Allen Iverson must be Angry

by | Mar 2, 2009 | 62 comments

ESPN is reporting that Allen Iverson will NOT be dressed in Piston red, white and blue for the third straight game.  Remember, he returned to Detroit with “back issues” to get a doctor’s opinion after his MRI following Detroit’s 87-90 loss to the Hornets.  He also was MIA in Boston and now that the team is back in Detroit ……AI is on his way (or is already in) D.C. to see his own specialist.

I had mentioned a few days ago that I thought something was fishy with this whole back injury since AI is like the Energizer Bunny.  My thinking was the injury would help him save face with his new bench role. But after Curry put his foot in his mouth today, Iveson has got to be ready to explode somewhere.

From Chris Sheridan of ESPN

Iverson is the new Will Bynum!

“Maybe Allen comes in and plays a lot of time at Will Bynum’s spot,” Curry said.

Iverson still has not spoken publicly since learning of his demotion following the Pistons’ loss at New Orleans on Wednesday. He returned to Detroit to have an MRI on his back, and he likely will remain silent Monday since Curry is giving the Pistons the day off following an eight-game road trip.

If he has something to say about his demotion (and he sure had a lot to say the last time a coach tried to bring him off the bench, as Chris Ford will testify), it’ll have to wait another day or two.

Not that what Iverson has to say is going to change anything, though.

For now, and for the rest of this season (barring injuries), Iverson is coming off the bench.

“That’s going to be the last move,” Curry said. “It’s nothing against how Allen has played. It’s just with Rip in that first group, it seems more guys in that group play better. I knew Rip could play off the bench because he’s an efficient scorer; he can score right away.

“I’m still not sure how well A.I. can play off the bench, and that’s what we’re going to have to find out. He’s been in a tough situation all year, and so has everyone else. But this is the team we have, and if we can find ways for guys to do it together — and willingly do it together — we’ve got a chance to be pretty good.”

So it looks like we won’t see Allen Iverson off the bench for Detroit against his former team and the man who truly should have been the only #1 in a Pistons uniform (yes, I’m still upset about that).

Right now we have to keep an eye out for the entire situation, someone’s not talking and someone is talking a bit too much.


  1. Amy

    Nat, I’m still upset about #1 also. In fact, if I were going to the game tomorrow you better believe I’d be wearing a Billups jersey.

  2. Natalie Sitto

    Amy…..I will be wearing my #1 Billups Throwback!

  3. Juice

    Maybe AI should have a Detroit City Gyro. I bet he’s never had a fresh hot Motown Gyro.

    Once he sinks his teeth into those steamy thick slices of juicy meat, the freshly chopped lettuce, the rip tomato cuts, the newly picked chopped onions, the thick, yet creamy tanziki yogurt cucumber sauce all wrapped up in that freshly baked pita bread.
    And you can’t forget the homemade hot sauce.
    Rasheed Wallace should invite that team to Gyro Diner at one of Motowns world famous gyro street-side eateries. Once he bits into one of those, not only will he forget about those garbage gyros of Phili and Denver, but nothing but strength and brotherhood can develop and grow over a Detroit City gyro.


  4. shab

    OMG!!! curry is a retard. how can u give a future hall of famer will bynum’s job. they really dont have a clue how to use iverson. i feel so bad for iverson. i hope iverson asks for a contract buy out so he can sign somewhere else where he can thrive.

  5. Mike

    Why is Stuckey starting over AI in the first place?

  6. Nate

    I had a feeling AI is very upset being sent to the bench. AI has always played through injuries and it’s only a matter of time before he speaks out against Curry (and possibly teammates). Now I’m no huge AI fan, but as I said before, AI is wasted talent in Detroit. It’s obvious after over half a season that he cannot find a place on this type of team and needs to be on a team where he handles and shoots the ball most of the time. Couple that with a superstar ego, it won’t be long before he tells the press how unhappy he is. He’s already said before how much he’s given up of his game to fit in here and coming off the bench would be asking even more, so it’s only a matter of time. I will be shocked if he’s okay with this. He’ll ask to be dealt off the team for sure.

