The Pistons Can’t Handle The Heat

by | Mar 22, 2009 | 36 comments

Guest Writer:

I would go as far as calling this one of the best games I have seen the Pistons play all year. Had it all: scoring, defense, drama, last second heroics…

Too bad that we lost, but as long as the effort is there everything is alright. We’ll get them next time. We could have pulled this one out if it wasn’t for one or two bad bounces in the Heat’s direction and a few bad calls. Don’t get upset about the referees here, everybody knows that superstars get all the whistles their way, just live with the effort.

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  • Burned!
  • I’m the 1st guy to tell you that Dwyane Wade doesn’t belong into the MVP debate, because his team isn’t good enough, but after today…well, it is hard to deny that this guy is special. Not like all-star special, nope, more like Hall of Fame, ‘one-of-the-best-scorers-to-ever-lace-’em-up‘-special. You got to give respect where respect is due. 39 points, 6 assists and 4 blocks. Total game-changer. He single-handedly won this game on both ends of the floor.
  • Lady Luck shined at the Heat today. They were lucky more times than not in the final minute of the game. Jermaine O’Neal’s jumper with 1 second left on the shot clock, Jermaine’s follow-up that pretty much was offensive goaltending not being called, the way Haslem got the elbow jumper, the bad bounce the ball took off O’Neal’s hands after the in-bounds pass and the way it ended up in Haslem’s hands for the final shot …man…them not being lucky on one of those possessions would have been a W for us.
  • Everybody has heard of Jamario Moon by now (or seen him on YouTube), but I didn’t know he could shoot threes like that. 3/5 and one bigger than the other. Sick!
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  • In your face!
  • We won, sorry, Maxiell and Dyess won the rebound war for us 36-29. Dyess grabbed a game-high 12 boards while Maxiell just crashed the offensive board – 6 out of his 7 rebounds kept possession alive for us. One rebound by Jason was unreal – the way he extended his arm to get it reminded me of the famous Dwight Howard alley-oop…
  • Rodney Stuckey showed the world that he is ready to take over. What a game by Stuck! He wasn’t the best #3 on the court tonight, but he held his own against a top 3 active player. 24 points – doing it all! Driving to the rim, hitting jump-shots – if only the whistles weren’t going the wrong way…
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  • Michael Curry put Walter Herrmann into the game with a few seconds left to stretch the floor for a Stuckey drive to get the lead back. Well, Stuckey drove and chose to pass it out to Herrmann who had an opportunity like this already twice this season and couldn’t take advantage of it…til today! Walter hit a big corner three to give us the lead! The crowd absolutely loved it.
  • Miami got their 1st lead in the 4th quarter. We let them hang around for too long and they burned us in the end. Too bad…
  • Kwame Brown - I can’t praise him enough. Maybe he is finally blossoming?  He played good against Yao, even better against the Clippers a few days later and now he delivered the goods against the Heat. A tied game-high +10 plus/minus and a few awesome moves in the post that totally surprised Jermaine O’Neal. Way to go, Kwame! 
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  • One call away…
  • I got used to superstars getting the calls when the game is close (even tho I don’t like it, but it is what it is), but why not be consistent on both ends of the floor at least? If Stuckey would have done that to Wade – Wade would be shooting free throws. No doubt about it.
  • You be the judge….out of bounds that’s for sure.



  1. Amber

    This loss is my fault. I (Detroit’s good luck charm) was not able to watch the game, and without my support, Detroit simply could not win. Sorry guys.

  2. KleenGee

    Great game. Momentum went with the Heat in the 4th. Curry waited forever to put in Maxiell. He owned Oneal.

    Does it seem like Stuckey wastes seconds when he is waiting to pass? I see him pick up his dribble and pause like there is all the time in the world. I’m not great at B-Ball, but it seems like he gets Stuck. Any ideas?

  3. Slim Shady

    dumb faggot Wade, he gets every call, not even Kobe would get those calls… the refs cost us the game, i was so pissed, i wanted to punch Wade in the face. i can’t even put into words how mad that made me. hopefully we’ll have rip and sheed back for tuesday, and maybe AI by next sunday

  4. Billups_0101

    That was such a huge a foul!! It really pisses me off when refs make terrible calls like that. Wade and Lebron both get ridiculous calls all the time.

  5. Jennifer

    I don’t care what it will say in the record books… we won that game!!!! Some very horrible calls/NON CALLS.

  6. The Fluidics

    It’s a sad state when teh coachiest thing Curry has done all season, is get thrown out of a game. Was kind of proud of him. A coach who gets teched is doing his job. Bad timing on though, but still.

