Perhaps a light at the end of the tunnel

by | Apr 24, 2009 | 10 comments

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Need4Sheed Guest Writer:
Rashid S. Umar

Okay Pistons fans, I know it was tough to watch. I was there watching from the opening tip hoping for a more aggressive and passionate effort too. “There’s no way they will not bring it tonight” I thought. It’s the playoffs right?

Well again the game started off with more disjointed play and lack of passion. Rodney Stuckey seemingly was the only player interested in driving to the basket as everyone else settled for jumpers. The defense did nothing but allow Lebron to pad his stats for his MVP campaign.

With the Cavs now leading 2-0, what can we take from the current circumstance? I’d say that we should expect an entertaining game 3 as the series shifts to the “D” on Friday night.

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Here’s what I think: as you all saw, the Cavs lead early in the fourth quarter 79-50 as they began resting their starters. The Pistons went with their bench players and suddenly like lightening the young and scrappy unit climbed back into contention cutting the once robust lead to seven, once the starters were reinstated the Cavs regained control.

So with the revelation that the starters, for whatever reason, can’t seem to compete for long stretches with these guys perhaps the second unit can provide the hustle and intensity needed to stay with this team?

It’s a bit obvious that the Cavs kinda put it on cruise in the fourth and I wonder if that is something that can be exploited.

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Remember the 2006 series? Detroit was the league leading number one seed against the underdog Cavs. The Pistons won game one rather handily but, in game two Detroit lead by as much as 20 in the second half and the Cavs made a game of it. The Piston would hang on but the Cleveland team gained confidence and later went on to win the next three games before losing in seven.

It’s the playoffs and anything can happen. I’m just saying.


  1. DetroitGirl4life

    im a believer as well….unfortunately as much as i want to …i wont be able to watch the game tonight….but i will definitely check my phone for updates…so im praying for the pistons to win this game and series

  2. DD3

    We can’t keep living in the past. Yes 2006 & even the Warriors upset win over Dallas in 2007 are encouraging, but this team ain’t them. The Cavs had a very hungry Lebron James & a healthy Big Z & a wiley vet in Marshall. The Warriars had Baron Davis, Stephan Jackson & an up & comer in Mante Ellis. We have a bored Sheed, a hurt Tayshaun & a 2 scared to go to the rack Rip. Stuckey has tried his best, but he is not a good enough shooter & is a to the rack below the rim lay up guy, leaving him vulnerable to being blocked regularly. Our bench is ok. The Cavs bench isn’t that great but they are all specialists, defenders, 3 point spot up shooters or rebounders. They all know their role. No one on he Pistons bench knows theirs. So Bynum just puts his head down & runs to the basket, Hermann camps on the 3 point line & just waits, hoping the ball some how rolls his way. Maxiel is only helpful if he gets a tip jam. That’s it. That’s our bench. I am a Piston fan for life, but I am prepared to go down with the ship. We may get a game at home, but if our players don’t believe, why should we?

  3. Jennifer Dey

    I love the optimism but I’m really afraid to get my hopes up. It just makes it hurt worse.

  4. Ronnie D.

    Yes I remember 2006. I was at the Q for game 3 (the turning point). Your right anything could happen except 1.) Game 3 of that series Rasheed got hurt so I’m sure that helped the Cavs fight back and 2.) We dont have Lebron on our team (he’s on the team we are playing). So the chances of us doing what the Cavs almost pulled off are not that good. If we lose game 3 I suggest sitting all the starters and starting Bynum, Afflalo,Sharpe,J-Maxx, Amir

    Might as well see what our future looks like.

  5. Fariduddin

    Game 3…. Ronnie, i agree to some degree. i would like to see the bench players play MORE if our starters don’t produce or show a desire to fight — and make this a series. remember.. a playoff series doesn’t really begin until someone takes an L at home. Cleveland did what they were supposed to do, and hopefully we can protect our home. we will be able to tell a lot from how the starters come out 1st quarter. im a die hard fan and it ain’t over until a team reaches 4. but… if we lose this series i do think we have the money and pieces to build and be back stronger….

  6. mrk

    we suck this post season i get so mad i want to kill those players. they are lazy and wasting our time as fans. sheeds lazy self already has a ring, so you know his attitude is f- it. rips a cry baby, and poor stuckey gets no help and can’t shoot.

    lets start hermann and bynum and let cry baby rip and sheed watch from the bench again. im burning my sheed jersey after we lose tonight. i hope the palace fans riot and throw cups on our guys.

  7. SWD

    on ESPN they said detroit didnt sell out this game, so we are selling tickets to cleveland fans

  8. SWD

    Detroit goes by many names: Motown, Motor City, DTown, The D. This weekend the city will be known as only one thing: the site of Games Three and Four of the First Round of the 2009 NBA Playoffs. The Cavs will face the Pistons in the land of “DEE-TROIT BASKET-BALL” on Friday at 7:00 p.m. and Sunday at 3:30 p.m.
    Because it’s less than a three-hour drive, undoubtedly many of the Wine and Gold faithful will be taking Friday off from work, jumping on the Ohio Turnpike, and heading to the state up north for a three-day basketball bonanza. We at wouldn’t leave you stranded. We wouldn’t send you into enemy territory unprepared. And so we proudly bring you the Wine and Gold Guide to Detroit.

    Of course, although they are the “Detroit” Pistons, they actually play in Auburn Hills, Michigan. So consider this more of a guide to Detroit and surrounding areas.

    The weather for Game Three on Friday is looking much like the outcome of the game for the Cavaliers: bright and sunny. Taking a look at the 10-day forecast, Friday will be mostly sunny with a high of 76; Saturday will be partly cloudy and a high of 79; finally Sunday will cool down (as will the Pistons shooters) to 66 with isolated thunderstorms.

    So pack your bag, print out your Wine and Gold Guide, and head north. Just remember to leave some extra room in your suitcases for the two wins you’re going to bring back with you.

  9. KG

    being optimistic is fine..but.. the “pistons” is not in the ryt groove to win this series..

    lets accept the fact that we are losing this series..

    nxt yr is the only choice we have..or maybe the nxt yrs 2 come

    lets face the facts here

    we will lose..this is not our year

    lets just watch and enjy..

  10. 2004

    i’m a 14 year old kid… i started on this amazing journey when i was a 9 year old youngster watching the piston’s amazing 2004 playoff run. thats wut got me started… i am working my ass off to play for this franchise one day and bring the gold trophy back into the D. Godbless Detroit and Godbless the Pistons. Until 2015, rest in peace pistons.


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