Pistons vs. Nets

by | Apr 10, 2009 | 21 comments

The Pistons vs. The Nets
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The Pistons host the 32-46 New Jersey Nets at The Palace tonight. The Pistons look to take tonight’s game to secure a playoff spot and tie the season series up 2 games all. The Nets, who took it to the Pistons in their last meeting, were eliminated from the playoffs this season when Detroit beat the Knicks Wednesday night in New York.

The Pistons need to stop Devin Harris who has burned them in every meeting they had with the Nets this season.

“He’s an All-Star this year,” Pistons second-year guard Rodney Stuckey said. “He’s improving every year. He’s just a great player. He’s crafty, fast; he’s good, man. Really good.” Via The Detroit Free Press

With four games left, Detroit is in a battle with The Bulls for the 7th seed in the playoffs. With the Bulls win over the Sixers Thursday night they moved ahead of Detroit (by a half of a game) for the 7th spot. The race may just come down to the Bulls – Pistons game at the Palace Monday night.

It’s the home stretch – Get pumped Pistons Fans, Sheed is.

The Good/Bad and More

Tip is at 8:00 PM at the Palace and will be broadcast on FSN. If you can’t watch the telecast you can listen live locally on WDFN 1130 AM, or follow the game through your computer at NBA.com.


  1. Kyle C.

    I dissgree with you Natalie when you say that the 6th spot is out of reach. If we can win tonight and the Sixers loose then they would only be a game ahead of us. With a couple games left I think it is very possible still seeing as Philadelphia has been in a little slump lately.

  2. I

    Hey Natalie, I was just wondering according to you, what is the best seed Pistons can have in the playoffs?

  3. iverson313

    6 or 7 spot is da best for now we want magic first

  4. Ali bazzi

    we win we clinch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    beware but we comin after u boston,clevland, and magic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Dominic

    I recommend Motown String Music blog. It’s an SB Nation blog and if your familiar with those, you know that fans are allowed to write their own “Fanposts” which creates a post of your own that users can comment on. It’s great if you want to get your opinion across and basically guarenteed they’ll be commented and critiqued

  6. Dave


  7. Dave


  8. Wade

    GUARANSHEED, Im just pissed the game got blacked out where I live, stupid. I had my hamilton jersey on and everything ready to watch

  9. Dave

    Deat Detroit Pistons Fans,

    You are witnessing an amazing feat. Aside from the AI debacle, you are seeing a championship team rebuilding into a future championship team. The integration of young talent with veteran champions has been rocky at times, but had to happen for future growth.We miss Chauncy, as we know you do, too. But even Mr Big Shot understood that changes are necessary to keep the edge.
    Say what you want, any other team in the league that has had to be rebuilt suffered worse records than ours this year, with no playoff contention or hope.

    You are watching the Pistons of old transform again.We did it before, and it seemed to work out….

    Be True to your Pistons! Its almost playoff time, no bashing, no more trash talk(Unless from Sheed), it’s time to go to work, and we are going to work hard!!

    Have confidence in us..we do.

    Your Detroit Pistons

  10. Rob

    Great start, I think the Pistons are starting to turn a corner. I don’t know if we’re going to make a big playoff run, but I think this will be good for next season.

  11. Brian

    Great first half for the Stones. Tremendous play from Bynum and Sheed. Rip Hamilton sharing the wealth, has just 2 points but 7 assists

  12. Wade

    sheed is balling tonight and will the thrill bynum is byumite!

  13. PLAYOFFS!!!!!


  14. Richie

    Playoffs?! Don’t talk about the playoffs! Playoffs?!
    I’m so happy!

  15. Dre

    Way to clinch Pistons. Good luck vs Boston or Cleveland. With/without AI, yall still have a chance (regardless of what the SKEPTICS say). Go Heat and go Pistons……..

  16. Th3 Answ3r

    Playoffs? Lol I had to say that :p

  17. El Patron Himself (Accept no Imitations!)

    Always glad to see the Pistons back to their old ways… better late than never, they say! A nice way to kick off my night of study!

    Then I read this on the game recap on ESPN: “Kwame Brown was called for a technical foul with 2:50 left, but Douglas-Roberts missed the free throw.”

    Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, Chris Douglas-Roberts!!! You already cost Memphis a national championship last year because you can’t shoot a free throw to save your life… and now you cost more points to your team!!! Damn!!! Somebody needs to tell that kid that the only one who has legitimately gotten away with bad free throws is Shaqapulco!!!! Nice going there CDR… and somebody said once we should’ve drafted this kid???? DAMN!!!!!

    Anyway… I’m happy that the Pistons are remembering what DEEETROIT BAS-KET-BAAAAALL is all about… at least that should give us a nice head start for next season, no matter what happens in the playoffs… not that I’m discounting the chance that Detroit could pull one of those… I mean, it HAS happened
    (Remember Golden State beating the Allas Mavericks??? )… and if anything, Detroit is in the perfect position… you know, totally against the ropes, feeling no love and no respect… we know that crazy things happen when the Pistons play with a chip on their shoulders… all I’m saying is, nobody expects them to bump anybody…

    … and as the Great Zaza once said: NOTHING IS EASY!!!!!!!

  18. Damien W.

    Whoa, got back from The Palace a few hours ago; and it was just as fun as I wanted it to be. A Piston win is ALWAYS a good remedy for anything. I checked the stats on the board toward the end of the game and noticed that Devin Harris only had 1 point. >.> ONE POINT! You know how happy that made me! Carter couldn’t do anything, and Douglas-Roberts fella really didn’t help. And with Sheed, Dyess and Bynum doing what they needed to do; were a hard team to beat.

    PS: Natilie! You HAVE to put up that And 1 by Stuckey when (I think it was) Yi Jianlian wrapped him up to stop the foul. (He failed! XD)

  19. Ken


    We’ll win it this year!!!

  20. KrazyKarl


    Great win last night and that drive by stuckey was great-It was awesome to see both he and bynum get hot last night. Although was it just me or did anyone get a little nervous when we had Will,Stuck, and Rip all out on the floor together? (I think Max and Kwame? were the other two out there) for a minute I thought it was a return to weeetroit basketball…but then stuck drove the lane and from nearly under the basket dished to will at the 3 point line who knocked one down….

    All in all great game and a great win! Go Pistons!!!!!!!!

  21. Natalie Sitto

    Kyle – I hope so,and you’re right but with the way things have been going this season I’m the pessimist.

    Damien – Remember FSN won’t let me post videos anymore! They ruined all our fun. Maybe we can “find” it on YouTube.

    Great win, loved Maxiell’s effort and Will’s speed.



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