Pistons First Round Schedule Released

by | Apr 16, 2009 | 54 comments

The Detroit Pistons first round schedule was released today with the fist game on Saturday afternoon. As you can see I have already decorated the site with the usual countdown to keep track of Detroit’s run in the playoffs.

And yes….I see it too, Game 4 is a Sunday home game at 3:30.

Game 1 Sat., April 18 Detroit at Cleveland 3:00 p.m. ABC
Game 2 Tue., April 21 Detroit at Cleveland 8:00 p.m. TNT
Game 3 Fri., April 24 Cleveland at Detroit 7:00 p.m. ESPN
Game 4 Sun., April 26 Cleveland at Detroit 3:30 p.m. ABC
If Necessary
Game 5* Wed., April 29 Detroit at Cleveland TBD
Game 6* Fri., May 1 Cleveland at Detroit TBD
Game 7* Sun., May 3 Detroit at Cleveland TBD

This should serve as motivation for the series from Cleveland.com

“This time around, the once almighty Pistons are merely an opening band in a rock show that will go on long after their set is done. It’s like, “Uh, dudes, can’t we just move on to the next series?”

Don’t get cocky Cleveland, it won’t be that easy. Any team can take a series no matter what their record states. Detroit has a chance. Cockiness aside, Cleveland and it’s fans still would rather not see the Pistons in the first round, no matter what comes out of their mouths.

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  1. Marcell

    Wow! ABC……If we were a 64 win team this year and playing…Let’s say Orlando. It would have been NBA-TV maybe just local and on the radio! Mmmmm…..I guess maybe everyone want’s to see us loss on the big network!

  2. Natalie Sitto

    No Marcell, they just want to see LeBron.

  3. brendan

    i hate the clevland crabs. let’s just flood ohio and have a 6th great lake.

  4. Marcell

    Natalie, I had to make another post. Think about this for a moment. If and I mean a big if here. The Pistons can win this series. They have to hit Cleveland as hard as they can. In past seasons we always faced the tuff teams in the finals and ran out of steam. Not this year. They’ll be facing the best team first which means they should have more energy than in past. It always seemed like they were wore out after going 3 or 4 rounds than facing either a Boston or Cleveland. Charles Barkley says the Pistons are going to get swept .
    I’m sorry but I don’t have any faith in a guy that losses millions in Vegas and picks up hookers for a thrill!
    If any Pistons do read Need for Sheed than lets prove Charles wrong once and for all! Show some pride!

  5. gMac

    LOL @ brendan
    If you flood Ohio, wouldn’t we just have 4 great lakes. Since Erie and Michigan would become lake Ohio

  6. Austin K

    A simple I think Detroit is going to lose would of done just fine bronzilla. To say the pistons aren’t talented makes me question your IQ. The piston’s overall have more talented players than the Cavs do. Unless Varejaos’ balls are so far down your throat you think he’s better than Mcdysse. A fair league? What the hell is so unfair about it? YOUR NEGATIVITY IS NOT WELCOME ON THIS SITE! unless ofcourse you can back it with some intelligence. LONG LIVE DETROIT

  7. gMac

    There are two things on our side. 1, we have nothing to lose. 2, we match up relatively well on defence against Cavs.

    But our problem is our offence. We don’t run any plays, and Cavs are pretty good on defence.
    Heck, the only reason Will Bynum is remotely this popular is because, he hogs the ball and try to do a one man show. The dumbass coach just don’t have anything, and Stucky is not a point guard.
    AI could’ve done it(be a ball hoging scorer) too, but everyone would’ve called him selfish. Come to think of it, it’s really not that fair for him, he was trying pretty hard to make plays for other people(whether it worked or not) when he could’ve done what Will is doing.

    We have no constructive offence. But like what they say defence wins championships, without AI at least we are decent in that category.

  8. freeZy

    Yeah We can Beat them i know it(even with a coach who sux)! come on we have Nothing 2 Lose and we have the Man with the biggest Heart and a true Warrior in our Team DICE + the ultimate X Factor His Kwaminess!!! Lets Do it DETROIT Beat them Bron Crabs and Shock the World and Stern!!!

