AI – Wednesday’s Worst

by | Apr 2, 2009 | 81 comments

Hard to argue with today’s Daily Dime on this one.

Allen Iverson, Pistons: I guess this coming off the bench thing isn’t working out too well for Iverson, huh? He went 1-for-8 from the floor, finishing with four points in just 17 minutes of action in Detroit’s 111-98 loss to the Nets.

And I’ve got to hand it to Adande for this paragraph of gold:

The Pistons have asked Iverson to come off the bench for the three games since he returned from a back injury that kept him out for a month. He’s reacting about as well as if they’d asked him to come in early for practice.

If it’s any consolation, there’s only seven games left in the regular season… and we’ve only got to win six of them to finish above .500!


  1. ill never stop

    Ill do anything to win a championship right iverson?..

    great move by joe d like always.. darko, mateen cleaves, rodney white, lol amir johnson…

    Dumars has no eye for talent.. 2004 was a fluke he jus got lucky finding the right combo of players.. itll never happen again.. when he traded grant hill for ben wallace he was asking for another player and orlando said no so he wasnt even goin after wallace he was going after a young bust LIKE ALWAYS..

    i say its time to move on.. fire dumars.. fire curry.. and use the cap room to rebuild and miss the playoffs for a good pick by a GM who knows what he is doing.. and hire eddie jordan or avery johnson to run this team.. yeah dumars trade your best player for this peice of dog shit? good move buddy way to stay true to the face of the franchise you wash up!

    DARKO DARKO DARKO i hope that name haunts your for the rest of your days.

  2. Sheed is an idiot


    So quick to jump on Iverson’s back, but your precious Sheed is an idiot.

    “I don’t care.”

    Well the fans do, Idiotsheed. Have some heart. Oh wait, yours left when Ben walked.

  3. Steve DiLullo

    ^ Honestly I hadn’t seen that article. Wasn’t trying to play favorites or anything.

    The only quote I can find from Sheed along those lines is, “that’s what happens when you speak the truth.” in reference to the refs’ calls against LBJ.

    Not defending him or anything, but I also can’t find anywhere that he straight up said “I don’t care” in regard to the suspension.

  4. Ken

    We can still win the ring!!!

    I have faith

  5. Davi Alexander

    Team is in pure decline since Ben is gonne, billups was another dagger. Bringing A.I, a player who simply doesn´t fit the pistons style was retarded. Putting Michael Curry to coach instead of Carslyle, Laimbeer or anybody else was a big disgrace.

    The players are just frustrated, you can see in their faces, how they don´t like each other and don´t care about the game itself. Sheed, all he can is play for himself. As though I am his loyal fan, I have to say, his frustration with the administration reflects in his game. We love the unique way he hates the Cavs, but we also love Butler, Jamison and the Wizards true warriors from last year.

    This year, the pistons are a big waiste of time. The rookies, actually( afflalo, stuckey and bynum ) are better. Herman is Herman, which means a question mark forever. Amir is the new Kwame…, and Maxiell is inconsistent( but with a better coach he can be better ).

    Rebuilded from top to bottom. We are gonna have almost 40 million next year( counting herman, sheed, a.i ). Bring defensive and players who really care next year, please. If it is to loose and be the punching bag, be it, but let´s loose some blood at least.

  6. thedukecapone

    The pistons are gonna fall hard once playoff time comes. The talent is there to sweep any team it plays and the heart to play is also there for a few players (dyess mostly) but the distractions of wallace and iverson is really setting us back. Its not fair for the other players playing their hearts out night in and night out only to lose because wallace and iverson shoot ill advised shots everytime they touch the ball. These two players need to leave asap once the season is over. I would honestly trade those two for verajo (as much as i hate the guy) because the guy plays with heart and makes the players around him better.

  7. N1ck

    A lot of words have been written this season but everything in the end comes to these two facts:

    – This team has no leader/playmaker afer the departure of Billups

    – Curry is not the coach this team deserves, he has proven this constantly during the season

    I hope mr. Dumars has a clear future vision in mind, which will make us fast forget this collateral season. I still believe and love the Detroit Basketball.

  8. CONE (Mexico)

    I have a few things to say:
    First, last night’s game was awful, losing with the Nets its unacceptable.
    Second, Stuckey is playing S***, no ball moving no points in the first half, what the heck…
    Third, I don’t know what to think about AI anymore, I like him coming off the bench and not. (I like it because we can score when our starters rest and don’t like it because he is unhappy with this role and he doesn’t score as supposed or… is because he’s not at 100% yet?)
    Fourth, We have a need 4 sheed no doubt about it.
    Fifth, We need someone to step up and be the heart of the team, we have at least 3 players that can do that: RIP, AI, SHEED but the only one of them who’s really commited is RIP the other two are crying and not playing as we know they can.

