Round One Game Three – Pistons vs. Cavaliers

by | Apr 24, 2009 | 39 comments

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The Pistons are down 2-0 in their first round series with the Cavaliers. While things have looked less than inspiring off the court, Pistons fans should do wonders (crossing fingers) for them on the court as Detroit plays it’s first Playoff game of the year at the Palace of Auburn Hills.

It’s actually still not sold out, so if you can muster your way down (or up) to Auburn Hills, you may get a chance to witness see a playoff game on the cheap. Our Pistons can use all the support they can right now.

I have to say this is a must win for the boys in Blue, Red and White tonight. If they go down 3-0 with the fourth game in the afternoon Sunday at the Palace….well, you do the math.

Tip off is at 7:00 pm and will thankfully be broadcast in HD on FSN locally and ESPN Nationally. If you can’t catch either broadcast you can listen over at WDFN 1130 AM or follow the game over at

For those of you who are heading out…LOUD AND PROUD!

Leave your thoughts in the Comments or Chat live during the game.


  1. LiamJones

    Let’s go ‘Stones. Follow Utah’s lead and show Cleveland we got something in the tank!

  2. AJ

    It’s a real shame that the people of detroit are not going to the game at the Palace. What a damn shame!! How can we quit on our team?? That wouldn’t make us any better than Hawks and Celtics fans when they were also having problems. As we know they didn’t attend games during their teams difficult times, now detroit people are doing the same by not going to games!! Thats a shame, you are suppost to be for your team in their time of need.

  3. DEL

    wow….i am from Poland…if I were now in Detroit i definitely would go to the game..that is unacceptable and SHAME ON YOU ALL!!!!! GOOOOOOOO PISTONS!!!!!! we will got a “W” tonight!!!!!

  4. DD3

    Players don’t care why should the Fans. Sad sad day, but I am stuck in The Bay & can only see the Piston’s when they come play the Warriors once every year. Sad. I’d definitely go despite how bad the guys are playing right now. I wouldn’t be able to sit through a whole game if it was another blow out. But I am going to sneak out early so I can go watch most of the game now. DETROIT BASKETBALLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!

  5. nypistonsfan

    Maybe, just maybe they will come out and play!

  6. nypistonsfan

    Good start, we decided to play at least for the 1st half!

  7. mac

    These refs are terrible, they’re takin us out of the game. This is complete bulllshit. The cavs get away with so much shit, and we touch one of em and it’s a flagrant.

  8. Bobby

    Yeah the foul discrepancy is a little bit alarming this whole season…

    I love how when sheed yells at a ref he gets a quick tech, but when LeBron beats his chest at a ref and calls him out for not calling an and1 they just let him go.

  9. pistons 4 life

    It’s kind of sad that this game didn’t sell out, but I guess what do you expect when they’ve underachieved all year? People probably don’t feel like spending what little money they have to watch a team that just doesn’t really seem to care anymore.

  10. TP22

    Anderson Varejao is such a jackass.
    Even Blaha doesn’t like him.
    (Anyone else catch that subtle jab?)

  11. mac

    Varejao pushes kwame and of course kwame get the tech. There is no way where gonna win if the refs are just gonna give cavs calls all the god damned time. Lebron bitches all the time but he never gets t’s. Even with the shitty refs, the pistons are fightin. If we can just one more solid quarter of d like the third, we just might get the w.

  12. paul

    yet again…maxiell barely plays… sheed is TERRIBLE now!

  13. DEL

    get rid of Bynum!! he is destroying our team

  14. Sneakrhed [kill lebron]

    This job by the refs is rediculous.
    How many over the backs did the Cavs get away with?
    How many shooting fouls did they get away with?
    Poor job by the zebras.

  15. mac

    Sheed should stay on the bench, he’s playin terrible. Kwame is playin great d

  16. mac

    what happened to the ball movement, rip is just takin all these bad shots. To make things even worse, they give em these 3 point plays by not , None of it even matters, there down 13 now. I really can’t take this shit

  17. Ricardo

    Didn’t really appreciate the sarcastic potshot at Kwame Brown in that “highlights” thread.

    If we had more players like Kwame Brown we wouldn’t be in this hole. He’s a better big than Sheed, who at this point really needs to GTFO, as he appears to have no more fumes to run off of.

