Pistons vs. Sixers

by | Mar 29, 2009 | 33 comments

The Pistons vs. The Sixers
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The Pistons take on the Philadelphia Sixers today at the Palace of Auburn Hills. On a second game of a back to back with an early evening tip on Sunday, the odds are stacked up against The Pistons, who really need a win tonight to help keep their playoff hopes solid.

The Sixers, who are currently in the sixth spot in the East, have won seven of the last nine are hopping for a win against Detroit to put them within one half game of fifth place in the Eastern Conference. The (37-34) Sixers are looking for their first winning season since 2004-05.

Sheed (possibly Tuesday) or AI, your guess is as good as mine.ย  They both were in uniform on the bench for Detroit Saturday night, but when either will be back is most likely a game time decision.


The Good/The Bad and More

  • Detroit has lost four of five at home since winning three in a row there March 3-9.
  • Philadelphia has won three straight over Detroit, including a 96-91 win in Auburn Hills on Dec. 5 in their only meeting this season.
  • While many in Detroit think Allen Iverson’s injury may not be as bad as he says it is, his ex-coach Tony DiLeo in Philadelphia had something to say about it. “Allen’s a warrior,” DiLeo said. “So if he’s not playing, something must be wrong. He played through so many injuries when he was here.” Via Philly.com
  • The Pistons are only 2 1/2 games ahead of the Bobcats for the 8th spot.

Tip off is at 6:00 PM and will be locally televised on FSN Detroit. If you can’t catch the television broadcast you can listen locally on WDFN 1130 AM or follow the game through your computer at NBA.com.


  1. iverson310fan

    chicago is about to lose so we gotta win this game

  2. dunkonu

    Chicago – Toronto is a 1 point game with a minute to go.

  3. James

    sounds like ai is gonna play

  4. Josh

    yep. I heard it too. AI is back. I wonder what’ll happen to my man WB

  5. dunkonu

    A.I. should play against his former team. That would be nice. ๐Ÿ™‚ Coming off the bench? Can’t wait to see how he handles it.

    Chicago can run down the clock and is only down 1…

  6. Wade

    Well lets see what A.I got.. im guessing about 8-10 pts from him. Hamilton will probally get his usual 20+


  7. dunkonu

    Chicago just threw the game away…Rose missed an easy lay-up (and those are hard to get in crunch time)…now they have to foul…

  8. dunkonu

    Oh man, Ben Gordon hit a buzzer-beater to get the Bulls game into overtime…

    I like that we go to Prince early.

  9. dunkonu

    Chicago lost in OT.

    Bynum and A.I. on the court at the same time. Interesting. Both need the ball in their hands to do what they do best…

    Kwame vs. Dalembert – two offensive juggernauts going at each other. xD Kwame scored 8 points already…

    BTW: Congrats to all the Michigan State fans out there.

  10. Josh

    I like this second team. Its WORKS!!!!!By golly it WORKS!!!

  11. nypistonsfan

    Halftime…very high score, we need Sheed! Really surprised to see Allen on the floor tonight! (thanks Reggie!) lots of rust all over the place… Turnovers, turnovers, turnovers, I think we’ll squeek it out. Last run fellas, make it count.

  12. Wade

    Bynum is such a beast, i really enjoy his energy, he just drained a 17 foot jumper as the shot clock was ticking down! MOMENTUM SHIFT!

  13. LiamJones

    why can’t we play NBA Jam rules?? Will Bynum would be on fire right now!!!

  14. eziel03

    Rip for AI.. lets see what happens..

  15. Wade

    piston victory guaransheed!

    haha george blaha just said time for a bud light.

  16. Wade

    richhaaaardddd ripppp hamiltonn what a lifesavor

  17. Josh

    I am an official Will Bynum fan!!!!

