Iverson Done For The Season

by | Apr 3, 2009 | 97 comments

Can’t say I didn’t see this coming.

“Detroit Pistons President of Basketball Operations Joe Dumars announced today that guard Allen Iverson will miss the remainder of the season. The all-star guard missed 16 games between February 27 and March 28 after exiting a game at New Orleans with a sore back on February 25.

“After talking with Allen and our medical staff, we feel that resting Allen for the remainder of the season is the best course of action at this time,” said Dumars. “While he has played in our last three games, he is still feeling some discomfort and getting him physically ready to compete at the level he is accustomed to playing this late in the season does not seem possible at this point.”

Iverson returned to action on March 29 versus Philadelphia and scored eight points with two assists and two rebounds in 21 minutes. In his three games back since the initial injury, he has averaged 7.7 points, 1.3 rebounds and 2.7 assists in 18.7 minutes per game.

Acquired by the Pistons from Denver on November 3, the 6-foot-0 guard has appeared in 54 games this season (50 starts) averaging 17.4 points, 3.1 rebounds and 4.9 assists in 36.5 minutes per game.” Via Pistons.com

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Personally I thought Allen wasn’t going to return on his own after the injury, so when he did I was surprised.  I was even a bit more surprised when the Pistons made mention of Iverson’s post game comments after the Sixers game, so the fact that he’s been shut down after his retirement comments is no shock.  Say what you will, but my money is not on a medical issue being the reason for AI sitting out the rest of the season.

What the situation has done to what’s left of this season remains to be seen.  Everyone has their own AI opinions, but with what has been going on, this might be the best for the team right now.


  1. THOR


  2. Adam Gross

    This is probably a really stupid question, but does “done for the season” mean the regular season and the playoffs?

  3. THOR

    Yo MAN! That’s a very Good Question!

  4. nypistonsfan

    I knew this was coming also, but I was hopeful and excited when he came back and thought for a fleeting moment that he was gonna relish his new roll and it would all magically work out..Oh well. We need to come together now and finish this season off!

  5. Ali bazzi

    so thats for sure his last game as a pistons. weep weep. my ass. i hate him now!!!!

  6. CHAD

    cue the collective need4sheed joygasm..

  7. Natalie Sitto

    I think this means he’s done as a Piston, playoffs or not.

  8. Scott

    I can’t say I saw this coming, but I guess I’m an optimist. To be honest, I’m fine with it. My opinion, based on nothing, is that Dumars sat Iverson down and told him what was happening. Through that meeting, they mutually decided that they would go this way. It is really too bad that AI can’t understand that him being on the bench was going to help the team, but now we can just play basketball and not deal with him.

    This can’t help his free-agent stock at all.

  9. MaxiellEatsLittleOnes

    Thank god for that! Hopefully he’s already on a flight out. He might leave this one out of his “resume”…

  10. Sable

    So now the second unit can be anchored by Bynum and Sheed, with Herrmann and Afflalo spacing the floor. I think it’s a better mix and Bynum has probably been as good as any other Piston late in the season. Put him and Sheed in pick and pop, with shooters on the wings, and Maxiell or Amir to clean up the boards. It seems like a good mix to me.

  11. Amber

    Yes, I am happy. Poison Ivy is bad luck, anyways.

  12. ryanr

    YES!!! Hopefully he is the last distraction we have for this season. Everybody’s got to get together now.

    It’s too late in the season to suggest,but I think Bynum deserves to start. Stuckey and Sheed would be great off the bench, Sheed would spread the defense with his three, which would give Stuck room to operate to drive to the basket. Oh well.

    GO STONES!!!!!

  13. Slim Shady


  14. Slim Shady

    need4sheed.com is the worst website ever haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  15. Kris

    Sorry Slim, Iverson threw himself under the bus. And if Need4Sheed was the worst ever why do you bother coming here?