    I could go on and on but i hve things to do, and I don’t know about you all but if the Pistons lose, it affect my day and my performance. I guess I’m a real fan. GO PISTONS!!!

  9. DETstuckeyMVP

    Do you guys notice that the two people that are getting the most attention in the media are the two players that dont even have a contract for next season, Im sorry…actually im not, its time to part ways with AI, maybe even sheed. We should also miss the playoffs, go into the draft, get a good young C/PF, draft someone like Boozer, and start this whole year over again next season, i would rather have a low draft pick than a possible 1st round exit, i’ll take whatever the pistons give us though, this situation by no means gives anyone a right to doubt or demean anything that the pistons have done in the last decade, we will be back at top. Its harder to stay at the top then it is to get there, remember this!

  10. jay

    AI from bench??????????Coach curry is such an idiot!!!!!!!!!
    I hope that AI will go away from pistons and I’m sure that he will proove that he is still a SUPERSTAR!

  11. jay

    Fuck off curry!!!!!!!!!!!
    You really don’t know who ALLEN IVERSON!!!!!!!!!
    One of the greatest players in NBA ever!!

  12. lola

    cause u idiots didn’t see that when AI was starting we lost 16 games, so that didn’t work either, he should have stayed injured! and if sheed said he didn’t care who cares i don’t care that he got a tech and got suspended its not gonna help whether hes there or not who we need is in denver right now, This is why only idiots blame any of this on any of the players all the blame lies on Joe Dumars shoulders, and real fans see that, if we still had chauncey the only mistake Joe would have made this year was signing Kwame “i can’t get a rebound” Brown. Amir is playing well in the minutes he’s given a lot damn better than kwame, his only problem is fouls! allen is a superstar still and i don’t take that from him, he just doesn’t fit here, and we’re not gonna start him just to stop hearing his whining!

  13. Baller4life

    u noe it pisses me off wen u gys jump on AI’s back 4 saying sumthin but when sheed says something it doesnt matter now does it? At least AI gives it is full effort and he is consistent unlike sheed pwho lays wen he feels like it! look at dyess hes 2 years older than sheed and he is doing wayyyy better than sheed. why? cause he gives it is heart and he plays his true position unlike frickin standing 30 feet away from the basket! and i dnt blame AI for wat he is saying cause micheal curry is the worst coach the NBA has ever had!how can u bring a future hall of famer off the bench only give him 17 or 18 minutes?! DAMN!

  14. miguel

    2009 – was a bust the second we gave up Chauncey. Short term pain for long term gain.
    2010 – will not be much better, except that the Pistons will have a phat wallet to spend on ‘average talent’ Free Agents
    2011 – will be the BIG impact year as far as ‘signings’ go.

    Until 2011…enjoy Detroit Basketball for what it is…and enjoy the game of Basketball for the mere fact that you LOVE THIS GAME.

    Everyone has an opinion, and unfortunately ‘opinions’ don’t win NBA Championships.
    The AI move was ‘strategic’ with the RISK of maybe being able to compete…let’s face it…Nobody but BOSTON, CLEVELAND, or LAKERS have a real chance at a TITLE this year.

    I’d like to see the Pistons re-sign Dyess for the $$ they owe him for his loyalty and commitment and then use RIP and Tay as the foundation for the 2011 team. Everyone else is up for grabs.

  15. Badboy04

    worst line-up rotation in any league…

  16. miguel


    ‘Baller4life’…please check yourself.

    AI is a ‘future’ hall of Famer for the stuff he did on crappy teams in the past. The boy has mad innate talent and is gifted. But his performance this year as a starter in Denver/Detroit OR off the bench is pathetic. He is no hall of famer this year at all.
    Yes, he would put up better numbers as a starter, but ‘numbers’ haven’t won him a title his entire career.

    There is no ‘I’ in TEAM, but there is in Iverson. He will always be a ‘me first’ player…and will never win a title unless he joins a team that is guaranteed a TITLE & sign Iverson just for fun.

  17. gMac

    First of all the AI fans that are saying he’s the best player are just as stupid as those who thinks this season is all AI’s fault.

    I’ve never seen a group of fans so dilutional about one player!

    Everyone is frustrated. Sure, but don’t hate AI, it’s not his fault this situation hasn’t worked out for whatever reasons. Yes, he’s a defensive liability, yes he hogs the ball all day. But it’s Dumars who brought him in thinking his most retarded coach ever- Curry can coach the team with AI. Given AI’s history, I actually start to look up to him now for how he handled the situation.

