Have the Pistons Given Up?

by | Apr 21, 2009 | 17 comments

I can’t help but agree with a lot of what Chris McCosky said today:

“It was the utter lack of urgency Detroit showed toward moving out of the eighth spot and avoiding a 66-victory Cleveland team that has come back to doom this team. Two giveaway losses to Chicago, the late meltdowns in Indiana and Philadelphia and the no-show in New Jersey — all in the final month — when they could have easily slid up to No. 7 and played Boston without Kevin Garnett, or even up to No. 6 and played Orlando, a team it has dominated.

Instead, the Pistons are a big underdog tonight in Game 2 against the superior Cavaliers. For whatever reason, avoiding the Cavaliers wasn’t a motivating factor for this team. Talking to the veterans, it was if they had long since resigned themselves to the bottom of the bracket and an early exit.

It was fitting that a coach — probably Michael Curry — wrote “Do we believe?” on the message board inside the Pistons locker room before Game 1. It’s a fair question. And, in truth, the answer would be no. They haven’t believed in a long time. But that’s probably for the best, because now there’s no doubt about charting a new course.” Via The Detroit News

You know as homers we all think the Pistons have a fighting chance, hell the Pistons beat the Lakers and shocked the world in ’04. Sadly this isn’t that team and we all know it. It can happen, but it’s a longshot. We can be the biggest cheerleaders in the world, but when the guys that step on the court aren’t on the same mission as the one the fans are on, then what?


  1. Steve The Hated




  2. Steve Urkel

    To Joe D. “Look what you did”.

  3. Mark

    Everything I’m reading it’s as if they know they’re going to lose. It is time for a change with this team. A new foundation. I love Rip, Tay, Dyess, and Sheed, but they don’t work well together like they used to; largely because Chauncey and Ben are no longer there to hold it together, and that championship team was five years ago.

    This offseason, I wouldn’t even make an offer to Rasheed, and I would rather see Dyess move to a team that can win a championship. I would than see what I could get for Tay, and move from there. Start bringing in young guys that will bring a new mentality to this team. Even it that means dropping to the bottom of the league for a season or two. We will come out with a nice draft pick, and have money to spend in the 2010 free agency sweepstakes. No more of this trying to reload, and get back to being a contender. Quick fixes only last for so long. We need a new foundation.

  4. nypistonsfan

    Natalie, I think we’ll find out the answer to that question in just a few hours. Although, I agree to some extent that losing those last three games of the regular season was a microcosm of the entire season and “doomed” us, I also believe that we didn’t play them like it was a life or death situation. We didn’t know Garnett wasn’t going to play or think that Philly would keep losing making it possible to get that sixth spot. Also, I think the Bulls surprised us, as they are surprising Boston (who may be in grave danger). Tonight’s game should speak volumes.

  5. Natalie Sitto

    Couldn’t agree more NYPistonsfan, if they show me a little heart tonight my attitude changes.

  6. Fariduddin

    at work and its hard to focus! looking forward to the game 2night! hopefully Sheed plays in the post. Stuckey goes at whoever is guarding him. Rip gets the hot hand. Dyce spreads the floor and hits them jump shots. Tay gets some touches in the post and looks in the open court. Max, Kwame, Affalo, Bynum, Herrmann produce. and overall.. hopefully we can play some dang D and control the boards! they need a strong start and have the momentum heading into the third quarter. if i see these things my nerves will be settled a bit :)-

  7. LiamJones

    I have to agree with the giving up thing. They gave up a long time ago. It doesn’t matter whether they knew KG wasn’t going to play or if Philly was going to win those games, if this team really was motivated they would have played their hearts out to get the best position they could, and they didn’t.

    The only guys showing any sense of urgency or care to win are Dyess (of course), Bynum, and Afflalo. I’d throw Stuck in there too after Game 1. Everyone else just looks like their dragging their feet and pouting on the court cuz it’s not like it used to be.

    I hope they show me something tonight.
    No excuses.

  8. pistons 4 life

    Sure, I would love it if the Pistons could win this series, or even a couple games. But as Pistons fans I think we need to stop making excuses for this team. We’ve been doing it for 5 years now and they still haven’t changed.

    ^^ I agree with Mark. It’s time for a new foundation. after this year. I can’t say I trust Joe D. as much as I used to, but I can’t wait for this summer to see what happens.

    The probability is low, but hopefully they’ll get a win tonight. Go Pistons!!!

  9. The Fan


  10. Shawn

    man, i’m telling you right now that if they can win this game tonight they got a real shot. Cause what i think sheed and the vets need is just the smallest bit of hope that they can win this series

  11. DD3

    I love my team so much my mood is based off of how the Pistons play. The last 6 regular seasons have been great. But the Piston’s main issue has always been Joe D’s unwillingness to adapt. Over the last 6 years, we watched every team in the East struggle. Every year those struggling teams got better, stronger & did it by building around young stars to compete against us. Atl has been a bottom feeder for years. But are on the verge of becoming a top team in the league in a lower market. They built through the draft & trades & developed the young talent. Detroit had a great starting 5 Sheed, Ben, Rip, Tay & Chancey, but that team aged fast due to going so deep every year. They got slow & the game got young & fast over night. Cleveland, Mia, Bos, Atl & Orl all got better over the last 2 years & Detroit got worse. All of them made their benches deeper. Detroit ignored top free agent role players & even star players by staying the course & blaming the coach. Joe D messed up big. But it wasn’t this year, it has been every year since we won the ring.

  12. The Fan

    We need to pick our heads up and play with some pride. Stop walking with our heads down after each mistake and someone out there needs to lead the team.

  13. The Fan

    What the hell is McDyesses problem?

  14. JMAX54

    Game 1, Game 2 — Deja Vu

    Walk in the park for the Cavs. =(

  15. The Fan

    Wow, Its all about Heart!

  16. nypistonsfan

    Yes, they have…

  17. nicole

    fired MC piston win..


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