  16. Slim Shady

    to hear what retarded detroit people think

  17. Janet

    This news doesn’t surprise me ONE bit….

    Allen hasn’t been “the answer” for Detroit all season.

    We will be lucky to get into the playoffs, and hopefully we don’t got to face up against Boston or Cleveland in round 1!!!!!

  18. Mikey F Baby

    Thank God….I don’t have to sit through anymore Detroit games. Can’t wait for next season, when I might get my League Pass worth watching AI play for a decent team. Good riddance, suckas! Go Bulls & Bobcats

  19. pistonsfan101

    lol not surprised at all.

  20. C-Quense

    Iverson is just a big idiot. Get him out of Detroit.
    He kills everything around him.
    But without AI coming off the bench and working in the way he has to be, Detroit has no chance in winning anything. You can’t let Chauncey go away, get nothing in countermove and expecting to win a championship.

  21. Slim Shady

    Dumars screwed AI and now AI screwed the Pistons playoff chances, yesssss….

  22. The Fluidics

    Because the Pistons playoff chances hinged on Iverson….

  23. Pat

    Well, I guess that’s the right move. Regardless whether it is because of his injury or his stupid comments, it is better if he sits out, after all. He was disturbing the team chemistry on and off the court. It’s very unfortunate that Allen couldnt get himself together and work for the team, but I guess he still is and always will be A.I. I feel bad for him, though. Everybody surely had hoped that the AI poject would pay off. As we could see throughout the season it did not.
    Now it’s very important that other people step up. Bynum has been playing great. But we cant put him in the starting lineup. not now, towards the end of the season.
    Stuckey, Afflalo, Amir and Max have to step up their game. We need the best out of everyone and the four of them haven’t been playing the best ball the last months.
    Give Herman more minutes. When hes on the court, hes been very solid on both ends of the floor.
    Kwame has improved and should keep it up.
    Rip is slowly warming up after his injury.
    Dice seemed to be tired the last couple of games. His jumpshot wouldnt fall. Consequently Sheed has to take some of the weight off of Dice’s shoulders. Sheed has to focus and stop with his goddamn whining on the court. We cant afford any more technicals from him.
    If we can do that, Im pretty optimistic, that we can get an first round upset this year. We’ll see..

  24. Pat

    Oh forgot Tay. Is it just me, or is he lately holding the ball too long? Well, anyways. He still is a reliable force botch offensively and defensively. Should get more rest by giving Hermann more minutes, though.

  25. Chih

    AI is done as a Piston. Thank you for messing up our team chemistry.

  26. janrorio

    OUT FO PLAYOFFS TOO; ok bitchass slim shady prolly from cleveland, WAT THE HELL DOES THAT CITY HAVE….nothing, bye and shut up

  27. Kyle

    the exposure of allen iverson is complete. and yes, he is what we always thought he was.

  28. CHAD

    kind of wish they wouldve cut him before the deadline so he couldve signed with cleavland and stomped us in the playoffs.

  29. Imaproblem

    Allen Iverson is a great player, one of the most electrifying players of his generation, however the harsh truth is that NBA players are too strong and too fast for a small 160 pound guy to dominate today. Nate Robinson is 4 inches shorter, yet 20 pounds more. This has hurt him so much more in the last couple of years.
    It’s too late in his career in which he could start some weightlifting program and still maintain his speed.
    Given all this Detroit has a mixed future, their owner has been playing Russian roulette for a long time and it’s finally beginning to catch up. Could Iverson have been a success in Detroit, Yes! Unfortunately, a Rookie coach who is also being forced to play Stuckey, who is not ready to be a starting PG in the NBA who’s his lack of experience has made it difficult to manage a very talented roster, has left the team where it is today.

