Pistons vs. Lakers

by | Mar 26, 2009 | 37 comments

Pistons vs Lakers
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The Pistons take on the 56-14 Los Angeles Lakers tonight at The Palace of Auburn Hills. At this point, especially after the loss in Chicago, the Pistons need every game to help secure a spot in the Playoffs. The Pistons, who have lost six of their last eight, are in seventh place in the Eastern Conference, one game ahead of Chicago.

Detroit will again be without Allen Iverson, who wall called out on Tuesday during the TNT telecast about the validity of  his injury by Reggie Miller. Whatever the the reason Allen Iverson is not with this team right now I always had the same feeling about Allen Iverson that Reggie Miller does.

I was never a huge AI fan, but the one thing I always thought about him, besides his great game, was the fact that he played no matter what.  When he got here I specifically said that anything short of a bullet wound, Iverson would play.

Do you remember this?


Rasheed Wallace and Richard Hamilton will not play in tonight’s game against the Lakers.

Something special about tonight’s FOX Sports broadcast of the game:

“For the first time, FOX Sports Detroit’s collection of channels will present simultaneous telecasts of the same game, but from two different perspectives, when the Pistons take on the Los Angeles Lakers at the Palace on Thursday, March 26.

The traditional game coverage will appear on FOX Sports Detroit and in high-definition on FOX Sports Detroit HD.

Meanwhile, FOX Sports Detroit PLUS presents a “Match-up Cam” telecast, with a devoted camera isolating on key battles throughout the game among the many stars on each team.”

Now that sound great, hopefully this becomes a regular feature for FOX.

Tip off is at 7:30 PM and will be locally broadcast on FSN. If you can’t catch the broadcast, listen locally on WDFN 1130 AM or trough your computer at NBA.com

Leave your thoughts in the comments and feel free to be as descriptive as can be while I’m on the disabled list, your comments will help keep me in the loop. I thought I would be up an running a bit quicker, but I had a little setback the last couple of days. And if you need a doctors note I can give you one. My injury actually shows up on an MRI, so there should be no questioning my condition. Thanks for being patient.


  1. hmmm

    You know what I think the fans of need4sheed.com should do? We should all get some money together and send Allen Iverson a bouquet of gay little flowers for his gay little injury.

    That would be cute of us.

  2. blamu2

    I think that we all should stop hatin on AI and… ok I’m just kidding 😛

  3. Amber

    I can’t waste my money on AI.

  4. DPnumbah32

    I have bad feeling that we are going to lose. p.s. give walter sharpe more minutes

  5. Josh

    Screw him…Give WB the minutes. He’s more exciting to watch anyways!

    P.S. I’m still waiting for Will’s picture on the left side of this page!!!!

  6. Chad

    You are all really pathetic.. AI is better at bball than you all will ever collectively be at everything.

    I dont speak ill of AI because hes better than me.. maybe some of you should follow my example.

  7. blamu2

    Chad u are stupid. U are saying that I can’t criticize someone just because he is faster than me? I would rather die than follow your example.

  8. augustslady

    What the hey…
    Listen child,one person is not better then an other.
    That is thinking for babies and those that are really unsure of their own worth.
    Where was A.I. when I was toe to toe with ugly people in white hoods dear?(Human Rights Warrior)
    Where was he when I was facing down breast cancer for a second time?
    He is very good at what he does and he should be proud of that,no question .
    But he has no more heart or courage then alot of us mere mortals nor will he ever.
    Go play with your marbles!lol

  9. Dominic

    In this system Will Bynum is a better PG than AI

  10. Josh

    Ha ha I hope CHad is watching the game….ROFLMAO…..BYNUM is the shiznit!

  11. gMac

    Again, Odom is their PF. Why are we playing Kwame and Dyess. Where is Amir? Amir can get more rebounds in 10 minutes than Kwame in a whole game.

    I’m not a huge Amir johnson fan, but there is no point of us ‘developing’ kwame. Michael Curry’s decision making ability is what worries me.

    WTF, where is the logic?

  12. Amer ican Prince

    i’m just gonna say this, tay and stuckey are awful. On both sides of the floor

  13. gMac

    This is pathetic, Bynum only looked good because this team don’t have any offense to run from their coach. MC decided to just let a Will run around with the ball, coz that’s better than anything Curry can come up with.

    This the problem with our team. When we have rip, everyone watches him run. when we play AI, same thing, give him the ball and everyone else watches. Curry does not know how to integrate players into difference offenses.

    When the spurs play, they run the same offense, whether they are playing Roger Mason or Ginobilli. They can plug anything in the system. That’s how you play….
    Fuck ! this thing is just so frustrating to watch.