    Can you imagine, Sheed in AI’s shoe? He probably exploded already.

    It’s not Stuckey either, Cavs don’t have a true point guard.

    We learned a few things this year:
    1. Dyess – Enough Said!!
    2. Currys is a joke
    3. Dumars is a JOKE (bigger than curry.) It’s official now.
    4. Stuckey has a long way to go
    5. Tay will always be a role player
    6. Max and Amir probably reached their potential already w/ this coach and GM.

    The rest stuffs about AI, sheed and Rip are all irrelevant. This is what next season is going to be like. Who are you guys gonna bash next season, when Sheed and Ai are gone?? Tayshuan for not playing like Kobe? Stuckey for not playing like DWade? We suck from top to bottom.

  18. Baller4life

    Hey miguel check yourslef b4 u tell me 2 check myself
    do u remember when AI first came 2 detroit? wat did Joe D tell him? i think it went something like this
    ” AI save yourself for the playoffs thats why u r here, for the playoffs” remember that? and how did AI reply? ” I jus hope i cant get this team over the hump(ECF)” yea so b4 u start saying hes not playin like a hall of famer wait till the playoffs! thats y hes here!

  19. gMac

    I should add I think Dumars is a joke not because he traded Billups for AI.
    He’s a joke for sticking with MC.
    Come to think of it, there are a lot people here ‘worshiping’ Joe D just like those AI fans…

    Every time I watch DWade play, I think about Darko, then I just want to throw up.

  20. DD3

    This has by far been the most frustrating season I’ve ever had the displeasure of sitting through. It took me about 3 months to get over losing Larry Brown because I knew we’d land a proven coach in Flip Saunders. Losing Ben took a while longer but when we got McDyess, that made up for that loss. Losing Chauncey has been harder to Swallow. He was a favorite of mine since he teamed with KG in Minnesota & I have been a Rip Fan since his days at Uconn. Sheed is another player I’ve had the pleasure of following since his days at UNC. Tay was a welcome surprise at the 4 but clearly not a player to build a team around. After years of suffering theough bad draft picks & trades year after year, Joe D became the man & was on course to right the ship. Losing Hill was the happiest day of my life cuz I never was a fan of his anyway. The sink came the moment Darko’s name was pulled out of the Pistons hat. 2004 will go down in history as one of the deepest draft classes. We passed up on so many great players for Darko’s potential. The only other person to make bad pick ups like that is MJ, he’s the reason so many teams put faith in a player as weak as Kwame. The Pistons problems run very deep. They tend to put hope in unproven players. No one expected Chauncey or Rip to become all stars. No one expected Ben Wallace to become a top 10 center or Tayshawn to become a defensive presence. EVERYONE knew Melo was supposed to be a Piston, Bosh, Wade. Any one of those guys. Picking up Boozer in the off season may look nice on paper, but the guy has loyalty issues. Look at how he jolted the Cavs & now he’s doing the same to Utah. He’s all about his money, not winning. Bosh is who we need. But to get Bosh we’d have to lose Tay & maybe Maxiel or Amir. What the hell take em. A nucleus of Bosh, Rip & Stuckey is enough to make me have hope again. Bynum has proven to be our dark horse, he is a keeper. Toss in Sheed at the mid level & maybe even Dyess for the vets minimum & go after a young athletic SF say Josh Howard or someone proven & we’re good to go. Let’s face it, we are clearly in rebuilding mode. So why not blow this team up & just start over. I can take a losing season if I know we’re going somewhere. We’ve done it before. We’ll be back on top, cuz that’s what winning franchises do. It may take time, but we’ve been spoiled. Now we just have to be patient & watch as Joe tries to get this thing back on track. AI please KICK ROCKS!

  21. DD3

    Correction, 2003 draft will go down as one of the deepest. My mistake.

  22. DD3

    BTW ‘Baller4life’

    You are killing me with your comments. AI had 1 MVP year. That was 7 years ago when he was in his prime at the tender age of 26! He was surrounded by a bunch of decent role players Dikembe, George Lynch, Eric Snow, Arron Mckee. None of them can shoot & only Dikembe is in the league. He also had a coach by the name of Larry Brown who figured out the best way to coach AI was NOT TO COACH AI & to focus on coaching his team how to play around AI. That made them a better team. AI goes to Denver & when forced to share the ball, does absolutely nothing to make the team better. They stunk when he got there & immediately got better after he left. Then he becomes a Piston & says “I finally get to play with real talent on a proven winning team” What happens, we lose. True you can’t blame 1 player. But the proof is right in front of your eyes. AI’s legacy will be that he was a great scorer but at his teams expense. It is what it is.

