Round One Game One – Pistons vs. Cavaliers

by | Apr 18, 2009 | 48 comments

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The Pistons are in Cleveland to start the first round of the 2009 NBA Playoffs against the #1 seed Cavaliers. With things not going per usual with our familiar Detroit team, Pistons fans are still showing plenty of support.

We all know the odds are stacked up against the Pistons, but it doesn’t mean they have no chance at all like some people think. It may be a long shot, but nothing is impossible.

As you probably already know, I’m not a fan of anything Cleveland or the Cavs. In fact I have been known to poke a little fun here and there, but team Need4Sheed member Daniel Pantalleresco has a little more than hatred on his mind when it comes to the LeBron/Tayshaun match up. And like it or not, a lot of Detroit’s success in this series will hinge on Tayshaun stopping Burger King James.

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I’m sure you have read a ton of playoff previews, most of which give the Pistons a little more than a snowball’s chance in hell, but that all means nothing when the Pistons play the way they are capable of playing. And that’s a scary thing for any team about to go into a seven game series with them.

As for my playoff preview, I did it a little different this season over at Dime.

So we Rise Up Pistons fans. It’s easy to get behind a team that dominates, but it’s even more special when fans stand behind a team that is struggling. Red, White and Blue forever!

Tip off is at 3:00 PM and will be nationally broadcast on ABC.  If you can’t watch, follow live through your computer over at

As for Pistons fans..

Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments or Chat Live with fellow fans during the game.


  1. sharpshooter

    everybody is saying that the cavs are the best team in the east and it is going to be 100% lakers vs cavs finals. but i think that the pistons could do it, i think they are even going to win today because with or with out chauncey or a.i, we still have a solid team and if they all come out and play we are still one of the top teams in the east.

  2. sharlene

    pistons nation rise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. pistons114321

    pistons nation rise!

  4. fordgmchrysler


  5. justanotherpistonsfans


  6. currysucks

    Is there any possibility to listen to the game on radio (outside the US) except on

  7. pistonsfan101

    If the Refs want, I have a feeling we are gonna see a Cavs-Lakers final

  8. justanotherpistonsfans

    aww pistonsfan101…you’re a true pistons fan

  9. pistonballer104

    Go PISTONS!!!

    How did you make the lebron/bk king picture?

  10. ripnerdgeek

    hey, if anyone else knows ballhype…let’s get this the topstory until the end of the pistons/cavs series…

  11. Shawn

    iite, we gotta bring that hunger, but if they can do that, then we will destroy cleveland today

  12. pistonsforeverandeverandever

    lebrand intro + lebrand interview + big board to predict cleveland over our boys = wher the f*ck is blaha and kelser??

  13. alex

    they’re going to win

  14. skeets

    the internets are alive…whahahahah!!!

  15. mobius909

    this makes for a great upset story, how detroit beat cleveland, even though they only lost twice at home all year.

    lets put on our road trip hats, we got a lot of winning on the road to do kids.

  16. Sable

    Does VanGundy even know what Championship pride is? I don’t recall him ever winning a championship. What’s more, has he ever enjoyed the level of success the Pistons have the past 7 years?

  17. Grebe

    ok so i am usually not this unsportsman like but with the Cavs i have to say that my plan is a little synical (doubt i spelled it right).

    Get some one like Walters Sharpe who never plays to go out there and just take out Lebrons legs or something not permanently hurt him, but just for a game or two to let us get up !
    ya mean but with Lebron he deserves it

  18. Sable

    Grebe, you’ve been watching too much WWE.

  19. i

    Okay, I’m going to be a realist and say that Pistons are going to lose against cavs this series. but the CAVS wont win the championship, hopefully…as much of a great team they are….I hate them (sorry)…so im rooting for them to NOT win the championship!

  20. Sue

    HURT L JAMES… hurt him bad…it’s really are only chance- slim chance, but a chance…

    I have faith tho…With all the Pistons fans willing them to win…maybe just maybe…x-fingers

  21. I

    lol dont get too ahead of yourself, remember where your city came from. They are one of the best teams in the NBA, don’t get too happy because just like that anything can be taken away from cavs. So a lil’ advice, don’t insult other teams by calling them “pussies” and remember that your team was one of those “pussies” before.

  22. KleenGee

    lol: Cavs might have a good year, but do they have a future? Lebron won’t stay there, even if he wins a trophy. He’ll go down to play in Miami so he could go to the Birdcage every night.

  23. eric taylor

    cleveland is really really good. it’s not a shame to lose to a team like this.

    I really wish we had won 1 or 2 more games in the regular season, so we didn’t have to face cleveland when they are all so fresh.



  25. Sable

    Alright, I can’t keep quiet anymore. Are you guys sick, wishing injuries on people?

  26. Ricardo

    why are we even in the playoffs?

    Sheed FINALLY looked like hes mentally buckled down, but it’s too late for that now, now that his physical skills are declining.

    Stuckey looks like a retarded ****ing little boy out there. Did anybody watch Derrick Rose earlier? Stuckey will NEVER be half of what Rose is at point.

    But alas, Joe’s too stubborn to swallow his pride.