  7. skip3

    Times like these really expose them AI fans…

  8. Richie

    Shab and Mike, A.I. belongs on the bench for this team. It’s not a demotion- it’s just where he best fits. If you put the ego issues aside it only makes since. Hopefully a professional who’s talked so much about how unselfish, sacrificial and committed he’ll be to this team will actually start behaving like it.

  9. mannie32

    put his foot in his mouth? i disagree… im happy curry finally has the courage to make the moves he’s making and say the things he’s been saying… we’ve catered for AI way too long… lately he’s been taking shots at AI, not just the bynum comment… but saying our defense is better with the new (old) starting lineup (hint, hint)… that our offense runs smoother with everyone getting touches earlier in the shot clock (hint, hint)

    if AI doesnt wanna play b/c he’s pissed, im all for that… he can save face while we develop the team we’re gonna be playing with next year anyway

  10. Vanalope

    right there with ya Nat and Amy, when I first saw what AI’s jersey was going to be my reaction was, “you are KIDDING me!”

    Just seemed like a crappy thing to do in light that’s who Chauncey was traded for.

    And no, I’ve been very consistent in that I never thought AI was a good trade for us. It wasn’t just about losing Chauncey, it was also cause I just didn’t feel AI was a good fit for this team and I think the season bears out that opinion. And for all you AI fans no I’m NOT blaming it all on him, Curry’s coaching has reminded me of the Keystone Cops more often than not and that’s something that was independent of the trade.

    If AI get’s dealt out, I certainly won’t be sad about it. I don’t bear him ill will, I just don’t think this is the place for him.

  11. NYPistonsfan

    Richie I agree with you. We need AI back. I don’t think we could beat Boston in a 5 or 7 game series without him, (we’ve already seen it play out so many times before). Iverson needs to step up and lead our 2nd squad. RIP was extremely effective accepting this roll and AI will be much more successful, he is a Hall of Fame Player, he unquestionably is a better create your own shot guard and one of the best scorers in NBA history. If he accepts this challenge, he will lead the Pistons in scoring every night and he helps his own financial interests by getting us to a championship!

  12. Will

    I thought Curry was suppsoed to be a classey leader.
    He was president of the player association!

    The way he has handled this team and the press has been a disgrace.
    Fire HIM NOW

    He cant handle the players or media tactfully.

    He has pissed of every player with is words and benchings.

    He cant coach, Unless he is trying to tank the season.
    His play calls after timeouts never work!

    This team has no idenity or fluidity.

    Promote an assitant and the team wont have to pay for another coach.
    Curry is awful.
    I loved him as a player but he cant coach or isnt ready!

  13. Z Fan


  14. anonymous

    how funny you guys think he’s angry.. he’s not even saying anything yet..

    guys dont be stupid dont make a big deal out of this yet.. what if his back is really ailing? you guys are so numb..

  15. Crazyazman

    Pistons win without AI twice after a 8 game slump with him.

    He said he would do anything to help this team get a ring.

    Maybe he should change that statement to I will help this team (But not practice, wont start on bench, twont ake less shots, wont be a pass first point guard, wont play within Detroits veterans, wont play a team game)

    Fact: Detroit were winning before AI.

    Not completely pointing the finger at Iverson (I still see you Curry) but our standings dont lie

  16. pistttons.

    i think it wouldve been better if stuckey went to the bench. he is a rookie still and isn’t consistent at least AI gave consistency and so did rip but stuckey is still learning and AI is a lot better then stuckey is so he shouldnt be on the bench.

  17. bennett

    That headline doesn’t exactly help this situation…more like adding fuel to any possible fire AI might have already. The last thing we need is to hurt our chemistry.

  18. Mikey F Baby

    Get over the #1 thing and grow up, it’s just a number and Billups was no Jordan or anything.

    Second, if I was AI I’d be damn sure to avoid the Chauncey circle jerk coming up tomorrow night. He’ll be back for the GS game and will take his new role like a man.

  19. Dre

    Mikey…. I couldntve said that any better…….. That last post was PERFECT. Good job. 2nd congrats to anonymous (or whatever). AI is doing the right thing. The last thing he needs is a bunch of media speculation. Props to all three….

  20. Mark

    Curry could have obviously said what he was trying to say differently. He isn’t saying Iverson is going to be getting Will Bynum’s minutes. Bynum is currently the first guard off the bench, that’s the role he was talking about. Iverson will be the first guard coming off the bench, much like Hamilton was. He will probably average a little over thirty minutes a night.