  9. MAD!

    yea will is a ball hogger at times

  10. Fariduddin

    Pistons in 6! great point about pervious years and how the energy wasn’t there! solid D, sum zone D at times, offensive rebounds (second chance points), Sheed posting up to spread the floor, and not letting other Cav players get off, Rip getting off on their gaurds, light double team on James and the our bench players coming in and producing — will translate into a so-called shock. i can’t wait until Saturday!

  11. DetroitGirl4life



  12. Santiago G

    -A wild animal is the most dangerous when backed into a corner with nowhere to go-

    say what you will about the Pistons but they have a chance to beat Cleveland if they play like they have nothing to loose and leave it all in the court.

  13. DetPistonsFan4Lyfe

    There would be nothing better than to see the Cavs lose in the first round. Lebron has also guaranteed a championship for the cavs fans. That guy is too cocky.

    Honestly I dont know if the Pistons believe in themselves. Does anyone know what the pistons are saying about playing the cavs. I really want to know…becuase that could tell a lot bout their mentality…. But something tells me that the pistons will surprise EVERYONE on saturday. 😉

  14. 313


  15. Richard


  16. Noa Daniely


  17. shab

    if the pistons cant even beat chicago how do u guys think they can beat the best team in the nba. itz a weaker team than last year. if iverson was still playin maybe there would be a chance for a miracle.

  18. Jack

    Think we can take the sternaliers but woulda been nice to play boston now that garnetts out for awhile, atleast the 1st round

  19. juneyboy

    Check out this on youtube. Type, The Detroit Pistons: Let The Games Begin in the search box or type this URL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5sgKtjRREs

    It sums up every loyal Pistons fan feelings in the land.

  20. LiamJones

    Before anything I’ll say this: I HATE the Cavs! I hate everything about them, right down to their toyish looking alternates, their fans false sense of accomplishment (really, what have they ever accomplished? I see zero rings from this team…), and every single player on their roster (especially Gibson and Sideshow Varejao.) I want the Pistons to win this series just to shove it in Cleveland’s faces! That would be oh so sweet.

    With all that being said, I cannot see it happening! We don’t have a point guard that isn’t named Will Bynum (though he’s playing great we need another point guard… don’t say Stuck, he’s not a point guard…), we’re not consistent, our head coach is a decent assistant at best, and we’re still the same team that settles for the same shots when it comes to crunch time. That’s why we couldn’t close out close games against Chicago, Miami, Indiana, or Houston just to name a few.

    I’m not saying it’s not possible. It is. We’re a streaky team and the only way we’re going to be able to beat the Cavs is to have everyone show up, every night. This team has beaten some very good teams. They just haven’t shown up on a consistent basis. We’re going to have to shoot the ball extremely well. If you’re shooting well nobody can beat you. It doesn’t matter who you are. We could really use AI around now. We really could. This season was not his fault regardless of him being a complete crybaby that needs to get over himself.

    Let’s face it, the Cavs match up well against us. You could say that the other way around and use it our favor because we obviously match up well against them, but… we don’t have LeBron. Without LeBron the Cavs are just like we are… an 8th seed in the East… and that IS what we are. It’s going to take A LOT!!

  21. truefan

    Foremost,I can’t stand the Cavaliers.I hate how
    their stadium antics have tried so hard to create
    their own Mason.I can’t stand the giant ego known
    as Lebron.Cavs fans are even worse, hanging onto
    the coat tails of Lebron along with the rest of his team screaming Lebron is God and we are #1.I hate how they always get so excited after every basket.They think the cavs are the best thing they have ever seen. wait until they see the detroit pistons.

    and pistons have what it takes. i know we haven’t had the best season, but when playoffs start we’ll be 0-0 so our regular season record wont even matter. Cavs fans are so cocky. they think that just because they had the best record, theyre going to be in the finals. sorry cavs fans, but thats technically not true. and pistons have nothing to lose, so in my opinion, i think they should just put it all on the floor. all or nothing.