  30. Th3 Answ3r


    Natalie, I believe what you did you Allen Iverson’s pic to the left was, how can I say this, it was Un-called for…. I mean just take him out of the whole thing. Really… Im a bit disappointment…

    Hope Mcdyess still gets his ring 🙂

  31. Th3 Answ3r

    I wish this waited till Monday… My weekend is ruined…

    Yeah, im a big Ai fan =\, shoot me… 🙁

  32. Amer ican Prince


    Tay always holds the ball too long, that’s one of my biggest problems with him.

    Feel bad for iverson a little but not a lot, that’s what he gets for not developing his game. You get what you put in. He never learned d and now look at him. He was always a glorified role player

    I loved what you did on the side nat, really funny, and true now.

    Hopefully more shots go around and we pass the ball more, cause we are being selfish.

    And now if Curry could somehow be incapacitated we’d be in business

  33. Kris

    Agree, how is what she did to the AI cartoon uncalled for. It’s the symbol for NO…NO smoking…NO AI. It’s classic.

    We may not win a championship this season but the Drama could be over.

  34. Ken

    We can still win!!!!!

    Trade AI for Bosh!!!!!!!!

  35. Kris

    Ken…seriously. There are a handful of games left and the trade deadline has long since passed. Just because you have a keyboard doesn’t mean you should comment.

  36. TomW in London UK

    I’m still an optimistic Piston fan mofofs!!
    We’ve beat every division leader this year, and strong team except Utah who we just can’t beat.
    What I would love to see now is the boys get a ring and AI is exposed for the fagot ass coward he is, when he does not even play a minute in the finals… I hope he’s not even in attendance when this happens. I would pay and will wait for that moment!!!

    Can’t wait, LB is gong to be crying soon! Just watch!
    Bring it don’t sing it!

  37. TomW in London UK

    This is the best thing ever for the Pistons!
    We just need Sheed to shine and play smart please! and we got a the title.

  38. Fariduddin

    i agree completely: this is the best thing for teh Pistons and i won’t be too shocked if other pistons players are happy. i still think they have great potential to shock people come playoff time.

  39. Wade

    Fuck AI i thought this was going to work at first but hell fuck him. Sorry but im just ranting on how im so upset how poorly this season has went. Oh well


  40. Melodeath1221

    Fuck AI hes 100 percent scum. I cant see him even getting a contract next year. Think about it Contending teams only would like him as a back up, cause he ruins team Chemistry, and we know he would rather retire. And horrible teams probably have young high potential guards they’d like to develop.

    I hope the pistons use this as fuel, now that they rid them selves of that fungus. Well have Sheed back hell solidify the D. while bring more O. The old pistons would love this, they would love to show the world how much better they are with out a star.

  41. gMac

    Damn it, My on going study of the minds of those crazy dilutional AI fans has to end now.

    I really don’t hate AI, but those AI fans are just fascinating. I will sure follow those fans next season when AI gets signed and probably come off the bench after what happened th

    Can we break MC’s back now?

  42. The Fluidics

    Orlando is dismantling the Cavs. They were up 39 a minute ago.

  43. Avery Johnson

    yeh and the pistons were going fine without iverson?
    all u did without him was beat garnett less celtics.
    Detroit bet a full strength lakers in LA LA land.
    rememer the days when stuckey wasnt starting……

  44. pistons 4 life

    What a f*#&king mess this season has become. It can all be forgiven if they get better next season.

    I don’t hate AI but I knew the way he plays would never work in the D. The pistons are a team and that’s how they function. People that need the ball all the time don’t work here.

    Remember at the beginning of all of this how he said that he just wanted to win and help the “team”. Well it didn’t take long for him to show his true colors did it. Just by his comments the last couple of days you can tell that he just doesn’t get it. He can’t conjure up in his brain what a team is and he just ends up thinking about himself and what’s best for him.

    Good bye Allen Iverson, don’t worry about us, we’ll be just fine without you!!!

  45. pistons 4 life

    I almost forgot.


    What were you thinking Joe Dumars??????

  46. fried chicken

    once a jig always a jig. the same ish he pulled back in philly. i hate his whiny ass. i hope he never sees a ring. when we win won this year, he can’t even feel good about having one when he gave up.