  21. Natalie Sitto

    All I’m saying is Curry should think about things before he says them, he’s the one adding fuel to the fire. Like Mark said he could have worded it better but telling AI a future HOFer hes going to be the next Will Bynum of the Pistons is harsh…no disrespect to Will.

    And Iverson not speaking may just be a sign.

  22. Mike

    yah a sign of termoil between him and the coach… i truly hope it doesnt affect his effort on the court especially since he starts the game on the bench… its gonna be interesting to see how this plays out

  23. The Fluidics

    Iverson on teh bench will be a nightmare. Either he plays point, which is out of position and makes him inefective, or he plays SG with Bynum on point, giving the Pistons a very small lineup, with two six footers on the floor, and reducing Afflalos floor time even more, making our second unit a huge defensive liability. Either way, Iverson on the bench is a loss. The best we can hope for is overplaying the starters, since that will be the only lineup that works.
    I really think this move has more to do with MC backing down to Rip than it does trying to make the team better. Rip says he wants to start, he starts. Curry has no control over this team.

  24. Nik

    Ohhh boy….
    Nat love ur site, but see what u started.
    We don’t know what is going through AI’s mind right now.
    If he takes it like a man, performs well off the bench he will earn his minutes, and just like the theory of evolution the fittest ( Of Rip, AI ,Stuckey & Bynum) will survive ( get more minutes).

    Only thing missing will be the MASON’s introduction and those haven’t been good this year anyways.

    If anything this weekend gave me hope. Change was necessary and slowly but finally it happened. lets hope AI takes great advantage of Oppositions second unit and get us double digit lead by half time.

    Hoping for better times…..

  25. stay stong

    i wanna say staY stong corey smith i hope your ok out there bud and i hope all the search teams and coast guards find u

  26. jayduce4tray

    whats is everybody so mad about ya boy chauncey was washed up better off splittin the team up now then gettin embarred in the future

  27. Slim Shady

    god, all you guys think Billups is a better player than AI cuz you’re from Detroit, but AI is a lot better than Chauncey, who’s the for sure first ballot hall of famer out of the two… oh yea Iverson, i completely forgot

  28. Natalie Sitto

    Didn’t mean to start anything that wasn’t speculation anyway. If I’m Iverson….Im upset, but I go back to work and try to salvage something.

  29. Dan (the man)

    Our only chance of a champion ship is with a content and productive Iverson. I have to believe that he is smart enough to understand that this change makes sense. He will accept it and he (like Rip) will deliver and in the playoffs when one of the guards get hurt we will have excess guards to keep the team moving forward.

    Once again I say please get healthy soon Allen and join in the fun of winning. We need you and your winning desire fits right in.

  30. Nate

    Iverson will be even more angry if he happens to read fox sports list of the 10 most overpaid NBA players…he’s #9. #1 went to Ben Wallace.

  31. Slim Shady

    all you guys do is live in the past in the fing glory years of Detroit… well. they’re over now, stop thinking about thoses times and spend time on the present and forget about Billups… i think you guys would rather have denver beat detroit simply because of billups

  32. ME

    i dont care what anyone says i love chauncy and always will and cant wait to see him back at the pallace it will be weird for em, bein in the visotores locker room, are fans, even though its been a shit season want boo him we will give him the biggest ovation posible, and there will be alot of emotion out their, but once that ball is tiped the pistons cant think about that no more theygotta play great b-ball and get back to that bad boys mentality

  33. chaldo-pistons

    natalie believe it or not will bynum plays with heart look how he played against celtics he helped alot , i honestly think AI isnt the same AI that was few yrs ago with the sixers n he has no defense wats so ever , so hes getting wat he deserves 😉 and trust meeee were doing alot better without him , as u can see we beat 2 of the top eastern teams

  34. willy

    as mr big shot says “if it ait rough it aint right” and thats what it is for the pistons right now member we love doubters member 04 [;

  35. Th3 Answ3r

    I guess all of you are forgeting the FACT that the Pistons won EIGHT (8) games straight without Rip and Sheed. Now your seeing Rip bitching (excuse my language) to Curry telling him “I want to start again” “this team is losing because Im on the bench.” At least you don’t see AI bitching (again, excuse my language) about it. And now he’s getting even more demoted? Rip played horrible on purpose and just about all of the NBA media knows about it.