    Michael Curry took a lineup that worked all of the 3rd Quarter, and replaced it with one that was a complete failure. We ran every play through Chucking Rip Hamilton, who never even looks to pass. Rip thinks he’s such hot ****.

  18. Ryan

    Rasheed is right. It’s all entertainment. The refs call NOTHING on the Cavaliers I.E. LeBron and his teammates traveling, LeBron and his teammates committing obvious fouls…

    Delonte West OBVIOUSLY goaltending Rodney Stuckey’s shot — should’ve been an And 1, and he misses one free throw on the two shots he gets.

    Cleveland committing offensive goaltends (tipping the ball in while it’s above the cylinder).

    And don’t even get me started on the moron from Brazil.

    Okay, I’ll get started.

    He gets into EVERYONE’S face, TAUNTS everyone, yet the PISTONS get called for technical fouls, and the flopper (who repeatedly is flopping in this series) gets away with all the crap and is smiling about it.

    Amir wasn’t going to take the idiot getting into his face – so he pushes him away.


    He PUSHES Kwame…


    Rasheed gets a tech from the bench, all the while the Cavs players are screaming at the referees at every foul they call.

    “Hey, REF!!! Didn’t you go over Stern’s plans!? You call that on THEM for TOUCHING me, not ME for BULLDOZING them. Got it now? Okay, okay, I know you have to try to make the game LOOK fair, but you’ve already had us shoot 50 more free throws than them, so what’s the difference?”

  19. CincyBrown

    Come on Detroit, you’re better than that! Don’t pull the Ref card, when the p’s were winning and getting call you didn’t mind. It’s the same in all sports and all leagues, the better player/team usually gets the calls. Especially when Lebron and the Cavs are getting to the hoop at will.

    Andy isn’t the most talented player, but I love how piston fans hate on him for doing what the Piston fans claim to love….playing hard, doing the little things, playing with heart. You can bash him all you want, but in the end if he had a Detroit jersey on you would dedicate a website to him.

    It’s all over but the crying…..WITNESS!!!

  20. Chris

    Dead and Gone..Dead and Goneeeeee………..

  21. Th3 Answ3r

    Thanks refs! The nba is fixed everyone :p. I dunno why all of you are killing yourselfs over this 😛

  22. I

    Cincybrown, you are right we shouldn’t blame the refs but don’t get me started on Andy Varajoke, he does play dirty.

    Piston’s don’t have heart at all. Maybe next year.

    Cavs shouldn’t get too cocky, that’s what pisses me off about their bench, they constantly put down other teams.

  23. CincyBrown

    Still not sure what Andy does that is so dirty….he irritates people….much like Rodman and Laimbeer. The Bad Boys made there reputation with what they called agression and others called dirty.

    Who did the bench put down…..why are they cocky? It’s because they like playing together….it’s not like their going out an making guarantees?

    Boobie is waaaay to cocky, I’ll admit it, but he’s the exception.

  24. eric taylor

    We didn’t deserve to win that game. Cleveland out played us. I don’t want to see ‘sheed period. either he is old, or he has no heart, I’d rather see cabbage hands kwame brown. I think kwame brown dropped the ball at least 6 times this game, but even so was a better baller than ‘sheed, I want him gone, go fishing with AI, let’s see someone who can play. I don’t want to see tayshaun prince, it’s obvious he’s got heart and wants to play, but he’s just too injured.

    Honestly a team with dice, hamilton, bynum, brown, maxiel, stucky, this is a team that doesn’t have enough to compete with a team that is so much more talented, mo williams, joe smith, lebron james, big Z, and sideshow bob the flip flopping clown. I think Varejao can play ball, he’s a very good defender, I just despise his flops. He flops at the slighest provocation, and then screams at the ref to get the call.

    I dont want to get swept, I want the pistons to play one game with heart, get one win at least. I want to see one game where ‘sheed sits on his butt the entire damn game.

  25. The Fluidics

    If you want the Pistons to go to the line more, to get more calls, they have to go to the paint, it’s that simple. Nobody is gonna get calls missing outside jumpers all night.

    Hard truth: Cleveland wants it more, they deserve to win.