  47. Ken

    Kris – you can suck on my basketball. This is America, I can comment as I will.

  48. ALMEI

    I agree totally with Natalie. A while back I wrote of my experience with an employee who claimed a “bad back” and how she never returned–but took a job with another restaurant the day after her disability pay ended. I didn’t think AI would return either, but when he did a few games ago I wrote an apology to him. Well, I take it back–I am convinced if he was starting, we wouldn’t be having this discussion. And looking at the big picture I think the Pistons made the right move (even if they are claiming it was for “medical” reasons).

  49. Slim Shady

    american prince how can you say AI hasn’t developed his game… he’s a fuc**** hall of famer, no one can be a hall of famer without developong their game idiot.

  50. Th3 Answ3r

    And Slim Shady is OUR bitch :]

  51. KleenGee

    lots of potty mouths commenting here

  52. paul0321

    for medical reasons or not, i think this would be best for the team.. this would help the bench gain quality minutes before the playoffs start. guys like arron and walter and amir should have extended minutes so they could have confidence in the postseason. i have a feeling that AI would be back for the playoffs though.. i just have that feeling (even if i believe that him not being there would be best for the team).. still i hope our Pistons make it to atleast the ECF.. 🙂

  53. Sleepy Crayfish

    A.I. sacrificed his entire game to try and “fit in.” Coming off the bench was just one demotion too many. I don’t blame the man for being upset. The organization treated him callously and the team hung all its dysfunctions on his shoulders. That said, he wasn’t a good fit from the start. A.I. is the kind of player who needs to work in an up-tempo system and the Pistons were obviously not interested in playing any faster with him in the lineup. It’s best to let A.I. go, but to bash him baselessly and immaturely (and that applies to Natalie’s handiwork in the margins) is truly shameful. Here’s to hoping we get past the first round.

  54. i am tha streets

    FINALLY!!!!!!! bye bye AI you fake ass, bitch ass, cryin ass, punk ass muthafucka! Your game sucks now & you look gay without braids! Stay the fuck out of the D…your not welcome here anymore, your pass has been revoked.

  55. Paul Paradise

    Might wanna get rid of MICHAEL CURRY as well.

  56. Travis

    Iverson you suck. Thanks for ruining our season. We were perennial ECF attendants til you’re cancer-laced style of ball permeated our courts. I partially blame you for Michigan’s recession, and I hope you have a great season next year with a team in Europe.

  57. Ben from Seattle

    This was the right decision by the Pistons. AI doesn’t deserve to play another game in a Pistons uniform. I’m glad that he is done.

  58. blamu2

    The guy who said about Iverson weight is 100% right

    Iverson is old, not so fast, short, weak, skinny, with no defense, with no 3 pointers, 40% fg shooting guard who every time I see him play misses one of two free throws. Actually there is nothing this guy is good in.

    Iverson fans are kids who like him because he is short like them and was a scoring champion 10 year ago in a shitty Philly designed for him to attempt every shot possible. Nobody should take their comments seriously.

  59. CurrySUCK

    I’ve never been a pistons fan since iverson show up in pistons uniform. I don’t like Pistons players and their FU***** Coach! I just watch detroit games just for allen iverson, and now he’s gone.. I don’t have to waste my time, watching and hanging on any detroit websites. Damn you CURRY, idiot!!!

  60. dunkonu

    At least one thing he said is true: He is doing everything he can to help this team win. Not being a distraction anymore definitely helps.

    I hope he will have fun coming off the bench in Memphis/Charlotte next season…much better for him…if they want him at all…

    I never understood how somebody who gets paid $20 millions per year for playing basketball can hate his situation.