    As for miguel, I agree with almost everything you’ve said. But here is the truth about Curry. He actually isn’t a bad coach, just very very green & unable to adjust. Look at his record when he has a team on the court he knows how to coach. His whole game plan coming into the season was to stick to the same Pistons format Billups, Tay, Rip & Sheed while slowly bringing along the young guys Maxiel, Amir, Afflalo & help turn Stuckey into a star while resting Dyess & using him more as a bench leader. The moment Joe flipped the switch all of Curry’s plans were tossed out the window. Any coach would struggle addjusting to such a drastic change. With Billups gone we no longer have a leader. We no longer have a guy to slow the game down but spread the floor & get us free throws. He used to get those superstar calls we aren’t getting today. Remember the game last week again Miami, if Billups was the one driving to the basket as apposed to Stuckey, we all know how that game would have turned out. Curry is actually a pretty good coach for being so green. He was just thrown under the bus by Joe. But we all know why Joe did what he did but that doesn’t mean we have to like it. 6 years straight to the Eastern finals & Joe reacted hastly. If he was going to make a move, he should have done it in te off season. Not 4 games into the season where everyone knew their place. Cavs, Bos, LA & SA stood pat. Lost peices over the Summer, players got hurt & they adjusted & picked up players to help. Detroit didn’t. the blame has to be on Joe, not Curry.

  23. Sable

    I’m an optimist and I try and support Piston players, but it’s getting very hard with AI.

  24. CONE (Mexico)

    I just want the Pistons to:
    “Play hard”
    “Play smart”
    “Play Together”
    “Have Fun”

    I don’t care if we lose fighting like against the Cavs, but to lose like we did vs. the Nets…


  25. JACK

    Goodness, all these extreme comments…

    Joe is still a solid GM. People around here seem to think that a solid GM wins the championship every year and are willing to dump Joe under the bus when that’s not the case. (And come on– we all know that you were all ripping on Joe before this season.) I think Joe made a bad decision both with trading Chauncey and hiring Curry. Curry struck me as too green and I just don’t think Detroit really will compete for 2010 free agents. (I actually think 95% of that class is going to resign with their current teams.)

    AI is not a great player. He’s a hall of famer and he’s a stat machine, but he’s also a guy who will never win a championship. Because the NBA had no clue what stats actually matter towards winning games, we got stuck with them promoting a bunch of random stats that were easy to track. Now everyone assumes that if you can score a ton of points that makes you a great player. Sorry. I live in a world that takes basketball a bit more seriously than that. Next you guys are going to tell me Arenas is the best ever. There’s another guy that will never win a ring.

    Right now I will just be satisfied if Joe at the end of the season speaks honestly about what a mess this one has been.

  26. Chungi

    It would be the best for A.I. to go to Charlotte,as LB understands him more than anyone and the Bobcats do need some efficient scoring.Then Pistons can concentrate on developing younger players or get a quality center.

  27. N1ck

    Some of them so called hardcore Piston fans need to stop bitchin’ and support your team no matter what in these hard times. I believe in Joe D. and his future vision. Nobody can be on top forever but we’ll be back.
    Detroit mother******* till we die. Let’s go to work.

  28. skearn41

    Pistons to do list:
    1. fire curry
    2. let iverson and sheed walk
    3. sign boozer

  29. Josh

    NATALIE!!!! You are so friggin awesome! I see my buddy Will’s picture on the left. Thanks

  30. eric taylor

    I’m also a huge Dumars fan. Guys you have to look outside the box and see what is happening with the Detroit Lions or the Tigers, and see what a true incompetent can do to realize that Dumars is one of the best GM’s. He makes mistakes, but he is able to recover from them. Now compare this to the Lions where we draft wide receiver after wide receiver for decades.

    It’s unfortunate but this is going to be a downtime for the pistons, and like the guy above said, we got spoiled going to the conference finals every year.

    Look, even if we had kept Chaunchy we would still have lost the Cavs or Boston this year, because we just didn’t have enough talent last year, and didn’t have enough this year.

    The real reason we have AI is because of the 1 year contract, and because he was supposed to fill seats because of his exciting play. Well, they are both still true, unfortunately AI doesn’t help us win games, maybe because Curry is too green to use him properly.

  31. shab

    i dont blame iverson for complainin. i understand wat he feels. only 17 minutes a game for a guy like him? he goes in nd out nd never gets a rythm to get goin. curry is retarded. i hope he goes to a team next year where hez 25 pts a game r apreciated.

  32. andrew

    AI is getting a little too aggressive with the media, even though he isn’t trying to. He deserves playing time. I agree with him coming off the bench, but when he was having his way with Cleveland’s interior defense, why have him on the bench when the game was tied with 3 minutes left? He would be the most ideal person to bring into the game! Mike Curry needs to get his shit together or Joe D needs to can him asap!!!

