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by | Mar 16, 2009 | 17 comments

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  • The Pistons have a Need 4 Sheed, but he wont be back just yet.  No Texas swing for Roscoe.
  • George Blaha reflects on Mr. Davidson on the Deminski and Doyle show. (Audio)
  • 10 most hated players in the NBA
  • Mr. D did things the right way.
  • Still a little upset by this. But you have to give credit to Darko.
  • Bynum adding a spark.
  • Iverson to be reevaluated on Wednesday in Georgetown…should we start taking bets on his return? “Every day I come in here, we ask about Allen,” Curry said. “He knows that. He’s almost in a no-win situation. He doesn’t want to be the story. He doesn’t want his injury or him coming off the bench to be a distraction or anything to the team. He just wants to win, get into the playoffs and compete for a title.” Via MLive
  • Still can’t believe we lost to Memphis.
  • The Pistons are one game back of the Sixers, the standings don’t look good for Detroit right now.  Especially with a back to back in Texas Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • This is just one of the reasons why I appreciated Mr. Davidson. And that’s no Bullshit.



  1. Colton Keck

    This sucks that sheed isn’t going to suit up, thats all i wanted to do is see my favorite player and now it may not happen, i spent 8 bills to get front row seats to see them play the mavs , and my new sheed kicks, but no sheed , shit is weak. We better win i hate dallas more than any team.

  2. andrew

    k im gonna give up on the 4th spot in the east but comon, let them get the 5th at least, we have a history of beatin orlando but id rather get atlanta in the first round for some reason

  3. mobius909

    did anyone read the power rankings this week on it said that darko had a double double in 20 min against… get this… the team he LED to an NBA championshisp. in the words of mr. davidson… that’s some bullshit goin’ on.

  4. chad

    Top 10 hated players in the NBA, Children who don’t know a thing about basketball edition.. …

    #1, Allen Iverson.

  5. Amer ican Prince

    I thought Sheed was gonna be on that list or somethig. Glad he wasn’t. Didn’t really agree with the list, there was a couple that should of been on there and others not. Kendrick Perkins, Anderson Varajo, off the top of my head of who should of been on there.

    Darko is the man, you can’t stop him, you can only hope to contain him! haha

    The passing is awful. Even though I always thought Rip was the best passer on the team, he is having to many assists. This means he has the ball in hands WAYY too much, especially considering he’s more a catch and shoot player.

  6. Tim

    Good for Darko. He never got a real chance in Detroit.

  7. Tim

    Good for Darko. He was never given a real chance in Detroit.

  8. Amber

    I like the top 10 hate list; it’s pretty accuarate. However, they are missing Lebitch. How could they forget about him? Also, Paulina Pierce needs to be moved way up, maybe to 3 and Kevina can go to #2.

  9. Amber

    Oh, and they can add another Celtic. What’s the guy’s name that pushed Maxy down as a result of playing dirty? Hmmmm his name isn’t important enough to remember, but I certainly do not like him.

  10. Natalie Sitto

    Just so you know here was my list, none of whom made it.

    In no specific order

    Kendrick Perkins
    Anderson Varejao
    Andres Nocioni
    Ron Artest and
    Rasheed Wallace( not because I hate him, it was because the question was, who do you think the most hated players are) Shocked and Happy Sheed didn’t make the list.

    I would have added Ricky Davis and a couple of others but they only asked for 5.

  11. Tru Piston Patriots United

    By children, you mean rational men and women who don’t even follow the league anymore because it’s a laughingstock of retarded substance fit for a dog’s dinner.

    NBA = Alpo.

    AI = a breath mint.

  12. Amer ican Prince

    Didn’t nocioni bust tayshaun in the face a couple years ago?

  13. CHAD

    Noone ever said the NBA has substance.. Its a means of entertainment. Bonus points if the viewers are physically capable of playing the game themselves, which, generally, they are not.

    I think I misunderstood your original post.. I thought it was more AI slander when, in fact, it appears to be mocking the anti-AI sentiment of the common Detroit “fan.”

    Cheers to that.

  14. ben

    damn that guy that posted the first post i feel ya man im goin to the game in houston on wednesday and have been lookin forward to watchin my boy tear it up but no its fuckin bullshit

  15. Mousey

    Who here also hates Robert Horry?


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