Iverson out for at least two weeks

by | Mar 4, 2009 | 111 comments

“The Detroit Pistons announced today that guard Allen Iverson will miss the next two weeks due to a sore back at the request of doctors at Georgetown University. Iverson’s condition was evaluated at Georgetown today and it was recommended that he suspend basketball related activities for two weeks. He will not travel with the team to prevent stress on his back and will be re-evaluated again by the doctors at Georgetown following the conclusion of the two-week period.

The doctors at Georgetown University have been in contact with the Pistons’ medical staff and Iverson will begin treatment for his sore back upon his return to Detroit on Thursday” Via Pistons.com

One question….
Will Iverson play another game in a Pistons uniform?
Bash me all you want….I smell something fishy.


  1. skip3

    Best news of the season!

    Just hope he gets back and we can get the bench lineup utilized to its maximum potential.

  2. Juice

    Feel bad for AI.
    Hope he gets his ice before retiring.

  3. Jrpolaczyk

    AI is the new Marbury…

    but we are SO much better without him.

  4. anonymous

    stop hating AI.. IT’S NOT HIS FAULT..

    i wish him well.. i felt a sore back when i was in varsity basketball.. trust me i can’t even get up from bed..

    you guys stop thinking so bad to someone who’s hurt.. if you guys don’t stop you have to experience your own sore back.. lets see..

  5. anonymous

    stop hating AI.. IT’S NOT HIS FAULT..

    i wish him well.. i felt a sore back when i was in varsity basketball.. trust me i can’t even get up from bed..

    you guys stop thinking so bad to someone who’s hurt.. if you guys don’t stop you should experience your own sore back.. lets see..

  6. Clinton

    Best News Iv Heard! I Never Wanted Billups Gone!

  7. Mike

    We beat Boston Magic and the Nuggets without him im not to sad about this.

  8. pistons 4 life

    That is kind of wierd. But I’ve heard plenty of people say don’t question an athlete when they say they’re hurt because they probably are. He did seem like he was in a lot of pain when it happened in that Miami game.

    All that aside. I think his absence will be good for the team so they can build up some chemistry again. Then when he comes back, everything will be established and hopefully he can fill his role off the bench. (and have a good attitude about it)

  9. tripog

    i dont think he is hurt, this is the same stunt he pulled with the sixers said he had back spasms and couldnt play, three or four days later he came out and said it was best if the team and him went different ways.

  10. tripog

    • Dec. 6, 2006: Iverson heads to the locker room for the fourth quarter of a 121-94 loss to the Chicago Bulls. The reason given for his leaving the game is back spasms.

    • Dec. 8, 2006: Iverson is told by the team not to attend that night’s game against Washington. Iverson releases a statement that reads in part, “As hard as it is to admit, a change may be the best thing for everyone.” Ed Snider, the chairman of Comcast-Spectacor, the team’s owners, says Iverson will be traded and has likely played his last game as a Sixer.


  11. noname

    W/E Next! Allen “Play through injuries unless I’m coming of the bench Iverson can go back home and work on his game for next season. He won’t have trouble doing that b/c all he needs is himself.

  12. tripog

    waive him buy out his contract on the cheap, sign a big. so whos out there for good free agent bigs?

  13. augustslady

    Agreed this smells funny,hope he gets better but
    sounds rather ominus to me?
    We shall see in any event.
    Either way wish him the best,weather it’s healing up his back or riding out a tantrum!lol

  14. Juice

    To all the people who say we won 3 games without AI.
    We won 8 games straight – with AI and much of them without Rip or Sheed. Just saying…

  15. Junior

    everyone stop hating on A.I..Its not all his fault..did you ever think of Michael Currry..rookie coach who cant make up his mind if his life depended on it..theres to many shift chnaged in our line up every 3 weeks and he never knows what to do and A.I is a good player but he dosent move the ball alot thats it..he averages the same points as chauncey does with denver..18..anyhoo richard hamilton is th best one on the team..him and chaincey were sick together..and when they get older 32 and 1 will be retired.. i promise

  16. tripog

    against losing teams… we also lost what 8 straight against winning teams with ai…

  17. rosco

    The best thing he has done all season. He had to go ALL the way to Georgetown to get evaluated. Interesting.
    Allen: Tell them I need two weeks, so that way I can act like I’m easing my way and coming off the bench is the best way to get my groove.
    Doctor: I don’t know?

  18. Juice

    Allen is a Piston weather you like it or not. I bet the same people who were hating on Billups are hating on AI now and wishing they could get CB back. You all arnt real fans man. Your all fake.
    People hating on Stuck, Sheed, Walter and everyone else all the time. Find a new team then. Support the mother fucking players or go watch golf.