  22. Kenneth Jay

    I hate seeing that cocky ass lebron on the website with his stupid ass smirk that I want to slap off his face. If I have to see one more stupid Cleveland celebration or intro, I will fly to cleveland and make it a point to run on the court and personally lay out lebron.

  23. Nicholas

    Now the stones seem even more self destructive, with the news that the Celtics will be without Garnett, we could have beaten the Celts, beaten the Magic and bam… right back to the Eastern conference finals, but we will never know. This team has shot it’s self in the foot so many times it’s mind numbing.
    The legacy of this Dynasty will forever be coulda shoulda woulda. Good Night.

  24. Natalie Sitto

    That it is Fariduddin!

    Get well Coach Daly!

  25. KG

    Honestly to whoever made the Mason comment, if you notice every PA announcer is trying to be like Mason. The man has revolutionized the job honestly. As for the Cavs, if I was them I’d be scared. This team has nothing to loose and in my honest opinion could be very dangerous if cleveland takes a nap first round.

  26. 0nyx

    As a Magic-fan (whose post-season dreams were often spoiled by the Pistons) I wish y’all good luck in beating the LeBrons.

    See you in the ECF!

  27. Nate

    Cavs fans act as if they have been the greatest team in the past 5 years? Do they recall what happened last time they made it to the finals nutriding on Lebron? They were swept by the Spurs in blowout fashion all 4 games. Let them write garbage like that, for when they go down in flames you’ll never hear a peep from them again. Lebron will be off to New York and Cavs basketball will be garbage once again.

  28. shab

    Come back Iverson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Amber

    Well, it was nice being good for six years.

    Sorry Dice.

    I’m not sure I want to watch the playoffs; I can’t handle LeBitch. I already tried watching an entire season of Detroit sucking, and I’m not sure how much more I can take.

  30. Marcell

    I wonder if the Pistons could steal this quote,
    “Yes We Can.”

  31. James

    Does this happen anywhere in Detroit? Wow what a bunch of d-bags

    Raise a glass and insult a Detroiter
    Just because Cavs fans are confident doesn’t mean they aren’t rowdy — at least not at the Clevelander, 834 Huron Road East, Cleveland, 216-771-3723. The walls of this place boast all kinds of memorabilia from local teams. But the boasts of this hard-partying crowd set it apart. Imagine a tipsy mob expressing its love for the Cavs by chanting Detroit put-downs and Rasheed Wallace insults. Even more amazing, they’re able to shout in unison even after six pitchers of beer.

  32. rasheed jr

    come on man pistons can beat these chumps any day any time all they got to do is play d and hold lebron to a few ponts and dont let him get and ones throw him down if he try to

  33. alwayzreal

    With Curry as the coach we don’t stand a chance…I mean he couldn’t figure it out in 82 games so he definitely won’t be able to do it now……I just hope we don’t get swept….Curry what a joke

  34. Jayborne

    The best thing about that quote from Cleveland.com is the fact that the Pistons can scratch, struggle, and trying to survive as hard as they possibly can, and it still won’t matter. They simply are getting feed to the lions. Teams get an opporitunity to talk about you like that, when you have proven all season you don’t have any of the qualities of a playoff team.

    It is what it is.

  35. ladyPiston

    If this quote is true, the crab dribbler knows what’s at stake here.

    “There’s no way you can overlook the Pistons. This is a team that’s been to the Eastern Conference finals like six years in a row,” James said. “We know how experienced that team is. We know how powerful and dangerous that team is.”USA Today

    “. . .powerful and dangerous. . .” is an understatement.