    This all leads us back to TEAM CHEMISTRY.

  36. Metah

    What are the chances of billup’s 1 being retired in detroit?

  37. Nik

    Th3 Answ3r has a point….

  38. pete

    Jeff Van Gundy woulda handled this better

  39. pistons 4 life

    I’m sure it sucks for AI to be in this position. He is absolutely wasted talent on this team. But if I were him I’d try to make the best out of it. You heard what he said when he arrived here. “I’m willing to do whatever it takes to win a championship.”, “I’d be a damn fool if I didn’t listen to my coaches and do what’s best for the team”, stuff like that. So if he goes back on the things he said he’s going to look pretty bad.

    Hopefully he just takes one for the TEAM like Rip did. No matter what happens with AI if they continue to play well it doesn’t matter to me. Sit him on the bench for the whole game for all I care. If they’re winning that’s all I care about. And that’s all he should care about too.

  40. The Fluidics

    Chances of Billups #1 being retired in Detroit? VERY high.

  41. willy

    Th3 Answ3r Says:
    rip averaged more points, assits, and rebounds on the bench then he id starting, and he gave it his best, so dont go sayin he didnt try CHRIST

  42. Th3 Answ3r

    HIS BEST?? LOL. What bout’ those other games where he wouldn’t do shit? Was he than having more points, assists, etc when he was on the bench? NO! He knew if he started playing poorly, like the rest of the team (excluding Dice), he’d get back in the starting lineup. Bunch of losers(piston players(excluding Dice)) if you ask me.

  43. Z Fan

    Does anyone remember that most of those games we won during the 8 game win streak were against teams below 500. Even espn said it was the easiest 8 game win streak they could ever remember.

    Everyone who thinks we can win a championship this year has got to realize that those are pipe dreams. And while its okay to wish. And believe me, I wish and hope and pray we win. Odds are we won’t. But thats okay. As long as we play our hearts out. I go down with my team and love them.

    Anyone that thinks Stuckey should be benched and AI should start. Think about it. If this is a restructuring year, and it has been deemed that, and its pretty obvious. Then we need to build and shape our players for next season. How is Stuckey going to be better for us next year if he isn’t getting big minutes this year. How are we going to be better as a team next year if we are giving 30 minutes to some guy who won’t be here next year.

    Next year, All this AI talk will be apart of the past. And it will be like sweet ambrosia when we don’t have to hear another upset iverson fan crying on this site. Oh it will be so sweet. When you are all making the same case you’ve probably been making your whole life. Ever since you’ve been an Iverson fan. Only difference you’ll have another site to argue your pathetic points on.

    Any one remember on the Conan O’brian show when he did the . “In the year 2000” “In the year 2000” well in the year 2009-2010. Iverson goes to his next team and makes them all worse. Thats reality. Unless that team is Oklahoma.

  44. chaldo-pistons

    guys guys guys look at it this way , we are playing good WITHOUT iverson , does that tell u something ? think about it , i know this guy can score , but iverson’s style is nothing near our detroit pistons style n u guys know that very well , our team is all about focus & defense n billups had that in him , thats why we’ve been makin it 2 the conference finals the past 7 yrs , and wat have iverson & curry done ? fukk up after fukk up !

  45. Jayborne

    While I don’t agree with Z-Fan saying Iverson will make his next team worst (because you’d think his next team will actually have the foresight to realize he actually needs play up-tempo and fit into their offensive system), I do like him coming off the bench. At this point it really doesn’t matter. The Iverson coming off the bench experiment actually bodes well for his future moreso the immediate success of this team (Maybe they win more games, but still aren’t contenders while Iverson “proves” that he can accept the diminished role that is going to become more commonplace as he continues to age).

    I just want to see the Pistons play well again. Stuckey is a better player with Rip on the court (actually remember hearing that pairing is undefeated starting), so it’s exciting to see our “future” play well. It’d be more exciting to see him play defense, but can’t have everything. Curry’s comment was amazing though. He is absolutely horrible at handling personnel. His coaching mistakes are certainly entertaining though.