  19. tripog

    lol I do support the team, i do not support AI’s anti team actions

  20. Sleepy Crayfish

    All of you chumps calling this “great news” or “the best thing he’s done all season” are despicable. The man’s been evaluated by at least three doctors, all of whom have said he’s injured, and you’re jumping for joy and calling him a crybaby? You people give Pistons fans a bad name. Shameful, ignorant display.

  21. pistons 4 life

    I agree it could be something fishy, but I’m not going to even go down that road until I hear something official.

    Either way, if they keep playing the way they have without him who really cares? Bottom line, I want to see this team win basketball games.

  22. tripog

    actually all but one said he was cleared to play. i trust detroits trainers more then AI henchmen doctors

  23. lamar

    ALLEN IVERSON (besides dyess) has played the hardest and tried the most. its just coaching. THINK ABOUT IT: with the talent of the team 4 allstars (dyess,sheed,rip, ai)is a chmaapionship team. ITS THE COACHING!

  24. rosco

    LOOL..we love Allen, just no in Detroit. But, i think the Harlem Globetrotters are looking to add a player, Allen Iverson will fit in great! There is no system and he can score as many points as he wants, doesn’t have to defend, can practise when he feels like it, and most importantly HE WILL DEFINATELY BE A STARTER

  25. rosco

    LOOL..we love Allen, just not in Detroit. But, i think the Harlem Globetrotters are looking to add a player, Allen Iverson will fit in great! There is no system and he can score as many points as he wants, doesn’t have to defend, can practise when he feels like it, and most importantly HE WILL DEFINATELY BE A STARTER

  26. mac

    I truly hope that he isn’t just doing this in response to being benched. That would truly be pathetic on his part. He needs to accept that he is not the player he used to be and that in order for the team to succeed, he needs to make some changes in his game, which he hasn’t done so far. If he is injured, I hope he gets better soon because this team needs someone to score off the bench if we want to go somewhere in the playoffs. They are way too inconsistent as is.


    I hope he gets better, i would like to see him coming off the bench and score the points we need. Last night the bench only had 7 points (all from bynum) so I guess we need AI. He is a weapon that we have and we have to use it for the benefit of the team. (Hopefully he will embrace his new rol for a title run)

  28. Sleepy Crayfish

    Imagine being a starter your whole career, being named MVP, winning multiple scoring titles and all-star accolades, and then joining a team whose woes are all placed squarely on your shoulders, being likened (by your own coach) to an unproven second-year backup point guard and being asked to come off the bench because your “style of play” is “disrupting team chemistry.” Nevermind that your rookie coach insists on playing at the second slowest pace in the league, it’s all your fault Allen Iverson.

  29. detroitgirl

    Ohhh Allen come back! I trully miss your sexiness! I mean ladies he is some eye candy even if he hasn’t really quite fit it. But I still love him, feel better!

  30. bg

    The thing that strikes me as odd is that he hasn’t appeared to comment on anything. You would sure think that he would want to put the rumors to rest if there weren’t something more going on under the survace

  31. Grant the Aussie

    I still think its the coaching. I dont believe MC is having any effect on there games that we are winning. I believe its rip, stuck, dyess, sheed and tay remembering the old ways to play and just doing it all themselfs.

  32. tripog

    funny i see no championships in that little bio, and either way it doesnt matter the team plays better without AI. i still believe he is faking it because he doesnt want to come off the bench. two doctors cleared him to play and two MRIs come up negative so he he wants to go see his own doctor and all of the sudden magically he cant play for two weeks thats def fishy

  33. tripog

    they didnt even give a reason why he would be out the two weeks, just his back hurts.

  34. tripog

    ok it says he strained his back… find it hard to believe 2 sets of doctors couldnt figure that out…

  35. WOW

    Fuck you Natalie, why would you say that?

    Pistons fan my ass.

  36. mikeinthed

    anybody who thinks we are a better team without Allen Iverson is seriously ignorant or on something… i think as a 6th man he could flourish going against the opposing teams benches

  37. WOW

    “THINK ABOUT IT: with the talent of the team 4 allstars (dyess,sheed,rip, ai)is a chmaapionship team. ITS THE COACHING!”

    Pssst, 4 starts are Sheed, Rip, Prince, and Stuckey

  38. tripog

    we need a countdown for the offseason when ai is gone and so are the bandwagon fans.

  39. WOW

    “anybody who thinks we are a better team without Allen Iverson is seriously ignorant or on something… i think as a 6th man he could flourish going against the opposing teams benches”

    You are ignorant for saying that. With AI starting, we lost. We Rip starting, we win. We were better with Billups, and AI is ball hogging SOB.

    How are you better with him?

  40. blamu2

    How this guy gained an all star status in the first place?