  7. Wingspan

    I yelled at the refs on TV as loud as anyone, but watching the replay several times, I’m very impressed by how well Wade defended that drive. The contact was with his right forearm, and he managed to get “all ball” twice. That, and he seemed to dance just inside the line when saving the ball (maybe he grazed the line). I think you’re allowed to give the player you’re defending a little forearm and you’re allowed to hit their hand slightly after blocking the ball, if you cleanly got the ball.

    That said, that was the kind of skillful defensive play that Rasheed makes all the time, and very often he does get called for the foul, and a tech for his reaction. Also that flop by DWade was egregious, and I’m very dissappointed that the goaltending call was missed.

    Worst of all, I hated knowing that we were going to lose the game, even after Hermann’s 3, because we didn’t have a Superstar™ on the court.

  8. Ryan

    Wade was out of bounds 🙁

  9. andrew

    im prolly as angry as anyone else but comon, that last possesion was awful by us, did we even have a set play?

    i remember detroit running single and double screens for RIP or chauncey and a kickback to sheed for 3. but that last play was pathetic

    tay just passed the ball to stuck and he stupidly drove into the lane hopin for a foul and it didnt happen, a lot of times refs let players play if its a competitive match up like wallace/garnett or shaq and howard/yao, they let them play eventhough they could call a foul and this time they didnt and stuckey didnt score.

    espn commentating was terrible but i agree with them, everytime we had a 9+ point lead we could have put miami away but we didnt and at the end they caught up and beat us, dont worry, wade wont smile for longer…they will get killed by atlanta or orland in the first round

  10. Noa Daniely

    Great game, even though the loss.
    Another great article that made by Vladan & Martin 🙂
    I like what yo’ve done to the pic, very nice !

  11. Ken

    Can someone tell Gundy to shut the fk up???!!!!

  12. Franz

    Great game, agree with you guys.

    Curry really stuck up for the team.

    Just one word to describe the officiating and the whole game: Wow.

  13. Franz

    Please somebody that has any connections to the NBA send in two videos:

    First video, where Afflalo is getting called for a foul, for literally touching Wade in the third, and the then the other video, where Stuckey drives to the basket (last second shot) and Wade “blocks” his shot, or another for example, where Wade “blocks” Afflalo’s shot.


  14. dunkonu

    I totally agree with you, Andrew, our last play was awful. Giving Rodney the ball top of the key and telling the other guys to watch him drive to the rim isn’t exactly a good play.

    Maybe we should have gone to Tay who abused Jamario Moon all day long…

    Remember how Wade ‘blocked’ Afflalo? I always thought the shooter should be able to land on his feet after the shot. Not sure if a running tackle is a regular NBA play…

  15. Fariduddin

    Wade Wade Wade! this cat is amazing, but he gets every call. i was pissed. the pervious two games.. i was proud of the Pistons effort. they are missing vital parts, but still gave it all they had. Dyce, Tay, Bynum, Stucky, Max, K. Brown, Herrmann, etc are playing with passion. i think thats all we ask from our Pistons! however, this game on SUnday.. was a joke.. and really do believe that major money is put on certain games and playoff positioning. call me crazy.. but every call they made againts us was crucial and seemed to be right on time for the Heat. come Playoff time.. i think many will be shocked how the Pistons perform. Allen and Sheed are getting good rest.. and once Ivo comes back we will have a person that can score buckets off teh bench… but Ivo must be committed!

  16. Richie

    Yeah, any of us could play in the NBA and get 4 blocks a game as gaurds if we were allowed to tackle people and get away with it. We’d probably each score in double figures too if we got to shoot free throws whnever another players hand brushed against us.

  17. Amer ican Prince

    guys everyone is always saying we get away with calls too cause of our physical play. It’s not superstar calls.

    The only way i was sure he was out of bounds was cause the announcers said so, otherwise i would have just guessed.

    The fact is that was the worst set play in the final few seconds I’ve seen these last few years, as a couple of you pointed out above.

    I don’t believe Curry was standing up for the team, I think he was just pissed cause he knows he is in way over his head. And the pressure is getting to him. Jerk ruined Dyess’s chance to get a ring

    Anyway great recap, you guys are doing a great job holding down the site.

  18. CONE (Mexico)

    We are playing great, as I said before the blue collar pistons are back, but we really need our 3 all-stars, does anyone knows when are they comming back? As D-Wade, we’re stepping out of bounds in the Playoff field so those guys are needed… Go Pistons let’s get it togheter for the last games of the season.