  33. Wade

    dump A.I

  34. dunkonu

    A.I. is one of the most talented guards to ever play the game, but can he please make up his mind for longer than a day? First he says he doesn’t want to rush back from injury, so Curry gives him limited minutes (at least I think that is the reason he only got 18 minutes). A.I. complains about it. He says he is okay with coming off the bench and a few days later he says he’d rather retire than come off the bench next season. Yeah…he really seems to be okay with it…

    Curry, please…first think than speak. Sheed off the bench? Kwame starting? If the Nets game has taught as anything, it’s that Kwame can’t defend a simple pick and roll and that he has no clue how to guard the paint against quick guards. Sure, Sheed and A.I. work pretty good together, but they don’t have to come off the bench to be together on the court for a few minutes…

  35. Patrick

    bye bye AI …

  36. shab

    F U Curry!!! i wish we had larry brown. he knwz how to use ai nd the pistons

  37. TomW in London UK

    Yeah, we got fans in the UK, we got the loudest fans in TO, and yeah thats me….. all I got to say is we got to play like we played when we beat the Lakers in LA at the start of the season (with AI) that shit was prime time TV on friday night and we fucked the Lakers and everyone on the court was having fun! What we need is D-E-T-R-O-I-T Basketball and we have a title!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyone remember that game??

  38. Tru Piston Patriots United

    I’m offended every day that Allen Iverson has a caricature with the other Pistons on this blog. He’s no teammate.

    He’s a busta. AI should travel with Darko Milicic overseas, where he can lead a bologna hemorrhage farm team to a plastic slav championship.

  39. RIP CITY

    The Pistons are in position to build a championship team by next season with all that beautiful cap room and people want to give Curry and Joe D the axe? Blow up the whole organization? Not the answer. The recent passing of the late, great Mr. Davidson is bad enough. Curry was a rookie handed a team which had its head cut off a couple days into November and continued to run around aimlessly. I do think it is his responsibility to get his team motivated defensively (mostly against struggling teams, which has been an issue) Dumars is the only reason there is a 2004 banner hanging from the Palace rafters and the only reason you “fans” are frustrated because they are sitting at 36 – 39. The Iverson experiment was something that could have been a monster but it sadly died of internal problems shortly after birth. The future is brighter than ever now cheer up, goddamnit, and stick with your team. I don’t mind if the Pistons are a bad team. At least it will prove who the real fans are.

  40. Amer ican Prince

    N1ck yeah there is more to it, but Curry and no playmaker are two of my top reasons for why this team sucks.
    But clearly there is more to it.

  41. altan

    Iverson Would Rather Retire Than Come Off Bench

    Apr 02, 2009 4:59 AM EST
    Allen Iverson has been coming off the bench for Detroit over the last three games while he comes back from injury, but if he had to do it long term he has revealed that he would rather retire, the Associated Press is reporting.

    Iverson complained about his minutes on Tuesday after playing 18 against Cleveland. He admitted that he does not like the new role after playing 17 in a 111-98 loss to the Nets on Wednesday.

    “I’m in a position now that I’ve never been in my whole life,” Iverson said. “It’s harder than I thought it would be. With the back injury, I have to sit out at the start, then go in, then sit again. It’s tough to really get going. I take my hat off to the guys who can come off the bench and be effective. It’s tough for me. I’m struggling with it.”

    “I’d rather retire before I do this again,” Iverson said. “I can’t be effective playing this way. I’m not used to it. It’s tough for me both mentally and physically. If I’m able to go out there, I should be able to get it done and I can’t right now. It’s my fault. I have to be able to overcome the adversity and do what I have to do. I just have to find a way to get it done. Not being 100 percent makes it harder and you can see that I’m not 100 percent.”

  42. TomW in London UK

    All I got to say is we’re going to win the rest of the games remaining, and still hopefully we get the Cavs in the first round. (I’d rather see Clevo rather then Boston) I want to see LB go home crying when we toss him out in the first round!!!!!!!!!

  43. TomW in London UK

    It’s ON!!!!
    I think AI is hearing it from his teammates that are stepping up!

  44. TomW in London UK


  45. dc

    Iverson is “I”verson. Great player but on the downhill side of his career.

    He only got 17 minutes cuz he cost the Pistons points. One stretch in the game, the Cavs scored on 3 straight possessions with 7 points when he failed to cover his area in a zone defense. He even got picked on D not playing the ball in a zone!