  41. mac

    Because he puts on a show for the crowd. No one cares that he’s a selfish player and unwilling to change his ways. He will never win a championship.

  42. mikeinthed

    Wait hooollllddd on i never said he should start. Its clear that everybody has been playing better with Richard Hamilton starting and its gonna stay that way… he needs to be a Vinny Johnson kind of player as far as instant offense and we ARE talking about one of the greatest scorers this league has ever seen (any argument there?). He is a defensive liability at times and it is frustrating when he takes forced or quick shots. He needs to dominate the ball to be effective so with the second unit he can do that and the other guys can worry about rebounding and defense. And going back to what i said earlier hes not gonna have to go against starting caliber players nearly as often which creates alot of oppurtunities for our team to not only hold leads but to extend them. You cant tell me we are a better team without a future hall of famer im sorry i just wont listen to that crap. Its just placing him where it can work. To your point o yes we were a better team with Chauncey you get no arguement from me there but Joe is taking the “need to take a step back to take 2 steps forward” approach so he made a trade almost as an experiment for now with many positive things to look forward in the future.

  43. detroitgirl

    people, people, people can we all just get along. I mean if Iverson has delibertly choosen not to play that’s his own downfall. We should focus on the team we have, remain optimistic and welcome back Allen if he wants to come off the bench. Otherwise, it’s not like we’ll miss him (as much as I love him) we can just cut our losses. End of story. GO DETROIT!

  44. Sleepy Crayfish

    Cool, Tripog. We’re bandwagon fans because we support A.I. and are willing to pass judgment on him until all the facts are out in the open. By the way, John Stockton, Karl Malone, Patrick Ewing, Charles Barkley and Reggie Miller never won championships either; doesn’t mean they’re not some of the greatest players that ever lived. A.I. is a surefire hall of fame first ballot entry. Period.

  45. mikeinthed

    i agree

  46. blamu2

    I have a little bit of argument about the greatest scorer thing.

    Iverson: .417

    Hamilton: .451
    Tay: .449
    Stuckey: .458
    Rasheed and his threes: .421
    Dyess: .541
    Max: .560 (yes I know he only attempts dunks but still it’s really funny)
    Afflalo: .426
    Johnson: .593
    Bynum, he is actually worse but look how far I had to go: .409
    Brown: .564
    Herrman: .378 !!

    So basically Iverson has 3rd worst shooting % on the team. On the whole team!! And it’s Detroit, we aren’t really good at shooting. I know he takes a lot of shots and draws fouls but it’s still very weak %.

  47. Sleepy Crayfish

    What’s your point? A.I. dominates the ball. He takes a lot of shots. He’s always done this. Most of our other players are guys who rely on post-ups or catch-and-shoots.

  48. Sneakrhed

    This coming from one of AIs biggest fans when he was with Philly,
    I love the dude but ever since he “invaded” Detroit I could tell shit was goin down the drains.
    Im glad to see Rip back in the starting .
    This is starting to look like real Deeetroit Basketballlll!

  49. Th3 Answ3r

    I’ve seen AI get way worse injury’s then this one. This is like a baby injury when compared to the rest of his injuries. Something definitely is going on and I don’t like the looks of it.

    Here’s what I think:
    Remember when Rip and Sheed were out? Believe it or not, their injury’s were minor. Nothing too serious. Rip and Sheed, I think, stayed out for some reasons. One reason why I think is to see how well the Pistons will do without them.

    Now, I believe AI is doing the exact same thing. I just hope they don’t start fighting each other…

  50. Crazyazman

    Pistons win three games against conference leaders in a row without Iverson (Orlando, Denver and Boston). With him we have lost against teams like Milwakee, Indiana and Oklahoma who honestly should come within twenty points of this team.

    AI needs to play within our team and not this hero one on one bullshit hes played his whole career. He has brought one team to the Conference finals and the Finals. We have 6 apperances in a row not to mention the ring. When is big Bill Laimbeer gonna kick AI and Currys ass out and get these guys to be the Motor City Bad Boys again?

  51. KleenGee

    Even if AI is playing the injured card, I don’t blame him. So many “Piston” fans have been down on him because of the trade. Even his new “teammates” haven’t been too grateful for his talents. When AI was starting, you could see guys wouldn’t give him the ball when he was wide open. Obviously Dumars wanted that fire that AI brings. He wants the spark from Stuckey’s game. Billups was awesome. But did he have that same fire as AI?

    Dumars should have waived AI before Sunday night so he could play in the playoffs with another team.

    I actually hope that he is resting his back, then comes off the bench, and scores 30+/game.