  61. enzone

    fuck u all AI haters….thank god hes out with pistons..hes not happy the way the teams played…AI is a kind of player that pushes the ball in up tempo and curry doesnt run it with the team and yet AI is the one who is blamed the way pistons played this season…are u blind…? hes is not ruining the chemistry of the pistons but he played to fit the team chmistry but doesnt sims goin good….all we blame is the coach and joe dumars for letting this happen….

  62. enzone

    michael jordan and the bobcats are interesrted with AI….he might signed after the season….even the great MJ23 is intersted in him…all AI heaters u must shut up ur mouth and see what happen next season…

  63. enzone

    many says AI doesnt share the ball with his teamates coz he is a ball hog…and yet AI is the the leading the assist in detroit team averaging 5.0 APG..how can he is a ballhog, whos leading assist in a team? are u blind…? ass detroit fans…detroit will never2 achieve or leveled again the status in past 6 years…promise….

  64. Sue

    This makes the trading of Billups even more ridiculous…

  65. Kyle

    i’m sure iverson wanted to push the ball more, but you can only do that when you have solid defense gettting stops. ai doesn’t play solid defense, so the chances of getting stops and fast break opportunities was greatly diminished.

    also, if i dribbled around until i had three defenders on me every time i got the ball i’d manage a few assists a game too. i’d also end up with a bunch of turnovers and clanged shots over taller defenders…

    ai ball reminds me of the ssol suns. it’s a fun brand of basketball to watch, but it’s ultimately not successful, period. ai would rather retire than admit this to be true.

  66. nypistonsfan

    I still can’t believe what we as Piston fans had to endure this season, and all for naught. If we would have just lost Chauncey and nothing else, I think we would have been much more competitive this season. It was agonizing watching this season play out, many unnecessary loses due to “experimentation”. I personally didn’t see it as all experimentation, but rather mostly demonstration. This resulted in a season that has not been fun to watch at all. The whole AI debauchery was both grueling and draining, for fans as well as the players. I truly had hoped he would have helped us lead the second squad; instead he just wasted our time and let us down. I’m done with this. Let’s move on.

  67. Amer ican Prince

    agree with you guys. Kyle i hate run and gun basketball for that exact reason, it doesn’t let you set your defense. Only coaches who can’t coach half court make that there offense.

    So is it now okay to rub it in guys like Keith Langlois face that we were right all along? How many shots did those guys take at us all season. And oh what do you know, we were right all along.

    And just because AI’s money comes off the books this summer, doesn’t mean we are actually going to get a player we need this summer. Really the only player I want is Andre Miller, and I’m gonna be stuck with Stuckey for I don’t know how long.

  68. altan


  69. The Fluidics

    Fans on this blog show more venom fro Iverson than they do for the most hated rivals of the team. The man suited up in Pistons red, white and blue, and received nothing but hate from the city all year for it, which is sad, because I thought Detroit fans were better than that.
    Whether you like the Iverson experiment or not, the man was a PISTON, and should have been treated like one of your own.

  70. Sue

    missing that one practice did him in… As far as respect from his fans as a piston……

    How are we to say he is a pistons when he repeated his history of being better than being apart of a team…. respect is earned… and no matter how good AI is..He still has to pay his dues…

  71. fundamentalgame

    i totally agree with fluidics. iverson never really got it going in detroit which is a fact. in my opinion however, the coaching staff should be made responsible. i have seen no real effort to implement iverson’s strength into their offensive scheme. i mean you bring in a guy who averaged over 27 ppg his career and expect him to contribute for 15 ppg and still play the same way he used to during his career? come on man, what the hell was the management thinking? iverson needs touches to be effective and that is no secret either. never has been. as a pistons fan i am disappointed the season did not go the way all of us have envisioned. hating on iverson seems obviously convenient at his point – and the way this site is treating iverson is disrespectful in my opinion as well. this man is a warrior and a good guy. always comes to play. you should think about curry’s accomplishments this year. if there is anybody to blame on the first place it’s gotta be him – a rookie coach who was unable to set priorities and get their player’s to buy into his philosophy and system. he couldn’t command any respect from the vets either. partly it was also dumars’ fault – but i don’t wanna get into that cause to me joe is still the man.