  18. Kyle C.

    Great win today. With the chicago loss that moves us back to the 7 spot. Will played great down the stretch and seems to be doing fine with Rip and AI back. Amir got some HUGE rebounds down the stretch that in my mind saved the game for us. I am very glad to see that down the stretch we can still compete and win games that go down to the wire. Cant wait on tues. when Sheed might come back vs cleveland

  19. FJ

    Great game overall. I was so pumped when I saw Rip hit that shot down the stretch and then proceed to chest pump with AI. One of those moments you’re hoping for. With Rasheed back, healthy and ready to play, we could be in great shape, come playoff time.

  20. Th3 Answ3r

    Great win. Loved the team work.

  21. MSU and Pistons Fan


  22. ben

    tar heels winnin it all btw

  23. slim shady

    Ai looked good off the bench and not selfish, he’s my nigg… Bynum is a beast from GT i hope he continues to get playing time… Brown aa good surprise with 13 and Amir had big boards. But, our new mr big shot rip hamilton sealed the deal, you can’t leave him remotely open from mid range

  24. KleenGee

    Much needed win. (I missed the game because of the blackout rules).

    I hope Tay is up for Tuesday against Lebron.

    Does anyone know if Big Ben is close to returning for the Cavs? He was in street clothes today, so I don’t think he’ll be back for Tuesday.

  25. Kero

    I honestly feel really confident about this playoff season. Why? THIS TEAM IS LOADED. Each Championship Team has key components, this one has great components. I am also a firm believer in that each championship team goes through adversity, and we have had our fair share.

    The main problem I see is how Curry will manage his roaster. This is what I mean :


    Those players are locked in as starters.

    AI, Bynum, Afflalo are all looking to get minutes. We know Aaron can be solid defensivly and with his three. AI, is going to get minutes and will be able to create. Bynum is an amazing energy player but as we saw today, when he gets rolling, he lets his better judgement go.

    Walter Hermann is amazing and should play more and he can be great in a game when needed but his defense is not much.

    Kwame, Amir, and Maxiell can get the job done.

    So as you can see, this is Curry’s main problem. All 12 players deserve minutes, how will he manage?

  26. FJ

    Kero, I completely agree with you. It certainly will be interesting to see how MC figures out how to utilize all the guys in an efficient manner. I just want Sheed to get back on the court so Curry will be able to figure up lineups and what not before they playoffs begin. Lets go Pistons!

  27. CHAD

    I agree with both of the last two comments..

    Is it just me or do you wonder how a real head coach would manage a team as staced as Detroit?

  28. Ken

    What a great game to watch!!

    We still need Chris Bosh.

  29. dunkonu

    A great game. Everybody carried the team for certain stretches through the game – a nice team effort. Prince in the 2nd, Stuckey in the 3rd, Bynum to start the 4th and Hamilton to finish it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    A.I. gave us a big boost and Kwame held his own.

  30. Avery Johnson

    All of you who have posted on here (natalie included) are not detroit piston fans.
    You turned your back on a piston.
    Now you pretend like your judgements of him never happened.
    Where are all the hateful comments about how Iverson is faking it and how he wont play another game as a piston.
    Iverson is better then this fan base and does not deserve you.
    “He dont have to prove shit to you”
    Hope he and dyess win their rings next year with a real team

  31. TBranch

    @ Avery Johnson…

    So sorry your troll didn’t get much reaction.
    Try again after the Cavs game.



  32. eric taylor

    Avery, I think everyone here respects AI as a ball player, everyone respects his abilities, and his determination has always been awesome. But it’s not a sin to sometimes doubt. Everyone doubts from time to time. Sometimes you will doubt your wife is faithful, sometimes you will not be sure if your boss will fire you or not. It’s not a sin to doubt.

    So like a lot of people here, I was unsure if AI would be able to fit into the pistons organization, something was just not right. Whatever the problem, AI is finally fitting in, and I think everyone is glad for him, and everyone wants him to succeed.

    If there’s any chance for the pistons this playoff season, AI will have to be a part of the picture.

    Dyess is great, I don’t know why he decided to stay one more year in Detroit. I think the reason is that even Antonio Mcdyess is surprising himself, and didn’t think he would have that much spring in his step this year. He’s playing like a 20 year old.


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