  52. Fred

    I enjoyed watching Mr. Big Shot’s return to the Palace last night. I still hate that trade. Before work this morning, I was dreaming that I was walking down a large hallway. I saw some guys ahead. Closer, I realized that one of the guys was Chauncey Billups. Looking up, Chauncy smiled and greeted me. “Hey Fred,” he said. Excitedly, I said, “Hey Chauncey, do you think maybe sometime you and I could shoot some… BEEP!… BEEP!… BEEP!… BEEP!…BEEP! My damn alarm clock went off, and I had to go to my office job. Sometimes, it sucks being me.

  53. Richie

    I do feel bad for the guy because he’s been put in a situation that’s all wrong for his game. Hopefully he feels better after these two weeks, plays some quality minutes off the bench and learns to value every shot he takes to become more of a pure scorer than a volume scorer.

    As for Juice’s comments- just because you’re a Pistons fan doesn’t mean you have to blindly agree with every decision the organization makes or blindly support every player that puts on a red white and blue jersey. As fan who devotes time and money to following a team, you take personal stock in that team and you’re entitled to applaud or complain the decisions it makes.

  54. DetroitGirl4life

    wow i can’t believe wat some of your comments are saying. What if AI was reading this…..would he want to play with this team anymore with a fan base thinking this kind of non-sense of him….i dont think so. To me i do think his injury is minor, but i think it’s a great thing he is taking 2 weeks to recover, because he see’s that the team is winning so why rush? i do think he is playing this safe and i will always support AI as long as he is in a pistons uniform.

  55. Nate

    Ha, Cuban pulled a Dumars and publicly announced that he’ll trade the whole team if they play like they did again after getting blown out by injury plagued OKC. Thought that was funny.

  56. lola

    I agree natalie….And i don’t blame him, I don’t think this is about him being benched either, I think this could be because he can see as do the rest of us that he doesn’t fit in our system and now that we’ve won without him maybe he’s just being the bigger person and taking himself out of the equation. I don’t blame him for wanting to go down gracefully heck I even said that we’re winning without him and playing better so I wouldn’t play him if it was my decision so why not let him fake an injury and sit out gracefully instead of being DNP’ed every game. I love allen (Love chauncey more and said from the moment rumors hit about the trade that AI wouldn’t fit here) and I respect him and his game and wouldn’t want him to be DNP’ed every game so let him go out gracefully with an “injury”…I don’t think this has to do with coming off the bench, more with whats good for the team and it isn’t him playing! We need CHAUNCEY back, too bad there aren’t return policies in the NBA!!!

  57. Clinton

    I think this will be like a test run with him out, If we do well he wont be back, If we fall he will be back.

  58. downtown

    Can’t see how faking an injury to avoid being DNP’ed is laudable, if thats what was going on.

    The current starting five seem to work way better without AI for sure, but. (a) only three games folks and Boston and Denver both missing major starter (b) We need AI off the bench if he’s not a starter.

    I agree with above.. the back issue could be real (esp if he was experiencing numbness in the legs two weeks ago as reported), but not doing a presser to address the obvious widespread suspicion of alterior motives is the fishiest part of all.

  59. downtown

    by the way..

    “WOW” : I think we’d all appreciate if you’d not address with such disrespect the owner of this site that provides you with this forum.

  60. Mike

    Iverson will be worth about $20 million in cap space in another 4 months.

    nuff said.

  61. SadPanda

    Iverson is what he is. His game requires him to dominate the ball and for his teammates to stay out of the way except for when Iverson has to dump it off. He has spent most of his career as the first and second options on teams of role players. To his credit, this system got the Sixers to the Finals in 2001. But it can’t work with the Pistons. These guys are part of an offense that only works when the ball is handled by everyone, often touched by all players on a single possession. Iverson holding on to the ball and probing the defense makes the Piston’s established system impossible. I still have hope that Iverson can play his game better with the second unit. If he won’t put up with coming off the bench, then that’s tough. You can’t sacrifice the team for the benefit of one player.

  62. SOHH

    Mark my words, allen iverson will never suit up in a piston uniform again. And i dont beleive that it is all becuase of his benching or his back. he has been disrespected by the players, coaching staff, and entire pistons organization. RIP, Sheed, and Tay never accepted him as a part of this team and it showed in the way they played, as well as the remarks they have made. the coaching staff never tried to adapt to him what-so-ever, and he sacrificed his entire game to try and fit in, and therefore has (for now) tarnished his reputation as a player. I cant wait until he is gone and this nightmare is over. As im sure you all cant either. by the way, this team will never contend for anything as long as they have a coach who couldnt find his ass with both hands

  63. The Fluidics

    As a fan of the game, I never wish any player injured, on any team. It’s just a game, bottom line. A lot of these comments are just spoken out of ignorance.

