Lakers Finally beat the Pistons in Detroit

by | Mar 27, 2009 | 19 comments

Realistically Pistons fans knew a win against the Lakers without Rip, Sheed and AI was a lot to ask for, and after the 25-12 first quarter it sure looked like this was the case.  Will Bynum didn’t get that memo, however, sparking the team in the second quarter while putting up a career-high 25 points.  Unfortunately you can’t beat many teams when just two of your players score in double figures and the Pistons lost to the Lakers 92-77 at home for the first time in seven years.

Key Points:

  • Will Bynum and Antonio McDyess were the only Pistons players to score in double figures.
  • This was truly a game of runs Will Bynum took Detroit from 13 down after one quarter to 10 up early in the third. The Lakers closed the quarter on a 30-5 run.
  • Walter Herrmann did his thing and knocked down a few threes to help Detroit capture the lead before the half.  He finished with 9 points, a blocked shot, 4 boards and an assist in 20 minutes on the floor.
  • Stuckey looked out of place going up against Kobe, he played just 26 minutes, scoring 5 points with 4 turnovers, 2 steals and three assists.  He looked bad, in fact he was a -31 for the game.
  • “When we’re shorthanded, more is put on his plate. Sometimes he handles it really well and sometimes he doesn’t do as well.” Curry on Stuckey. Via The Detroit Free Press
  • Career High for Will Bynum who has more than stepped it up for the Pistons lately.  Will put up a double-double with 25 points, with 11 assists, 3 boards, a steal and 4 turnovers.  Numbers aside, Will did just what the Pistons needed when they needed it.

Photo/Getty Images
  • “It’s just another tough loss,” Bynum said. “They went on that run and we couldn’t recover. They just outplayed us in the second half. I am going to stay aggressive,” Bynum said.”I am being more confident. I got an opportunity and I am taking advantage of it. I’ve been positive all year long, even when I wasn’t playing and that’s helped make it easier.” Via The Detroit News
  • I must say that I can’t stand going to Lakers games at the Palace and I was glad I wasn’t in the house last night. An MVP chant for a Laker at the Palace just isn’t right.
  • Rip and Sheed will be back Saturday!
  • Allen Iverson returning next week? I will believe it when I see it.
  • Highlights of the Game.
  • With the loss last night the Pistons (34-37) fell to the eighth spot in the Eastern Conference.
  • Detroit (Bynum mostly) outscored the Lakers 30-14 in the second quarter.
  • The final score aside, the game was pretty entertaining, it was nice to see Bynum help Detroit crawl back. It just goes to show you they really can be in any game not matter who’s on the court for Detroit.
  • “In the second half it seemed like we couldn’t get no offense going at all,” said McDyess, who finished with 14 points and 12 rebounds. “Will came out of the game and he was pretty much getting us where we needed to be, dishing the ball. When he went and sat down it was like we were just stagnant. We were just standing and looking around.” Via The Detroit Free Press
  • Another double-double for Antonio McDyess who’s been playing out of body for quite some time now.  Dyess finished with 14 points, 12 boards, a blocked shot, a steal and an assist.

Photo/Getty Images
  • Kwame Brown stuffing Lamar Odom….must have made him feel good. He doesn’t put up huge numbers and he fumbles the ball like nobody’s business, but Kwame has given more that I expected he could for this team.
  • Amir Johnson, from starter to garbage minutes.
  • Afflalo, who started the game didn’t come back with the starters in the third quarter. He finished with six points and one rebound in 31 minutes.
  • Tayshaun Prince 7 points on 3 for 13 shooting .
  • Consider this game Bynamic.
  • Saturday’s game against the struggling Wizards should tell us how this season may end. With Rip and Sheed back and only a handful of games left and Detroit now in the 8th spot…..this should be interesting.


  1. aaron

    welcome back natalie…

  2. Natalie Sitto

    Thanks Aaron, not quite 100% but I’m hanging in.

  3. Ronnie D.

    You know I’ve always really like Bynum. I think he could be a starter on a lot of teams out there. It would be nice next year to have him back-up Stuckey and then we could use our money for a starting center (Amare) and be alright. I really hope we keep Will. He reminds me of Lindsay a little.

