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by | Mar 30, 2009 | 20 comments

In seasons past what happened on Sunday wouldn’t mean much to the Pistons or their fans, but as we all know things can change quickly in the NBA. The Detroit Pistons, who are fighting for a playoff spot, accomplished quite a feat, a win on the second half of a back to back, to make it two wins in a row, against the Philadelphia 76ers, at home, in a game with an early tip, on Sunday. Doesn’t seem like much, but the 101-97 victory may just be the biggest win for Detroit this season.

Key Points:

  • The victory moved Detroit up to the 7 spot in the Eastern Conference playoff picture.  If the Playoffs were to start today, Detroit would match up with an Orlando team that they have had their way with for quite some time. The Pistons’ magic number to secure a spot is seven and it seems as though Dwight Howard wants Detroit in the first round.
  • The win also stopped an 8 game Sunday home losing streak at The Palace.
  • Detroit came back from deficits in every quarter except the fourth.
  • The Pistons turned the ball over nine times in the first half, which helped the Sixers stay in the game.  They buckled down in the second half adding only two more for the rest of the game.
  • Iguodala scored a game high 27 points, but it was his uncontested dunk that wowed the Palace crowd.
  • The Pistons fourth quarter defense looked much better.
  • Tayshaun Prince was red hot in the first half scoring 19 points on 7-for-7 shooting.  Prince carried the team in the first half and finished with a team-high 21 points and 3 assists.

Tayshaun Prince
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Photo/Getty Images
  • 46 points in the paint for the Sixers to Detroit’s 36.
  • Highlights of the game.
  • Amir Johnson played some key minutes and did a fine job helping the Pistons lock this one up. He finished with 5 points, 4 boards and a steal in 18 minutes. It was with the help of Amir’s defense that the Pistons locked things down for the Sixers in the fourth quarter. No foul trouble for Johnson in this one.
  • Rodney Stuckey seems to be getting back to his old form. He put up 16 points on 7-for-13 shooting, with 5 assists, 3 steals and zero turnovers.
  • The Sixers looked like the Pistons of old, racking up 4 technical fouls during the game. I guess it helps Detroit in terms of Techs when Sheed and Rip aren’t playing
  • How bout 40% shooting from downtown for the Pistons. Tayshaun himself was 3-for-4.
  • Five Pistons in double figures.
  • Allen Iverson made his debut after a long absence, with 8 points, on 3-for-9 shooting with 2 boards, and 2 assists in 21 minutes on the floor.  I don’t know about you but he looked good out there alongside Will Bynum.

Allen Iverson
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Photo/Getty Images
  • “The most important thing is we got the win,” said Iverson, who scored eight points in 21 minutes. “I have a lot of respect for guys that come off the bench, even more now than ever. It’s hard to get yourself going. Sitting there for a long period of time, then having to jump right into the fire — that’s different for me. It’s hard. But I honestly feel I can get through it. I am a professional. I can figure out a way to do it and be effective.” Via The Detroit News. That was part of Iverson’s post game press conference, which I watched from start to finish, and despite this quote it rubbed me the wrong way. He started his comments about how he was telling his friends that a man with his resume really had no business coming off the bench. That aside, I give him credit for finally hitting the floor for Detroit when their playoff fate is on the line.
  • Iverson is not happy about being questioned on his injury.
  • We wondered what would happen to Will Bynum’s minutes once Allen and Rip were back, well it was Arron Afflalo who didn’t play in Sunday’s win.
  • Fantastic scoop pass from Iverson to Will Bynum who was running the floor. Will didn’t make the layup, but he did make his free throws.
  • Will Bynum scored nine points during a 14-2 run in the fourth that took the Pistons from five points down to six points up with 4:03 left. He finished with 12 points, 4 assists, 5 boards and 3 turnovers in 22 minutes.

Will Bynum
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Photo/Getty Images
  • Will Bynum on the court in crunch time instead of Rodney Stuckey. “Will could be in there or (Rodney) Stuckey could be in there,” Curry said. “But the big key is, we have to run stuff through Will regardless of who is on the court.” Via The Detroit News
  • Another solid performance from Mr. Kwame Brown, who scored 13 points for Detroit in 21 minutes on the floor. The big man trying to do his thing and working down low made 7 of his 13 points at the free throw line.
  • This one was close, the game was tied 12 times with 20 lead changes.
  • Happy Birthday to my main man George Blaha.
  • Eight points and six boards from Antonio McDyess. When you look at his numbers the past two games with Rip back and then AI, it’s obvious that Dyess just about carried the team when they were short handed.
  • A relatively quiet night for Jason Maxiell, who scored 4 points, grabbed 5 boards, and had a blocked shot in 19 minutes.
  • “Now my whole thing is trying to be the best sixth man I can be, the best sixth man in the league.” said Iverson.  Via MLive. If that indeed is the case, this team has a chance come playoff time.
  • A Battle with the Cavs in Cleveland, where they have only lost one game at home all season long should be rough.  If Sheed indeed comes back, the Pistons chances skyrocket. At this point we know every game is crucial.