  64. Kero

    This could be trouble. I mean if the Pistons can manage to keep the streak alive until Iverson is supposed to return, then THE PISTONS are in trouble. ESPN will torture him, it will be a total disaster for A.I. Even if we go 6-2 in the next 8, it still seems like trouble.

  65. Travis

    GOOD RIDDANCE! We are overtalented on the bench. Will Bynum will shine in the time given him, and hopefully Amir, Max, and Walter get the minutes they deserve. Iverson was always saying the right things as long as they went his way. We’ll see what happens.

  66. Travis

    Also, sorry but Iverson needed to earn their respect and he never did. A.I. has poor court vision. The only reason he got any of the assists he did was because his dribble penetration would make for obvious passes. I can’t tell you how many times he misses the open man in transition. Team-oriented things just don’t come naturally to him like they do to Chauncey or Stuck. If he bails out on this season, he’s an A-1 chotch that not only deserves to go unsigned next season, but should pay back fans and season-ticket holders for being a fraud.

  67. Jayborne

    @Travis, little of what you said makes sense. You just made it seem like assists off dribble penetration are a bad thing, but that’s often how you get open 3-point shots. This team is far from over-talented on the bench. FAR.

  68. Juice

    i hope ai hits the buzzer beater shot that takes us to game seven in the nba finals. then you all can get off his dick.

  69. El Patron Himself (Accept no Imitations!)

    I agree with The Fluidics:

    Any of you who actually feels retribution from the news that another human being got injured should be ashamed of yourselves. I can’t help but wonder how many of those who are clapping because AI is injured have to get up every morning in excruciating pain from an injury or have had their motion limited from surgery. I DO and that’s why, if AI’s really injured (sure, I’m a conspiracy theorist at heart, so we never know), I feel for him and I wish him a good and speedy recovery.

    Sure, I’m not thrilled by some of his performances, and it seems that everybody’s thriving now that we’re back to our bread and butter. We as fans have the right to criticize the players if they’re underachieving… but wish them harm? REALLY?

    One more thing: I join downtown in his support and defense of Natalie. She’s devoted too much of her time and efforts in making a VERY respected website, one that’s a big part of the NBA culture already for someone to be classless toward her. Those who feel like working their way through an argument with F-bombs, try the ESPN.com forums… I think you’ll be welcome there and leave the N4S forum as a place where we can actually have a decent debate.

    (As always, save yourselves the F-bombs and WTFs to respond to me. I didn’t use them to address any of you, so return the favor…)

  70. Richie

    El Patron, I see your point, but I think you’re misinterpreting people here. I don’t think anyone is actually happy that Iverson is hurt. They’re just happy that he won’t be playing. He’s already been injured, there’s not making it go away. People are reacting to the consiquence of the injury, not the injury itself.
    “WOW”, Downtown and El Patron are correct. Back off Natalie. This is her site. You can choose to agree or disagree with her, but show her the respect she deserves.

  71. chaldo-pistons

    look guys anybody could say watever they want im sure she can get the person banned from the site but my point is ignorant people are gna stay ignorant but see me personally ive cursed on here but im a die hard fan i love the pistons n i even call work and tell them that im sick just so i can watch the game , yes we all get mad n say shit out of anger but reality? we will support our team and honestly i dnt think AI is fit for our team but wishing him harm is realy F’ed up cuz believe me god will get u twice harder ! , and as far as ppl talking shit about natalie ,kill urselves , natalie we love u n keep up your good work :-* muah habibi

  72. ben

    do the pistons sign autographs on away games? if so when do they at shootaround before the game or after?

  73. Coors Light

    Can I get a refund for my Iverson #1 jersey?.. =(

  74. James

    I think you guys are forgetting that we beat Boston – without Garnett… (I don’t know, kind of an important part to their team?) We beat Orlando – who we never seem to lose to… Then we beat a Carmelo-less Denver team? But it’s all AI. I think the team wants RIP to start, you can tell by Sheed’s effort, but to blame AI, you have to be ignorant. How about Stuckeys defense? He is the worst defending PG I’ve ever seen.. Hell I don’t like AI as a point, but at least the man caused turnovers. If I see another opposing PG put up 25+ points on us.. I’m going to lose it.

  75. Maid

    Great,without Iverson Pistons is better team.
    go Pistons go

  76. Kyle

    the sad part is (sad because i want ai to work out, i love my team) is that it’s not just the recent wins. it’s the way we won. seeing the ball movement, and the teamwork and the lack of selfishness was like watching last year, or the year before.

    everytime ai gets on a new team he says the right things about doing whatever he can to make the team better. then he goes out and plays the exact same way he’s always played. he thinks that doing what he can to make the team better is to take more shots himself. i appreciate where he’s coming from, but he’s wrong. that style of iso ball isn’t going to be effective anymore, and his personal style relies too much on chaos for others to effectively play off of him.