  27. KleenGee

    I guess Dumars is trying to make a second Billups out of Stuckey (un-amazing shooter becomes HOF point guard).

  28. Austin K

    there is just no more life in the pistons, i hope we win at home at least

  29. pistons 4 life

    You know, the Pistons could have avoided this match up if they just could have closed out the Bulls a couple nights ago. Then I think they would have been playing Orlando. Maybe I’m wrong but that’s what I thought I heard. The Cavs are like a frickin freight train. They’ve been blowing people out all year. Why would it change now?

    Lets just get this over with and see what happens this summer. Get rid of dumb ass Curry and get a real coach. Then how about a C or PF that actually wants to score all his points in the paint and they’ll be fine next year.

    Rip on me if you want for the negativity, and for not “rising up”. I don’t really care. I’d rather be realistic than torture myself watching these games thinking they can win the series.

  30. pistons 4 life

    Ricardo ^^, yeah I watched the Bulls Celtics. That guy is amazing. I knew he would be good eventually, but dang. 36 points and 11 assists in a playoff debut!!!! That team has a lot more heart and will to win than the Pistons have all year.

  31. blamu2

    Hey did Cavaliers miss at least one shot?

  32. phdribble

    the pistons nation has risen!

  33. Sue

    -Sable Says:
    April 18th, 2009 at 4:31 pm
    Alright, I can’t keep quiet anymore. Are you guys sick, wishing injuries on people?-

    he makes tons of $$$$$$$$ im pretty sure he could find the best doc’s in the world….

    He’d be ok…
    yes i am sick- sick and tired of the pistons allowing james to run them over…its not like they could stop him -even on their best day-

    I want to see them play the Cav’s- not LB james…
    No fouls in the 3 q for Cav’s???–ah the glory of being the king(james)…

  34. Aj

    Why didn’t curry play maxiell more ? How in the world does kwame get more minutes.

  35. pistons114321

    umm…sue you sound like a real pistons fan…aj…not so much…

  36. kideminemrock


  37. fordgmchrysler

    PNR?…yeah…p f*ckin n f*ckin r !!!!

  38. aretha

    i’m sorry did someone say…R-E-S-P-E-C-T???

  39. stonesfolife

    Hey currysucks you can usually watch the games live on or

  40. bobsegersoundsystem


  41. bobsegersoundsystem

    stonesfolife: how bout you learn something about basketball and then we can talk about michael curry’s abilities as a first year coach of the detroit f+in pistons…

  42. rey

    Fired MC now,, tommorow piston win, he doesnt know what, transisition is.. he doesnt know how to play running games,,,,,worse coach ever by piston team

  43. Raphael Saddiq

    somebody tell me what’s goin in wrong…pNR!

  44. lololler


  45. C-Quense

    The NBA is nothing but a big joke!
    The one and only Carl Lewis needed 1.88 seconds for his first 10 metres of a race. Starting from a
    Lebron needs just 1.95 seconds für 8 metres. But Carl Lewis wasn’t catching a ball, turning, starts dribbling, jumping and shooting. He was just running.
    Watch the clock, when he was making that buzzerbeater.
    The NBA is nothing but fake!

    Catching the ball: 2.00 Seconds left

    Turning with the ball: 2.00 seconds left

    After catching the ball, turning, starting dribbling and running 2 metres. 1.9 seconds left…

    Welcome to the Kobe Bryant – Lebron James Finals… NBA Where carrying happens

  46. eric taylor

    i’ve been thinking about having to play the cavs 1st round, and you know what I think i changed my mind.

    I’m glad we are playing the cavs. Not because we’ll win, we’ll probably lose. But because the pistons have a future, we have rip, stuckey (he will get better every year), will bynum and prince, we have a YOUNG team and lots of money for cap space when ‘sheed and AI leave next year. I’m hoping we keep Dice but he might get bought out by an NBA finals team, he’s certainly one of the best players per dollar in the NBA right now.

    So we have a very bright future, next year, everyone is going to be better (unlike the old piston squad where people just got older), and we will be adding a superstar (who will get those stupid superstar referee calls).

    And one thing we really need for this young team is to be tested in the playoffs against the cavs. So I’m glad we got them 1st round, just to play the best team in the east.

    We are spoiled and lucky fans. Pretend for a second that you are a phoenix suns fan. All your players are old, and extremely expensive, and getting older, there’s no future and you missed the playoffs last year.

    This team is going to go places next year. I just want them to win 2 or 3 games vs this incredible cleveland team.

  47. pistons 4 life

    bobsegersoundsystem^^ Are you actually sticking up for MC? The guy is a joke. And it’s not like I’ve been the only one saying it all year. Read the comments dating back the whole season and you’ll see plenty of MC hating going on here.

    Oh, and sorry for not “knowing anything about basketball”. I thought it was just a reality tv show or something. Now that I know it’s actually a real sport maybe I can read up on it a little more and learn the rules and how it’s played.

    ^^ I totally agree with Eric Taylor. This team has a lot more of an upside for the next 5 years than teams like Phoenix or even Boston. At least they’re in a good position for the future.


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