  1. CHAD

    “He started his comments about how he was telling his friends that a man with his resume really had no business coming off the bench. That aside, I give him credit for finally hitting the floor for Detroit when their playoff fate is on the line.”

    With his resume he doesnt have business coming off the bench.

    That aside, this was a much needed win.

  2. Natalie Sitto

    He may not Chad, but a team player who wants to win does whatever it takes to get there. Nobody is doubting his ability or resume, but one man does not win a championship, that’s why AI doesn’t have one right now.

    You need a Team.

  3. ALMEI

    My apology to AI. In an earlier post I really questioned whether or not he would play again this season. I really didn’t think he would–but yesterday proved me wrong. Although I still don’t have much hope of us getting back to the conference finals, a determined ‘Sheed, Rip and AI might give us a chance to have an upset or two in the playoffs.

  4. Dre

    Nice pictures and nice article as usual Natalie. This coming from a Heat (“1st”) fan, I think Allen Iverson needs a few games to get off the rust. It still blows my mind how the media & other people can question this man’s heart after all he’s gone through his entire career. The Pistons look like a team to POTENTIALLY be recogned with come playoff time…. Cant say i didnt call it about y’alls depth…….. & I still think (even though ive never stated it) that Maxiell and Amir havent really been given a ‘fair’ chance. Good luck, and keep winning.

  5. altan

    surprise win? thought we were gona lose this one at the begining

  6. joe

    Natalie, the typos are killing me. Do you need a proofreader?

  7. Sable

    Let’s be fair here. There were a lot of people doubting the legitimacy of Iverson’s injury. Nat, I believe you on occasion hinted at some doubts. Did you see his steal and layup? He looked gimpy and he was wincing quite a bit after that play. Unless he’s a top notch actor, I think he’s been hurt as he said.

  8. Natalie Sitto

    Sorry Joe, I do have one but he’s been out and I’m still working on getting healthy to do a good job at it. I’ll do my best to clean things up.

    Sable, I have hinted about AI’s injury on many occasions, you are right he did look a bit gimpy. The whole thing just seemed odd to me, especially his absence away from the team and the fact he didn’t want treatment from Arnie.

  9. CHAD

    I’ve seen one man come pretty close to winning a championship a couple times.. AI in 2001? and Lebron last year.

    It just bothers me that a good half of readers on the site thought he was faking his injury in a contract year.

    But watever.. opinions.. everyone is entitled to one.

  10. CONE (Mexico)

    We won and we looked pretty good, we only need to turn the defense on and we will be ready to go for the playoffs. P.s. We are really PPLAYING AS A TEAM.
    Did you see how AI reacted after Rip’s bucket? He wants to make a run in this thing…

  11. gMac

    AI was very genuinely charing for Rip when he was benched in the last few minutes of the game. You kinda have to give it to him for not acting out. ( Yes, I watched Dennis Rodman on celebrity apprentice yesterday :D)

    It really isn’t his fault this whole thing hasn’t worked out well.
    Damn Curry!

    Amir and Will seem to play very well with AI.

  12. Tracy

    All of a sudden, Curry stopped using Stuckey in the entire 4th quarter, which is what he should have done in the very beginning. Stuckey is the worst game finisher that I have ever seen.

  13. gMac

    @ ==>Sable
    I agree with you about the injury. Don’t think his faking.

    But AI is a TOP NOTCH ACTOR for sure lol

  14. Amer ican Prince

    Did that Curry quote about bynum being on the court at crunch time hurt anyone elses brain? Or just mine?

    Good win by the guys.

    I agree with gmac and cone. The bench has just been sitting there the past few games, no cheering or nothing it felt like. But AI brought some passion to the bench which i liked

  15. Andrew

    there needs to be a will bynum wall paper

  16. Andrew

    there needs to be a will bynum wall paper

  17. Ben

    damn that Iguodala dunk was pretty sweet

  18. Fariduddin

    let’s hope for the best…. it can be great for the Pistons if Ivo is fully committed to being that killer 6th man coming off the bench… i did think the whole Ivo situation with not playing (along with other indicators) was fishy… maybe its just me.. but i also believe that the Pistons are being extremely crafty in resting players to some degree.. i don’t think they are truly concerned with what position they obtain — more concerned with simply getting in. think about it.. Sheed, Dyce (2 some degree), Rip and Ivo will be well rested and able to go all out! anyway, cleveland game will be very telling and it presents an opportunity to send a message to others in the East….

  19. Badboy04

    woooh finally a Sunday win! And now I’m excited to see the Pistons host the Bobcats this coming Sunday. lol would be my first time to be at The Palace after a looooong time. (that was when Rip & Chauncey first played for Motown)

    Pardon me for going out-of-topic, just wanna ask you guys, ARE DSLR CAMERAS ALLOWED INSIDE THE PALACE? Im a tourist here in MI & I wanna take some nice photos from a live Pistons game before I head back home.


  20. 8904

    I noticed that 8904 has every year the Pistons won a title in the number. just need to share some of the numbers with the other ones. 89 90 04…8904
    makes for a good password for those die hard Piston fans out there like me.


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