    As far as Joe D, I’d like to think he knows what he’s doing. This year and next year being learning years for Curry, Dyess resigned and one year + team options on Sheed and no AI for next year, some role player free agent on 1 year + option deals and Pistons will be mildly competitive next year, then we’re competing with a younger team in ’11 with big free agent signing and go on another good run for the ship.

    At least that’s what I’m hoping as far as his strategy….

  46. dc

    BTW, I HATE the Calfs!!!!

    Even if I wasn’t a Pistons fan, I’d still hate them. In fact, I don’t even like any of their players if they were on another team, maybe except for Delonte West. Mo Williams? I don’t even think hungry babies cry more than him when he didn’t make the all star team. LeBron is the A-Rod of basketball and who the hell calls himself “King”? Losers…..

  47. The Fluidics

    Quote of the day “Curry isn’t a bad coach, he just can’t make adjustments.”

    That is my very definition of a bad coach, a coach who can’t make adjustments. Curry was a bad, bad, bad hire.
    Imagine the O this team would have with AI and Flip Saunders.

  48. KleenGee

    a little random but:

    if Mich State doesn’t win and the Pistons miss the playoffs, I can’t imagine the vibe around town. Especially because of what’s happening in the auto industry.

    I took a trip into the Boston area last summer and every business had Celtic signs in their windows. It seemed like the win pumped up the community.

    So think about it Mr. Dumars: Firing Curry could help save the auto-industry. If you don’t turn this ship around, the Feds may come in and replace you as well.

  49. Janet

    Iverson has proven that he has little class with his comments in the media regarding him not starting. Yes the guy may have been great statistically for other teams, I had a gut feeling he wasn’t going to be Detroit’s “Answer” either when the trade was announced. I’ve never been a fan of Allen to be honest as he never would be a good fit with the team oriented & defense minded Pistons.
    I’ve got no issues with Joe Dumars, those who have a problem be glad we don’t have Isiah as the GM who has caused a lot of problems for other teams with so many bad choices.
    Curry is a rookie coach. I’ll give him another year before saying keep him or fire him.
    As long as we can keep the core around of Prince, Hamilton, McDyess, Stuckey and Sheed around, we can be a good team. We have a decent bench that needs a bit of work and more play time but I am sure in time they will be very good contributors over time (mainly the young guys like Maxiell, Affalo, and Amir).
    I’ve been a fan since the 1988 playoffs, and been following the Pistons through all the wins, the lottery seasons, the championship ones etc. I’ll still support them no matter how this season ends – at least Pistons have not ended their season 0-82 unlike the Lions with NO wins 0-16 in 2008!

  50. KleenGee

    I agree with you Janet that Curry isn’t that bad of a coach. (been a fan since 88 playoffs, too!!!!!!)

    Thinking about it a bit more, and if I could retract my last comment I would. I think Curry has some good qualities

    I’m just not sure about the decision to make Stuckey the starting point guard. Bynum seems so much more of a natural to be the next Lindsey.

    Will Stuckey improve at point??? Billups did after Joe put his faith in Chauncey.

  51. KleenGee

    Thanks for posting the link TP22. That’s pretty cool that the 30 players were nominated by each of their teams for the award. I would love to see who was nominated by each team.

  52. Jayborne

    *Comes to defend Iverson


    Nope, not gonna touch it

    *Slowly backs away

  53. Chris

    ” N1ck Says:
    April 2nd, 2009 at 3:15 pm
    Some of them so called hardcore Piston fans need to stop bitchin’ and support your team no matter what in these hard times. I believe in Joe D. and his future vision. Nobody can be on top forever but we’ll be back.
    Detroit mother******* till we die. Let’s go to work. ”

    so true man. sitting around blaming people and making excuses will do nothing. believe in and support the team that you so called love.

  54. Travis

    I saw a sign at a Pistons-Celtics game once that said, “Hey Antoine: Quit crying you big baby I hate you.” Allen’s name could easily replce Antoine’s in that statment.

  55. andrew

    LOL frustration for us fans is beyond belief huh? save ur typing guys, the season is over, everyone knows it, this team is done and drained mentally and physically, a LOT of things to blame…
    now lets just cheer for Chauncey and denver to make sure they give LA and spurs a good playoff battle in the west, i also hope LB’s bobcats make the playoffs.

  56. CONE (Mexico)

    I do remember the games where we defeated the Cakers the Spurs and the cavs with AI playing so, I think the potential is there, we just need to:

    Support the Pistons no matter what

    And the Pistons need to “PLAY AS A TEAM”
    Share the ball, Talk to each other on the court, Defense… GO PISTONS LET’S GET AN UPSET IN THE PLAYOFFS!!

