Pistons vs. Mavericks

by | Mar 17, 2009 | 18 comments

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The Pistons take on the 40-27 Mavericks tonight in Dallas.  I apologize for my very late and concise game thread, but I guess late is better than nothing.

Tip off is at 8:30 PM and will be locally broadcast of FSN.  If you can’t catch the game on television you can listen live on 1130 AM WDFN or follow the action live over at NBA.COM.

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  1. Jon

    rip’s out with a groin injury…not looking too good

  2. ben

    is he gonna be out tmrw too?

  3. pistonsfan101

    I just came here to ask what happened to Rip…
    damn! We in Pistons white though!

  4. iverson310fan

    we r fucked
    no rip

  5. ben

    does anybody know how long hes out?

  6. Zachatollah

    4 out of 5 of tonight’s starters were bench players on opening night. I wonder how often that has happened?

  7. Slim Shady

    noooo ripppp shittt…. we cant have any seed worse than the 6th or we are fu***d for the playoffs, we have to beat philadelphia

  8. Dre

    Hmmmm. With all the depth yall have on this team, i wouldnt expect yall to get “blown out”, but winning majority of these games without arguably 3 of your best players will probably be a challenge. 2K9 says that Prince is your best bet…. Good luck. 😉

  9. Slim Shady

    dang we played good without rip sheed and AI, but not good enough, oh well. i hope rip’s testicals are feeling better and sheed gets better soon, and i hope AI’s meeting with his doctors from Georgetown tomorrow goes really well.

  10. pistonsfan101

    I applaud this effort by the shorthanded Detroit Pistons. We did not win but we played our hearts out! Excellent game!

  11. Richie

    I agree with Pistonsfan101

  12. Th3 Answ3r

    Lol Slim Shady. The way you wrote & used the word “testicals” made me laugh :P.

  13. pistonsfan101

    ok is anyone else getting annoyed by Rodney Stuckey? Cause I can’t STAND HIM anymore!!! BYNUM DESERVES HIS SPOT!!! I know he’s gonna be good later on, but i have NO IDEA why he’s playing the way he is… he makes me nervous everytime hes in the game. we suck with him … bynum goes with the flow. stuckey is ME ME ME ….. its so frustrating

  14. shab

    lmao on testicles. but with three of their best players out, they did very well. just hope all three are back befor playoffs start

  15. Amer ican Prince

    pistonsfan101 that’s the same thing people were saying about stuckey last year. Chauncey is washed up put Stuckey in the starting lineup. The problem is Will Bynum plays well cause no one’s planning for him. Last year people didn’t watch out for Stuckey now you better believe he’s in the scouting report.

  16. pistonsfan101

    American Prince, I understand that teams are planning for Stuckey now. BUT, one would think that he would have adjusted to it by now. I mean, after his 40 poinr performance earlier this year and then winning player of the week… teams started to notice… but when was that??? back in december or january? seriously????? ALSO … idk if anyone else saw this, but after his 40 point performance he made this little comment to Ryan Field about how he wants to be a superstar in this league… and ever since then … he has SUCKED. I think he got soaked up in personal accomplishment, and now hes hurting the team.

  17. neo

    Stuckey sucks!!! He don’t deserve to be in starting lineup. go to hell, i mean bench~!!!

  18. augustslady

    Not sure about stucky….
    I think it’s a mental thing.
    I believe he has the physical skills and talent
    but when times are tough the tough get going!
    What separates some players from others.
    Hope all our players are better soon.


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