quite a splash and as we know the “close personal friend” route can never be confirmed.

“SLAM contributor J. Gamble [making his debut with us next issue] hears from a close personal friend of Rasheed Wallace’s that unless Sheed gets $8 million to play next year, he’s going to retire. If that’s true, we’ve probably seen the last of Sheed in the NBA.”

It was a buzz on local sports radio yesterday as well as chatter I heard from Sheed fans via email. I’m with Detroit Bad Boys on this one, if 8 million is the true price tag you have seen the last of Sheed in a Pistons uniform (although I didn’t see him coming back either way).

Dave Dial with his expertise of the Salary Cap over at MLive also weighs in:

“As for the $8 million dollar price tag, that will be tough for Rasheed to get next season. The Mid-Level Exception was set at $5.585 million for the 2008-2009 season and is expected to decrease next season. So teams that are over the salary cap can’t offer Rasheed the $8 million he wants, even if they wanted to pay him that much.

There will only be a handful of teams that have cap space this summer. OKC, Memphis, Portland, Detroit, Atlanta and Minnesota will all have significant monies under the salary cap.

I think you can rule out Portland and Detroit, for obvious reasons. I doubt Rasheed would want to spend his last year or two playing for Memphis, OKC or Minnesota. The losing and having no chance at winning a Title would get to him too much. That would leave only Atlanta, which would only have the cap space required if they renounce Mike Bibby and let Marvin Williams and Zaza Pachulia walk.

Which leads back to Rasheed deciding to just retire, or maybe the Pistons would include Wallace in a sign and trade deal with a team that is over the cap. The Spurs, Mavericks, Cavaliers, Bobcats and Celtics have all been rumored to be interested in Wallace. If Rasheed wants a one or two year deal at $8 million per year, it probably wouldn’t scare off all of those teams. With the summer fast approaching, we will know for sure if this rumor is true or not.”


  1. Nate

    Rumors are flying here in San Antonio that the Spurs are going to make a legitimate run at getting Sheed…they wont’ have the cap space till 2010, but they’re expected to make trade offers. Udoka, Vaughn, Oberto are all names being thrown out there. I personally can’t see it happening, Dallas has more to offer.

  2. The Fan


    8 million dollars.


    Rasheed is crazy!

  3. Joe

    8 million isn’t that much… I mean for god’s sake, Steve Francis made over $19 million this year.

    But realistically I think he’ll sign with either the Cavs or the Spurs, even if it means taking less money than he wants.

  4. Mohammed

    sheed we need you backin detroit

  5. Colton Keck

    dont leave sheeeed

  6. Nate

    I think Sheed’s non-emotion, poor play in the playoffs this year was his way of telling Joe that he wants out. Just my opinion.

  7. iverson313

    shit da best rumor out der is da chris paul rumor to motor city
    their willing to even trade stuckey and a pick for chris pual or sign sheed and trade him to the hornets for cp3 or bosh

  8. The Fan

    8 million is alot for somebody who has no heart and scored 0 points in our final game in the playoffs. Anyone who wants Sheed to stay in Detroit is a crack smoka!!!

  9. Mr. Miller

    Even though Sheed, had a rough end to the season. I would consider all the games he played without Dice and his underachieving supporting front court. Plus we must not forget he’s playing outside his natural position. Without Sheed, also goes our identity and spirit!!!

  10. omar

    Listen i love sheed but come on he hasnt done anything good to help us win. the man gots n heart and should just leave and stfu. hes a loser that cant play if his life depended on it. i say its time to go sheed pce

  11. Wow Wowier

    If he really wanted to opt-out this season why the hell would we want to sign him again for 8 mil. That’s 8 mil we could use to get a boozer, or bosh, or whoever…why the hell rasheed, he gets tec’s and sucks in playoffs.