  46. CBG

    “Obviously, the most interesting part of this equation is the absence of Allen Iverson from both victories, as the other Pistons seemed to seamlessly revert to their playing style of a season ago in his absence. Detroit apparently will bring him off the bench the remainder of the season, and given the glaring disparity in its record with Richard Hamilton as a starter versus when he comes off the bench, that’s the only reasonable move left at this point.”

    “I should hasten to point out, however, that this says as much about the Pistons as it does about Iverson. He’s a terrible fit as long as they want to grind out wins in the halfcourt and essentially play exactly the same way as they did with Chauncey Billups at the point, and Tuesday’s meeting in Denver should only underscore that point. The Nuggets adjusted their playing style completely when Billups arrived; the Pistons didn’t change at all. ”

    This is a quote from john hollinger over at ESPN talking about the situation, and while i traditionally dont agree with him on much, i believe he has hit the nail on the head with this one. and this in my opinion falls directly on the coaching staff. when you aquire a new player, especially one as significant as iverson, you must change something up. he tried to play the way the coaches told him too, but it didnt work. and more importantly he didnt ask to be traded here and when a team trades for him, they should be expected to adapt somewhat to his strengths…. just my 2 cents

  47. pistons 4 life

    CBG, In my opinion Denver changed their style because what they were doing wasn’t working. And what wasn’t working was having a guy like AI and playing the way he needs to play to be effective. So basically we just swapped the two of them, they got better, we got worse. The current Pistons roster just wasn’t built to play the style that AI plays.

    Th3 Answ3r, Are you can Allen Iverson fan or a Detroit Pistons fan? I don’t understand why you’re complaining about Rip when they just beat two of the best teams in the NBA on the road. And the best player in both of those games was Rip. But I’m sure it was all in his master plan to get put on the bench, go 4 and 12, and then stab AI in the back to get back in the starting lineup. Riiiggghht. Because that makes a lot of sense.

  48. CBG

    Pistons 4 life, i completely understand your point, i just think this situation is a little unfair to AI. If your system doesnt work with his talents, and you are unwilling to change, dont make the trade. When the pistons lost chauncey, and brought in AI the knew what they were getting, a high tempo push the ball type player. Not a half court slower tempo type player like chauncey is. and as i said when you make a deal for a significant player, sometimes you must make changes. this isnt the same team with Allen, therefore what worked in the past may not work now. Point is, its clear (to me) that for the sake of the team and AI, it is time to move on. i hope they can work out some kind of buyout agreement, so AI can move on to a team that wants him and will utilize him, and so the pistons can go back to their system that has made them successful in the past.

  49. noname

    Iverson needs to man up and go to the bench. IF thats the case and he does not want to come off the bench. Otherwise, if he saw the last two games he will realize the Pistons play a system and he plays ME ball, so he doesn’t fit and he can come in and be the energizer off the bench. Hopefully, he chooses the latter. BENCH OR HOME. Those are the only viable options left!

  50. renagle

    Wow. There is a lot of disagreement amongst these posts. I would like to think that, as a professional, AI will do what he needs to do to help this team win. I was not impressed with the moderate amount of whining that Rip did coming off the bench. Man up, do you job, GO TO WORK! Hasn’t that been the motto around here for years? That expectaation should be fulfilled by ALL teammates. If that means AI comes off the bench, one would hope that he does what needs to be done. As for losing defense when he plays with the second unit, I do not understand that. WIth Maxiell and either Kwame or Hermann, would we not still have some sort of defense? What am I missing?

  51. Nate

    You need to be careful here. Playing a couple good games without a star player does not mean your better off without him. The Spurs blew out Dallas and Portland at home without Duncan and Ginobli in the line-up. Does that mean they’re better without them? Duncan comes back and they get blown out by the same Portland team. Obvioulsy they’re not better without Duncan though one could say such a thing given the results of a couple games.

    With that said, I still don’t believe AI is a fit for this team. He’s definitely tried, but this team just cannot adjust to letting one guy run the show while AI cannot adjust to just being another part to a team. Maybe if he accepts this bench role he’ll come up huge for us, I don’t know. We’ve won 2 games in a row, still not safe to say that this is the lineup we need for sure.