  77. Avery Johnson

    Maid thank you for your intelligence.
    let me guess your next extremely well thought out logical statement would be
    A.I SUX go PIstons woot woot.
    To those people saying that he is faking it you are some kind of basketball fans.
    How much punishment has this guy taken over the years with his relentless attack on the basket, yet he cant take 2 weeks off. Just when rip was demoted he also got injured just prior to out 7 game streak.
    I didn’t really hear conspiracy theories then.
    The fact that Sheed has not tried this year and you people still go and attack Iverson who has just been trying to find a identity with this team.
    People are saying that he is upset he is coming off the bench. PROVE IT. He is more upset at losing games then his starting job. He does not care about stats ( if he did he would be launching 30 shots a game) anymore it is all about getting that ring.
    However Detroit as a team and organization does not deserve it. How did an unproven Stuckey get into the starting lineup if we are trying to win now. Looks awfully a lot like we dont care about maximising this season and we are just playing for the future.
    I am kind of upset at Natalie. Doubting A.I’s motives. Dyess, A.I are the only guys on this team that have showed up every game. granted A.I took bad shots and such but he gave his heart night in night out,
    Natalie you have given up on Iverson who last time i checked plays for the red white and blue therefore you have given up on the Pistons. Get over the fact that Chauncey is gone and dont turn your back on a Piston player who has not wronged us. You want a scapegoat look at a certain PF who is just out there to lazily defend the pick n roll and launch 3’s.

  78. Ruy

    Just remember games 3 and 6 from the ECF 2008 and you’ll see why the trade was made.
    After Finals 2005 the Pistons players stopped caring, that’s it.
    Or do you think the 2006, 2007 and 2008 champions were better than the Pistons?
    I love Chauncey but he was not going to take us anywhere anymore.
    As I said before, Detroit playing like years past equals the same result: loss in the ECF!!
    Nuff said.

  79. chaldo-pistons

    ure actually wrong because rip plays all the time and bottom line is this guy does NOT fit in this team hes got his own style of basketball and our “red white & blue” plaus a TEAMWORK basketball , so check your status on AI ((avery johnson)) because with him were 12 games under 500 with him in the team .!! GO PISTONS !!!

  80. chaldo-pistons


  81. paul0321

    i believe we will need AI in the playoffs, that’s because he can create his own shot. the problem is, the ball will not move around. i think he should accept the sixth man role. it would be better for the team (we are already seeing the result of having Rip back in the starting 5), racking up three straight W’s over playoff teams.

  82. Calm Down, AI's done

    Okay, after reading all of this, I have a few replies.

    1: AI HAS to leave Detroit. Wanna know why? He’s ruining his All-Star level caliber staying here. His stats, believe it or not, ARE NOT that good (Rip was scoring more off the bench than he was starting for a while), his fan base is either CRYING in his defense or bashing him into hell, and he can’t be feeling great right now knowing that since he’s been out the teams done great. It just doesn’t look good for him to be here.

    2: I don’t understand how this site can bash Sheed so much. I freakin love Sheed. I don’t see how bad of an idea it would be to have a starting lineup of Stuckey/Bynum, Rip, Prince, Sheed, and a center (which we don’t have).

    3: I loved seeing Chauncy here. Judging by what he says in his interviews, he still loves Detroit and I guarantee he would not mind coming back. “Trade him so Stuckey has a chance to shine” my ass. I would love to see us suck in our pride and ask for him back and sit Stuckey back for a few more years so he can learn from one of the greatest PG in the NBA. (Everyone has to admit at some point or another that Stuckey isn’t exactly turning out as great as he thought he would. It’s only his second season, but come on, he needs more time to develop.)

  83. Calm Down, AI's done

    Just remember games 3 and 6 from the ECF 2008 and you’ll see why the trade was made.
    After Finals 2005 the Pistons players stopped caring, that’s it.
    Or do you think the 2006, 2007 and 2008 champions were better than the Pistons?
    I love Chauncey but he was not going to take us anywhere anymore.
    As I said before, Detroit playing like years past equals the same result: loss in the ECF!!
    Nuff said.”

    It’s funny, cause all those years we went to the playoffs, Chauncy and Rip lead us in scoring. You take out one of them and put in AI, who is giving our team a hard time even GETTING there and you expect to win a championship?


  84. Calm Down, AI's done

    “Avery Johnson”

    It’s sorta disgusting to hear you cry over AI’s downfall with this team, bash Sheed who’s probably just as frustrated as everyone else on the team, praise McDyess who DOESN’T EVEN WANT TO BE HERE ANYMORE, and question Stuckey (which I agree with, but that just makes our Chauncy/AI trade look even worse).