  26. DD#

    iT’S over!

  27. alwayzreal


  28. The Fan

    Get rid of RIP and SHEED

  29. CONE (Mexico)

    Get rid of RIP!!! you gotta be out of your mind, he and dice are the only players i can see playing for th team… stuckey loses the ball too much, and he’s no point guard he can’t get anyone involved in the game, thing is JOE D is the real problem here, with the injuries that happened to celts and magic, if we still had Mr. Big Shot we could have had a real real real shot at the title, just look at the teams in the playoffs, cavs? pfff please! celtics? magic? lakers? hahaha Joe did a bad decision and that’s what have us 0-3 down. As Rip said: “We WERE great… now it’s hard to be in this situation”

  30. N1ck

    You suck… But i love you anyways and will do so allways.

    Next season.
    Stay – Rip, Tay, Dyess, Kwame, Afflalo, Bynum, J-Max.
    Go – Sheed, Stuck, Amir, Walter.
    In – Boozer, David Lee, a real PG, a real sub for Tay…

    And BIG respect to all the REAL Pistons fans.

  31. FreshPrince91

    Sheed, and Tayshaun KILL THIS TEAM. PERIOD. sheed has played with no passion since the begenning of the series at 34 years old his legs are gone! In My opinion(i am a pistons fan i live in southfield)Tayshaun has been weak since after we one the championship in 04. Bottom line is you let sheed and “the cancer”(A.I.) go. Trade Tayshaun at the draft for Tyson Chandler and it does work in the salary. HOPEFULLY try and draft Stephon Curry so he can back up rip(probably wont happen)then sign Carlos Boozer and Ben Gordon, and then this team will be a contender again!! GO PISTONS

  32. N1ck

    Tay is injured. I hope that is an excuse for these abysmal performances.

    Hell no to Tyson Chandler. That guy is a big injury risk.

    AI is already gone, nobody considers that guy a Piston.

    Andf the main reason we’re gonna get swept and a negative season is the fact we don’t have a game. A certain playmaker with the number 1 has been traded and since then everything started to go down. Hope it was worth it. Mr Dumars better gives us some future reason to be happy and not to decide “to go Darko” on us.

  33. KleenGee

    Iverson must have a big “told you so” smile on his face right now. Pistons really needed him this series. (at least he would have scored more that Rp, Sheed, and Prince combined).

    It’s not just the playoffs, Rip, Tay, and Sheed are not that good offensively. Very spotty.

    Pistons new slogan:
    Bench the starters; Start the bench

  34. pistons 4 life

    Fluidics is right, you don’t get calls shooting jumpers. The Cavs get calls because all they do is attack the paint, all the time.

    I love these conspiracy theorists about the NBA being fixed. You’re just pissed because the Cavs are a better team. Just like Orlando was pissed every time we smacked them down in a playoff series. But sure, I’ll bet David Stern talked to Danny Ainge a couple months ago and said, hey, why don’t you have Garnet act like he hurt himself so he can’t play the rest of the year. Then when they play the Cavs in the ECF they’ll lose and that can be their excuse. And then he probably went to Orlando and said, and for you guys, a week or two before the playoffs start why don’t you guys start to struggle a little bit so that the series with you and Philly is interesting and gets higher ratings. And then after everything is over I’ll send you all checks in the mail for doing my bidding. Muhahahahaha.

    Better teams are rewarded with winning games. And even though the refs do blow sometimes don’t act like it hasn’t gone our way once and a while. The Pistons just aren’t good right now. Deal with it.

  35. KleenGee

    pistons 4 life: very clever, and very true

  36. Rico Suave

    wow, this series is looking like a #1 seed versus a #16 seed in the NCAA tourney. This team is the most unexciting and disinterested (overall-there are individual exceptions) professional sports team I have seen in quite some time.

    There is no conspiracy theory- how is a sweep in the NBA’s best interest exactly?

    I was thinking about what if Detroit and Cleveland basically switched records and situations, I’m guessing it would be 2-1 or 1-2 Pistons in this series. There is just a culture of “We need to work hard this game” and never delivering.

    Natalie- you should change the countdown at the top of the screen from “16” to “4” -that would be more realistic.


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