  72. Kyle

    i think you make the mistake of thinking the venom towards iverson is due to the pistons having an overall bad season. i personally don’t blame him for this, there were many factors. curry, sheed, stuck, ai, -chauncey, injuries were all factors in this season.

    but i’d also argue that part of curry’s struggles during the season were due to making decisions based upon personnel management rather than logical basketball.

    but he did imply that he was willing to change in some way to fit the team and i don’t think he really did that. i think the team tried to integrate ai as much as they could in to what already worked and he was simply uninterested in it. they have spots that when hit in rhythm they shoot a very high percentage. ai didn’t try to get them the ball then, he got it to them through the one passing lane he could still see whenever he decided he wasn’t going to be able to get a shot off.

  73. Kyle

    oh and for the record i gave ai a chance. i honestly thought him coming off the bench with the younger, more athletic bigs would put up big points running the floor but evidently that’s not an option he’s willing to exploring. who is and who isn’t giving things a chance?

  74. Franz

    Best thing that could happen to this team, as a TEAM.

    Now we can settle in, on how we played with Bynum helping out Stuckey. I hope Curry saw the last 10 to 20 games that Bynum is capable of producing regularly and will keep his minutes up. Rip can finally play his spot without worrying about when he will go to the bench and Afflalo will get some time.

  75. chaldo-pistons

    its so funny how some of the dumb fukks here say “AI is a great player” ,think about it , he said that he didnt like the fact that he came out the bench n he;d rather retire ? comon now thats a great player ? get the fukk outa here , n 2 days later they announced that he will not play 4 the rest of the season , it looks 2 me its all a setup n thats some coward shit wat hes doing , but u know wat fukk him believe me we can do alot better cuz honestly i never saw anything great that he done 4 the team except fukk it up 🙂

  76. Amber

    I’m pretty angry at Dumars. This has to be his worst mistake as a GM. Yes, worse than Darko. Far worse. When will we get an apology?

  77. Drew

    its good that AI is gone as a piston..there will be no distractions now..thats all he is.. a distraction..hes not a proven winner..he only cares about his stats..he doesnt give a fuck about the team or city..curry needs to realize that kwame brown cant start and put sheed back in the lineup..or else curry has to go also..cuz when it comes to playoff time..brown will get man-handled by KG..he doesnt know how to play helpside defense..sheed is a great help side defender who can score whenever he wants also…so sorry kwame..but your playing time shud come to end pretty soon : )

  78. nypistonsfan

    We play the 76ers in just a couple hours. We really need a win today, since we’re only .5 games ahead of the Bulls. If we can string together some W’s, we could solidly lock ourselves into the 7th seed. Orlando will likely lose only 1 more game, considering their not-so-hard remaining schedule. Boston’s remaining schedule is a little tougher, they would have to work much harder to excape with only 1 lose and even if they did they would be tired going into the playoffs. I think season ends 1-Clev, 2-Orlando, 3-Boston. Making the 7th spot the place to be. Let’s go Piston!

  79. shab

    Ai has been sacrificing all season nd finally itz over. stuckey is not ready to be a starter nd take over games. iverson should of been in the line up wit rip. they showed signs that they could do it like the lakers game at LA. the coaching just sucks. this team could of done something special but too bad. good luck AI nd watch the pistons get their ass kicked in the playoffs!!

  80. Victor

    Yeah!!!!! I’ve been waiting for this for a long time now the Pistons fans can be happy he’s gone and now I can watch him play next year with a team that has a better coach (which could be anybody)and a team that can actually learn how to use him instead of have the fans bitch and cry about him. Good luck to the Pistons next year and I’m excited that I dont have to watch him play on the Pistons no more just as much or maybe more then all you Pistons fans!!!!