    Fact is reading your statement, looks like you won’t be a pistons fan after this year when Sheed, AI, and most likely McDyess are gone.

  85. Crazyazman

    All I hear is “Give AI a chance”. I think that statement is wrong and it should be “Give Detroit a chance”. AI came here and played just like hes always played and got us nowhere.

    If he played within the Detroit system
    – Defence first
    – Share the ball
    – Go to practice
    – Do what your team expects of you
    (Start as PG or six man)

    He might have a easier time… Otherwise hes just a flash in the pan chasing a ring.

  86. Amer ican Prince

    I actually had a dream last night that Lindsey Hunter was bought out by the Bulls and resigned here. I even had John Mason in my head doing the intros. Like “Back in the Pistons Red Blue and White tonight Lindsey Hunter”

  87. The Fluidics

    I love that you think the Pistons can swallow their pride and ask Denver for Chauncey back, and then call other people retards.

  88. WOW

    Alright, I’m sorry for yelling at Natalie like that. I love this site and everything it offers, and I do believe she’s doing a good job.

    I admit I’m a bit jumpy at all of this, mostly because I don’t like seeing Pistons fans DOUBT AND SUSPECT the organization of foul play like she did. Sure, I hate AI, and I will never support him in a Pistons uniform over Stuckey or Rip, but I love the Pistons.

    I might be naive to think there is nothing going on, but I find it hard to believe our Pistons would be stubborn enough to blow games, fake injuries, and come close to blowing a season just to get what they want. That sounds like the crap the Lakers do.

  89. WOW

    btw, what happens to this site when Sheed leave? I mean, not to make a bad pun, we won’t have a need for sheed if he isn’t here.

  90. VJ

    Juice, thank you for stating the truth. I completely and totally agree with everything you have said. Ivo will come back in two weeks, then after that, its a 7th straight ECF for our Pistons

  91. Avery Johnson

    I will always be a piston fan but i gotta admit that chauncey deal is looking mighty bad.
    I will defend the players on this team that warrant defending.
    the man could have played for a championship team and get that championship he deserves so much but instead he has to deal with this dysfunctional mess known as the pistons.
    Sheed has made more 3’s then attempted free throws.
    let that one sink in. Is he doing anything inside anymore or is it just rainbow after rainbow (He does bring the interior D though still at least)
    How he is frustrated with this team, Is that why he ejects himself in close games namely the other night against New Orleans.
    I will be a pistons fan past this year even when A.i, dyess and sheed are gone cause then maybe we will have a team that will not bitch about everything.
    A.I bitching bout coming off the bench, Rip bitching bout coming off the bench, Sheed talking about being traded to spurs. PRINCE, DYESS, AMIR and STUCK, MAXX have the mentality of shut up and play ball reminiscent of the great Ben Wallace.
    As Ben was a catalyst for making this team feared I believe that subtracting the loud and outspoken players we can be great once again.
    Times like these show us how valuable Prince is to this organization. A Pillar of stability.

  92. freshprince91


  93. wallacex2jc

    YES!!! We might go undefeated during that stretch, HOPE HE’S OUT FOR THE WHOLE DAMN SEASON!!!!!!

    DEEEEETROIT BASETKBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. Avery Johnson


  95. Joe

    I think Pistons fans need to accept that this is a rebuilding year. So don’t be surprised if they suck. And don’t be so hard on Stuckey and his defense, he’s still learning on the job. Same goes for Amir (although I’m not sure if he’ll ever pan out).

    The Billups trade had nothing to do with Iverson, it had everything to do with his contract. Dumars is fed up with the underachieving mentality of this team, so he’s blowing it up. That’s why he went after Carmelo Anthony last summer, remember? Obviously he would like to go after Lebron in 2010, but more realistically I think he will sign Boozer this summer. A lot of familiar faces could be gone after this year… AI (obviously), Sheed, Dice, maybe Rip. Like Dumars said, no one is safe. I’ve already accepted this year as a lost season… time to start thinking about the future.

  96. LanceNLA

    I really hope that it’s just his back and he’s ok because if he can buy into coming off the bench where I said he should’ve been all along the Pistons could be the team no one wants to see in the playoffs.

    With how good the Pistons look with RIP back in the starting line up just think of how good they could be with the 2nd coming of THE MICROWAVE coming off the bench!!

    With him coming off the bench he can shoot all he wants and light up the other teams 2nd unit! If he can do this, all you A.I. haters out there will start loving him, and then but only then he will become a true Piston.

    TEAM FIRST!!!!

  97. Swam

    I really look forward to Allen rejoining the rotation, because I love it when one guy can put up 30 points in a loss.