  14. pistonsfan32

    get rodney stuckey the hell out of the game and keep him on the bench where he belongs. third quarter 30-5 run???? what the helll??????? minus 33 while he’s in the game get him out now and put in will bynum .. OMG

  15. The Fluidics

    Kinda wish Iverson was playing, the Pistons could have used is scoring in the 3rd.

  16. I

    The pistons clearly need hamilton/rasheed/iverson back ASAP. We have to make sure we climb up the ranks if we can and not get the 8th seed. MICHAEL CURRY NEEDS TO GET HELP FROM OTHER COACHES OR SOMETHING….I mean come on

  17. Amer ican Prince

    Bastard fans are cheering for Kobe. Those….well bastards. Like I said before.

  18. Ben

    anyone else want to give up on the pistons with me?

  19. Th3 Answ3r

    LOL!! The “fans” were chanting MVP when Kobe was at the freethrow line. I just hopped George Blaha or Greg Kelser pointed that out, but they don’t got the guts to :P.

  20. Amer ican Prince

    even our announcers were up kobe’s sphincter. The matchup cam was freaking stupid. And Arron Afflalo is getting shafted. Constantly open, rarely rewarded. I hate Curry.

  21. gMac

    @American Prince
    You are all really pathetic.. Those ‘bastard’ fans are better fan than you and I will ever collectively be at everything.

    Chad wouldn’t speak ill of those Kobe chanting fans because they better than him..
    Maybe we should follow Chad’s example.



  22. DPnumbah32

    I told you the pistons would lose they dont have rip ai and rasheed hey ben ill join you on this one

  23. DPnumbah32


  24. Amer ican Prince


    maybe chad did have it right

  25. DPnumbah32

    I know we can beat the wizards and sixers

  26. DPnumbah32

    damn I HOPE we make it to the playoffs shit

  27. tycoon

    Can anybody tell when Rip is coming back?

  28. blamu2

    wooo hoo we are on 8th now

  29. CHAD

    Well i havent checked the boxscore but it sounds like things didnt go too well.

    blamu & augustlady – I’m saying you cant criticize him based soley on the fact he is way too good to play for the pistons ans youre being spiteful because of it.. You can call me an idiot if you want.. its the internet and youre entitled to your opinion, i think youre an idiot for thinking im an idiot.. but if youre over 13 years old you should know that your opinion is the only one that matters – i was merely stating mine.

    And keep your personal struggles to yourself please. I said AI is one of the best players in the game and it upsets me that detroit’s fans regard him as trash and you start talking about cancer.. There are far better places to get attention than need4sheed.com.

  30. Dre

    I agree with Chad…….. All haters of AI are just JEALOUS! Thats right. They’re mad because they’ll NEVER be as good as A.I. at the game of basketball. They’re left to cheer in the stands for the game that they with THEY had some “game” in. Curry and Co. ALL THE WAY!!!!!

  31. Dre

    but for real. The Pistons would be better with AI at the point with Dice/Maxiell setting screens for Hamilton. Whether AI dishes it to the open man, or RIP is open on a screen, the Pistons would come away with a bucket 6/10 times…. GUARANTEED. But of course Curry has agreed with Dumars to make this season a COMPLETE failure on behalf of the “pistons players”, so you cant get TOO mad (i guess)……..

  32. Amer ican Prince

    How about you all saying we’re jealous stop making it about the fans, and start focusing on the team.

    Stop idolizing AI. You’re in love with the name not the “talent”

  33. augustslady

    Dear child,I am not seeking attention merely stating
    that there are many types of courage and heart.
    Did I say anything negative about your hero?
    I have no grudge against anyone.
    I’ve been a detroit sports fan for over 40 years.
    Players and superstars come and go,loyalty and friendship and giving to all in your community should be first.
    It’s a game dear,sorry to have offended you with
    my life….Glad for every day I’m given.
    Hopefully I’ll have more years to try and make a difference every day!
    Because I want to not because I want attention!lol
    Only babies need attention constantly!

    Your words:A.I. is better at bball then you all will ever be at EVERYTHING.
    Sort of over the top don’t you think?
    Even for one with the wisdom of the ages such as yourself?lol
    Have a good one dear!


    Fire you know who!!!!


    Fire Curry!!!!!!!Fire Curry!!!!!!!Fire Curry!!!!!!!Fire Curry!!!!!!!Fire Curry!!!!!!!Fire Curry!!!!!!!Fire Curry!!!!!!!Fire Curry!!!!!!!

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