  12. DD3

    This is not true, at all. Sheed has never been a guy about the money or fame. He definitely wants to win. But he’s been playing out of position for years now. Nothing new. But he is older now, less athletic all of the people he has to guard on a nightly basis. Sheed can definitely help someone, even if he stays in Detroit. At this stage in his career, he just wants to win. He already has a ring, so the sense of urgency isn’t there anymore. But put him back at PF next to a young true center & he will play well. He won’t be asked to do so much. Dice & Sheed are the same age & shared minutes at the 4/5 playing against Bosh, KG, D Howard, Shaq, Yao etc. enyone would wear down after that. What I couldn’t take was the techs. We don’t need that. he’d be better off retiring but I honestly doubt this rumor is true, because he is not a greedy player like that. It’s all about playing for a winner & a coach he respects.

  13. Ryan


  14. Scarch

    love you sheed for the attitude that you had 5 years ago when we won it, but playoffs this season.. well….good riddance

  15. KleenGee

    He retired when Chauncey was traded. The Sheed we saw out on the court this year was a hologram without any heart.

  16. LiamJones

    Yeh, I loved Sheed’s attitude and spirit FIVE YEARS AGO. As for the Sheed of today, he is only a glimpse of what he used to be. If losing Sheed is losing our spirit and identity, then based on his recent spirit and identity (not just this season, but the last three) then I will not fret too much over that loss.

    Ya gotta love Sheed, but he doesn’t bring it anymore. Out of position or not, he’s already got his ring. Regardless, it won’t be the same without his pre-game and on-the-court antics.

  17. pistons 4 life

    I don’t know about this story. Personally I see Sheed ending up in San Antonio or Orlando no matter how much $ he gets. You know he’d love to play with Timmy or Dwight and they’d make a great pair.

    On a completely different note, I know Bynum just got extended and Stuck is the “PG of the future”, but I think any deal where you could pick up Rubio in the draft wouldn’t be a bad deal. From watching the the olympics last summer he looks like he could develop into a pretty good player.

    And as far as the Boozer rumors. Man I hope Joe doesn’t sign him. He’s injured all the time and I don’t think he’s good enough to pay the kind of money that he’s going to want.

  18. Damien W.

    Well, tell the truth people. Sheed has ran his course. We ALL LOVE SHEED (including me) but think about it; why ride until we are out of gas (keeping Rasheed), instead of hitting the gas station and refueling the tank? (letting him walk). We all loved his passion and his animations on and off the court, but if we want to get back to our winning ways, we have to start fast.. and make sure we do it well.

    BTW: Did anybody hear how Dave Bing is the new mayor for Detroit?

  19. i am tha streets

    This story is BS

  20. #1 Stuckey Fan

    Well, I really hope sheed does go too. At the same token I also heard that with him also Tay could be traded for Bosh. The pistons could pick up some major people if they get Bosh, Boozer, and Gordon. No matter what you people say between the three of them that’s an easy 70+ pts a game not to mention 3pt shooting and inside/outside game and rebounding again. I think that will get us to the level we are lookin for believe that. DET could be on its way if we can pull that off this offseason. It will be interesting to see what JOE D does with this money. BUh BYE sheed!

  21. KleenGee

    People are hoping for Boozer, but isn’t Boozer a shady character?

    As good as he is, I still don’t like what happened with him in Cleveland. (or was that the workings of his agent?)

  22. Patrick

    this is why… dyss>sheed

  23. dunkonu

    “Close personal friend”…yeah. We don’t know if it is true and even if it is: what you say (especially taken out of context) and what you do are pretty often two different things.

    @ KleenGee:
    Same here. I don’t like Boozer.

  24. #1 Stuckey fan

    Like him or not, he’s still a great player regardless. I would take him just think a healthy Boozer gives you 21 and 11 easy. Bosh, he was an MVP candidate before that no name team of his tanked. And Gordon, well…you saw waht he did in the Boston series. Hamilton or Prince might be on their marry way if Bosh comes about. Also i don’t know that Hamilton will be around if Gordon does choose to go here…I understand what he’s done for our team in the past, but this is a business…

  25. Fariduddin

    CRAZY… i was shocked to see this post, however taking time to reflect on it a bit brings me to the “possibility” that it doesn’t hold much weight. we can all admit that Sheed is a highly skilled big man that can do some things that normal big men can’t do. he can still spread the floor, post, make jump shots and bring passion when his heart is in the game. any team in their right mind would love to have this guy on their roster — mainly teams striving for that chip. the heat is on and all team executives know that the Pistons have numerous cards to play — and players they want (e.g., Tay-Rip-Sheed-Max). Dumars has stated his intention and noted that he ain’t giving up something for nothing…. the point i’m “trying” to make is that there is much politicking going on and false information can serve many purposes. lets not forget folks that the NBA is BIG Business at the end of the day and all teams are trying to gain advantages.

