The Pistons vs. The Magic

by | Mar 9, 2009 | 40 comments

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The Pistons take on the 46-16 Orlando Magic tonight at the Palace.  The Magic, one of the only teams that Detroit has truly been able to dominate of late will surely like to come into town and avenge both of their losses to Detroit this season. Since losing to the Pistons 93-85 in Orlando on Feb. 27, the Magic have won four straight.

The Magic, who are now a team to beat in the east have lost eight of the last 10 regular season meetings with Detroit and eight of the last nine postseason contests between the clubs.

Let’s hope we see another one of these tonight.


Tip off is at 7:30 PM at the Palace of Auburn Hill and will be locally broadcast on FSN. If you can’t catch the broadcast you can tune into 1130 AM WDFN. If you can’t do either, follow the game live or listen to the stream over at

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  1. Grant the Aussie

    Lets hope they can take care of home.

  2. Zachatollah

    So far, we’ve had Dwight Howard crowing “Ball don’t lie!” after a missed Sheed free throw, and not getting the calls he wants on the offensive end.

    The Pistons get up for the Magic. I hope the trend continues.

  3. Russian_Pistons

    One of the most boring game so far. Stuckey is lazy, RIP shoot bad shots, Herrman is just awful. BTW, how could someone like him in Detroit? I’ve seen tons of games in Euroleague – he’s just an ordinary player. No defence, weak and slow footwork, no shot. A u kidding me to love him? May be you are not, but for sure that’s not because of his bball skills.

  4. Mark B.

    @ Russian_Pistons: Everything you’ve said about this game has been disproved…lol

  5. The Fluidics

    Howard just said it again.
    He suits Orlando perfectly.

  6. VJ

    I think its safe to say we have seen a couple “jam supremes” from maxi today. And props to Kwame and Dyess too for playing like absolute monsters.

    PS the russian guy should be an analyst…NOT

  7. Russian_Pistons

    2 Mark B.

    Really? May be just one thing – Rip set a career -high in assists. ))) Herrman doesn’t play D. Dice plays with unbelievable heart.

  8. FUCK

    damn referees are sucking this dying crime-ridden sucker city team allnight long….
    detroit is stillthe worst city toliveinusa, themoren

  9. Nate

    Beat Orlando again! We’ve made a hell of a statement in the past two weeks beating some of the powerhouses in the East.

  10. blamu2

    This is starting to be funny. We are to Orlando what Utah is to us

  11. Amer ican Prince

    Man the bigs were amazing, Kwame Dyess Max. And Tay played well. The one thing about this game is the HORRIBLE offense. We made shots but they were hard and the whole night the offense was just ugly, I blame Curry and the guards for not seeing the floor. Rip did nice with assists but still, something was missing. We could of blown this team out.

  12. skip3

    What a game!! Too bad I missed the 4th watching Heroes. I’ll have to see all the highlights and every Kwame touch!

  13. pistonsfan101

    One fact: we took 91 shots and magic took 64.. we should have won by a HUGE margin but I am still happy we won! DETROIT BASKETbALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

  14. Natalie Sitto

    Great game all around from all the guys…Rip and Dyess stepped up big time.


  15. LiamJones

    Heroes or Pistons (game of the year?)…

    I choose Pistons game every time.

    Ice for Dyess should be a slogan this season more than ever. Dyess = Blue Collar, straight up heart.

  16. Grant the Aussie

    Why game of the year? (sucks being in australia sometimes lol)

  17. ben

    does anybody know if rasheeds injury is serious and how long he will be out i got tickets for next weeeks game in houston and hes pretty much the only reason i wanna go

  18. Metah

    hey natalie, why werent you at the game in person? dont you like work for the pistons?

  19. shab

    this win was awesome but now the pistons dont have rasheed and iverson. it might get tough..

  20. Natalie Sitto

    No I don’t work for the Pistons….just a fan like everyone else. Season ticket holder for years don’t go to every game but go to plenty. Mad I missed this one in person!

  21. The Fluidics

    Sentinel fans are back to blaming the refs…

    In a regular season game….

    On their third loss of the season to Detroit…

    Because the Pistons “own” the refs…….

  22. chaldo-pistons

    SUPPORT OUR TEAM !!! russian piston fan all ure doing is putting our players down n talking shyt about the team , the way i see it we played BEAUTIFUL nd without rasheed wallace ? comon now our bench did very well , maxie was a beast , dyess as always he plays with heart n rip 29 tay 20 wat more bad things can u say about the team u idiot , we played great and guess wat WE GOT A “W” N thats all that matters kiddo 😉 go pistons and wish them the best of luck 🙂 DETROIT BASKETBALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Dominic

    If Herrmann does another one of those Connie Hawkins layups ima have to get his jersey. Throwback son!

  24. Baby Eater

    those refs were horrendous tonight, i went to the game and the no calls they gave the magic, as well as that no call on the offensive goaltend on howard…are you kidding me!?!?!?!?! great game j-max, kwame, dyess, played like MONSTERS!

  25. Mark

    If this game doesn’t get a Natalie style recap I’m going to be sad.

  26. andrew

    that triple offensive rebound by mcdyess was ridiculous, i call it for pistons play of the year

  27. mannie32

    hey nat… the recap of the game starts off with the tag line “no need for sheed” haha, a lil shout out to your website again i believe

    what a game, so happy i was able to watch it… the last few weeks reminded me of the good old days… we’;ve had some tough games, where we’re down in the 4th b ut we still grind out a win… we just couldnt do that during the “AI era”… we’d just collapse when there was pressure… not anymore, this is great

    the boston game was fun as hell, the denver game was a thing of beauty, and tonite was another classic

  28. Keven

    Deres always a need 4 sheed 😛

  29. ben

    if it wasnt for sheed doin his job on howard while he was in there to begin with who knows maybe we lose

  30. Ruy

    Maybe the Pistons should settle for the sixth spot in the East to beat these guys in the playoffs again, hahaha.

  31. spencer

    pistons is better without ALLEN IVERSON. its exciting and fun to watch and there winning!

  32. Kyle

    before the game started i wondered what the implications would be if will bynum really proves that he can run this team. sadly it looks like he can run it better than ai and that’s going to cause further controversy.

    we may be a better team when we play our style of ball, but i still think we’ll need ai to produce if we’re still convincing ourselves that we’re a title contender.

    things are good now, but our troubles are far from over.

  33. augustslady

    Good win,and to F we here in the D don’t feed trolls!
    Go back ubder your bridge!lol

  34. augustslady

    OOPSIE,under not ubder fingers not attached to my brain this morning!lol

  35. gMac

    Anyone else here thinking maybe AI will break this nice chemistry here?

    Btw, why didn’t we play Amir. I’m not saying he’s good, but Magic and Hawks all have a ‘small’ PF. Would it be better to have Amir take some of the minutes, so we could throw all the other big man on Howard?

    Walter also gets killed by small guards on D. If you gonna play him and Tay, make sure you run post up for them every time. Or else give Affalo some minutes.

    MC’s IQ is still questionable.

  36. Shina

    That was a great post…I love this site…Thanks

  37. Chinese Porcelain

    Orlando Magic, keep Moving, I am a fun of yur team.!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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