  19. Serbiaz Piston

    I was so pissed after the game! That was a clear foul by Wade and also stepping out of bounds! It was so obvious… The people from haven’t even put that last second shot from Stuckey in the recap video,because everyone saw that foul, except the refs of course…

    P.S. Sorry for my English 🙂


  20. DWILL313

    Miceal Curry may be a cool guy, and he may love the game of basketball, and may know a lot about it. But the man’s calling was NOT to be a coach, I’m sorry. He make the most horrible decisions I have ever seen. Ok, so Wade is getting all the calls, bull or not, if u the coach, u see that its going that way. Wade has allready blocked Stuckey like 3 times. Once u saw that the one man on the floor the refs refuse to make a call against is gaurding the man u want to take the last shot, change your damn game plan! Go some where else! You know Wade is gonna try and block it, and u know Stuckey is NOT gonna get that whistle. Why take a chance like that? That’s just not smart. If u playing the Rockets, don’t have Tay take the last shot on Artest, don’t have Rip take the shot on Kobe, I mean come on! Stuckey may be our guy, but to the rest of the world, he is a NOBODY. Simply a replacement for the lost of Billups, no one to take serious. He not the MAN yet!

  21. Amy

    Regardless of the play call, the foul was still made. Whether Curry drew up an awful play or not, that does not change the fact the Stuck was clearly fouled. It also does not change the fact that the rebound was out of bounds. The refs were terrible the ENTIRE game. That foul on Arron when he put his hand on Wade’s arm was ridiculous. How can anyone say that’s a foul when what Wade did to Afflalo and Stuckey was 100 times worse and not even called?

    On a side note, VanGundy was probably the most one sided announcer I’ve ever heard. Did anybody else find it really hard to listen to this game? I hate when they don’t play have the games on FSN or FSN+.

  22. Nate

    I don’t know…I guess I’m still missing the defense of the 04 Pistons. Superstars had the refs in their pockets, but there was no way they were getting an easy drive to the lane without a block or hard foul. That’s what I love about Maxiell, he dont’ care who you are or if he could possibly be dunked on, he will contest your shot.

    It’s just hard to watch the NBA game when superstars have such an advantage with the refs. As great as Wade is, it’s unfair that guys like Afflalo cannot try to play quality defense on the guy without the whistle being blown. No wonder these guys average 30 plus a game.

  23. sadfsdfa

    i want iverson back!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. king23

    D-Wade did foul Afflalo but that last second shot on Stuckey mmmm not so much. I find it was mostly body contact and good defense. Wade is my favorite player but I will admit he gets ghosts calls but if your an NBA player and you get the fouls are you really going to complain? Can’t hate the man for playing.

    As for the final play itself, that should have been done in the rockets game. Don’t put the final shot against an MVP candidate. If anything Tayshaun in the post or spot catch and shoot for McDyess, thats his bread and butter.

  25. Serbiaz Piston

    @ Nate: As Sheed once said: “That shit ain’t basketball out there. It’s all f*cking entertainment. You all should know that shit. It’s all f*cking entertainment.”

  26. Max-Aholic

    Not a foul, I hate Wade but he jammed the ball low first and then got the block. I would have been just as happy with that play if one of our guys did it. Stuck was fading away too. Just another dumb play from Stuckey trying to show up his idol. I think Wade has five or six blocks on Stuckey alone. It was mostly another shitty play called be Curry. I’m glad I like the Lakers again, I don’t get as pissed off when I have two favorite teams.

    Next years coaching prediction, Laimbeer at head, with Mahorn and Isiah at his side. Theres three cats that don’t take any shit and know the game.

  27. Nate

    @Serbiaz: Couldn’t agree more with Sheed’s comment. The NCAA is basketball in it’s best form, and it transitions to entertainment with the NBA. That’s how Stern wants it though. That’s why I know he’d rather not have teams like the Pistons and Spurs win championships.

  28. chaldo-pistons

    i have 2 admit that dwayne wade beat the detroit pistons , blocks and points , he burned us , n now chicago bulls are right behind us , shame shame shame !!!

  29. juneyboy

    The fact of the matter is, THIS GAME was taken by the refs who were so blatant in their bias against the Pistons that it was clear as day that the officials gave this game to Dwayne Wade and the Miami Heat on a silver platter. Simple as that. It amazes me how people are constantly talking about the poorly drawn up last play, how Curry is a poor coach, Stuckey’s last shot selection, how badly we played during a certain stretch of the game or how we squandered the lead away. Well both teams had turnovers. The games coming up tommorrow teams will have turnovers and bad coaching decisions and techs and missed shots and missed free throws and yes, even missed calls. If the Pistons are going to lose then let it be for one of these reasons. Not because some Piston hating referees decided the game. They were exposed on national tv for all to see. Their bias knew no bounds or shame.

