Pistons vs. Knicks

by | Apr 8, 2009 | 21 comments

Detroit Pistons vs. New York Knicks
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The Pistons are in New York to take on the (30-48) Knicks. Don’t let the Knicks record deceive you, they always seem to play their best against Detroit winning the last two games they have faced the Pistons. Detroit, who has lost seven of nine on the road know just how important each remaining game in the season it.

“We’re running out of time,” Pistons guard Rodney Stuckey said. “Each game that we play is crucial for us.” Via MLive

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“We’re still trying to win that championship, even though most people don’t think that we can. But we still believe that we can. For the last few (years), everyone said, ‘Oh, oh, Pistons, Pistons, Pistons,’” Wallace said in a mock plaintive tone. “But even then, honestly, for the last few they counted us out. They never said we won’t be there and this and that, but we’ve always been there. So now we definitely have to prove to it, that we will be there.”

“I think our swagger will come with the playoffs. We have a lot of veterans on here who we’ve all went deep into the playoffs for the last so-and-so years. So I think we’ll definitely get our swagger back once we get that rolling and get into the playoffs; that whole playoff atmosphere, playoff mystique then – we’re good.” Via The Detroit Free Press

Not a Guaransheed, but a little confidence never hurt anyone.


Positive thoughts about a not so positive season always helps.

The Good/Bad and More

  • If Philadelphia wins at Charlotte Tuesday, the Pistons could lock up a playoff spot with a win against the Knicks. (Thanks Shawn) Philly lost
  • New York has lost eight of its last 10 at Madison Square Garden.
  • The Knicks haven’t  won a season series with Detroit since 2000-01.
  • Don’t think you were the only one who thought about Will Bynum starting.
  • Rodney Stuckey making progress.
  • Today the Pistons will begin selling individual first round playoff tickets. Two thousand of those seats will go for $12 per game. The “cheap seats” are only available at the Palace Box office.

Tip off is at 7:30 and will be locally brodcast on FSN. If you can’t watch you can listen locally at WDFN 1130 AM or follow the game through your computer at NBA.com.


  1. Wade

    Its time for some piston bball, im pumped and very anxious now for these last few games, as I always do during this time of year. Lets all cheer on these guys.


  2. blazer56

    the only thing i have to say about todays updates is that shitty white castle ad that blocks the damn page so i cant read it really sucks

  3. Shawn

    the philly charlotte game was yesterday, and charlotte won

  4. Natalie Sitto

    Thanks Shawn I forgot to update that this morning.

  5. Ken

    we will win this game!!!!!

    and the ship!!

  6. Dre

    Good luck Detroit. Its too bad the A.I. situation COULDNT work. Now I know Detroit’s management team (Dumars, Curry & Co.) were afraid of AI in the starting lineup with Rip, Prince, Max/Dice, Wallace might work out too well THUS hindering Stuckey’s ‘development’, but having AI and Bynum splitting minutes at the point and Stuckey backing up Hamilton, this team would be a SURE threat to Cleveland in THIS year’s playoffs. Again, best of luck.

  7. pistonsfan101

    Someone’s getting a beating! We are just WHOPPING the Knicks right now…

    I get scared when we have big leads cause we eventually lose them…

  8. Playoff Swagger

    11-2 4th qtr run pistons, lets see if they can keep this up, looks like they will pas 70 in the first half!

  9. Playoff Swagger

    Nvm about 70, 65 atleast?

  10. Amber

    What in the hell is going on with Detroit? How are they up 26????????

  11. Wade

    Wow is this the three point competion or what? Seriously this is back and fourth 3 point game. Atleast we are winning by about 25 haha

  12. Amber

    It’s because Poison Ivy (bad luck) refused to come back! Right? I’m in shock. I know they’re playing the Knickersuckers, but two games again they could have easily blown Detroit out!

  13. Amber

    Did I just see Fabio dunk? Are you kidding me?

  14. CONE (Mexico)

    Great W tonight, everybody played great, looked like the old Pistons, I’m positive about winning the games left in the schedule. Nets at Home
    @ Indiana
    Bulls at Home
    @ Miami

    So come on let’s cheer for our D-Troit Pistons!!!!

  15. Chungi

    The Knicks completely shut down the defense lol

  16. Dre

    Good game Pistons…. But cmon…….. IT WAS AGAINST THE KNICKS…….. If you do that against even a MID tier team (like yourself), then i might start thinking 2nd thoughts………

  17. maxaholic

    A seven game series can expose any team, just like when we lost to Miami and Clevland. We should of won those series. Even with the bad season, I wouldn’t be suprised to see our guys experiance in the playoffs get us into the second round. Look at Dallas, they lost to the Warriors. I won’t be suprised if we lose in the first round, but they can win it.

  18. Ken

    We’ll smash the Cavs or Celtics in the first round!!

    I know it in my heart that our team CAN DO IT!!!!!!!

    We’ll go on to win another ring! For DYESS!!!!!!!

    F**K what everybody thinks about the Pistons!!!!

  19. Pat

    FINALLY we managed to pull off a lopsided WIN!!!

    thats the old pistons right there!

  20. The Fan

    Will B. is the new MICROWAVE.

  21. Fariduddin

    okay.. i don’t want to come across like a cry-baby, but i would like to encourage Pistons Nation to Man/Woman-UP! it’s obvious this team is better than what their record indicates. when the playoffs roll around more than likely we will be playing Cleveland or Boston. i think all would agree that it will be an interesting battle if both teams are allowed to play the game. there’s an obvious reality: both Boston and Cleveland are “so-called” marketable team that can produce TV ratings and money. It’s a game, however it’s a business at the end of the day. both of these teams have “star players”, and lets not be naive in our thinking that elements would like “star players” to go far in the playoff season.

    with that being conveyed…., i’m asking Pistons Nation fans to Man/Woman UP and become proactive. For example, maybe someone can develop T-Shirts which read: Refs, LET THE PLAYERS DECIDE THE GAME! or DON’T PROTECT SUPER STARS, PROTECT THE INTEGRITY OF THE GAME! we pay money to support our favorite teams, we buy merchandise to show our passion, etc. and when we see refs calling the game in a bias fashion we say nothing!?!?

    non-pistons fans and pistons fans get upset when Sheed blows-up, but never consider the raw emotions one must feel when they know both teams are not provided equal justice.

    lets explore ways we can voice our concerns for our Pistons and for the game itself. it wasn’t one ref that was guilty of fixing games!!! its become a culture and an un-spoken norm to protect super starts and make sure they advance in the playoffs!

    I encourage True-Pistons fans to make HUGE Posters asking for a fair shake. I encourage Pistons fans to design T-Shirts to distribute throughout the Palace during playoff games conveying the game be called in a fair manner!

    it’s as if Paul P. of the Celtics drives to the hole and flops his body because he knows it will slow the pace down, give them momentum and send him to the free throw line for free points (while stacking up fouls). every motion and move this guy makes is to get a call. i will give Kobe and L. James credit.. they play hard as hell and not to the refs, however the refs look out for them both (more so for L. James).

    In any event, hopefully this post will incite / motivate us to become proactive rather than feel helpless when we see the writing on the wall.



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