Tayshaun Prince – We Have Seen it all in the Playoffs – Sheed Says “Knuckle Up”

by | Apr 20, 2009 | 21 comments

Before the Playoffs began Tayshaun Prince was confident that Detroit’s experience would help them in the Cavs series. I wonder how he feels after game one?


Curry on Stopping LeBron:

“Our initial pressure on the ball wasn’t good enough, so we got to do a better job of that,” Curry said. “Who’s ever on Delonte or LeBron, they got to get up the court so we don’t allow them to flow easy into their offense. Whatever we are trying to take away, we have to be more aggressive taking it away,” Curry said of James. “When we trap him, we got to aggressively trap him. When we contain him and try to make him shoot contested jumpers, we got to do that.” Via The Detroit Free Press

Sounds simple right, tell that to the guys trying to guard LeBron.

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“Knuckling up,” the Piston center said. “Bottom line. There are no tricks we’re going to add. Just straighten on up.” Via The Detroit Free Press


  1. phdribble

    you keep my spirits high!

  2. DetroitGirl4life


  3. Rico Suave

    What they need to do is get physical on Bron Bron. Kwame and/or Aff need to put some HARD fouls on him, even get ejected.

    Sheed needs to realize that his time here is over. Play like you are going to stuck on the Bobcats for the rest of your career starting next season.

  4. Fariduddin

    its really that simple.. knuckle up and show some damn pride— don’t let this cat drive to the hole with ease. L. James had it mad easy sunday… tuesday is going to interesting and a make or break game! we need this game bad!


    We need this game, it’s so important because if we win this next game, the things are gonna get interesting at the palace. So C’mon guys give me some Detroit Defense and phisycal game against Lj

  6. Chris

    What are you goin to change your website’s name to when the Pistons cut the Bald Spot loose?

  7. Richie

    Chris, Natalie has said time and again that the site name will always remain need4sheed.com.
    Don’t be so sure that Roscoe will be gone next year. He’s still a very talented player with more in his tank if you ask me.

  8. Rico Suave

    Natalie has said that, but likely to appease advertisers this year. If Sheed was Jordan, Bird, or an ICON, keeping a website in his name would be appropriate.

    At the end of the day, he helped win one championship and helped a team make it the ECF 6 years in a row. Great achievements, but certainly not his doing alone.

    If this site stays as Need4sheed and covers Pistons ball that is ljust plain lame.

  9. Rico Suave

    Natalie has said that, but likely to appease advertisers this year. If Sheed was Jordan, Bird, or an ICON, keeping a website in his name would be appropriate.

    At the end of the day, he helped win one championship and helped a team make it the ECF 6 years in a row. Great achievements, but certainly not his doing alone.

    If this site stays as Need4sheed and covers Pistons ball that is just plain lame.

  10. Pistons Mane

    Knuckling up is exactly what the pistons need to do if they want to win. We need to put some hard foals on Lebron so he thinks twice before driving to the lane. I’m not saying dirty foals but hard good foals and make him work for every basket and free throw. We need that bad boy mentality back and need to shut up these ABC commentators who seem to have a crush on Lebron and can’t stop talking about him all game even when hes on the bench anyways lets go pistons it’s not over yet

  11. Ken

    Let’s do dis!!!!

  12. ryan ricafort

    “Just straight on up.” I think what sheed is trying to say is the oteam should play man to man. just like what we did in the 2004 finals, we didn’t double team shaq, and the fellow had his way most of the time, but got tired down the stretch. If we could do the same, we take out LBJ’s weapons, and give him different looks with different defenders.

    “Knuckle up.” The Pistons should slow down the pace. move the ball more. milk the clock. deny passing lanes. close down on slashers. communicate on defense. crash the boards.

    FOCUS. Put their game faces on and take it in the court, and not in front of the refs. For 6 years, the refs has always gone against us, this year will not be different. bring out all the angst in your game, because a shouting match with the refs is one battle we can’t win. ever.


  13. hmmm

    That’s why I love Sheed. He knows what this team needs to do to get it done. And I hate everyone who hates him and is glad he is leaving. We couldn’t retire Chauncy who WANTED to retire here, we want to cling on to Dyess who doesn’t want to be in Detroit anymore, and we’re going to release another GREAT Piston before he retires. Next thing you know we’ll be trading Rip for shitty Elton Brand or something and Prince will get fed up and leave as soon as Stuckey becomes a ball hog like AI.

    LETS GO PISTONS! Frustrate Lebron into bad shots and lets get this series rolling.

  14. Erica

    I would like to say “GO PISTONS!!!!!”…sike..i would really like to say that’s what you get and I hope you get swept. You disrespected a great player like Allen Iverson. Whether you like his “attitude” or not, he is a first ballott hall of famer and you “USED” him all wrong. Since he was the “problem”, why are you still losing? He hasn’t played for a while now, why are you only the 8th seed?

  15. nicole

    want to see AI and sheed playing in bobcats larry brown,,not to mcurry worst coaching style

  16. Jody

    Pistons’ biggest mistake was to trade Chauncey instead of Rasheed. All this BS about knuckling up is hot air. Rasheed prefers to stand on the perimeter and shoot clunkers. Knuckle up! He’s one to talk.

    Dumars should have seen Sheed for what he is — a good player who will never be great without a team leader like Billups. If he can’t control himself, what kind of leadership could he exhibit? Look at Chauncey ripping up Chris Paul and the Hornets, while LeBron is cracking jokes on the sideline before going out and kicking Piston butt like he’s playing a pickup game against amateurs. Did Dumars expect AI to provide leadership? That’s a hoot. So now that they’ve cleared all this cap space, they think they’re going to lure LeBron to play in Detroit? LMFAO

  17. Rico Suave

    Jody is spot on. Sheed needs post up and take more of those 8 footer fades. When he chucks >7 shots from downtown that leaves only one “big” to fend for rebounds. Someone really needs to tell him that he is not Rashard Lewis.

    I want hard fouls. I want Lebron pouting. I want the announcers to say “bad boys of old revisted?” I want everyone to play like Dyess. I want MC to pretend like he knows what he is doing. I want a 82-75 victory.

  18. JMAX54

    Enough with the whining,
    let ’em do their thing.
    Being at the Q might be tiring,
    but pulling an upset is what I’m wishing.

  19. DD3

    It’s all about aggression. A friend of mine is an assistant on the Cavs bench & told me that we did exactly what they wanted us to do. Shoot a lot of jump shots, which limit fouls on them. We weren’t aggressive. the numbers never lie. We lost by 18 points. 24 of those points came from free throws. They shot 27 we shot like 12. We made 10, they made 24. A 14 point turn around. We didn’t make any of them play defense & on the other end everyone played tired & lazy & Ding up with their hands & not moving their feet as seen here:

    You move your feet & stick to your man & good things happen. My friend said it best, Keep shooting Detroit & they’ll keep running. If we want to win this, we need to be more aggressive on offense & defense. Stop fouling & just be men. Hurting Lebron is just wrong. He deserves the buckets he gets because he’s aggressive. imagine somone taking out Rip cuz he’s hot & running around too much. Hurting Lebron sends a bad message, but playing hard 7 earning the win will be rewarding. Let’s go Pistons!


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