  57. paul0321

    so much for ‘DOING ANYTHING TO HELP THE TEAM WIN’.. maybe if you shoot better than 1 of 8 from the field, curry would let you play a little longer! his statements would definitely affect the team.. let’s just hope and pray, Pistons fans.. HOPE and PRAY..

  58. paul0321

    gMAC says:
    5. Tay will always be a role player

    Tay has been one of the most consistent players on the team this year.. if not the most.. moron

  59. paul0321


    Given AI’s history, I actually start to look up to him now for how he handled the situation.

    yeah right.. like complaining about his minutes.. he handles it well, huh.. like i said, maybe he should just play first and the minutes will be there if he plays well

  60. Ben from Seattle

    If Iverson can’t be a team player, don’t let him play at all. I say they do tell Iverson to stay away from the team for the rest of the season and playoffs just like the Knicks did to Marbury in the beginning. Iverson is a cancer to the Pistons and is doing more harm than good. And if the Pistons do decide to play AI, I hope every single fan in the stadium boos him.

  61. Johnny (#1 Stuckey fan)

    EVERYONE NEEDS TO STFU and get on the same page here. I’m gonna question what kind of fans you guys are, cuz the stuff I see that’s goin on in here is BS from you so called “Pistons fans.” I think most of you are people who started watching them after the teal jersey days. This isn’t sticking with your team, this is creating more dramatic scenes, which is exactly what this team doesn’t need at this point. Ok, I will be the first to admit that the Iverson deal didn’t work out the way it could’ve, BUT i do feel that if the Pistons don’t go far in the playoffs it will be ‘that’ much tougher to sign a big name elsewhere down the road. Again I really don’t know how a superstar is gonna feel coming here after this Iverson mess has occurred, especially with fans such as yourselves bashing them all the time, I know I wouldn’t want to come here. Like i said before we have this same dumb system that worked while it lasted with not having a prolific scorer, now we get one and we can’t utilize him to the best of his abilities and strentghs. I understand that there’s no ‘I’ in team, but isn’t Cleveland (whom I hate) the best in the L right now becuz of James (hate also)? L.A. has Kobe and you can say what you want with Gasol, yeah he’s good, but EVERYTHING goes through Kobe and then trickles down. D Wade carries his squad, that team is a bunch of no names to me. So these are just proven facts about how a dynamic player can dominate the League and how our silly system we’ve had could only get us so far. It was about time to switch it up and now the true fans can be screened from the process.

  62. Ilovethisgame

    Blah Blah Blah. Go on blame Iverson, how do u expect a player who’s played 40 mins, the majority of his career, and then only play 18 mins now, and the team is losing, not to complain.
    The problem with the pistons is there obsession with Rodney Stuckey. He has been playing trash ever since the all-star break, has no respectable jump shot, and doesn’t pass the ball, yet he’s always been a starter.
    If Larry Brown was the coach of this team, he would have put Bynum as the starting PG, and bring Stuckey and AI off the bench. When those two played on their own, together we had a 7 game winning streak.
    Say what u want, blame AI all you want, this system is not for him.

  63. al9023

    Let’s hope our guys have the guts to pull themselves together in the playoffs and finish off Orlando


    FIRE CURRY PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Pat

    Regarding Curry:
    I’ve been a Curry critic right from the start. To insert a rookie coach in an experienced veteran team was one the worst moves someone could have done. As a coach experience is ESSENTIAL. And this is the time when experience comes to play. But its blatantly obvious that Curry is not able to handle the situation. He loses respect with every day that passes and he can’t handle Sheed and AI. What would a good coach have done if a player (AI) is complaining about his minutes and his role after promising that he’d be willing to sacrifice for the good of the team? Or after a player (Sheed), known for his emotional outbursts on the court, gets himself a technical right in the first game after coming back from a injury during a crucial time of the season? There are PLENTY of options. The wrong option is to shrug it off. But thats what Curry did. We have to get rid of Curry as soon as this horrible season finally ends.

    Regarding AI:
    Not much to say. And that’s exactly what AI should do. He needs to shut the hell up and lay it all out there on the court for the TEAM. If he plays well and doesnt think too much about his minutes, hell eventually get his minutes. But does he really think hes going to get more minutes, after whining to the media like a little bitch?

    My suggestion:
    Put Curry, AI and Sheed in a packet and ship’em ASAP outta Detroit cause it doesnt get any worse than under the current circumstances.
    Getting their ass kicked by the Nets during this time of the year…unbelievable.