  52. ripflyer

    AI should play either as a absolute top player or role player,or become poison

  53. D>>>>NIQ

    Ai should be really happy if we loose tonight….take all the blame off him…..Blame Joe D for making the trade

    Blame everyone and there mom for thinking Joe d is some sort of GOD.

    Blame stuckey for being way over hyped and for him to supposedly be the future of our team (DARKO)

    Blame curry for thinking stuckey deserves a starting roll.(and also for giving maxiell a reduced roll)

    But don’t switch blame on Rip and AI They both are awesome players maybe they don’t fit in eachothers system but if anyone should take will bynums job it should be stuckey.

    I only see good out of bynum he knows how to run the lane properly he’s not a very passing player but he knows how to do it properly

    stuckey will run in to a lane 5 guys and get packed stuffed and just get the foul his ideas suck but he gets paid for it at the line. but if he didn’t get fouled it would look like the dumbest possession.

    sum of my story…..stuck is still learning why force him into something and a role he’s not ready for (DARKO) he’ll be good down the road. but make hamilton start and AI come off the bench.

    reason why….Hamilton has been her for some years now has seniority helped us win a championship
    and AI is just a good player who can avg high number as well.

    and for god sake MORE HERRMAN.

  54. rosco

    Allen Iverson should not take the blame, because at the end of the day the coaching staff decides who starts or does not. At this point we don’t know the whole story, we are just specualting on what we have heard but I don’t believe Allen Iverson will be so stupid to cause a fuss over his starting position especially in a contract year. I really do believe he will go to the bench. And P.S. we keep talking about how this is such a team then why is everybody pointing the fingers.

    Let’s all move forward because face it without A.I. sparking the bench we ar at best Eastern Confernce Finals (if we play like the game at Boston) But with A.I. he can really cause some damage.

  55. The Answer3

    All i can say is that iverson did his best to fit in his role. Now, putting him in the bench is a crazy decision! Why would you put a superstar off the bench? I am sure AI is very upset. I wish he could find the right team. They just dont know how to utilize Iverson. He is a great player, w/ a team that has doubt on his abilities. So sad…

  56. The Answer3

    Iverson Fans, lets wish the best for A.I! Only the Strong Survives!. It’s just a test. I believe Iverson will somehow find the right team where he truly belongs. It is proven that Iverson has already adjusted to this team but the team just cant adjust to his Explosive abilities. Something wrong on the coaching i guess..

  57. rey

    hey ,guys, just let you know, detroit won against boston w out KG ok detroit won denver w out anthony,, detroit need iverson, starting five, all you need is experienced coach.

  58. R.E.G.

    i just hope they get it together sometime soon playoffs is comming up..

  59. Avery Johnson

    Can people please understand
    Like seriously even comparing the two is a disgrace not getting on Bynum or anything but Iverson playing Will Bynum time???????
    that is like 10 minutes a game.
    Iverson averaging 10 minutes a game. ALLEN IVERSON averaging 10 minutes a game. A GAME.
    That is idiotic.
    Iverson should come off the bench, but to be-little him to Will Bynum’s role is a traversty. Make him 6th man or something but Bynums role cmon lets be serious.
    For all those people who say Iverson is not a pass first point guard, HE ISNT, but he is trying to fit into Detroit so much that he is trying to.
    Let him play off the bench, give him 20 shots a game and let the second unit with him defend and rebound (Amir Johnson, Kwame, Afflalo).
    Not once has Detroit let Iverson play like he would like.
    Now they are mad because after 13 years in the league he cant adapt a playing style where its team first ball. Joey D brought Iverson in for what reason, To score yet CURRY DOES NOT LET HIM.
    Evidence of all of this is in the Detroit Games, sometimes Iverson doesn’t attempt a shot in a quarter.
    Sometimes he gets dragged when he is the only thing that can bring you back into the game.
    Curry has screwed the Pistons over this season. Not Iverson

  60. The Answer3

    I totally agree w/ you Avery!

  61. Janie Harbold

    Sincerely, your post goes to the heart of the issue. Your pellucidity leaves me wanting to know more. Allow me to instantly grab your feed to keep up to date with your web site. Sounding Out thanks is simply my little way of saying bravo for a great resource. Take On my warmest wishes for your next article.


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