    BTW… if we got Ben Gordan! i would be happy! i like the sound of Ben, Stucky, Rip and Bynum. 3 out of the 4 can break a defense down with ease — so if Joe can get a young big man with a solid jump shot and post moves we will be good. having Sheed coming off the bench could help :)-

  26. DD3

    KleenGee Boozer is a shady character. He left Cleveland after a season with Lebron made him better. He wanted more money & Utah was willing to give it, plus make him a star. A year later Deron Williams becomes a star. He is all about himself not winning. If he wouldn’t opt out of his contract. He is due 12 million this year. So if he leaves the most Joe would offer him is about 8 million a year. So Boozer may lose money. But if he doesn’t opt out that means Utah can’t afford Milsap who is a banger in the post & a good rebounder. He’d be a better fit if we go get someone like Bosh who is more of a jump shooting PF/C. Both are good defenders too.

    Sheed is gone. No way Joe keeps him over Dyess. Sheed is no longer an impact player coming on or off the bench. We need that money to make our bench stonger. If Tayshaun leaves & Rip stays, Rip will have to play SF. Hermann is leaving too so we will need to spend some money on a back up SF. If both Rip & Tay leaves, we definitely need to find a starting SF. We need a defending SF that can shoot the 3. We’ll see what happens but this is gonna be a very eventful Summer. I for 1 can’t wait!

  27. Forgetthesky

    I think we should let Sheed walk and keep Prince at all costs! Hamilton has been acting like a punk since Billups is gone….send him to the chopping block! I think Will Bynum should get even more PT than Stuckey (although I like how he has progressed) I think the hardest working guys have been Mcdyess and Maxiell (max effort every game)!

    Also, with sheed gone…what are we gonna do about this “need4sheed” site? Do you have other possible site names ready?

  28. Joe

    Sheed is gone, there’s no doubt about it.

    With Sheed gone, Boozer is an absolute perfect fit for us. Think about it, we already have a lot of defenders and shotblockers, so we can compensate for Boozer’s inability to block shots. Meanwhile, Boozer’s strengths are exactly what we are missing: interior scoring and rebounding. Think about it, he’s a 20/10 guy almost every single night… when is the last time Detroit ever had a 20/10 guy?

    Bosh is ok but he’s not as tough, and he’s not a post-up player like Boozer. I would much rather have Boozer any day of the week over Bosh. Give him a big contract, keep him happy, and we Detroit will be competing for a title again in no time.

  29. bob dilan

    “Without Sheed, also goes our identity and spirit!!!”

    the identity started to go away when ben wallace left the team and 100% dissappeared when billups left too.

  30. Robert

    We all love Sheed, but that chapter in Pistons history needs to close. Maybe he still has something left and his injury was worse than we thought, but what’s to say he’ll be any different than he has the past 3 years: a guy who comes to play when he feels like it. If he goes somewhere else and lights it up, that is only more proof he needed to go.

    On a side note: Boozer scares me too with the injuries. Maybe Kander could work his magic and keep the guy around for a full 75+ games, who knows. For the people who are starting to get excited for Chris Paul, keep dreaming. The guy is the face of their franchise; if the Hornets need to dump salary, I think West, Chandler, and Peja would all go before CP3.

  31. pistons

    the only way i see pistons resigning rasheed is to a 1 year deal. He doesn’t play with the passion anymore since billups and ben left. Back in 05′ he posted up in game 7 and played well they lost though. He needs to know his postion better we need a center so it would almost be alright for him to strech the D out to the 3 point line. Having your center at the 3 point line is bad inless you must need a 3 to win the game

  32. damus


  33. Devontae Berry

    i think sheed will take da 7.** million cause he is old but a very good playa DONT LEAVE SHEED PLEASE


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