  66. Pat


    First off, you can go on and play your little “Im a super Pistons Fan through good and bad times” role, but it’s April and time to step it up. The fans gave them time and were patient to see how it turns out. ANd it turned out to be a fucking train wreck. And if you’re criticizing the system, youre automatically criticizing Curry, Einstein!
    Secondly, please tell me youre not comparing AI with Lebron, Kobe or Wade. Seriously, you gotta be joking. AI has passed his prime long ago. And the team has to adjust to AI?!? Then what, turn this team into a fucking one-man show? Watch how AI holds the ball for 20 seconds and releases a circus shot?
    I tell you something. AI needs to adjust HIS game! It fucking doesnt matter, how many individual accomplishments he can put on the table. Everyone in this league has to adjust his game when they’re getting older. And they certainly have to adjust their game, when they are put into a veteran team that had so much success in the past.
    Just to be clear: I dont solely blame AI for this mess. There are only a few players on this team that were constantly contributing. BUt players like Stuckey, or Afflalo are still young and have a lot of potential. And they certainly dont have the bad character traits that AI possesses. Sure, AI did deserve more minutes in the game against Cleveland, but I already criticized Curry enough for his bad decision-making.

  67. Pat

    Btw, please dont blame Dumars for this mess! The man knows what hes doing. He built a team that was able to contend for the title for 5-6 years.
    The AI move has also a future-component. We still dont know what he can get once these massive contracts run out. Sure, we had all hoped that this move also doesnt put us into a worse situation, which it certainly but unfortunately did.

  68. khiosa

    Guys, dont be surprised that fans are complaining! Thats what we should do. We shouldnt be content with barely making it into the playoffs! We have the right and the duty to name the things that went wrong throughout this season! Everything was said, so lets just let this season end and look optimistically into the next season.

  69. Th3 Answ3r

    Someone, please look up at how much mins Rip got off of the bench when he was coming off the bench. Bet this will make most of shut up if you find out :]

  70. Normal2

    There seems to be three types of fans. The analytical fan who’s been following the league, the “never played basketball a day in my life fan” and the fan who actually played some type of structural basketball to really know why the A.I. experiment didn’t work. I believe if you’ve ever played structural basketball and had was any good at it, then you know why it didn’t and won’t work out between the pistons and A.I. With that being said, it doesn’t help that we have a rookie coach either. I’m not going to comment on the trade and say whether I liked it a lot or not but Billups would have make Curry’s job much easier. That is…until the playoffs where we would have lost and the bickering would have still happened any way. We were at a lose-lose situation…hahahaha…just joking on the last part:)

  71. spasm

    I guess you count yourself as a “fan who actually played some type of structural basketball” then. Wow, if Dumars only had known! Dude, he should have called you and asked for your professional advice. I bet, you would have predicted every single thing that is going on right now and backed it up with decent arguments. That is because you played some type of structural basketball, of course. I bet you were close to getting drafted in the NBA, but an unfortunate injury prevented you from that. Hmm…that’s a bummer. We could have been witnesses of one the best players ever who played some type of structural basketball. And now you’re a Pistons Fan, shining us with your light of knowledge! Oh man, we’re so fucking lucky to have you tell us things that nobody had even thought of. Thank you!

  72. Slim Shady

    Shutup DD3, you know nothing about AI, you probably just looked up his team on your computer two minutes before you posted your comment on his team and how he played…. you forget that when he went to Denver, he instantly made the team better too, retard. AI get off this team full of has beens and get your shit together

  73. Slim Shady

    th3 answ3r i looked up rips minutes off the bench… around 31 a night… f*** that AI deserves that too, he’s a better player than Rip

  74. Normal 2

    Ha ha spasm. I know which fan you are:) it’s all good though.

  75. nypistonsfan

    Wow! After disrupting the team the entire year, just when we needed him the most…he abandons the us…
    Well that’s that, there shouldn’t be any surprises left. Just gotta buck up and play!

  76. eric taylor

    johnny (#1 stucky fan) I’m with you.

    We fans have to be supportive of the stars that come play for detroit, make them feel welcome.

    On the other hand, if a player does not perform well, I think it’s ok to be very critical. The players know when they don’t play well, and they respect a team that boos a bad play, because we don’t give our respect automatically. We love basketball and we respect the game, and we know the game.

    But it’s not ok just to bash people for no reason, that doesn’t show respect for the game, and makes it difficult for stars to want to come to detroit.

  77. CurryAintSh*t

    Detroit’s problem is that we still think we have the same team that won the championship in 2004.
    The logic the Pistons have been using the last couple of years basically suggests that if the Jazz got rid of Jerry Sloan, they still be able to run their system the same way. Or that if the Spurs got rid of Greg Popovich, they still be a championship contender every year.

    It’s one thing to get rid of coaches based on bad seasons, but to get rid of coaches after 50-win seasons, and ECF losses, when you’ve never had the hall-of-fame talent to be a great team is uncalled for.


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