Pistons vs. Grizzlies

by | Mar 15, 2009 | 26 comments

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The Pistons take on the 16-48 Memphis Grizzlies in an early afternoon game at The Palace of Auburn Hills. An early Sunday game shouldn’t play a big factor in the outcome of this game, although the fact that the team is down two key players in Allen Iverson and Rasheed Wallace may, especially since the Pistons’ last two games went to overtime.

The good news is not only do the Pistons look like the team we are accustomed to, they are starting to feel like it.

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“Some games we do feel like the old Pistons,” forward Antonio McDyess said. “We’ve got each other’s backs, playing free and having fun. For a while it’s been that way, since we’ve had Rip in the lineup.”

McDyess wants Hamilton to keep his starting job even when Iverson returns.

“We’ve got to keep it the way it is,” he said. “We’ve only lost (two) games with him in the lineup. He’s been sharing the ball like a point guard, which is not his strength, and really scoring, also. With the energy he brings, it’s like we have more confidence in ourselves now.” Via NBA.com

Meanwhile Richard Hamilton is putting up monster numbers since his return to the starting lineup averaging 24.9 points and 7.6 assists.

The Good/Bad and More

  • The Grizzlies haven’t beaten the Pistons since a 101-79 home victory Jan. 6, 2005.
  • The Grizzlies have lost four straight and 12 of 13.
  • Darko can’t even get time on the Grizzlies although he did put up a double-double on Wednesday for them.

Tip off 1:00 PM at the Palace of Auburn Hills and will be broadcast locally on FSN Detroit. If you can’t watch the broadcast you can listen live on 1130 AM WDFN or follow the game audio or watch the live stats over at NBA.com.

A moment of silence for Mr. Davidson at The Palace he built.



  1. Slim Shady

    i sadly feel another close game with a terrible team.

  2. umair

    they are gonna step it up with the pssing of mr. d

  3. ill neva stop


  4. ill neva stop

    sad day when ur gettin murked by memphis

  5. ill neva stop

    lol darko is MURDERING amir johnson..yet u all speak like hes the next garnett..tools.

  6. Natalie Sitto

    I’ll take Amir over Darko any day of the week…

  7. Slim Shady

    hasn’t AI already been out 2 weeks

  8. augustslady

    Well this stinks….
    Sick with impacted sinuses,and now this…
    What the huh?
    Thought they might give it their all for Mr. D.
    Mybe it had the opposite affect?
    Oh well…go pistons finish this game strong!

  9. Justin

    8 minutes left.

    Grizzlies 75
    Pistons 74

    Great comeback.

    I think even the silence as Mason was talking about Mr. D was an awesome show of respect for Mr. D. May you rest in peace Mr. D.

  10. ill neva stop

    not me, id take darko any day over that bean pole amir.

  11. ill neva stop

    wow way to play in bills memory! losing to memphis..BUMS!

  12. chad

    We can blame this loss on AI too…. hes such a cancer.

  13. ill neva stop

    This whole team is a cancer lol..trade em all.

  14. Chungi

    hamilton missed the free three…wow…

  15. what?

    Stuck does pick the worst times to turn over the ball. Down by one 1:30 to go and looses it.

  16. Chris

    wow. I cant believe they lost this game. Really early game here in New Zealand so I missed it. Sixers are now half a game ahead of the Pistons.

  17. ben

    that wasnt his fault rip touched it last could have had

  18. altan

    R.I.P. Bill Davidson

    Thanks for all you have done .

  19. CBG

    haha the game thread and everything written before the game is quite comical to look back on now….. this team just isnt good, and it has nothing to do with AI

  20. Th3 Answ3r

    R.I.P Mr. Davidson…

  21. ...

    I’m shocked Rip missed those last two clutch jumpers.

    And I’m shocked Afflalo got called against.

    Shocked we lost

  22. chaldo-pistons

    dont be shocked buddy , its a loss , and im not surprised if we dont make it 2 the playoffs , grizlies? in our house? they fukked us , wat a shame i swear 2 god this is not right, darko looks like a crackheaded albanian

  23. Ken

    HOW DID WE LOSE??????????!!!!!!!!!!!


    We need Chris Bosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. augustslady

    The whole team are bums?
    Trade them all?
    My someone is having a disgruntled day?
    The game could of gone either way…I was glad they at least showed a little spunk.
    We have a kinder couch,no reason THIS team minus chauncey should be losing this many.
    We undestand it is not all M.C.’s fault but some very
    questionable coaching especially with the close games.Think we can expect a down couple of years.
    Still love my pistons though,45 years and counting!lol

  25. ...

    I just find it strange we get rid of Flip and Chauncy so we can win it all (since we made it close yet never got it before) and now that they’re gone, we might not even get to the playoffs.

    How can anyone argue that that’s a good call?

  26. CONE (Mexico)

    We now have a NEED 4 SHEED and AI too, the Pistons have brought their old game style back, but those two players are too important for the Pistons, Rasheed is a threat Inside-Outside and of course the defensive presence, and AI… well we need a BIG scoring punch from the bench and that’s what AI it’s gonna bring, so we need’em right now. Ugly half week we will have. Hopefully we can get 1 out of 2


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