  98. Finny

    Although we had great games against teams like Boston, Orlando, and Denver, I still think we can definitely use the help of AI, off the bench. I know I’m saying what a lot of people said above, but I don’t think our team, despite how good we’ve been playing lately, has what it takes to beat premier teams in the NBA with their healthy guys come playoff time. AI can add that extra scoring punch, even if it doesn’t have to be with the starting lineup..virtually creating two different lineups on one team. If everyone can overlook their own egos and learn to play together, we could have a heck of a team. We’ve got time to pull ourselves together WITH AI. So, I’ll say, AI, get better soon and come back, we need you. But to our active boys in blue, keep playing with the same intensity and fire that we’ve been seeing in the last couple of games, because that’s what it will take to win games this year.

  99. Chris Paul

    Iverson Sucks. I can drop 40 on him

  100. freshprince91

    Allen Iverson speaks about back injury, coming off the bench
    by A. Sherrod Blakely
    Thursday March 05, 2009, 12:48 PM
    AUBURN HILLS — Allen Iverson was at The Palace of Auburn Hills this morning receiving treatments for his sore back.

    Although he wasn’t available to the media, he did release the following statement:

    “I’m disappointed that the soreness I’m feeling in my back is going to force me to miss two weeks of action. After talking with the doctors at Georgetown yesterday they have told me that treatment and rest is the best course of action right now. Hopefully my back (will) heal and I’m ready to go following this two-week period.

    “My goal is to help this team win a championship and I’ve said that from the first day I arrived here in Detroit. I’m going to do whatever it takes to help us achieve our goals as a team regardless if I’m starting or coming off the bench.”

  101. Ruy

    to Calm Down, AI’s done:

    First, I didn’t offend anybody, so there’s no need to offend me.
    Second, I didn’t say I expected a ‘ship, I just said that playing the Pistons old style with Chauncey wouldn’t get them anywhere (again, see Finals 2005, ECF 2006-2008: Billups got owned by Bruce Bowen on the 4th quarter of game 7 in 2005, teams trapping Billups 2006-2008)
    What I’m saying is: the trade didn’t work out as Dumars imagined, but the way things were, the Pistons would NOT win a ‘ship again, a change was needed.
    The players took for granted their own sucesses and never won anything else.
    Man, don’t think I don’t like the Pistons, I’ve been a die-hard fan for more than 20 years, and I’m not even from the USA.
    But I was just so pissed off the last years when they lost to inferior teams, that it drove me crazy.

  102. mobius909

    i smell a bruised ego.

  103. KleenGee

    I hope Iverson scores 30+ off the bench to bring the Pistons to 3rd in the East.

    Then, I hope he gets the Finals MVP.

  104. shab

    for all those people who say iverson should be out for the season nd it will help pistons are retards!! when they get their ass kicked in the playoffs by boston or cleveland then youll understand.

  105. The Fluidics

    The same ego that would be bruised by being sent to the bench would have come back quick and do the best that he can off the bench, because he needs that success to feed the ego. And nothing would shut up the critics quite like doing exactly what he’s criticized for not doing: being a team player.

  106. Amer ican Prince

    I would say we do need Iverson, because the guard play last game made me a little nervous, we have such small guards. And Bynum really didn’t look impressive in the fourth. We may not need him to be “Iverson” but we do need him to contribute. We only have three guards. Though playing Tay or Herrmann at the two does have advantages. It’s like anti-smallball.

  107. sroentoel

    i hope AI will be better on the bench lineup…

  108. Brand0ne

    I agree, that is good news for the Piston’s as a team. But at the same time I don’t blame AI either. I blame Dumars’ and the Pistons organization for messing up the chemistry of the team by bringing him to Detroit to begin with. Hamilton and Billups where the best back court in the league, they liked playing together, and neither wanted to leave. Why would you go and mess that up?? We also got another great guard in Stucky who proved himself last year in the playoffs comming off the bench, we don’t need another guard. We need a big man! Ever since we traded Wallace.
    3 Dumb things the Pistons Organization did in 3 years:
    1. Trade Big Ben
    2. Fire Flip Saunders
    3. Trade Chauncy Billups

  109. Finny

    Great, professional move by Iverson, whether or not it was forced from somewhere else. I appreciate his comments, and I hope he means them. If he comes off the bench, it’ll be a huge threat to other teams.

  110. Bill-iant

    I hope Joey D. has worked out a deal w/Sheed to stay. He’s too smart not to. 2nd: Why all the hatin’ on AI? He is what he is [great scorer, worker, player]. Yeah, Chauncey’s a tough act to follow but AI’s not Chauncey. Remember, We got AI to score points in May/June when everybody else seems to be unable to. So, provided the P’s MAKE it to May/June, it won’t matter if the Answer’s off the bench or not. PISTONS NEED OFFENSE IN THE PLAYOFFS.



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