  81. CurryAintSh*t

    First of with the whole A.I. thing. Iverson did the exact same thing Hamilton did. He moved to the bench cause he thought it was best for the team, but when he saw the team still wasn’t winning he complained about it, then Detroit shut him down. Now people are calling him selfish and all that. He never said he was mad a t coming off the bench, but the guy was playing 18 mins a game. He went from playing 30+ minutes in a game to 18 minutes in the same season, and you think he’s not gonna complain. Even Amir Johnson would complain about something like that.
    Oh well let the blame game continue, whatever makes you feel better about yourself.

  82. KleenGee

    Proof that the Pistons are not better without Iverson: today’s loss versus the Sixers.

    Simply put, the Pistons core were too stubborn, like many of the fans here, to allow Iverson to play. When he was brought onto the team, Iverson was told to try not to “fit in” but to play like he always played. However, he was criticized for not fitting into a system that gets outplayed in the fourth quarter. (Today, Rip and Stuckey made only 2 out of 8 shots and Sheed went 2 for 6 in the fourth quarter.)

    There are fans posting junk about AI and the way he is sitting down the end of the season. I’d be surprised if Mr. Dumars didn’t apologize to AI for the immaturity of his core players for not complimenting Iverson’s game.

    Rip whined about not starting even before he sat the bench. Then Rip got 30 plus minutes off of the bench because he was given the ball many times. When Iverson was sent to the bench, he gladly accepted the job, probably thinking he would see the same minutes that Rip saw off the bench. This is only the fault of Curry for not trying to give Iverson the same minutes that he gave Rip off the bench. Another factor of inequity was that when Iverson came off the bench, he was not passed the ball when he was open. Also, Curry kept Iverson off the floor for the final minutes of the games, and he played Stuckey and Rip instead.

    Curry’s decision look like the Pistons want a chance at the lottery (Suton???). But the body language of the core (Rip, Sheed, and Prince), show that they didn’t want Iverson on their team. Pretty sad to see for a team I’ve always admired for being down to earth.

  83. Th3 Answ3r

    Amazing comment KleenGee.

  84. anne

    now, what piston fans,,,, you keep loosing.. without ai, the stupidity of michael curry,, how ai can help this team, joe dumars ask ai to limit his shoots to 24% he he,, fuck .piston fans michael curry,,worst coach, ai will rise next season..mark my words.. fuck piston,,, i wish i could refund my seasos ticket.. my nba broadband not ai playing playoffs…

  85. fundamentalgame

    +1 for KleenGee

    michael curry is simply not ready to take responsibilities as a pistons head coach. as i have already mentioned in my pror comment he failed to distribute minutes for iverson and further failed to implement iverson’s strength into the playing schemes of “detroit basketball” (quite frankly, i haven’t seen nothing of that this season).

  86. Avery Johnson

    so how bout those spartans

  87. altan


  88. KleenGee

    fundamentalgame: I had to write because I too saw all of the disrespect towards Iverson. He is a warrior, and that’s why some people greeted the trade for Billups with optimism. The Pistons needed that warrior mentality, especially for the Playoffs, and that was something we did not see happening.

  89. Mikey F Baby

    And I just noticed what you did to AI on the left side there Natalie…low class. Deleting your site from my bookmarks, go Bobcats.

  90. blamu2


  91. Avery Johnson

    Natalie u are a fkn whore. Just saw what you did to A.I’s pic. You have lost every iverson fan. That was amazingly stupid of you why the hell would you do that. Ur just alienating some of your audience just because u feel iverson screwed ur team over.
    Natalie lotta growing up to do.

  92. PistonsFan and A.I. HATER

    A.I. said he wanted to help the pistons win another championship and screwed us. all he cares about is being the star and being a starter. how does he make the bench feel. man i wish chauncey was a piston still!


    Fire Curry!!!!

  94. edgar





  1. Pistonscast · Joe D says: AI to Miss the Rest of Season - [...] *Need4Sheed.com take… [...]

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