  4. Dre

    Its still nice to see Detroit on its feet giving EFFORTS (which is the “key word” by the way). Its become more than obious that the Pistons want Rip Hamilton to be the “go-to-guy”, which ISNT a bad thing. Problem is, this teams goin NOWHERE if Stuckey continues to start at the point. He’s a SHOOTING GUARD that needs to COME OFF THE BENCH until he’s ENTIRELY familiar with the game…. Then he’ll be a force to be reckoned with. I just think that management (Dumars and Curry) have handled this situation COMPLETELY wrong, in terms of starting their rotation (yes it’s “their’s” not mine) AND managing bench rotations as well. This team is STILL talented enough to be top 10. But the problem is management (Dumars and Curry) simply dont want it to work. I dont care WHAT they say. They’re all about “next year”. Even right now as we speak……..

  5. Dre

    Oh, and, Bynums’ a keeper! The guy should be splitting minutes with AI at the point…. Stuckey should back up Hamilton. I could only DREAM of what this team actually SHOULDVE become, had people in high power really “cared”. Peace, brethren & sisteren.

    Sincerely, Dre

  6. Austin K

    well said mr dre… well said

  7. Natalie Sitto

    Agree with Dre too, but can’t blame Stuckey for the position he was put in. The true sad thing in all of this like Dre mentioned is that this team has top 10 talent, but watching them at times is like nails on a chalkboard.

  8. DPnumbah32

    I hope we can the cavs I KNOW WE CAN BEAT THE WIZARDS

  9. Josh

    Nice pic Natalie. Still not in the lineup on the left but … nice.

  10. theotherwasillmatic

    i didn’t get to watch this game but an MVP chant at the Palace….that just makes me sad

  11. Susan

    Good effort from the team last night and Bynum was a real highlight. All things considered, this team is playing very well. Jump shot after jump shot late in the game was frustrating though.

    There were so many Lakers fans at the Palace last night and a lot of yellow Bryant jerseys in the crowd. I wish we could have got the win just to stick it those Lakers fans!

  12. Pistonballer104

    Totally agree with the crap i was hearing on the TV. Way to many Laker chants and the MVP just wasn’t right.

  13. PAUL

    I love how Tayshaun keeps jacking up 1 on 1 shots and bricking them, yet Maxiell only takes 3 shots the entire game! Cmon now!


    This Detroit team is going NOWHERE, yet they still feel the need to give Prince/Sheed/Mcdyess TONS of shots per game, most of which are MISSES. When your “scorers” arent scoring efficiently, maybe its time to reassess the situation? Try giving Maxiell some post shots? hmm, I could have sworn that last year they did that a few times and he capitalized!

    The coaches, and players really need to just stop hindering Maxiell’s game. He could average a double-double if given 30 mpg and consistant offensive opportunities! And guess what, Pistons might WIN!

    Having RIP, Sheed & AI doesnt GUARANTEE a win!

    Shooting a good % basically does, and when you have Tayshaun and Sheed out there shooting under 40/30% per game, you WONT WIN!

  14. Dominic

    @ Paul

    When your starters are out you rely on people you think can fill it up. Tay has scored 30+ Pts multiple times remember how well he was doing in the beggining of the season? So Tay wasn’t filling it up, it was one of those nights. But you keep going to Tay because u want him to get hot. Maxiell, who’s points mostly come of garbage shots, shouldn’t get the shots that Tayshaun does, because Maxi’s skill set is limited. I love Maxi as much as anybody else but he has a role, and he played to that role

  15. dunkonu

    Maxiell is a beast – sometimes. He should get more minutes on a regular basis, but he isn’t starter-material yet. Maxiell is just an awesome energy player off the bench – he is your perfect 6th man. 🙂 Maybe he’ll be a starter one day, but I think he just fills his current role perfectly.

    The MVP chants at the Palace hurt. I’m glad a lot of fans booed when the chants started – MVP-chants for Kobe in the Palace are just wrong on so many levels. If they chant MVP for LeBron next time we play the Cavs…better not to think about it…

  16. Wade

    I would like to say that the match up cam is the worst thing ever.Will Bynum is a keeper forsure. He is looking very much like Lindsey Hunter but with more exsplosiveness.

    Keep Fighting Pistons!

  17. Amer ican Prince

    How is Will Bynum any different than Flip Murray was? And no one really liked Flip Murray

  18. LiamJones

    ^^^^^ …really?


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