  30. Fariduddin

    its tuesday and i’m still upset about sunday! its really amazing that the reffs protect superstars and don’t approach the game calls with objectivity! please note that i am a fan of Wade (i’m from chicago and we are proud of chicago products), but i am even more of a fan of a quality basketball game. like i noted above.. during teh TX swing i was proud of teh effort the Pistons showed and i wasn’t too upset about the lost. but sunday’s game is bothering me a great deal.. we don’t know exactly what Curry called for that play.. maybe the players didn’t execute the play the correct way an the play was broken up..? , but the fact remains that Stuckey was fouled (the replay will show Wade’s off hand pushing Stuck off balance). it is what it is…, but i think we all should be honest and show some balls and convey what needs to be stated! Some NBA games and numerous playoff games are fixed! During the 80’s and 90’s — the team that put forth the best effort won teh game. after 1998 anyone that follows the games must question the obvious. remember 2006! Dallas played their ass off.. and during a crucial game Wade shot way too many free throws… and critical foul was called with seconds remaining! WE AS FANS NEED TO STOP BEING PUNKS AND DEMAND THAT GAMES ARE CALLED WITH AN EVEN HANDED APPROACH!

  31. MountZion

    I cant’t believe DunkonU gives credit to Wade for being a flopper and a fag..I didnt read the comments but I guess it has been said a lot of times:this game was a fucking fluke. The ref was a fucking moron and made bad calls ALL NIGHT LONG.That one scene just comes to my mind when Aaron slightly touched Wade’s arm, while he was dribbling the ball….FOUL….are you fucking KIDDING me??That call made no sense whatsoever.I went insane b/c of that and there were scenes just like that throughout the whole game. Its destroying the game when gay fucks like Wade get those horrible calls every single time.And I dont even have to talk about the last play..
    Jesus Christ..and these condescending, cocky comments that Wade always makes after games. I mean, is there any player in the league that deserves a harder punch in his fucking face with his stupid smile?? And Wade is an MVP Candidate? Are you fucking kidding me? Without those calls he’s not better than Stuck..I could drop a dozen names that deserve that MVP trophy more than gay ass Wade. So please folks..lets stop praising such faggots for playing the way they play: like faggots! MVP my ass…the Heats do not even belong in the playoffs for god’s of the most overrated teams in the league.

  32. fred_graz


  33. MountZion

    Oh I just read some comments, and I guess I do have to talk about the last scene: That play was nothing less than a good, clear FOUL. Cmon people, how can you even argue about that. There is no fucking way that you cannot give a foul in this situation. Watch that scene again (even though you should’ve seen it immediately after the replay). OK when I think about it, youre right. It wasn’t a foul….THERE WERE PLENTY OF FUCKING FOULS in that scene:
    1. Throughout the whole play, while Rodney was driving to the basket, Wade was holding him like a monkey baby holding on to his monkey mother.
    2. When Stuck got up, Wade’s left hand is fucking holding him down so hard..I mean..LOOK FUCKING CLOSELY..thats a clear foul as well
    3. While he’s in the air, his right arm and his whole body leans towards stuckey, like he’s trying to hump him!
    3. and of course when Rodney releases the ball, and Wade made that “Tremendous” defensive play…cmon…60 percent hand, 40 percent ball.

    THAT SCENE was symbolic for the whole game. The referees in the league are a joke..

  34. MountZion

    Somehow I cant restrain myself..gotta say this quickly:
    Dont blame Curry you fools. That play was flawless. Rodney was hot, driving to the basket whenever he wanted to. That should always be one the first options when we’re in pressure situations. Iso play for Rodney. Sure there are other plays which aren’t worse, such as Tay posting up Moon. BUt its always easier to say this afterwards. There was nothing wrong with the play. So Stop complaining about Curry. Hes doing what he can.

    And Van gundy proved once again that he’s a complete idiot. No team should punish itself and hire this incompetent retard as a coach.

  35. dave

    superstar calls are one thing, but wade and lebron are on a different level. they’re allowed to do anything on defense and get bailed out on offense

  36. MikeHawk

    Fuck DWade he is good player but LeBron is better and the ’09 MVP and Stuckey is going to be wayyyyyy better than Dwade


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