  36. rasheed jr

    with part of the championship team in 04 like rip,tay,sheed,dice,there destin for gold its going to come down to boston and piston

  37. Melodeath1221

    Cleavland Fucked us a few years ago when we had the better record. The thing thats so great about the pistons this year, is that We’ve been the ones with those gaudy sort of records. The Pistons know that Regular Season Success doesn’t Equal a Championship. Some times i think struggling is good. It teaches you alot about your team. This WHOLE year the pistons have struggled, thats a years worth of learning. Hopefully we can take all thoes losses and learn from then to accomplish something great this post season. Its all about getting hot at the right time. We havent been Hot All Season. there for maybe Thoes winning streaks will finally show up. I know for a fact the pistons would LOVE to get revenge on the Cavs for last time they Kicked us out of the play offs. If you Looked at the reports from ESPN (cause they are so smart.) They all are calling a Sweep of the Pistons. DO you all remember what hapend, LAST time they Said Detroit was going to get swep?

  38. rasheed jr

    shab you don,t no what you talking about iverson suckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk im glad he hurt i watch all 82 game and there better off with out him

  39. El Patron Himself (Accept no Imitations!)

    First things first…

    Before the Cavs fans get all cocky and all… remember this?



    Now that the Ghost of Playoffs Past shut your pieholes, will the REAL PISTONS FANS PLEASE STAND UP? This is the reality… that old cliche that everybody starts 0-0 on the playoffs? It’s true! It’s DAMN TRUE! And you’d be better off not overlooking us!

    Remember the Allas Mavericks? Best record a few years ago? They faced a team called the Golden State Warriors, with nothing to lose and willing to punch them in the face… #8 beat a #1!!!

    Remember the Celtics? The ATL took them to 7 games, because as our favorite Hawk ZAZA always says…



    PLAYOFFS BEGIN!!!! And as we say in the D…

    DETROIT, LET’S GO TO WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. UMLORD

    I have told a many of friends this a many of times:
    You can’t count the Pistons out until the deciding game,
    4th quarter, less than 20 seconds left, down by 7.Then they Are done. That’s it. That’s when the Pistons are done. don’t count them out until THAT point of time!


  41. rasheed jr

    in the nba every body is going to be provin wrong pistons going to pull off the upset to every like charls barkley fat azz and beat the cavs in game seven at the palace of alburn hills one other thing f***k you iverson

  42. rasheed jr

    in the nba every body is going to be provin wrong pistons going to pull off the upset to every like charls barkley fat azz and beat the cavs in game seven at the palace of alburn hills one other thing f***k you allen

  43. Anne

    Three things :

    (1) Team (s) usually go through all the difficulities like the Pistons during the regular season do not make the playoff at all, but the Pistons still get the “ticket” to get in the most important stage of the season. Pistons are not like good, but they are not that bad at same time.

    (2) No matter what the result will be, I would still say it is kind of “sucess” if the Pistons can stay in the seris until the game 6 or 7 of the first round due to many people think it should be over in the 4 games.

    (3) If the result end with the longer summer break for the Pistons, then so be it. Sometimes a sport organization needs longer break to decide the future directions of it’s team. I am sure Joe Dumars needs time to evulate what mistakes he did for his team during this season. I really hope this is the only down season for the Pistons.

  44. shab

    rasheed jr.. in game seven pistons wont be at the palace. it will be in cleveland.. nd when the cavs shut the pistons down on offence just like they did in the past, then pistons will miss iverson. he was the guy that could of broke down cavs defence. nd even in the last game against cavs when iverson was hurt, did u see how easily iverson got those points on cavs?

  45. Chris

    as much as I would love to see an upset, coming from a Piston fan, sorry people but LeBron is on a mission. Maybe next season we’ll be back, but this year just wasn’t Detroit basketball. And I kind of somehwat agree with shab, Iverson could’ve help against the Cavs. I guess we’ll never know…


  46. pistonsfan11

    pistons nation rise

  47. rasheed jr

    shab you right about game seven being in ohio but you not right about iverson last game aginst the cavs some of the shots iverson took he was wide open he is and he still miss he is a ball hog he gone be a free agent next year and no one will want him.you see the success denver is having because billups there and iverson not ps iverson is faking

  48. pistonsfan11

    pistons nation rise!

  49. Jphn

    LeBron is awsome he’s way better then anyone on the piston or any other team.


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