Looking Back and Moving Forward

by | May 4, 2009 | 19 comments

As we wait for something, significant to happen with the roster there are many things to ponder as Pistons fans. Me, I’m going for the “thanks for the memories” sentiment as I watch what is unfolding during the post season while my Pistons are painfully missing in action.


Team Need4Sheed member Richie Halas turned his thoughts about this season into video.

“We all know that the moves made this year were poor short term decisions, and may or may not be wise long term decisions. This year we’ve blamed Chauncey, Joe D, Iverson, Curry, Lebron, the officials and whatever else we could think of. Perhaps it’s time that we blame ourselves for coveting platinum while spitting on the gold we had. We might as well blame it on the rain.”


While Richie wants to move on, The Fresh Prince of The Blog shows how he (and many other Pistons fans) feels about Cavs fans being invited to the Palace in his video rant.

There are a handfull of teams vying for Sheed and McDyess‘s services next season and Joe Dumars is probably on the phone as you are reading this trying to secure some kingd of deal. Its going to be an eventful summer Pistons fans, you may not like change but it’s coming regardless.


  1. DD3

    I will always remember the good times. But all good thing have to come to an end. This season the Pistons, were slower & older which led to injuries, complaints & losses. The NBA got younger & all of us old teams Det, SA, Pho, all suffered this year. The torch has been passed & no one was told. When Jordan left & Shaq went to LA & they acquired a young uber-talented Kobe we all knew it was only a matter of time. Class of 95-98 owned the league. Fast forward 10 years & here we are again. Class of 03-05 runs the league now. So it’s definitely time for us to make a change. The team we had will always be special & just like the 80’s bad boys, will go down in history as one of the greatest teams assembled. But it’s a new day. If we want to catch up to the Cav’s, Magic or who ever, we need to get young, athletic & GOOD in a hurry. Hopefully Joe gives us another team that we can cherish for the next few years. Detroit baby!

  2. herman_of_german

    can you send me, or give me the url, of the wallpaper at 1:29 in the second video (blame game) ?
    would be so kind 🙂
    thx a lot
    greetz from germany

    btw: want to have chauncey back :´-/

  3. Jennifer Dey

    Damn! That actually made me cry. And then the anger set back in and I cursed a few times.

  4. Tom Y.

    great mixtape, LOL at Ben taking (and of course clanking) a midrange jumper at 3:24, then punching poor skinny Tayshaun in the chest for dunking the rebound… 🙂

  5. Ruth Huang

    Dear Natalie.

    I just wanted to tell you how much I’ve appreciated your website
    and your passion for the Pistons. You are so insightful. Keep up your excellent work. You make basketball even more fun.

    I have been a Pistons fan since they acquired Rasheed and they won their championship. This season, it’s been too painful to watch them lose.
    They lost their spirit and their drive. M.C. couldn’t revive it. Losing C.B. was a stake through their hearts.

    Consequently, I have learned to love and enjoy good basketball, no matter who the team is. As I live in Texas, I am enjoying the Rockets and the Spurs.

    I just wish Joe Dumars would have hired Bill Laimbeer and Rick Mahorn.
    I saw how their WNBA team loved them and mirrored their persistance
    and killer instinct. That’s how they won their championships. (And, they
    didn’t have Diana Taurasi or Candace Parker!)

    If Rasheed goes to the Spurs as the Sunday New York Times reports, I’ll
    enjoy him with the Spurs. The fans here in San Antonio are fanatics about
    their Spurs, so they’ll learn to love him.

    Be well and have a great summer.

    Ruth Huang

  6. Fariduddin

    It will be hard to see Tay or Rip go, but it seems that these two would be logical trading pieces. I think Sheed is staying…

  7. The Fan

    If sheed stays i think i will feel like throwing up. Sheed should have been dealt last summer.

  8. Fariduddin

    The Fan — LOL :)- i feel ya, but he would be a great asset coming off the bench — a role he would accept…. but throwing up.. come on, really – i mean really :)-

  9. The Fan

    really, i think i would blow chunks. don’t want to see rasheed shoot any more threes for the rest of my life. maybe if they kept him on as a coach for kwame brown to develop but thats it. other wise. thank you sheed for the years you were here… I hope the best for you in your future endeavors.

  10. The Fluidics

    The whole inviting the Cavs fans thing didn’t bug me, it was all about the $$$$. that is, until the post game, when Dyess said he was embarassed to be playing in front of a home crowd cheering against the home team. Bad move to sour Dyess.

  11. Jonny

    If any player needs trading its sheed and iverson. Can anyone tell me what they have done for the team? Iverson is always injured but when it comes to East vs West game hes fit to play. Sheed gives free points to the other team tech after tech, and it seemed like he didnt even care about the playoffs.

  12. Jonny

    Why did Joe D sign Curry in the first place. I remember Averyg Johnson being a free agent when that happened.

  13. True Scientist

    Damn, I know Dyess is wondering how much the better he would contributed and how far they would have went if he stayed a Nugget. Bad move Dyess.

  14. Tom Walch

    I agree with Ruth Huang about Laimbeer as coach, but can you imagine him dealing with Sheed? It might end up being another PJ Carleisemo & Sprewell incident except in reverse.

    I am a little scared about the prospect of getting Carlos Snoozer. He is like David West, big numbers but never really been on a winning team. Plus he is from Duke and they are notorious for pro players who either really stink because they are soft (Dunleavy) or put up big numbers but aren’t really worht building your franchise around (Boozer)…plus Boozer seems like a bit of an oaf to me…gets “hurt” alot.

    Bosh could be good, plus he looks like Snoop Dog, but I am not sure about him as a centerpiece to a team.

    I really don’t know what to expect from this summer. Just have faith in Joe, I guess.

  15. DD3

    Jonny ,

    We can’t trade AI or Sheed. Both are basically already gone, free to sign where ever they want. All that’s left is a memory & 20 million in shopping money. We can go get young & GOOD now. 20 million to spend on any players we want. Plus we have 2 good players that we can trade with a scrub (Amir) in Tayshaun & Rip. So here is a scenario that can easily play out. Offer about 8 million to a 3point scorer like Ben Gordon, MAYBE offer another 8 or 9 to Boozer or even better Paul Milsap should he opt out, or trade Tay & Amir & maybe some cash to Toronto for bosh & use the last 3 or 4 mil to sign a SF preferably a defending 3. I wouldn’t be mad if we went after someone like James posey or offer some crap like Afflalo & Maxiel for Tyson Chandler. Now this is just an example but it is very realistic. Joe can basically do what ever he wants this summer. Not just sign 1 or 2 free agents. We are in a very strong position to upgrade now. Just imagine a team with Stuckey at PG, Ben Gordon at SG, Rip at SF (if he isn’t traded) with Bosh/Milsap or Boozer at 4 & Chandler at 5. That isn’t Boston’s big 3 but it is a pretty damn good team on paper. The best part is, we may be able to get both Boozer & Bosh & Gordon. So to me, itis an exciting time to be a Piston fan. Stay tuned Jonny!

  16. nwkking

    dam sheed if billup had picked carmello you would have like 3 ring dumars messed up hate to see you go give it one more year dont play for the money try and get 1 more championship with us after du change up the team you could come off the bench and help the new guys

  17. nwkking

    dam sheed if dumars had picked carmello you would have like 3 ring dumars messed up hate to see you go give it one more year dont play for the money try and get 1 more championship with us after du change up the team you could come off the bench and help the new guys


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